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June 2019 Society Auction

Closed June 14, 2019

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
NOTE: A more detailed description of most lots in Section 1 can be viewed by clicking here. A technical issue did not permit the transition of the original listing to the format used in the society website. Bidders may want to review the original listing.
Section 1
Singles, multiples and souvenir sheets
1#1. Block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 MLH). Very Fine.$10.00$21.00
2#28-29, 35, 38 and 40. All copies with clearly fine AMSTERD-W-Indies ship cancellations. Very Fine. 8.0016.00
3#169. Two Mint copies, Type 1 (MLH) and Type 2 (MH). A very scarce and undervalued issue. VF condition. 40.0057.00
4#32. Block of 4. #33 Block of 16. #37 Block of 5. #38 Block of 8. #40 and #42 Blocks of 4. All are MNH and VF copies. 30.00No bids
5#781. Complete sheet of 50, MNH and VF. 30.00No bids
6#642. Complete sheet of 50, MNH and VF. 20.00No bids
7#879 (sheet of 4), #880 (souvenir sheet). MNH and VF. 15.0077.00
8#940. A very scarce issue undervalued by Scott in MNH and VF condition. Most of the stock destroyed in 2010 earthquake. 50.0095.00
9#854-858. Blocks of 10 in MNH & VF. 40.0088.00
10#857a. An extremely fine and very rare issue in MNH condition. Scott Catalog value of $500. Link to Auction Lot #10 image50.00310.00
11#902-903. MNH and VF.25.0037.00
12#908. Scarce souvenir sheet in MNH and VF. 15.0038.00
13#914A, #914B, #914F. Sheets of 30, as issued. MNH and VF condition.30.0066.00
14#914G. Souvenir sheet seldom available for sale in the philatelic market in MNH and VF condition.10.0054.00
US Occupation of Haiti Mailings
NOTE: All covers and postcards are mostly to USA destinations and with the postal cancellation of sending originator and US ship’s name. All mailings paid with US postage. Most mailings do not have receiving dates in back of cover. All lots are in Excellent condition
15U.S.S. BAINBRIDGE. Cover, March 10, 1928, Gonaives to Buffalo, NY receiving March 19, 1928. 10.00No bids
16U.S.S. BERNADOU. Cover, March 29, 1921, Gonaives to Dorchester, England. 10.0010.00
17U.S.S. BRIDGE. Cover, August 15, 1934, to New York, NY.10.00No bids
18U.S.S. BROOKLYN. Cover, February 2, 1938, Gonaives to Brooklyn, NY.10.00No bids
19U.S.S. BROOKLYN. Cover, February 2, 1938, Gonaives to Brooklyn, NY. 10.00No bids
20U.S.S. BROOKLING. Cover, February 2, 1938, Gonaives to Cheyenne, Wyoming. 10.00No bids
21U.S.S. DECATOUR. Illustrated cover (cachet), February 2, 1939 to Meridian. Connecticut.15.0019.00
22U.S.S. DETROIT. Cover, March 18, 1927, Gonaives to Brooklyn, NY.10.0011.00
23U.S.S. DOLPHIN. Cover. 9/1916, Port-au-Prince to New York City, NY. Postage cancelled “St Thomas Danish West Indies”. Unusual cancellation. Link to Auction Lot #23 image20.00No bids
24U.S.S. DEWEY. Postcard, January 25,1935, Gonaives to Augusta, Georgia.10.00No bids
25U.S.S. DEWEY. Cover, January 25, 1935, Gonaives to Hollywood, California. 10.00No bids
26U.S.S. DEWEY. January 25, 1935, Gonaives to New Haven, Connecticut.10.00No bids
27U.S.S. DEWEY. January 25 1935, Gonaives to Freeport, New York. 10.00No bids
28U.S.S. ENTERPRISE. Illustrated ship cover. July 18, 1938, Enroute Gonaives to Queens Village, NY. Link to Auction Lot #28 image20.0022.00
29U.S.S. ENTERPRISE. Cover, July 17, 1938, Gonaives to Bloomfield, New Jersey. 10.0021.00
30U.S.S. FLUSSER. Cover, March 6, 1928, Gonaives to Brooklyn, NY. 15.0021.00
31U.S.S. GOFF. Cover, October 5, 1934, Gonaives to Columbus, Ohio.10.00No bids
32U.S.S. GOFF. Cover, October 5, 1934, Gonaives to Deming, New Mexico.10.00No bids
33U.S.S. HENDERSON. September 13, 1933. P-au-P to Harrisburg, PA.10.00No bids
34U.S.S. LEXINGTON. Illustrated ship cover, May 14, 1934. To Huron, South Dakota. Link to Auction Lot #34 image25.00No bids
35U.S.S. NASHVILLE. Cover, March 24, 1939, Gonaives to Philadelphia.PA receiving March 31, 1939, then private cancel with new address of Camden, NJ. 15.0016.00
36U.S.S. POLLACK. Illustrated postcard, February 1, 1939, English Bay, Haiti to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A rare cancellation. Link to Auction Lot #36 image20.0027.00
37U.S.S. PORTER. Illustrated cover. March 26, 1939, Gonaives to Bedford, Ohio.15.00No bids
38U.S.S. RELIEF. Cover, May 14, 1934, Gonaives to Huron, South Dakota. 10.00No bids
39U.S.S. RELIEF. Cover, May 14.1934, Gonaives to Philadelphia, PA. Stamps used in mailing (2) are clearly cancelled with the RELIEF-Duplex. Unusual. Link to Auction Lot #39 image30.00No bids
40U.S.S. RICHMOND. Cover, March 17, 1939, Gonaives to San Pedro, California.10.00No bids
41U.S.S. SAVANNAH. Illustrated ship cover, May 14, 1938, Gonaives to Pottstown, PA.10.0014.00
42U.S.S. SNAPPER. Illustrated cover, January 30, 1939, Cayes to Bedford, Ohio. A rare cancel of a submarine mail. Link to Auction Lot #42 image30.0034.00
43U.S.S. STINGRAY. Illustrated cover, 15 March 1939, Gonaives to Winter Haven, FL.15.00No bids
44U.S.S. SEAMES. Illustrated cover, March 12, 1938, P-au-P to Birmingham, Alabama.15.00No bids
45U.S.S. STURTEVANT. Cover, March 18, 1923, Gonaives to Brooklyn, NY. 20.0020.00
Presidential Documents
Note: The quality of these documents and signatures is outstanding; not usual on Haitian documents
46President Salomon (1879-1888). Port-au-Prince, 18 January 1881 to State Secretary of Finance. Excellent condition. Link to Auction Lot #46 image60.0095.00
47President Hyppolite (1889-1896). Port-au-Prince, 7 January 1895, to the Secretary of Justice. Link to Auction Lot #47 image40.0066.00
48President Augustin Simon Sam (1896-1902). Port-au-Prince, 20 May 1898, to the Secretary of Finance. Link to Auction Lot #48 image40.0066.00
49President Nord Alexis (1902-1908). Port-au-Prince, 22 May 1903, to the Secretary of Justice. Link to Auction Lot #49 image50.00135.00
50President Francois A. Simon (1908-1911). Port-au-Prince, 4 October 1909, to the Secretary of Justice. Link to Auction Lot #50 image50.0082.00
51President Cincinnatus Leconte (August 1911-August 1912). Port-au-Prince, 1 June 1912, to the Secretary of Justice. Rare and hard to find copy of his decrees. Link to Auction Lot #51 image80.00144.00
52President Joseph Davilmare Theodore (November 1914-February 1915). Port-au-Prince, 14 December 1914, to the Secretary of Interior and Police. As a 3-month President, this is one of the rarest presidential documents of any Haitian President. Link to Auction Lot #52 image150.00192.00
53President Dartiguenave (1915-1922). Port-au-Prince, 12 October 1915, to the Secretary of Justice. Link to Auction Lot #53 image50.0089.00
Section 2
54#38, #52-53. Pre-cancel used copies, VF. 5.00No bids
55#40-41 Horizontal pairs, Imperforated vertically in Mint and VF condition. 6.0012.00
56#46-51. Plate proofs copies, VF condition. 10.0018.00
57#46-51. Specimen copies, MNH, VF. 15.0029.00
58#46-51. Mint set, VF. 8.00No bids
59#53, #55-57, 59-61. All Specimen copies. MNH, VF.6.0010.00
60#82-88. Catalogue value of $34. MNH, VF. 13.00No bids
61#100. Specimen copy with large overprint. MNH,VF.1.50No bids
62#102. Inverted overprint, MNH VF. #103. Inverted overprint, Mint, VF condition.3.75No bids
63#125-143. Specimen copies only of the 1906 issues of the Foreign Postage set (12 issues). All MNH, VF. 15.0026.00
64#296. Mint and VF copy with both overprints inverted. 3.003.00
65Postal Stationery. H&G #2. Port-au-Prince (20 Jan ??) to Paris, FR. Copy of #96 added to pay 3c rate. Readable message. Very Fine condition. 2.5020.00
66Postal Stationery. H&G #3, Port-au-Prince (8 December 1905) to Hamburg, GE, Proper receiving postmarks at Hamburg and NY. NY postmark in back of cover. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #66 image5.00No bids
67Map. Plan de Lisle A Vache. Cartographer not indicated, circa 1764. Linen pad to accompany map, size 11½" x 14". Glass and frame not included. Link to Auction Lot #67 image120.00No bids
68Map. Plan de la Rade de Port-au-Paix. Cartographer not indicated, circa 1775. Excellent condition with light folds. Colors rust, yellow, orange, etc. Linen pad included, size 15" x 12¼".Glass and frame not included. Link to Auction Lot #68 image120.00No bids
69Book. Garde d’Haiti 1915-1934 by James McCrocklin, c.1956. Hard bound copy, size 6½" x 9½", 261 pages, with dust jacket. A classic excellent history of Haiti and the Haitian Guard during this period. Excellent condition. Link to Auction Lot #69 image27.5041.00
70Newspaper. The anti-government newspaper L’Abeille, published in Jacmel, issue number 16, June 4, 1932. 4 page folio on mimeographed not printed sheets. All such publications are very scarce. This copy was stamped and mailed. All text readable, poor condition. Link to Auction Lot #70 image2.0016.00
End of auction