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New member introduction and a question

Good day! I am Mike Pobega and I have been a US stamp collector since 11 years old, some 48 years ago! After a very long hiatus while I ran a business, raised a family etc., I have returned to stamps and have found the wonder once again. I forgot how much fun collecting stamps can be. Now I stumbled across Haitian early airmails and seems to be locked in. Specifically covers bearing correct postage and cachets from the first flights to the NYRBA First flights and the FAM flights, so early 30s.
Is there a resource other than EBAY for this material? I appreciate any response and thanks for letting me be here. I have already spent about 6 hours in your archives learning what I must. Great stuff there by the way.
I have the two Airmail publications your Society has produced as well as a set of a old set of American Air Mail Society catalogs.
Thanks you


  • Hello Mike,

    you only mention eBay. Does this mean you don't know Delcampe and Hipstamp? Next to eBay probably the most important auction platforms for stamp collectors.


  • Thanks Manfred, yes, Delcampe is new to me. Seems useful. thank you


  • Hi,
    I do not use Delcampe. If I were you I will stay away from them. They immediately back with sellers even tough seller make fraud. I try to warn them and say eBay's buyer protection is better from them they immediately ban me from using their site. Their operators are very unprofessional,rude and arrogant. They also threaten me if I open any account from them. I open 3 different accounts afterwards and they can not do anything. They close one of them and I close the other two. I do not like shopping site that threatens users with empty threats so I left them.
    stampworld.com, hipstamp.com. ebay are great and reliable. wopa.com, darabanth.com these are also reliable sites. catawiki ,philasearch, stampauctionnetwork and the-saleroom.com are also excellent auction sites. Also ebid is new and good site.

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