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Philatelic Society

September 2018 Society Auction

Closed September 24, 2018

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Horizontal pair of Scott #A6, Plate 14. Oval “C59” obliteration. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$40.00$210.00
2#1. Used copy with a January 1882 clear and clean postal cancellation. VF.1.505.00
3#8. Mint, two copies. These are positions 4 and 5 in the reconstruction of a sheet of 50. Catalogue value $24. VF condition.8.75No bids
4#8. These are positions 22 and 48. VF.8.75No bids
5#10. Group of 58 used copies mounted on album page. Overall condition Fine to VF. Good lot with a variety of color shades (10a and 10b). Good source for identification of positions in a sheet of 50, Catalogue value over $90.25.00No bids
6#13 Mint and #13b Used. Catalogue value $12.50. Fine.4.0011.00
7#25b. Used copy with double surcharge. Catalogue value $27.50. Scarce and undervalued error. Fine condition.15.0040.00
8#30. Mint. Catalogue value $20. VF condition.7.00No bids
9#41. Imperforate horizontal copy and a vertical pair imperforate horizontally. Mint and VF.6.0018.00
10#42. Srip of 4 imperforate vertically and a vertical pair imperforate horizontally. Mint and VF.7.0021.00
11#43. Block of 4, MNH. Catalogue value $30. VF.12.0012.00
12#43. Two copies; a Mint and a Used copy with PauP cancellation. VF.4.00No bids
13#43. Imperforate Horizontal pair, MNH. Left copy of pair is cut in half. VF.1.25No bids
14#43. Vertical pair with one stamp MNH. Also an imperforate MNH copy. VF.2.509.00
15#44. Two copies Mint and Used, and a MNH copy with incomplete surcharge. Catalogue value $19. VF condition. 8.00No bids
16#45. Double surcharge. MNH. Catalogue value $27.50. Also included a MNH copy. VF.12.0024.00
17#45. Block of 4 MNH/Mint with the top right stamp with inverted surcharge. Top horizontal pair is MNH condition. Catalogue value 2018 is $45.25. VF condition.20.0029.00
18#45. Two copies. Mint and Used. VF.1.00No bids
19#45. Mint with most of the surcharge missing. Excellent centering and perforations. VF.1.00No bids
20#51. Used, Good condition. Catalogue value $20.3.00Withdrawn
21#46-51. Color Plate Proofs in Blocks of 4. Scott Catalogue value of a pair of these proofs is between $30 to $40/pair. A very high catalog value lot (at least $360 ++). VF. Link to Auction Lot #21 image60.00220.00
22#49. Color Plate Proofs. Seven (7) different colors. All VF.Link to Auction Lot #22 image24.0061.00
23#52-66. MINT and VF.3.254.50
24#67 (2) 68, 72, 78 and 80. Mint and Used condition. All are Forgeries with inverted Ops. F-VF.2.50No bids
25#68, 71 & 77; Mint with inverted Ops; VF.9.00No bids
26#123. Block of 4, MNH, VF; Catalogue value $76.25.0040.00
27#142. MNG, Catalogue value $20. VF.4.50No bids
28#150. Used with inverted surcharge, VF.3.256.00
29#152. MNH with inverted surcharge. VF.4.00No bids
30#169. Mint, VF.10.00No bids
31#186, Used, VF.3.00No bids
32#193, MNG, VF.4.005.00
33Blocks of 4. #199 Mint; #213 Mint (2 MNH), #236 Mint (2 MNH); #238 Used. All VF.8.00No bids
34#218. MNH with inverted surcharge. A normal stamp MNH without the error is $8.00. VF condition.7.00No bids
35#245. Block of 10 in MNH, VF condition.25.0036.00
36#245. Horizontal pair, MNH, VF.5.00No bids
37#253. Block of 4, MNH, VF.7.00No bids
38#254. Mint with inverted surcharge. Copy with a upper left corner very small thin not showing on the face of the stamp.1.00No bids
39#254, 263, 273, 289. All MNH, VF.6.006.50
40#279. Block of 8; block of 3 in MNH, VF. 10.00No bids
41#290. Mint, #295 MNH, #300 MNH. VF.8.0011.00
42#296. Block of 4 Mint ( 2 MNH), VF.4.00No bids
43#305. Mint (appears to be MNH), VF.8.008.00
44The Stolen Issue of 1914. This lot consist of 6 values of the 10 values issued in blocks of 4, MNH and VF. The values listed in MINKUS Cat are: #N221-22 and N225-27. Link to Auction Lot #44 image3.50No bids
#486-488, C188-C190. Sheets of 12 (as issued) with logos at top and bottom of sheets. MNH, VF.
45#602-608, C319-C322. MNH, VF.2.004.00
46#624H-I. Souvenir sheets. Cancelled to order, VF.5.0012.00
47#639-639O. Used copies, VF.1.751.75
48#655. Souvenir sheet Mint, VF.5.0016.00
49#710-712, C466-C468. MNH, VF.1.502.50
50#720, C480-C482. MNH, VF.2.004.00
51#809a. Souvenir sheet. MNH. Scarce, undervalued. VF.10.0013.00
52#823a. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.10.0011.00
53#879. Sheet of 4, as issued, MNH, VF.8.0010.00
54#890-894. Sheets of 6 with UNICEF logo at the top and bottom of sheet. MNH, VF.40.0062.00
55#895. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.5.0017.00
56#914. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.5.0016.00
57#918a. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.12.0027.00
58#927-932 in FDC unaddressed and VF.5.0010.00
59Selection of stamps in Used and VF condition. Lot includes complete sets of #52-66, 82-88, 89-95, 96-101, 102-07, 108-09 and 145-49. Additional stamps included in the lot; all mounted in album page.8.0018.00
60Toussaint Issue. In 1963, Dahomey issued a 3 stamp set commemorating his legacy. Lot is a FDC of this issue. Cover with color cachet in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #60 image2.004.00
61#C1-C4, Used, VF.1.252.50
62#C5-C9, Used, VF.1.903.00
63#C10. MNH, Catalogue value $10. VF.4.004.00
64#C11. MNH, VF.1.75No bids
65#C22-C24, MNH, VF.1.25No bids
66#C49-C51, MNH, VF.1.25No bids
67#C121a. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.3.00No bids
68#C145-C150. Mint, VF.3.503.50
69#C171-C176a. MNH except for #C176a is Mint. VF.3.50No bids
70#C373. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF.5.006.00
71Revenue Stamps. Nine (9) different issues in Mint/MNG, Fine-Very Fine condition.Link to Auction Lot #71 image1.254.50
Folded Letters and Covers
72Presidential Letter. Auguste Tancrede, President of Haiti. Letter signed as Secretary of the Interior; 1 page folio (8” X 12”). Signed 23 July 1898, to the Haitian Senate.Link to Auction Lot #72 imageLink to Auction Lot #72 image20.0092.00
73German Mail Used in Haiti. Postal Stationery. This is a 10pf card that was sold to the seamen of the Imperial German Navy. The card was written aboard the S.M.S. Charlotte on its West Indies tour (16.09.97 to 25.03.98) The ship arrived on 14.1.98 in Les Cayes and sender posted his card on 16 January 1898 but it was not postally cancelled until the ship arrived in Havana on 26 January 1989. The ship post card MSP No.16 was used on board of the Charlotte. Postal card is in VF condition.Link to Auction Lot #73 image25.0076.00
74Cover. PauP (1 February ??) to France. Paid with #26. Mail was returned to Haiti but was taxed by the French postal system. Two French postage due stamps applied in front (France #J12 and J13. Scott value of a copy of J12 used on cover is $450. Cover is opened on 3 sides. Fair condition.Link to Auction Lot #74 imageLink to Auction Lot #74 image40.0072.00
75Cover. Registered Mail. PauP (18 August 1905) to Washington DC (26 August 1905). Paid with #100. Fine.4.0025.00
76Cover. PauP (12 August 1902) to NY (25 Aug 02). Paid with #61 and #70. Horizontal fold line on lower half of cover not affecting postage; otherwise Fine condition.2.0011.00
77Cover. PauP to Manchester, England. Paid with #62 (2). Only postmark is on the back of the cover with a receiving cancellation of “Manchester, ? .45 AM, DE21,99.18”. Good to Fine.2.50No bids
78Cover. Cap Haitien (13 November ??) to Paris (unreadable Postmark). Paid with #53, 55 and 60. Very Fine.2.50No bids
79Cover. Jeremie (5 May ??) via PauP to Bordeaux, FR. Originator is USINES CENTRALES in Dammerie, Haiti. Paid with #55, 61. Fine condition.2.0016.00
80Cover. Jeremie (10 June 1913) to Chicago. Recipient, Montgomery Ward, received on 18 June. Paid with #98. Fine.2.00No bids
81PauP to Glastonbury, CT. Mail from F.B. Sellers to Wally Dean, both well known members and former officers of the HPS. Mail posted in Cap Haitien but postal cancellation over the stamps used is unreadable. Mr. Sellers used seven different stamps from the issue of 1898 including a copy of #66. FINE.Link to Auction Lot #81 image3.00No bids
82Cover. A WWI censored mail by Haitian military censors. PauP (19 September 1916) to France. Postage stamp missing. Good condition.Link to Auction Lot #82 image10.0010.00
83Cover. Paquebot Mail. PauP to the US Service Officie mail from the Ministry of Finance. Postal cancellation “N.Y. & Canal Zone, North, October 8,1921, R.P.O.” Paid with #314. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #83 image3.508.00
84Cover. Registered Mail. Cap Haitien (27 February 1922) to Boston via New York (7 March 1922). Paid with #314(2). Fine. Link to Auction Lot #84 image3.0010.00
85Cover. PauP (8 August 1922) to Boston. Paid with #312, 313(2), 218, 290 and 293. Fold line across bottom half of cover not affecting stamps; otherwise Fine cover. Link to Auction Lot #85 image8.0022.00
86Group of 4 covers. Good condition with nice stamps used in the mailing. Two covers to France and 2 covers to the US. All with unreadable postmarks.Link to Auction Lot #86 image4.0026.00
87Group of 8 covers and 2 post cards. Various dates and destinations to the US and Europe. No damaged items in this lot. Fair to Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #87 imageLink to Auction Lot #87 imageLink to Auction Lot #87 image2.0057.00
88Cover. First flight cover, Muller’s #15. PauP (28 Feb 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (28 Feb 1928). Mail flown in the plane “Santa Maria” and copy signed by pilot. Paid with #316, #318. Flight was initially scheduled to depart on 21 February but was cancelled, and departed on 28 February. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #88 image8.0018.00
89Cover. PauP (2 March 1930) to Leominster, MA. Paid with US #627. Fine-Very Fine. Link to Auction Lot #89 image1.007.00
90FDC of #342, 344-345 (8 December 1942). Mail Addressed to New York. Included also a censored cover paid with3 copies of #344 posted in PauP on 20 November 1943 and mailed to the US. Also included Mint and Used copies of #344-345. 3.75No bids
91A censored cover in a FD of issue mail (for #349-352) posted in PauP on 6 September 1943 and addressed to the US. Also included in the lot another censored mail to the US paid with #351, #353. Fine condition.4.255.00
92Cover. Registered Airmail PauP (10 June 1953) to NY (12 June 1953). Paid with #141. A fold line vertically thru middle of cover not affecting stamp, otherwise Fine. Link to Auction Lot #92 image1.005.00
93Cover. PauP (27 October 1954) to Amsterdam, Holland. Paid with #398, 402. Fine-VF.3.00No bids
94Two commemorative covers. One issued on the occasion of the Philatelic Exposition held in PauP on 18 May 1985. The other, during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Haiti on 9 March 1985. Color cachets and in Excellent condition. Link to Auction Lot #94 image4.0018.00
95Postal Stationery. Copy of US postal stationery #UX6 (2 cents stamp) posted in NY on 1 June 1894 and addressed to Jacmel. Very Fine. Link to Auction Lot #95 imageLink to Auction Lot #95 image8.0026.00
96Geographie D’Haiti by Paul Pereira and Francois Carrie. 1939, soft cover, 48 pages of text and maps. French text with7 large folded maps. Fair condition but maps are in excellent condition.5.0037.00
97The Postage Stamps of Hayti by Fred Melville, soft cover, 69 pages covering the postal issues from the Liberty Heads to the 1904 issues. Fully illustrated. Good condition.5.0017.00
98El Mapa Mas Antiguo de la Isla de Santo Domingo, 1516 by Dr. Carlo Frati. Soft cover, 22 pages (9” X 12”) with a large folded Color 1516 map. Spanish text. Poor condition but maps and pages of text are in good condition. A very interesting work for collectors of Haiti and Dominican Republic.3.5077.00
End of auction