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  • The September 2001 issue of The Canadian Aerophilatelist contains some information about Roessler: http://www.aerophilately.ca/ca-200109-v017n03-w048.pdf
  • For the black background I use one of these plastic sheets, but black paper should also work, and I use Gimp for image manipulation like rotating.
    in Images bank Comment by Manfred May 2021
  • Hello Stéphane, you can send your scans to my address. Stamps should be scanned at 800 dpi on dark, preferably black background, and scans should be saved as 95% (or higher) quality jpegs. Ideally, the scanned stamps are sufficiently "unrotated" …
    in Images bank Comment by Manfred May 2021
  • Hello Mike, you only mention eBay. Does this mean you don't know Delcampe and Hipstamp? Next to eBay probably the most important auction platforms for stamp collectors. Manfred.
  • As I suspected, the 5c with the rosy shade was also issued before 1974. Here is a cover sent to Geneva, Switzerland, on February 10, 1973.
  • I only have two copies (POSTE PAYE type 1 and 2) with normal surcharge.
  • I have only two copies of the first type (point directly above "1").
  • The scan below was supplied by Eric Roberts: One H&G 6 postal card in lilac (original color) and two cards on whitish cardboard.
  • Hi, this is odd. One doesn't really associate an anglerfish with Haiti (or New York), and the best known species is from the north eastern Atlantic, anyway. Perhaps the designer was told to provide a sketch of another fish (family) of the Caribbe…
  • The overprint was applied as a control mark to ensure the stamps had been purchased at a Haitian post office, because initially the postal administration feared the plain issue might become available through other channels. A CDS would have canceled…
  • I have a mint RAC5 with a strong set-off on the gum side: In fact, my only other mint copy of this stamp also has a set-off, not as perfect as this one, but still... Therefore, I assume it is quite common. The only other thing I noticed are th…