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1927 First Flight Cover From Jeremie to Port-au-Prince

First flight covers from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie are to be found with some frequency.

Despite the fact that it has been reported that 75 pieces were carried on the return flight of July 12, 1927, it is believed that they are very rare. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you.


  • I have a first flight cover addressed to Léon Montès in Jérémie. Does anyone have any information pertaining to this cover. Is it a unique piece or is it one out of many that could have been addressed to Léon Montès ?

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

  • There were 477 covers flown on the first flight of July 12, 1927 from PAP-Jeremie.
    Being addressed to Leon Montes does not enhance its value.

  • Do you mean that a total of 477 covers were all addressed to Leon Montes ? If not, then approximately how many could have been addressed to him ?

  • Just a guess I would say Montes serviced 10-20 covers.
    I am curious about return First Flight covers flown from Jeremie to PAP on the same day.

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