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The 'Timbre Mobile' Series of 1923

In the article ot the 'Haiti Philately' Vol. 44, No. 4, page 44, the number of the order of the second print (1923) of the ABNC for Mobile Stamps is given as # F7460. In my notes, I have the # 7640. Can someone confirm, or am I wrong? The other order numbers seems all O.K.


  • F7460 is how it appeared in Brian's article when originally published in 1991.
    I checked to make sure it wasn't a typographical error.
    I have blocks of the 1.45, 1.80, and 2.00 with the printed order number F7640 on the selvedge.
    Brian apparently made the typo. Will note this in the March 2019 issue.

  • Appreciated. Thank you!

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