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Does anyone have a fist flight cover from Jeremie to PAP?


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  • The estimate of 1,000,000 was made by Hennan, a respected authority. After posting, I made a tally of 50c NA overprinted stamps using Kohl, Montes, Sellers, etc. and came up with a total of 604.100. Could not find, or missed, quantities overprint…
  • If you post an image, It would be easier to try to answer your question. pcj
  • Hi Stephane, Just retuned from Paris where I acquired a similar pair 1.25+1.25g double vertical perf Never saw anything like it. (I am pretty certain it was from the same dealer because of the tag (I think Capphila). It did ocuur to me that …
  • I don't recall specifically seeing these same initials. As you indicated these could be the initials of a collector. I recall reading of a "paranoid" collector, fearful that his collection might be stolen, applied a handstamp with his initials to …
  • Made a mistake. The POSTE PAYE overprint is type 2 with the horizontal line between the "8" and "0" to the left, whereas on the Borno ooverprint it is aligned to the "0". See illustration.
  • I have 12 singles of Scott 198 and two pairs and a block of 4 all with type 1 GL O.Z. with point directly above the "1". Have only one example of type 2 which suggests that type 2 is scarce. Thank you for replying.
  • F7460 is how it appeared in Brian's article when originally published in 1991. I checked to make sure it wasn't a typographical error. I have blocks of the 1.45, 1.80, and 2.00 with the printed order number F7640 on the selvedge. Brian apparent…
  • Just a guess I would say Montes serviced 10-20 covers. I am curious about return First Flight covers flown from Jeremie to PAP on the same day.
  • There were 477 covers flown on the first flight of July 12, 1927 from PAP-Jeremie. Being addressed to Leon Montes does not enhance its value.
  • Your 10c blue with printing offset is special because there is a gutter on the right. The gutter separated panes on the sheet. The 10c is perhaps the one most common with printing offset. Some values are not known with printing offset. There are…