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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

June 2021 Society Auction

Closed July 11, 2021

Lot Description M/B Realized
1British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Scott #A27. Very clean and Fine copy. Catalog value: $75.00.Link to Auction Lot #1 image$22.50$62.00
2British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Scott #A31. A Fine-VF copy, very clean. Catalog value: $500.Link to Auction Lot #2 image105.00105.00
3British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Six individual stamps off cover, all bearing ‘C59’ marking. Stamps include Scott #43 (plate 13), #70 (plate 15), #71 (plate 17), #52 (plate 4), #54 (plate 5), #64 (plate 9).Link to Auction Lot #3 image40.00275.00
4Scott #3. Mint, VF, good margins. Catalog value: $22.50.Link to Auction Lot #4 image5.255.25
5#10b (mint, VF), #11 (used, VF), #12 (MNG, VF). Catalog value: $13.85.Link to Auction Lot #5 image3.504.50
6#11-12. Mint, Fine. Catalog value: $29.007.00No bids
7#13, #13b. Used, Fine/VF. Catalog value: $
8#19. MNG, position #6 in sheet of 50. Good margins, F-VF. Catalog value: $42.50.Link to Auction Lot #8 image14.50No bids
9#20. Mint (partial hinge remains on gum side). Fine-VF. Catalog value: $20.3.50No bids
10#21-24. Used, with Port-au-Prince dated cancellations. VF. Catalog value: $
11#24. MNG, Fine. Some light yellow stain color on gum side but not showing in front of stamp. Otherwise good margins and good color. Catalog value: $50.Link to Auction Lot #11 image7.257.25
12#24. Imperforated copy, MNG, F-VF. Plate proof copy of this issue. See footnote in Scott catalog.9.009.00
13#28a. Block of 4, Mint, Fine, Catalog value: $7.00. Also #31a. Two blocks of 4, color shade variety, Mint, Fine, catalog value: $
14#30. Mint, VF. Good margins. Catalog value: $20.5.505.50
15#32 (single) and #33 (block of 4 and single). Color proofs, VF.4.505.50
16#38 and #52-53. Pre-cancel Uaws xopiwa, VF.3.75No bids
17#43. Block of 15, MNH, VF. 2017 Scott catalog value for MNH is $112.Link to Auction Lot #17 image30.0032.00
18#60. Block of 6, 5 are MNH and VF. Catalog value: $4.00. #95. block of 4, Used, VF. Catalog value: $2.00. Lower left corner of block with missing overprint. #J16. 3 copies with punched holes, VF. Catalog value: $
19#72. Mint. #155. Used. Both stamps with inverted overprint, F-VF.4.50No bids
20#73. Block of 4, MNH with upper two stamps with inverted overprint. VR condition. Catalog value: $
21#102. Used, with inverted overprint and a Gonaives dated cancellation. VF. Also #104, Used, with inverted overprint, VF.8.508.50
22#142. Mint, VF. Catalog value: $20.Link to Auction Lot #22 image6.256.25
23#142. Mint, VF. Catalog value: $20.Link to Auction Lot #23 image4.00No bids
24#143-144. Mint, VF. Catalog value: $
25#151. Beautiful block of 15, MNH, with 4 stamps missing the surcharge. Block is in great contidion. Catalog value: $82.50.Link to Auction Lot #25 image29.0045.00
26#186. Used, VF. Catalog value: $9.2.75No bids
27#245. Vertical pair, MNH, VF. Catalog value: $14.6.00No bids
28#253. Horizontal pair, with some double surcharge. Mint (hinged), F/VF.4.504.50
29#286, 288. MNH, VF. Catalog value: $ bids
30#500-502, C203-C205. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF. Catalog value: $ bids
31#616-616O. Complete set of 16. Used (CTO), VF. Catalog value: $ bids
32#894. Sheet of 6 (as issued) in MNH & VF condition. 2019 catalog value: $42.13.50No bids
33#914A-914F. MNH, VF. Catalog value: $
34#C81-85. MNH, VF. Catalog value: $
35#C91-92. Specimen copies. MNH, VF.4.754.75
36#CB1-2. Mint, VF. Catalog value : $50.0010.50No bids
37#CB3-8. Mint (very, very light hinge mark on entire set). VF condition with good margins. Catalog value: $ bids
38#CB8a. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF. Catalog value : $ bids
39#E1. Specimen copy. MNH, VF.4.005.50
Postal Stationery
40H&G card #7, with Scott #18 attached. Mint, VF.8.00No bids
411781 cover, internal mail from Cap to Port-au-Prince. Government Post. M/s rate 2 E (Escalines).Link to Auction Lot #41 image75.00115.00
421832 cover from Port-au-Prince to London, 5 Jan 1832, bearing the inscriptions “per crown via U.States” “p Canada” reverse oval “Forwarded by New York/C.A. and E….” in oval “Liverpool Ship Letter” on reverse.Link to Auction Lot #42 image25.0031.00
431846 entire letter to Bordeaux, per steamer PM “Colonies /& Art.13”, “Jacmel” on reverse.Link to Auction Lot #43 image35.0037.00
441865 entire letter written in Port-au-Prince, b/s B.P.O. Jacmel to Edinburgh.Link to Auction Lot #44 image35.0035.00
451875 entire letter British Offices to Paris (backstamp) with Jacmel blue oval company h.s. “Par Southampton” GB1F60C boxed accountancy h.s. and CALAIS cds. Side flaps missing.Link to Auction Lot #45 image50.0050.00
461898 grey cover FRONT to Havre with bl of 3 Scott #51 franking tied by CAP HAITIEN handstamps. Has edge wear and some wrinkling. Only 10,000 of these stamps issued and very few (less than 350) postally used. Very rare and possibly unique bl of 3 actually used.Link to Auction Lot #46 image55.00115.00