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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

About the Haiti Philatelic Society

Discover the Joy of Collecting Haitian Stamps!

Stamp #C344The Haiti Philatelic Society is dedicated to spreading knowledge and promoting research on the stamps and postal history of Haiti.

Founded in 1975 by Reginald Gagneron, the Society began when a few passionate collectors expressed interest in forming a study group. Within a year, membership grew to 25, prompting the formal establishment of the Society. Officers were elected, and the Society started publishing its quarterly journal, Haiti Philately.

The journal has had several distinguished editors over the years:

Today, the Society boasts approximately 100 members, ranging from beginners to advanced specialists. While the majority of members reside in the United States, others come from Argentina, Australia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Haiti, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

By-Laws of the Society

The Haiti Philatelic Society operates according to its By-Laws, which are periodically revised with the approval of the majority of voting members. These By-Laws ensure the smooth running and proper conduct of the Society’s business and activities.

Society By-Laws

2024 Patron, Beneficial, and Sustaining Members


Ubaldo “Wally” Deltoro, Nicolas Doire, Peter C. Jeannopoulos, Yvonne Kolarik, William A. Matthews


Emory Earl Toops


Anthony Chipaloski, Pierre E. Domond, Robert Dyer, Georges Fauriol, Manuel Galguera, Cornélis Grau, William Kearney, Newton Kulp, Len McMaster, Mayk Plewka, Henri-Claude Richard, John Seidl