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In addition to the Society's quarterly journal, Haiti Philately, there are several sources of information concerning the philately of Haiti. On occasion, an article has proven to be especially useful as a collector pursues building his or her collection. In similar fashion, philatelic exhibits provide an opportunity to learn more about specific issues or series, as well as a chance to view spectacular material in stunning color you otherwise would see only on display at major shows and exhibitions.

General articles - why we collect issues of Haiti:

Why Collect Haiti?

Rewards of Collecting Haiti

Reference guides - to enhance your collecting enjoyment:

An Update to Haiti's Administrative Organization

Fakes, Forgeries, Reprints & More

A link to the famed Tedesco Index, a copyrighted index of literature dealing with Postal Stamp Forgeries, Fakes, Reprints, Fraudulent Postal Markings, and Other Obliterations. The document is edited and published by the American Philatelic Research Library. Just look for the entries under 'Haiti' for a new source of reference for use with your collection.


Our Society Frame Exhibits at International Stamp Exhibitions - introducing our group to enthusiastic collectors:

Washington 2006

New York 2016

Award-winning exhibits at national and international levels shared by our members. An exceptional way to review collecting areas of interest to you, to see what may be available, and to document the existence of elusive items. These are active collections and are presented here as of the time they were provided to the Society. As such, as time passes, they may be or even have been subsequently updated by the exhibitor based on new research, new findings, and new philatelic discoveries. We thank Peter C. Jeannopoulos for sharing some of his exhibits and encourage other Society members to submit theirs as well.

Forgeries of Haiti’s Liberty Head Issues

Haiti’s Salomon Issue 1887-1890

Haiti’s Date Tree Issue 1891–1892

Haiti’s 1c Royal Palm of 1892

Haiti’s 1902 Provisional Issue

Haiti’s Centennial Issue of 1903

Haiti’s 50 cent Nord Alexis Stamp of 1904

Haiti’s Earliest Air Mail 1921–1925

Haiti: Airmail Development through 1948

Exotic Town Cancels of Haiti

Haiti’s Postage Stamps Overprinted for Fiscal Use