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Links of interest to collectors


Non-Commercial sites

Link to a site created by a worldwide collector of 
          1840-1940 stamps

An interesting look at the stamps of Haiti by a collector interested in worldwide issues from 1840 to 1940


Link to Robert Wilkner's site

Robert Wilkner's postal history site with emphasis on German-Haitian material

Link to the Society's Facebook site

The Society's Facebook page, moderated by Society member Nicolas Doire.

Link to the Society's Twitter account

The Society's Twitter account, moderated by Society member Nicolas Doire. Be sure to retweet items of interest.



Commercial Sites

Link to The Haiti Journal website
Link to The Haiti Journal website

The site operated by Abdel Nassar designed to provide some insight to the collectible areas of Haitian philately, deltiology, numismatics, and cartography.



Link to the Klassiche Philatelie website

German dealer, Till Neumann's 'Klassische Philatelie' website featuring philatelic rarities, including Haiti

Link to the Brian Moorhouse Website
Link to the Brian Moorehouse website

The firm of United Kingdom dealer, Brian Moorhouse, featuring Latin America, including Haiti, offered in direct sales and in periodic auctions.



Link to the Pennymead website

United Kingdom dealer, David Durett's site has webpages devoted to West Indies stamps and postal history, picture postcards, out-of-print books plus occasional stamp auctions with occasional Haiti material included.



Link to the Philatino Auction website

The Argentine auction site, which includes Haitian material from time to time



Link to Postilohn auction site

The website of the Swedish auction house, which includes Haitian material on a periodic basis.




Other links of philatelic interest

Link to Allen Morrison's website

Allen Morrison's site on the Tramways of Haiti


Link to PERFOMaster 3000 website

Website for the PERFOMaster 3000 software

Link to Henrik Mouritsen's website

Henrik Mouritsen's "Stamps and Postal History of Haiti" site.



Governmental and International Organizations

Link to Haiti's Office of Posts

The Republic of Haiti's Office of Posts

Link to UPU website

 The Universal Postal Union



Philatelic Organizations

Link to the Academie de Philatelie website
Link to the Academie de Philatelie website

Académie de Philatélie, Paris


Link to the American Philatelic Society website

 The American Philatelic Society

Link to the RPSC website

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada



Link to the Royal Philatelic Society London website
Link to the Royal Philatelic Society London website

The Royal Philatelic Society, London

Link to the American Philatelic Congress 

The American Philatelic Congress



Link to the Collectors Club of New York website

The Collectors Club New York