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March 2019 Society Auction

Closed March 18, 2019

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. A copy of Scott #A13. Stamp is a copy of GB Scott #70 (Catalog value $225) with oval “#C59” obliteration. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$35.00$56.00
2#1. Used copy with Port-au-Prince cancellation dated 28 ?? 1882. F-VF condition.3.256.00
3#1. Used copy with very good margins and a clear and clean 9 August 1883 cancellation. VF condition.3.005.00
4#4-5. Used copies in VF condition.3.008.50
5#7, 9, 12, 13, 20. All Used copies in F-VF condition. #7 with Port-au-Prince 28 May 1885 clear cancellation.4.5012.00
6#8a (Mint), #8d (Used). Catalog value $21. F-VF.6.00No bids
7#10b (Mint), #11 (Used), #12 (MNG). All VF.4.00No bids
8#18-20. Used copies. VF.3.008.00
9#21-25. Mint copies. VF. Catalog value $55.6014.00No bids
10#21, 22, 24. Selection of town cancellations. Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Gonaives, Les Cayes. F-VF. Link to Auction Lot #10 image3.005.00
11#32, 34-36. Selection of town cancellations. Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Gonaives. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #11 image2.00No bids
12#26-51. Complete sets in Mint & VF condition. Catalog Value $69.50. Link to Auction Lot #12 image24.00No bids
13#30. Mint, good margins, VF. Catalog value $20.6.00No bids
14#38, #41. Blocks of 4, MNH-Mint. Bottom pairs are MNH. VF condition.3.00No bids
15#38 (vertical pair imperforated between), #40 (horizontal pair imperforated between), #43 (horizontal strip of 3, imperforated between). All stamps are MNH and VF. See footnote in Scott Catalog.7.25No bids
16#46. Plate proof. Horizontal strip of 6 in cardboard. Carmine color. The approved issue color is blue. Catalog value of more than $90. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #16 image22.0032.00
17#47. Pairs of six copies of plate proofs in different colors. Catalog value over $180. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #17 image40.0088.00
18#51. MNG, VF.3.50No bids
19#52-66. Mint, VF.2.756.00
20#60. Plate proof on cardboard. Horizontal strip of 3 in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #20 image10.0018.00
21#67-78. Twelve copies (10 Mint, 2 Used) of the 1902 OP issues with the Type 3 forge overprint described in Locy’s article. VF. Link to Auction Lot #21 image10.00No bids
22#69. Horizontal strip of 3, MNH, VF.1.251.25
23#82-88. Imperforated copies in horizontal pairs, Mint and VF, mounted in album pages. Included also, Mint single copies of these issues, except for one copy which is Used. Link to Auction Lot #23 image8.2514.00
24#82-88. Group of 23 copies with shifted centers in different positions. Mint and VF. Link to Auction Lot #24 image5.75No bids
25#108-109. Selection of 24 copies in Mint and Used condition, perforations 13 ½ and 14, mounted in 3 album pages. Included also, 2 blocks of 4, Mint, of #109. All VF.4.00No bids
26#110-124. Complete set, Mint, and in VF condition. Catalog value $58.35. Link to Auction Lot #26 image22.0031.00
27#125-143. Set is a complete set of all the 1906-1911 postal issues. Included also, copies of #145-149 (Used) and of #150-156 (Mint and Used). All VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #27 image6.0014.00
28#125-143. 1906 issues of the Foreign Postal Issues of 1906-1913. Also included #145-156 (issued 1906-1910). All issues are Used in VF condition.4.006.00
29#150. A Mint copy with inverted surcharge. Included also is a Mint and Used copy of this issue. All VF.3.0011.00
30#151. A Used copy with inverted surcharge and in VF condition.1.75No bids
31#152. Mint with inverted surcharge, VF.2.006.00
32#158. Used copy, VF. Link to Auction Lot #32 image2.006.00
33#162-165. Used copies, VF.7.25No bids
34#199, Block of 4 Mint, #213, Block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint), #236, Block of 4 (2MNH, 2 Mint), #238, Block of 4, Used. All copies are VF condition.5.00No bids
35#245. Vertical pair, MNH, VF condition.4.00No bids
36#253. Block of 4, MNH. Catalog value $20. VF.5.00No bids
37#279. Block of 4, MNH, VF.1.50No bids
38#279. Block of 8 and a block of 3. Catalog value $24.75. All in MNH and VF.7.00No bids
39#296. Mint copy with both overprint and surcharge inverted. VF condition and Scarce.7.00No bids
40#296. Block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint), VF.3.25No bids
41#308. Mint No Gum, VF.1.254.50
42#320. A FDC issue in local mailing using a postal stationery card and posted in Port-au-Prince in 1928.4.007.50
43#385-88, #392, #405. All MNH, VF.1.252.00
44#386. Mint copy with a clear-clean double surcharge. VF condition.9.0013.00
45#389. Block of 4, MNH, VF.1.00No bids
46#417-420, C113-C114, B2-B3 and CB9. All in two unaddressed airmail covers and VF.3.75No bids
47#417-420, C113-C114 in two unaddressed airmail covers and VF.1.75No bids
48#421-598, B4-B37. Postal issues, 1958-1961 (almost complete), all in MINT condition and VF. Mounted in 14 Scott album pages. Catalog Value $60 plus. See pages: Link to Auction Lot #48 imageLink to Auction Lot #48 image20.0032.00
49#428. Sheet of 25, as issued, MNH and VF.3.00No bids
50#466-468, C166-C167. MNH Sheets of 12, as issued, with commemorative inscriptions and opening bars of military march. Catalog Value $28.20. See Scott footnote. VF condition.10.00No bids
51#472-479, C177-C179. MNH and VF copies.1.50No bids
52#486-488, C188-C190. MNH Sheets of 12 (as issued) with logos at top and bottom of sheets. Catalog value $24.60. VF.6.00No bids
53#503a, 504a, C206a, C207a. MNH and VF. Difficult variety set to find in this condition.2.754.00
54#505-506, C208-C209, 507-508, C214-C215. MNH, VF.1.75No bids
55#509, C216-C218. MNH, VF.1.00No bids
56#616P-616Q. Souvenir Sheets perforated and imperforated. Catalog value $32. MNH and VF condition.10.0014.00
57#667-669, C411-C414. Blocks of 4. MNH, VF.3.50No bids
58Scot #C1-C4. Used and VF.1.00No bids
59#C11. Vertical pair, MNH, #C22-C23, Mint, VF.1.25No bids
60#C47-C48. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.00No bids
61Scott C55-C56, MNH, #C57-C60 Mint. All VF.1.25No bids
62#C108-C111, MNH, VF.2.00No bids
63#C133-C135, C133a-C135a. MNH, VF.1.50No bids
64#C152a. MNH, VF.1.00No bids
65#B1, #CB1-CB2. MNH, VF.30.0060.00
66#B13, CB22-CB23. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.50No bids
67#J20. Used and VF. Scarce issue.18.00No bids
68#RA1-RA16. MNH except #RA9-RA16 are Mint. VF.2.75No bids
69#RA9-RA16. MNH, VF.1.50No bids
70US Postage Due. The 1 cent stamp, Illustration D2, in a Used block of 4 bearing handstamp of the Haitian Customs at Port-au-Prince. NOTE: Haitian customs were under the direction of US military during the occupation of Haiti (1915-1934). US postage due stamps were used to pay for insufficient postage and these stamps were handstamped with Haitian cancellations. This cancellation is light but under magnification you can clearly see that the right stamp of the block has “de Haiti” showing. This usage is extremely rare. Block is in VF condition. Rarely seen in the philatelic market. Link to Auction Lot #70 image20.0034.00
71Selection of 165 different stamps, Mint and Used. Selection starts with 1881 issues thru 1939, all mounted in album pages. Overall condition is Fine to Very Fine. Catalog value over $100. Sample pages: Link to Auction Lot #71 imageLink to Auction Lot #71 imageLink to Auction Lot #71 image22.0030.00
Folded Letters and Covers
72Folded Letter. Port-au-Prince (30 August 1821) to London. Three-page message. Red color circle in back. Fair to Good. Link to Auction Lot #72 image5.009.00
73FL, Jacmel to London (28 September 1858). Faint but legible “JACMEL” in large double circle. 1-5 due marking and London date stamped on back. Slight soiling and vertical fold, otherwise Fine-VF condition. No text. Link to Auction Lot #73 image5.0012.00
74FL , Cap Français (23 ????) to France. Originator of mail, dates, not clear. “COLONIE PAR ROCHEFORT” very clear in front of FL. Two-page message included. Condition Poor. Link to Auction Lot #74 image4.0018.00
75Cover. Lowell, MA (? October 1888) to Port-au-Prince (7 November 1888). New York receiving (? October 1888). Per “ANDES” mailing. Paid with copy of US #216. Fair-Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #75 image3.00No bids
76Cover. Cap Haitien (17 May ??) to Le Havre, France (5-8-??) via Port-au-Prince. Front of cover with double circle and a Paris cancellation of 4-6-05 DEPART. An unusual routing for mail to Le Havre. Paid with #99. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #76 image4.008.00
77Cover. Registered Mail, Port-au-Prince (18 August 1905) to Washington, D.C. (26 August 1905). Paid with #100. Good to Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #77 image4.5013.00
78Cover. Cap Haitien (8 October 1906) via Port-au-Prince (9 October 1906), Calais (28? October 1906) to Le Havre, France. Paid with #62 (2 copies). Vertical fold and a rough opening of top of cover affecting somewhat stamps used. Poor condition.1.003.00
79Cover. Port-au-Prince (unreadable cancellation) to Water Village, New Hampshire (no arrival date shown). Cover is a very small one (4¼ X 2) and paid with #215. Very Fine condition.1.00No bids
80Cover. Port-au-Prince (22 May 1924) to New York. Paid with #310 (3), #311, and #313. Included also a block of 4 Used of #310 and 5 Mint copies of #310, all mounted in two album pages with descriptions. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #80 image8.00No bids
81Cover. Registered Mail, Port-au-Prince (29 July 1926) to New York (3 August 1926), paid with #315 (7 copies). New York receiving postal mark on back of cover. Included also another registered mail cover posted and received in same dates as above but paid with copy of #318. Also, a block of 4 of #318 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a horizontal pair in used condition with a Cap Haitien cancellation. All VF.8.00No bids
82Cover. Airmail Port-au-Prince (4 December 1925) to Cap Haitien. Receiving postmark in back of cover. Paid with #318. “AVION” TYPE 3 cachet (supposed to be first official use of post mark). Cover is in Very Fine condition.5.505.50
83Cover. Paquebot Mail. Port-au-Prince to Chicago, paid with #316. Mail carried by the “S.S. Cristobal”. Cover cancelled “US SEA POST 15 May 1927 North”. VF condition.2.00No bids
84Cover. Port-au-Prince (6 February 1928), local mail addressed to Leon Montes and paid with #320. This is a FDC. Also included 2 unaddressed FDCs of this issue. All in VF condition.1.752.50
85Cover. Local Mail. Port-au-Prince (6 February 1929). Lindbergh AVION cachet applied to mail. 6 February was declared Lindbergh Day in Haiti. Paid with copy of #320. Very Fine condition.1.004.00
86Cover. Local Mail, Port-au-Prince (19 October 1931). Paid with #322-323. VF condition.1.252.00
87Cover. Port-au-Prince (24 July 1933) to New York, paid with a nice block of #322. Included also a block 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a copy of a Used single. Lot includes another cover, Port-au-Prince (19 October 1931 to New York and paid with #322-323. Also, a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a Used copy with a Port-de-Paix dated cancellation. All Very Fine and mounted in 2 album pages with description.7.50No bids
88Cover. Two covers posted in Port-au-Prince (period 1937 and 1941) addressed to US and paid with copies of #329 and #330. Also included 2 blocks of 4 (Mint and Used) of these issues. VF.2.74No bids
89Cover. Registered Mail. Port-de-Paix (18 November 1938) to Port-au-Prince. Mail addressed to Elie Lescot, President of Haiti (1944-1946). Paid with #329 and #331. Included also a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) of #331. Very Fine condition.4.005.00
90Cover. Port-au-Prince (3 September 1939) to Oklahoma City, OK. Paid with horizontal pair of #337 and copy of #329. Also included, a Used block of 4 and a single of #337. VF condition.3.00No bids
91Cover. Three covers: (1) Port-au-Prince (17 May 1940) to Philadelphia, paid with #337c and #318. (2) Cap Haitien (22 January 1941) to New York (30 January 41). Paid with #327c and #337. (3) Port-au-Prince (9 January 1940) to US. Paid with #329. Also included, a block of 4 Used and 2 Mint copies of #327. All in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #91 image4.257.50
92Cover. Cap Haitien (9 September 1941) to Washington, D.C. Paid with #338. Also included, a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a Mint and Used copy of this issue. Lot includes another cover, a registered mail Port-au-Prince (15 June 1942) to New York (23 June 1942), paid with #339, #327a, #330 and #C8A (2 copies). Lot includes also a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a Mint and a Used copy of #339. This cover is a Censored cover by Haitian censors. All Very Fine condition.6.00No bids
93Cover. Registered Mail. Les Cayes (18 December 1941) to New York (21 December 1941, via Port-au-Prince (18 December 1941)). This is a Haitian censored mail. Paid with # 327c, #320, #338, #332 (3 copies) and #C1. Very Fine condition.7.00No bids
94Cover. Local Mail. Port-au-Prince (8 December 1942). This is a first day of issue cover. Paid with #341. Includes also a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a Mint and Used copy of #340. All Very Fine.3.00No bids
95Cover. Registered Mail, Kenscoff (6 February 1945) to Philadelphia, PA (5 March 1945) via Miami. Paid with #358-360. Color cachet on cover. Includes also a block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint) and a Mint single of #360. Very Fine.3.505.00
96Cover. Port-au-Prince (15 June 1953) to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Carried by the S.S. ANCON (Panama Line) with a “Posted on the High Seas” marking. Paid with #C61. F-VF condition.1.25No bids
97Cover. USS ISHERWOOD mail. Cancellation with ship name and date of 1? April 19?9. Addressed to Brooklyn, NY and paid with USA Washington 2 cent postage stamp. Vertical fold on left side of cover. F-VF condition, otherwise Fine condition.1.25No bids
98Postal Stationery, H&G #2. Cap Haitien (19 December 1905) to Hamburg, Germany (receiving cancel not clear), via Port-au-Prince (20 December 1905). A 2-centime postage added with #97. Fine condition. Short text. Fine condition.2.255.00
99Postcard. Port-au-Prince local diplomatic mail. Undated with readable message. Postcard is a collection “Lotus Bleu” mailed by the French delegation in Port-au-Prince. VF condition. See Image.3.7510.00
Historical Documents, Maps and Literature
100President Salomon presidential letter to the Finance Minister dated 16 February 1880. Excellent condition for its age. Folio size 8” X 12”. Link to Auction Lot #100 imageLink to Auction Lot #100 image40.0097.00
101President Jean-Pierre Boyer letter to the Secretary of State (2-page text), dated 8 February 1820. Folio size 8” X 12”. Poor condition. Link to Auction Lot #101 imageLink to Auction Lot #101 image14.0098.00
102Early Financial Document from La Baron De Joseph Latorture, Intendant des Finances de la Province de l’Ouest, dated Gonaives, 1 January 1817, addressed to Minister of Finances. Folio size 7” X 11 ½”. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #102 image7.5074.00
103Map. Carta dell’ Isola di San Domingo. Production of Jacques Bellin (1704-1772), cartographer and hydrographer to the king of France. Size – 15” X 11½”. Light folds, otherwise Very Good. Link to Auction Lot #103 image150.00177.00
104Plan de la Rade de Port-de-Paix. Ca. 1775. Cartographer not indicated. Excellent condition with light folds. Linen pad included. Size 15” X 12¼”. Link to Auction Lot #104 image135.00No bids
105Plan de Lisle A Vache. Circa 1764. Cartographer not indicated. Linen pad included. Size 11½” X 14”. Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #105 image135.00No bids
106Book. Manuel d’Histoire d’Haiti by Dr. J.C. Dorsainvil, Port-au-Prince 1949, 333 pages. Text book used in Haiti’s Catholic school. Excellent condition with spine needing mending. Link to Auction Lot #106 image25.0031.00
107Book. Garde d’Haiti, 1915-1934, a classic and well known history book of the Haiti National Guard as nurtured by the US USMC. Also includes information on pre-1920 US Navy vessels. Published 1956, 261 pages, cloth with dust jacket. Excellent condition. Link to Auction Lot #107 image35.00No bids
108Journal. The American Revenuer, unbound, size 8½” X 11”, 9 issues (volumes 56.6, 57.1-6, 58.1-2). Each issue contains illustrated articles on post 1949 Haiti revenue stamps. Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #108 image18.0041.00
109Book. White King of La Gonave, by Faustin Wirkus, New York City, 1931. Cloth, 333 pages in excellent condition. A classic delightful romp of US Marine Corpsman “King Faustin” and his royal subjects in 1920’s La Gonave. Link to Auction Lot #109 image30.0033.00
110The Blue Book. Haiti 1919-1920, Klebold, New York City. Exceptionally rare Who is Who in the Haiti of the US occupation. Bilingual with print in sepia. Size 9½” X 11½”. Dedicated to President Sudre Dartiguenave. Overall condition Very Good with inner spine in need of repair. Link to Auction Lot #110 imageLink to Auction Lot #110 image250.00200.00
End of auction