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Postal Tax Stamps RA25-27, or RA28-RA30, or RAC3-RAC5

Am preparing an article on these ABC stamps for publication in the September 2018 issue of HP.
Please report anything special that you may have such as: pairs imperf between, imperf margin examples (top, bottom, left, or right), double impressions, printing offset, stamps with gutters; stamps with good strikes of town cancels; sheets or large multiples), First Day Covers, covers with what you think are the earliest known or latest known use.

Your input will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged in the published article.


  • I have a mint RAC5 with a strong set-off on the gum side:

    In fact, my only other mint copy of this stamp also has a set-off, not as perfect as this one, but still... Therefore, I assume it is quite common.

    The only other thing I noticed are the various shades of RA28:

    How many shades are there?

  • Your 10c blue with printing offset is special because there is a gutter on the right.
    The gutter separated panes on the sheet.
    The 10c is perhaps the one most common with printing offset. Some values are not known with printing offset.
    There are several shades of green for the 5c regular post.
    Each shade represents a different printing

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