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June 2017 Society Auction

Closed June 23, 2017

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1HAITI COLLECTION 1881-1950. Mounted in heavy album type pages in a 3-ring binder. Collection is complete except for Scott #108a, #176 and #J16, and includes a variety of errors and some multiples. All stamps are in Very Fine – Extremely Fine condition. Owner was very particular in collecting only high quality copies for his collection. All stamps are Mint with about 90% being Mint Never Hinged. Catalog Value (Scott 2012 Edition) is $2,325.00. This collection is the best one seen by auctioneer in completeness and quality of the stamps. A beautiful collection meticulously mounted. Link to Auction Lot #1 imageLink to Auction Lot #1 imageLink to Auction Lot #1 imageLink to Auction Lot #1 image$750.00No Bids
2Scott #108a, Mint and in Very Fine condition with certificate of authenticity. 2017 catalog value is $950. Link to Auction Lot #2 imageLink to Auction Lot #2 imageLink to Auction Lot #2 image375.00$570.00
3British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. An example of #A13 in very good condition. The stamp is an example of Great Britain Scott #70 cancelled with an oval “C59” obliterator. (These usages are listed in the Haiti section of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 under the heading of Great Britain Post Offices in Haiti.) Catalogue value $225.00 Link to Auction Lot #3 image30.0048.00
4Scott #1. Used; clear & clean cancel of “JAN 82”. VF.1.50No Bids
5#2. Horizontal pair, Mint, VF.8.5011.00
6#3. Mint, and #9 (two copies, one Mint other Used). All in VF condition. Catalog value $34.75 8.0010.00
7#4. Mint copy with large margins and VF.8.009.00
8#5, #11, #12. Used copies; VF condition.2.005.00
9#6. Used, good margins, F-VF.6.008.50
10#7, #10a, #10b, #11, and #13. All in horizontal pairs, Used condition. #13 with Port au Prince cancel of 11 January 1890. F-VF.5.008.00
11#8a, Used, VF.1.501.50
12#10. Selection of fifty two copies (Plate II), mostly used examples. Copies mounted on album page with some copies identified with pencil on album page with the position number of the stamp in the 50 stamp sheet layout. No damaged stamps included. Wide variety of color shades and postmarks. Fine overall condition. Catalogue Value of $80++ Link to Auction Lot #12 image12.0038.00
13#18. Horizontal strip of three in Mint, VF condition.6.50No Bids
14#19. Two copies, Mint No Gum. Color variety copies. Cat Val for Mint o.g. is $85. Link to Auction Lot #14 image18.00No Bids
15#27. Two pairs (one horizontal, the other vertical), Mint with very light hinge marks. VF condition.1.752.25
16#29. Reconstruction Plate of this issue. Only 24 positions included. All stamps used and VF. Some with nice/clear dated cancellations. Link to Auction Lot #16 image5.00No Bids
17#30. Mint VF with good margins/centering.7.50No Bids
18#32-33. Seventy copies of #32 and fifty-seven copies of #33 mostly in used condition. Much variety of color shades and postmarks. Good lot of these issues for sheet plate reconstruction. Overall Fine condition. Catalogue Value $25. 6.5016.00
19#32-37 and #38-42. Tree Palm issues in Mint and Used condition neatly mounted and described on two album pages. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #19 imageLink to Auction Lot #19 image3.509.00
20#32-37 and #38-42. Mint, blocks of twenty five, lithographed counterfeits, imperforate and mounted on eleven hard copy album pages. #36 block of twenty-five not included. VF condition. See sample images of these blocks. Link to Auction Lot #20 imageLink to Auction Lot #20 image17.0021.00
21#35 (three copies) and #36 (eleven copies). Very nice block of eight of #36 included. Stamps are all Mint, VF, and mounted on a descriptive album page. Link to Auction Lot #21 image5.00No Bids
22#38 (vertical pair imperforate between); #40 (horizontal pair imperforate between); #43 (horizontal strip of three imperforate between). All stamps appear to be Mint Never Hinged. VF condition. See Scott Catalogue footnote. 9.00No Bids
23#43. Block of fifteen, MNH, VF. Catalogue Value for MNH is $112. 0025.00No Bids
24#43. Horizontal pair, imperforate between, in Very fine condition.4.00No Bids
25#45. Vertical pair, Mint. “CENT” missing on top stamp. Very Fine condition. 1.252.25
26Selection of Forgeries of the Coat of Arms Issues (1892-1896).3.00No Bids
27#54. Block of fifteen in MNH condition. Stamps are PERFIN copies of this issue in VF condition; a rather scarce sample of this issue with perfins in such a large block. Link to Auction Lot #27 image7.0077.00
281902 Overprints. A nice selection of Scott #67-81, mainly Mint copies, mounted on heavy pages. Lot consist of two pages of the genuine issues (#67-79 only), and eight pages of examples of the different type of forgeries. These pages include descriptions of the type of forgery. Also included are two pages of enlarged photos of some of the forgery types included in the lot with notations. A very nice desirable lot. Link to Auction Lot #28 imageLink to Auction Lot #28 imageLink to Auction Lot #28 image18.0077.00
29#82-88. Used and VF. 3.00No Bids
30#83-88 and #96-101. Stamps Mint and Used are mounted on six album pages. Imperforate copies and color varieties included. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #30 imageLink to Auction Lot #30 imageLink to Auction Lot #30 imageLink to Auction Lot #30 image8.0022.00
31#89, 91, 93, and 94. Used copies with Inverted Overprints. Very Fine condition.10.00No Bids
32#101. Block of nine, imperforate, Mint No Gum. Very Fine condition.2.00No Bids
33#102 used, #193 mint, #106 used. All with Inverted Overprints. Very Fine condition.7.00No Bids
34#110-124. Four stamps are used (#117-118, #122 and #124). All others are MNG condition, except #123 is mint. Set is in very fine condition and mounted on a blank album page. 9.00Withdrawn
35#128. Mint; Fine to VF. 2.005.00
36#130. MNG, VF.7.008.00
37#135. Mint, good margins and centering. VF. 20.00No Bids
38#137. Mint, Very Fine. 11.00No Bids
39#142. Mint, Very Fine. 7.00No Bids
40#150. Mint condition with Inverted Surcharge. Included also are non-error mint and used copies. VF condition. 3.00No Bids
41#151. Used, VF copy with Inverted Surcharge. Included also is a used copy of a normal stamp. 1.75No Bids
42#158. Mint and VF with Inverted Surcharge.5.006.00
43#162-165. Mint and VF. 8.00No Bids
44#162-165. Used and VF. 4.00No Bids
45#169. Mint and F-VF. 5.0010.00
46#184. Mint and VF. 3.253.25
47#185. Mint and VF. 2.009.00
48#186. Mint and VF. 4.004.00
49#189. Mint and VF. 1.754.00
50#214. Two copies; one with Inverted Overprint in Mint condition. The other copy is used. Both are VF. 1.754.00
51#305-308. Mint, VF.7.008.50
52#385-388, C49-51. MNH, VF.1.75No Bids
53#415, C108-111. MNH, VF. 2.004.50
54#472-474, C177-179. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.505.00
55#496-499, C200-202. MNH, VF.1.253.00
56#500-502, C203-205. MNH, VF.1.253.00
57#505-506, C208-209, and #507-508, C214-215. All are MNH and VF.1.001.50
58#509, C216-218. MNH, VF. 1.001.00
59#524-525, C236-237. MNH,VF. 1.003.00
60#532-536, C249-254. MNH, VF. 6.006.00
61#537. Used with Inverted Overprint. A scarce error, VF.10.0010.00
62#647-648. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.4.5014.00
63#B10-12, CB19-21. Mint, VF.1.80No Bids
64#C81-85. MNH, VF.3.005.00
65#C86-90. MNH, VF.3.005.00
66#C114a and #CB18a. MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
67#C115-118. MNH, VF condition.1.25No Bids
68Town Cancellations. Selection of four of Scott #21 (Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Les Cayes and Port au Prince) and four of Scott #22 (Cap Haitien, Gonaives, Les Cayes and Port au Prince). Fine. Link to Auction Lot #68 image1.755.00
69Selection of dated Port au Prince cancellations on Scott #23-25, 28-30, 35-37, 39, 43, and 47. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #69 image3.00No Bids
70Selection of seven copies of #146 with dated town cancellations (Cap Haitien, Les Cayes, Gonaives, Jeremie, Port au Prince, Petit Goave, and St Marc). F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #70 image2.5016.00
71Paquebot Cancellations. Small selection mounted on an album page. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #71 image2.0018.00
72Selection of postal issues of the 1898 thru 1951 period (airmails and postage dues included) in Mint, Used, VF condition. All mounted on ten Scott Specialty Album pages. No duplication of issues except for Scott #C28 (thirteen Mint copies, VLH). Total stamps included: Seventy stamps. Several blocks of four and pairs included (all in Mint condition). 10.00No Bids
73Postal Stationery. H&G #8 and #9, the 2c and 3c single rate cards, with the 1902 Provisional Government Overprint. These are scarce postal stationery items and are in Mint, VF condition.6.009.00
Folded Letters and Folded Letters
74Folded Letter (FL). Port au Prince (13 March 1827) to London (no readable receiving postmark). Purple color double circle with date difficult to read other than the year “1827”. FL with large message (4 pages). Condition is Fair to Good. Link to Auction Lot #74 image7.0015.00
75FL. Gonaives (29 September 1835) to Bordeaux, France. No transit nor arrival date postmarks. Readable message. Fine. 4.0012.00
76FL. Paris, France (28 June 1841) to Port au Prince. Red circle postal marking “Paid June 28 1841”. Long text included. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #76 image8.0012.00
77FL. Le Havre, France (29 July 1853) to Port au Prince. No receiving postal marking. Large red circle “Paid 2 August 1853”. Readable message. Fine to Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #77 image8.0010.00
78FL. St Thomas (15 September 1860 ??) to Port au Prince. Mail sent by “George Nunes & Co, St Thomas”. See blue color marking. No text. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #78 image5.00No Bids
79FL. Port au Prince (24 July 1861) to Paris via Jacmel (25 July 1861), London (13 August 1861) and Calais (14 August 1861). “GB 1F 60c” and “Taxe Rectifiee” markings. Fine to Very Fine.10.00No Bids
80FL. Miragoane (20? July 1863) to Havre, France (unreadable receiving date). Receiving marks of London (6 October 1863) and Calais (6 October 1863). Readable text included. Fine-Very Fine.7.009.00
81FL. Port au Prince (26 illegible month 1864) to Marseille, France (18 September 1864). Via Jacmel (26 August 1864), London (14 September 1864), Calais (14 September 1864) and Paris (15 September 1864). Text included. Fine.7.00No Bids
82FL. Port au Prince (24 January 1866) to Paris ( ? February 1866) via Jacmel (25 January 1866), London (12 February 1866) and Calais (13 February 1866). Text included. Fine. 7.00No Bids
83FL. Miragoane (1 March 1867) to Havre, France (29 March 1867). Via London (28 March 1867). No text. Fine.6.0014.00
84Cover. Marseille, France (29 April 1870) to Jacmel via London (30 April 1870). Letter included but cut in several pieces. Fair condition. Link to Auction Lot #84 image4.008.00
85FL. No text and originating sender unknown. Mail via Jacmel (9 September ??), London (30 September 1881), and Calais (1 October 1871) to Havre, France (1 October ??). F-VF condition.5.00No Bids
86FL. Gonaives (31 July 1872) to Plymouth, Massachusetts (receiving postmark partially seen over US postage stamp used for mailing from Haiti). Mailed “per Vicksburg”. Text included. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #86 image12.0012.00
87Cover. Lowell, MA (illegible date October 1888) to Port au Prince (7 November 1888). Via New York (illegible date October 1888). Per “ANDES” mailing. Paid with a copy of US Scott #216. Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #87 image5.00No Bids
88Cover. Cap Haitien (20 January 1891) to Brooklyn, New York. No Haitian postage was used in mailing. Postage due marking “T” applied upon receiving with “Collect Postage. 10 cents” marking. A US 10 cent postage due stamp was applied to collect the fee. Fair to Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #88 image5.0033.00
89Cover. Port au Prince (15 January 1900) to Oise, France (unreadable date February 1900). Paid with a horizontal pair of #65. F-VF.5.509.00
90Cover. Port au Prince (8 August 1902) to New York, New York (15 August 1902). Paid with Scott #77. Back of cover with “Address Incorrect, Misdirected” and black triangle “Dead Letter Office” marking. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #90 image8.5027.00
91Cover (Front Only). Registered mail, Gonaives (13 March 1902) to Port au Prince paid with #56 (3). VF.1.0011.00
92Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (23 March 1903) to Beverly, Massachusetts (1 April 1903) via New York (31 March 1903). Paid with Scott #65. VF.8.0055.00
93Cover. Registered mail. Jacmel (1 October 1903) to Brooklyn, New York (14 October 1903). Paid with copy of #80 (catalog value of used stamp alone is $37.50). A very scarce copy of a mailing with #80. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #93 image25.00295.00
94Cover. Jeremie (?? November 1904) to Bayonne, France (5 December 1904). Paid with #41 and #97. Very Fine.5.00No Bids
95Postal Stationery. H&G #2. Cap Haitien (19 December 1905) to Hamburg, Germany (postmark date not clear); via Port au Prince (20 December 1905). 2 centimes postage added with Scott #97. Fine. 4.00No Bids
96Cover. Cap Haitien (8 October 1906) to Le Havre, France. Via Port au Prince (9 October 1906) and Calais (28? October 1906). Paid with #62 (2). Good to Fine condition.3.50No Bids
97Post Card. Natal, South Africa (16 March 1907) to Port au Prince; postmark hard to read, but appears to be 26 April 1907. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #97 imageLink to Auction Lot #97 image4.00No Bids
98Cover. Presidential Mail (Letter Number 131). Registered Mail Service, Port au Prince (19 January 1908) to Philadelphia, United States. New York receiving cancel (27 January 1908). Cover with letter in a very large size printed official paper with text and signed. Letter Number 131 is addresse Link to Auction Lot #98 imageLink to Auction Lot #98 imageLink to Auction Lot #98 image25.00325.00
99Postal Stationery. Bombay, India (23 May 1908) to Port au Prince. Mail originating location with incomplete identification but cancellation is dated 13 May 1908. Additional postmark reads “Sea-Post Official, Bombay-Aden”. Small tear on the upper left corner of card. Poor condition. Link to Auction Lot #99 imageLink to Auction Lot #99 image1.50No Bids
100Cover. Paquebot Mail. Haiti to Hamburg, Germany. Mail sent aboard the “SS ALLEMANNIA” via New York (5 April 1912). Paid with #125 and #129. Postage stamps cancelled with proper “Posted On High Seas”, Atlas Service”, “SSALLEMANNIA”. VF condition.12.0028.00
101Cover. Registered Mail, Aquin (30 April 1913) to Rochester, New York via Port au Prince (2 May 1913) and New York City (11 May 1913). Paid with Scott #168 (2). Fine condition. 3.50No Bids
102Cover. Petit Goave (16 May 1917) to Petersburg, Virginia via Port au Prince (19 May 1917). Paid with Scott #168. VF. 4.005.00
103Cover. Port au Prince (27 February 1920) to Paris (22 March 1920). Paid with Scott #180 and #279. VF condition.4.008.00
104Cover. Galata, Armenia (18 February 1924) to Port au Prince. Printed matter rate. A very scarce mailing originator. F-VF. Link to Auction Lot #104 image5.0012.00
105Cover. Paquebot Mail. Port au Prince to Chicago. Mail carried by the "S.S. Cristobal”. Postal cancellation “US Sea Post” May 15 1927 North”. VF condition. 2.50No Bids
106Cover. St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (26 September 1929) to Port au Prince (27 September 1929). Paid with US postage #C10. Very Fine. 4.00No Bids
107Cover. Port au Prince (?? 1930) to Ipswich, England. Back of cover with blue color rectangular size inscribed “E SAULSBURY, Jan 27 Tr110, N.Y. & Wash. R.P.O.” Paid with #C2 (2), #315 and #321. Very Fine condition.4.008.00
108Cover. Cayes (2 April 1931) to Georgetown, British Guiana (11 April 1931) via Port au Prince (4 April 1931). Paid with #C2. Fine.5.0010.00
109Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (27 July 1938) to Binghamton, New York (12 August 1938). Paid with #329a (3) and #327. VF.1.004.00
110Cover. Cairo, Egypt (date unreadable), from the Haitian Consulate in Cairo to Munich, Germany (receiving date unreadable). Front of cover with color double circle marking of the Consulate in Cairo. Very Fine condition. 1.005.00
111Cover. The smallest cover ever seen by the auctioneer (3 1/4 x 1 ¾ inches). Mailed to Montgomery Ward in Chicago (receiving 30 April) and paid with Scott #126. Cover has a 6 cents postage due marking. Dated postal markings are unreadable. Condition poor.1.004.00
112Cover. Unreadable postmark mailing of the National Bank of Haiti to their branch in Paris, France. Paid with a copy of Scott #142 with a catalog value of the stamp at $12. Mail opened and censored by Haiti Military censors. Large envelope with fold in the middle not affecting postage stamp. Fair condition.4.0017.00
113Assortment of 35 covers (2 post cards), with a wide variety of postal issues, mostly from the 1900-1915 period. Some covers are Front Only. Condition varies from poor to good. Mailing is to US and European addresses. 7.0028.00
114The Yucatan Affair. The work of Raoul Ch. De Thuin, Philatelic Counterfeiter. Published by the American Philatelic Society under Editor-in-Chief, James Chemi, 1980. Hardcover edition; 523 pages full of illustrations. A classic in philatelic literature. Excellent condition.20.0040.00
115American Airmail Catalog, Volumes #1-4, Fourth Edition, Hardcover. Condition like new.25.00No Bids
116Histoire Monetaire De Saint Domingue Et De La Republique D’Haiti. Robert Lacombe, Paris, France, 1958. Soft cover, 70 pages. Fine condition. 5.0011.00
117The Congress Book, editions of 1984 and 1985. Published annually by the American Philatelic Congress, these are hardcover books in like new condition, printed on high quality glossy paper with numerous illustrations. The 1985 Edition consists of nine essays (222 pages), including Carroll Lloyd's well known study "Haiti : The Liberty Heads – Plate Reconstruction of the 2 centimes Re-Engraved stamp of 1886". The 1984 Edition consists of ten essays (265 pages) including the F.Burton Sellers' study, "Salomon of Haiti and His Philatelic Legacy".20.00No Bids
118"Haiti" Section of the 2017 Edition of the Scott Catalog. Pages carefully removed from Volume #3 of the catalog. Condition – New.4.005.00
End of auction