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Philatelic Society

December 2018 Society Auction

Closed December 14, 2018

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. #A27, Plate 12. Oval “C59” obliteration. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$30.00$54.00
2#2. Selection of 12 copies, MNG and in F-VF condition. Good source for position numbers of this issue. High Catalog value. Link to Auction Lot #2 image20.00No bids
3#2. Mint, VF. 2.75No bids
4#5. Selection of 12 used copies in F-VF condition. Catalog value $48. Link to Auction Lot #4 image8.00No bids
5#10 (MNG). #10a (Used) and #10b (MNG), All copies in VF condition. 5.00No bids
6#11. Five copies, used and in Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #6 image2.254.00
7#13 and #13b, used, F-VF condition. 3.50No bids
8#13. Selection of 10 Used copies, Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #8 image8.0012.00
9#21-24, with Port-au-Prince cancellations, VF. Link to Auction Lot #9 image1.25No bids
10#24. MNH and VF. Catalog value $85. Link to Auction Lot #10 image25.0034.00
11#29. Mint and VF. 2.003.00
12#31c. Horizontal strip of 3, with center stamp (Mint) with a double surcharge and the 2 other stamps are MNH copies of #31. 2019 Catalog value is $52.50. All in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #12 image25.0042.00
13#35-36, with Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Gonaives dated cancellations, in F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #13 image1.254.00
14#47. Color Proofs. Horizontal pairs in 3 different colors. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #14 image20.0034.00
15#51. Color Plate Proofs. Three different colors. All are VF. Link to Auction Lot #15 image8.0016.00
16#82-88. Complete set in MNH and VF condition. 2018 Catalog value $34. Link to Auction Lot #16 image10.0015.00
17#85, #86. Copies with missing centers. See Scott Catalog Note. VF. Link to Auction Lot #17 image4.0011.00
18#88. Mint and VF. One copy with missing center, the other with inverted figure of President Petion. Link to Auction Lot #18 image4.0014.00
19#102, #103. Mint & VF with inverted overprint. Link to Auction Lot #19 image4.0015.00
20#102, #105. Used with inverted overprint. VF. Link to Auction Lot #20 image4.0012.00
21#103. Used with Cayes dated cancellation. VF.4.00No bids
22#128. Two copies, Mint and Used, VF. 4.00No bids
23#142. MNG, VF. 7.00No bids
24#143. Mint and VF. 2.507.00
25#152. Inverted surcharge copy in MNH, VF condition. Without the error a copy of this issue in MNH is $7.50 4.005.00
26#159. Used and VF with inverted surcharge. This is a scarce issue especially with the error. 7.0010.00
27#162-165. Used. Catalog value $14.25. VF. 4.75No bids
28#162-165. Mint and VF. Catalog value $26.45. 8.00No bids
29#218. Block of 4, MNH, VF, with all copies with inverted surcharge. Normal stamp without the error is valued at $8.00 (total $32). Link to Auction Lot #29 image17.00No bids
30#240. Block of 4 in Mint and VF condition. Small “Poste Paye” overprint. 2.00No bids
31#245. Vertical pair with both stamps with inverted surcharge in MNH and VF condition. Two copies of this issue without the error is valued at $14.00. Link to Auction Lot #31 image15.00No bids
32#254. Mint, VF with inverted surcharge.3.25No bids
33#265. Vertical pair, MNH with only partial surcharge. “GOURDE” is missing from both stamps. Link to Auction Lot #33 image6.006.00
34#267-268. MNH, VF. Catalog value $15.50. 6.25No bids
35#301. Horizontal pair in MNH and VF condition. Right stamp shifted down, creating a missing “Gourde” when removing stub. Catalog value $8.00. Link to Auction Lot #35 image4.75No bids
36#311-313 with “TM” overprint. These are revenue stamps in Mint and VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #36 image9.0036.00
37#325-339 and #C10. All Used and VF. 2.003.00
38#340-348, #C14-C18. Used and VF. 4.00No bids
39#359-359a. Block of 4, MNH, VF. Top right stamp is a #359a. 1.755.00
40#428-431, #C122-C125. MNH, VF. 5.005.50
41#616-616O. Used, VF. 7.00No bids
42#624A-624G. Used copies perforated and imperforated. VF condition. See Scott note. 2.253.00
43#643-646, #C366-C368. MNH, VF. Scarce. 2.004.00
44#647-648. Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. Scarce. 7.0012.00
45#803-809. MNH, VF. A scarce issue undervalued by Scott. 7.0012.00
46#825-829. MNH, VF. Missing copy of #826A.1.006.00
47#826A. Used copy in VF condition. An exceptionally very scarce issue seldom available in the philatelic market. When available it commands and realizes high selling prices. Link to Auction Lot #47 image50.00112.00
48#926. Souvenir sheet in MNH and VF condition. 7.00No bids
49#939. Used copy on paper with partial Gonaives cancellation. VF. 1.25No bids
50#C91-C92. Specimen copies, American Bank Note Company. MNH, VF. 6.00No bids
51#C107a. Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. 2.50No bids
52#C113-C114. Mint, VF. 1.25No bids
53#C114a. Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. 2.00No bids
54#C270-C276. MNH, VF. 1.502.00
55#C277-C279. MNH, VF. 3.00No bids
56#C318A. Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. 8.00No bids
57#C359a. Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. 2.604.00
58#E1. SPECIMEN, American Bank Note Company, in MNH and VF condition. 5.00No bids
59#J9. Mint, VF. 1.50No bids
60#J12. Mint, VLH, VF. 1.50No bids
61#J20 With inverted overprint in Mint and VF condition. A very scarce error of this issue. Rarely seen in the philatelic market. Link to Auction Lot #61 image45.0081.00
62#RA28. Used copies illustrating color varieties (8). Link to Auction Lot #62 image1.252.00
63Legitime Essay (1889). The 3 denomination of a set of 7. Small lower corner cut, otherwise in Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #63 image3.00No bids
Folded Letters and Covers
64Folded Letter. Port-au-Prince (24 January 1866) via Jacmel (25 January 1866), London (12 February 1866) and Calais (13 February 1866) to Paris, France (? February 1866). Message included. Link to Auction Lot #64 image15.00No bids
65FL. No text and originating sender unknown. Jacmel receiving (9 Sep ??) to Le Havre, France (1 Oct ??). Receiving London (30 September 1871), Calais (1 October 1871). VF condition.7.00No bids
66FL. Gonaives (31 July 1872) to Plymouth, Mass. (receiving postmark partially seen over USA postage stamp used in mailing). Mailed via “Per Vicksburg”. Text message, Fine. Link to Auction Lot #66 image12.0036.00
67Cover. St. Marc to France. This is an agent mail (marking on back of cover, using Netherland Indies Packetboat service). Paid with #99. Packetboat cancellation of 17 December 1905 on postage used. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #67 image10.0027.00
68Cover. Four covers with posting in Port-au-Prince (years 1907, 1915, 1921 and 1926) to USA. Good to Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #68 image7.0066.00
69Cover. Cap Haitien (date not clear) to Le Havre, France (18 July 1908 ?) Paid with #98 (2), VF. 5.00No bids
70Cover. Port-au-Prince (18 May 1912) to Paris,France (4 June 1912). Paid with #125, 129. F-VF. 7.00 7.00
71Cover. Registered Mail, Port-au-Prince (20 September 1913) to Chicago (30 Sep 1913) via New York (29 September 1913). Paid with #168 (2), VF. 4.00No bids
72Covers. Group of three covers, Port-au-Prince to France. The registered mail cover posted October 1919 and paid with a nice copy of #188. Good to Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #72 image2.7517.00
73Cover. Unknown postal station to New York (21 January 1929). Paid with #315 (2). Service provided by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and carried by the ship R.M.S. Paraguaya. Ship’s Oval violet color marking showing date of 19 January 1929 in the back of cover. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #73 image5.0012.00
74Cover. Penalty envelope with official US Navy mailing posted at Gonaives (USS Brooks) on 29 April 1929 and mailed to Washington, DC. Fine condition. 1.509.00
75Cover. Port-au-Prince (21 December 1929) to Paris, France. Paid with copy of #321 (2). Fine condition. 1.25No bids
76Cover. Packetboat Mail. U.S. Sea Post Canal Zone, S.S. Cristobal posted on 10 July 1929. Mail addressed to Camden, NJ. Received 16 July 1929. Paid with #316. Cover open on three sides. Fine condition. 1.00No bids
77Cover. Port-au-Prince (16 January 1932) to Long Island, NY. Paid with #323. F-VF. 1.256.00
78Cover. Port-au-Prince (20 December 1935), Registered service and receipt (AR) to Newark, NJ via Miami (23 December 1935). Paid with #C5 (2), #327 and #329 (3). Good to Fine condition. 3.00No bids
79Cover. Censored cover, Lexington, KY (26 May 1945) to Port-au-Prince (2 June 1945). Haitian censored markings applied. Paid with three nice commemorative US postage stamps. VF condition. 2.00No bids
80Cover. Registered mail, Port-au-Prince (8 February 1952) to Hastings, Nebraska (10 February 1952). Paid with #384. #C33-C34. and #C55-C56. Very Fine condition. 1.504.00
81Cover. Group of three covers (St. Marc and Petit Goave to France, Petit Goave to US. All mailed early 1900s. Poor condition.1.502.50
82Cover. Group of four covers, Port-au-Prince to New York, various dates (1906, 1920, 1930, 1955). Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #82 image2.7552.00
83US Navy in Haitian Waters. U.S.S. Teal, Gonaives. Date unreadable, to Philadelphia. Paid with US 1 cent postage. No message on this blank card used by sender. VF condition. 1.00No bids
84Aerogram. Unused with a value of 9.70 Gourde in the same design as Haiti Scott AP43(#C317) issued 28 November 1968. For more info see HP Vol 7, No. 4, pages 81-84. VF condition. 4.00 No bids
85First Day Covers. Group of eight FDCs of the following postal issues: #491-495, C193-C195 & #510-512, C223-C226 & #540-542, C256-C258, C270-C272 & #566, B38-B40, CB55-CB56 & #567-570, C280-C281 & #575-577, C285-C287 & C196. All FDCs unaddressed with color cachets (except one). All in Excellent condition. 8.00No bids
86Book. Occupied Haiti, Edited by Emily G. Balch, New York, The Writers Publishing Co, 1927. Hard cover, 186 pages with Index. Very Fine condition. 5.0026.00
87Haiti – Blue Souvenir Guide, by Madeleine Cassagnol, 1957. Soft cover, 76 pages. Spanish and French text. Fine. 1.507.00
88Newspaper. This is an issue of the anti-government newspaper L’Abeille, published in Jacmel. Issue number 16, dated June 4,1932. Consist of four folio pages, on mimeographed, not printed, sheets. The main topics of discussion are the severe economic troubles and the political repression. All such publications are very scarce. This copy was stamped and mailed (upper right corner). Paper is fragile, all text is readable. Copy of the scan file is available if wanted for magnification purposes. Link to Auction Lot #88 image4.00No bids
Historical Documents
89Letter from President Auguste Tancrede. When he was Secretary of State of the Interior. 1 page, folio, dated Port-au-Prince July 7, 1898, to the Senate. Fine-Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #89 image25.0033.00
90Presidential Note from President Alexandre Petion, dated July 29, 1884. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #90 image15.00145.00
91Military Mail. A one-page folio letter from General Jean Jacques Dossous, commanding officer of the division of Aquin to the Secretary of State for Police, dated June 5, 1861. Good to Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #91 image8.0010.00
End of auction