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September 2019 Society Auction

Closed September 27, 2019

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
Section 1
Souvenir sheets
1 Scott #940 ($100), MNH. 2003 souvenir sheet of Toussaint Louverture. The majority of these souvenir sheets were destroyed by the earthquake in 2010. VF. Catalog Value $100.$50.00No bids
2#933 ($70), MNH. 2000 souvenir sheet of Toussaint Louverture and the 1801 Constitution. The majority of these souvenir sheets were also destroyed by the earthquake in 2010.VF.40.00No bids
3#919-925a ($15) & #926 ($15), MNH. 2000 Tourism issue. You won`t find any offers for this rare couple. VF.30.00$52.00
4#918a ($20), MNH. 1999 souvenir sheet of Chinese inventions. VF.15.00No bids
5#914 ($12.50), MNH. 1999 souvernir sheet of the Protection of Natural Resources. VF.10.00No bids
6#908 ($40), MNH. 1998 souvenir sheet of Abstract paintings. VF.20.0029.00
7#904-907, MNH, 1998 imperforated souvenir sheet of Abstract Paintings (no price in Scott). Difficult to find. VF and rare.20.0032.00
8#902 ($35) & 903 ($27.50), MNH. 1998 souvenir sheets of Grimm`s Fairy Tales. All six Christmas stamps (1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Gourdes) in one sheet. Rare offer! 25.00No bids
9#895 ($20), MNH. 1997 souvenir sheet of UNICEF's 50th anniversary. VF.7.5031.00
10#894 (4x $7), MNH. 1997 UNICEF 50th anniversary sheet of 6 of 20 Gourdes. VF.10.00No bids
11#879 ($17.50) & #880 ($17.50), MNH. 1996 souvenir sheets of the Summer Olympic Games, Atlanta. Both Souvenir Sheets in excellent quality. 15.00No bids
12#872 ($16.50), MNH. 1995 souvernir sheet of the UN's 50th Anniversary. VF.7.5020.00
13#857a ($500), MNH. 1993 souvenir sheet of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. The most expensive Haitian souvenir sheet in Scott 2020. VF and very rare. 70.00110.00
14#852a ($27.50), MNH. 1991 souvenir sheet of the 200th anniversary of the Slave Rebellion. VF and rare. 10.00No bids
15#847a ($7.50), MNH. 1988 souvenir sheet of Charlemagne Péralte. VF.2.506.00
16#843 ($3.50), MNH. 1987 souvenir sheet of UNESCO's 40th anniversary. VF.2.003.50
17#817 ($3.50), MNH. 1984 souvenir sheet of Simon Bolivar and Alexandre Pétion. VF.2.503.00
18#823a. MNH. 1986 souvenir sheet of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Europeans in America. Text in Scott: “A 3g souvenir sheet exists picturing Henri in tropical forest. Value $16”.10.00No bids
19#809a ($16), MNH. 1984 souvenir sheet of the 500th anniversasry of the arrival of Europeans in America.7.50No bids
20#770j ($37.50), MNH. 1983 souvenir sheet of the Patroness of Haiti. VF.10.0027.00
21#647 ($5) & #648 ($5), MNH, Two 1971 imperforated Souvenir Sheets of the Paintings issue (Cassatt/Cezanne). Difficult to find. VF and scarce.7.5013.00
Three Rare Lindbergh Items
22Letter flown by Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince (1607 covers flown). See HP June 2019, page 8. Link to Auction Lot #22 image50.00No bids
23Letter flown by Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis from Port-au-Prince to Havana (2531 covers, for Havana & points beyond). See HP June 2019, page 8. (“It has been reported that many of the Port-au-Prince to Havana covers were destroyed in a 1931 hurricane.” AAMC, p. 1424). Link to Auction Lot #23 image50.00No bids
24Extremely rare original Lindbergh Portrait Postcard 1927 (Verlag “Ross” Berlin SW 68, Germany.), “Charles Lindbergh/der Oceanflieger” Link to Auction Lot #24 image50.00No bids
US Occupation of Haiti (1915-1934), Part 2 of 3
The HPS offers in three HPS auctions a collection of more than 100 postcards and covers sent during, before and after the US occupation (28 July 1915 – 1 August 1934) from Haiti to USA, England and Canada. Quality of covers is mostly great.
25Black U.S.S. DEWAY/JAN/25/1935 /GONAVE GULF/HAITI on illustrated cover “SHAKE DOWN CRUISE” (with 3 Cents General Oglethorpe, 1933) to Brooklyn, N.Y. (MAR19/1928).5.00No bids
26Black U.S.S. HONOLULU/FEB/1/A.M./1921 GONAIVES/HAITI on cover (with 2 Cents Cent Decatur, MacDomough 1937) to San Pedro, California.5.00No bids
27Black U.S.S. RELIEF/MAY/14/1934/P.M./GONAIVES/HAITI on cover (with 3 Cents Maryland 1934) to Cranford, New Jersey.5.00No bids
28Black U.S.S. SAVANNAH/MAY/4/1938/GONAIVES/HAITI on illustrated cover “SHAKE DOWN CRUISE” (with 3 Cents Mount McKinley 1937) to Schenectady, New York.5.00No bids
29Black U.S.S. TOUOEY/FEB/12/A.M./1928/GONAIVES/HAITI on PRIVATE LETTER (with 2 Cents Washington) to Washington D.C., than changed to Brooklyn, New York.10.00No bids
30Black U.S.S. UPSHUR/APR/2/1931 GONAIVES/HAITI on cover (with block of four of 1/2.7.50No bids
31Black U.S.S. WASHINGTON/JAN/20/1929(?) PORT-AU-PRINCE/HAITI on cover (with 2 Cents Washington) to Brookline, Massachusetts.5.00No bids
32Black U.S.S. WILLIAMS/FEB/12/1932/A.M. GONAIVES/HAITI on cover (with 2 x 1 Cent Washington 1932) to Freeport, New York.5.00No bids
33Three different covers with black, blue and lilac cancels U.S.S. WOODCOCK PORT-AU-PRINCE/HAITI (DEC/25/P.M./1930; OCT/27/1930; 10/JUN/1934), one cover with special cancel NAVY DAY 1934. Fine ensemble.15.0024.00
34Two different covers (one illustrated “SHAKING DOWN IN WEST INDIAN WATERS” with red ship graphic) both with black U.S.S. YORKTOWN JAN/19/A.M./1938 GONAIVES/HAITI to New York and Illinois. Visually outstanding.10.0010.00
35Three PRIVATE COVERS with black Duplex cancel U.S. MARINE CORPS/CAP HAITIEN – big black “1”, all 1927, all with 2 Cents Washington, all to Rochester New York. Fine ensemble.10.00No bids
36Three different PRIVATE COVERS with black duplex cancel U.S.M.C/PORT AU PRINCE HAITI,1932-1934. Two to New York, one to Washington.10.00No bids
Old Overprints (1914-1920)
37Scott #193. Circulation 1,150, vertical pair, 1 x MNH, 1 x MLH, hard to find.25.00No bids
38#216. Circulation 20,000, VF block of four, MNH.10.00No bids
39#263. Circulation 21,500, VF block of four, MNH.10.00No bids
40#270. Circulation 27,000, unusual block of ten, VF and MNH.15.00No bids
41#277. Circulation 100,000, vertical triple and pair, MNH.7.50No bids
42#293. Circulation 43,000, vertical triple and single, MNH. Hard to find in a quality like this.15.00No bids
43Cover from Saint-Marc to New York, “Oranje Nassau” (manuscript for shipping) with #129 and GL O.Z. overprinted #214 (Circulation 43,000) Type 2, long leg of “L” (rare on cover!). Cancelled Duplex NEW YORK/C/APR 10/1917/PAQUEBOT. Link to Auction Lot #43 image30.0062.00
Old Overprint Errors of Haiti(1914-1920)
44Scott #184 (7c Independence Palace Gonaives, circulation 5,000). Block of four, 2x MNH, 2x MLH, with extremely oblique overprint (Type 1, short leg of “L”) on all four stamps. Attractive!30.00No bids
45#186 (8c Catholic College Port-au-Prince, circulation 2,257). Horizontal pair, MLH, with very clear double overprint (Type 2, long leg of “L”) on right stamp. Very rare. Link to Auction Lot #45 image40.0046.00
46#214 (1p Presidential Palace Port-au-Prince, circulation 50,400). Block of four, 3x MNH, 1x MLH, with inverted overprint on all four stamps. Fine, rare and attractive. Link to Auction Lot #46 image30.00No bids
47#217 (20c Nord Alexis, circulation 56,000). Horizontal triple, MLH, with inverted overprints on all three right stamps. Very rare. Link to Auction Lot #47 image20.00No bids
Modern Overprint Errors of Haiti
The HPS is offering some modern overprint errors. These items are from the former stock of our deceased member and great philatelic expert Brian Moorhouse (Peterborough, UK). Some of these items are unique.
48Scott #B9. 1959. World Refugee Year 20c surcharge inverted on 50c Lincoln issue. Fine mint. Link to Auction Lot #48 image20.0031.00
49#B15 (2x, 1x MH, 1x with a little point in gum) & #CB27 (MNH). Surcharged with additional value and overprinted “Alphabétisation”. All three overprints are inverted. Link to Auction Lot #49 image20.00No bids
50#C49a. UPU. Wrong overprint 30c/1Gde, applied to #C49. Only 50 were overprinted. One of the rarest modern errors. Was offered and sold in Caphila auction Paris (4/2014) for €300 (approx. $414). Link to Auction Lot #50 image150.00400.00
51#C210 & #C213. Dag Hammarskjöld 20c and 1.50G values (1963) with the head vignette shifted 10mm to the right. Fine and rare. Link to Auction Lot #51 image25.0052.00
52#C220. Dag Hammarskjöld 1964 Red Cross Centenary 50c with overprint shift so that “1863 1963” dates are at the bottom. Fine mint. Link to Auction Lot #52 image20.00No bids
53#C240, #C241. Dag Hammarskjöld 20th anniversary of the United Nations. Inverted overprints. Very fine. Link to Auction Lot #53 image20.0028.00
54#CB9. Red Cross. Inverted overprint. Link to Auction Lot #54 image20.00No bids
55#CB16-18. Année des Refugies. “Centimes” instead of “1959 – 1960”. Link to Auction Lot #55 image30.00No bids
56#CB21. Pour le Sport. Inverted overprint. Link to Auction Lot #56 image20.0037.00
57#CB47. Alphabetisation. Inverted overprint. Link to Auction Lot #57 image20.0033.00
Foreign Ship & Incoming Cancels on Haitian Stamps
58Scott #32-37. Complete set of Palm II, cancelled with F to VF “AMSTERD:-W:INDIE”, Dutch ships. Rare offer of a complete cancelled set.25.00No bids
59#62, 97, 125, 126, 129. Five stamps with the Four-Ring-Cancel of St. Thomas (Danish West-Indies). Very rare offer.40.00No bids
60#22, 24 (Salomon) with very fine French “Ligne F”-Seapost-cancel, & #59, 62, 99 with very fine LE HAVRE cancel.30.00No bids
61#22, 23, 24 (Salomon); #28, 29, 30 (Palm 1); #32, 34, 35 (Palm II); #40, 42 (Palm III); #62 (Simon Sam). Very Fine group of Haitian postage with New York Incoming “12” post mark.25.00No bids
62#125, 126, 127, 129, 131, 136, 138 (Nord Alexis, Coat of Arms, Buildings) & #162, 163, 165 (Antoine Simon). 10 fine stamps all cancelled HAMBURG AMERICAN LINE ATLAS SERVICE.35.0037.00
Section 2
63British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Scott #A13, Plate 15; clear “C59” obliteration. VF copy. Catalogue Value of $225. Link to Auction Lot #63 image30.00No bids
64#8. Mint, four copies. Positions 4, 5, 22, 48 in the reconstruction of a sheet of 50. VF condition.10.00No bids
65#9. Selection of 37 Used copies. No damaged stamp included. Catalogue Value of $120.25. Excellent lot for plating. Link to Auction Lot #65 image10.00No bids
66#10. Selection of 61 Used copies. Some are #10a and #10b. Catalogue Value of $97.50. No damaged copies included. Fine condition. Good source for plating. Link to Auction Lot #66 image9.00No bids
67#13. Selection of 43 Used copies in Fine condition; no damaged stamp included. Catalogue Value of $193.50. Link to Auction Lot #67 image15.00No bids
68#43. Block of 15 in MNH and VF condition. Catalogue Value for MNH copies is $112. Beautiful large block. Link to Auction Lot #68 image30.00No bids
69#44. Two copies Mint and Used and one copy in MNH with incomplete surcharge. Catalogue Value of $ bids
70#55. Group of 50 copies in Mint and Used condition (mostly Used copies); all in VF condition.2.00No bids
71#909-912a. The complete bird set of 1999 in MNH, VF condition. The souvenir sheet is a very scarce issue undervalued by Scott.15.0027.00
72#934-940. Complete set of 6 in vertical pairs, including the very scarce souvenir sheet. Catalogue Value of $110, all in MNH and VF condition.75.00No bids
73#940. Souvenir sheet in MNH and VF condition. 55.00No bids
74Cover. Service Officiel registered mail. Two covers, Port-au-Prince to New York, black color cachet on both covers. Paid with #C450, C452-53, and C455.2.005.00
75Brochure of the Habitation Leclerc in Port-au-Prince. Large size and in color. Eight foldings on both sides; English language. Very nice with much color and good photos.2.00No bids
End of auction