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Scott CB7/YT PA51

Hello !
What do you think about this double perforation (sorry for the bad quality of the photos)?

Thank you.


  • Hi Stephane,

    Just retuned from Paris where I acquired a similar pair 1.25+1.25g double vertical perf
    Never saw anything like it.
    (I am pretty certain it was from the same dealer because of the tag (I think Capphila).

    It did ocuur to me that double perfs could be fake.

    Vertical perfs in the middle gauge 12 but the holes of the left middle example are smaller
    so likely it is a fake.
    Will continue to check.
    Following is a link to my example:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/frvkbs9prsyhxbe/1898 5c dbl impr B002.psd?dl=0


  • Hi Stéphane,

    I regret to write this, but I do beleive that the stamp is a fake. Please examine carefully the extra line of perforeations, the diameter is smaller then the normal stamps. This means to me that this line of perforation was later added fraudulently to give the impression of a productgion error thus a fake stamp.


  • Hi Peter and Perstamp87 !
    Thank you for your answers.
    I thought that it was a fake, that's why I didn't buy it to CAPHILA.
    Peter, your link to your example is not the good one...
    Best regards

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