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Thanks for the stamp explorer, fantastic tool with great quality of images.
In order to complete this big job (thanks to the initiator and director) can we send the files of the scans of stamps such as the imperforates?
My questions :

  • to whom to send?
  • quality of the images?
    Thank you


  • Hello Stéphane,

    you can send your scans to my address. Stamps should be scanned at 800 dpi on dark, preferably black background, and scans should be saved as 95% (or higher) quality jpegs. Ideally, the scanned stamps are sufficiently "unrotated" before they are saved.


  • Hallo Manfred.
    Thank you for your answer.
    What do you use as a black background?
    How do you do so that the stamp is perfectly horizontal?
    Best regards.

  • For the black background I use one of these plastic sheets, but black paper should also work, and I use Gimp for image manipulation like rotating.

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