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March 2017 Society Auction

Closed March 24, 2017

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. An example of Scott #A13 in very good condition. The stamp is an example of Great Britain Scott #70 cancelled with an oval “C59” obliteration. (These usages are listed in the Haiti section of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 under the heading of Great Britain Post Offices in Haiti.) Scott Catalogue Value of $225 in the 2016 Edition of the Classic Specialized Catalog.Link to Auction Lot #1 image$60No Bids
2British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Port au Prince. #A55, Plate 16, in very good condition. The stamp is an example of Great Britain Scott #70 cancelled with an oval “E53” obliterator. (These usages are listed in the Haiti section of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 under the heading of Great Britain Post Offices in Haiti.) Scott Value is $210.00Link to Auction Lot #2 image55.00$55.00
3Scott #1-6. Mint, except #5 is MNG. VF and good margins. Catalogue Value $177.00Link to Auction Lot #3 image77.0088.00
4#2-6. Very Fine unused copies of BAGUET’S forgeries of this postal issue. Included is a four page article “Forgeries of Haiti 1881- Baguet’s Liberty Heads Forgeries”, by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, published in the CINDERELLA PHILATELIST, issue of April 1990. Link to Auction Lot #4 image8.511.00
5#2. Mint, VF condition.3No Bids
6#13a. Horizontal pair Imperforate Between in VF condition. Catalogue Value $175.00 Link to Auction Lot #6 image90110.00
7#19 in MNG and VF. Catalogue Value $45.00816.00
8#24. Mint Never Hinged copy with very good centering and in excellent condition. Scott value for a MNH copy is $85.00 Link to Auction Lot #8 image2084.00
9#25b. Copy with a Double Surcharge in MNG, VF condition. Catalogue Value $20.00 Link to Auction Lot #9 image826.00
10#30 in Mint and VF condition.68.50
11#40. Horizontal pair Imperforate Between in VF condition.2.75No Bids
12#43. Block of eight Imperforate Vertically. Five stamps are MNH and three are Mint. This is a very nice block of this variety. VF condition. Catalogue Value $40.80 Link to Auction Lot #12 image1215.00
13#47 and #51. Trial Color Plate Proofs. #47 in two blocks of four in trial colors differing from the approved issue, and #51, a single copy in a color other than orange. Blocks of four of Trial Color Proofs are scarce and are not priced in Scott. However, Scott indicates that Catalogue Values of the more common imperforate plate proof pairs range from $30-40 per pair. Condition of this material is VF. 2331.00
14#69-70. Inverted Overprints, Mint, VF.410.00
15#105. Inverted Surcharge, Used, VF.3.255.00
16#119-120. Inverted Overprints, Mint, VF.616.00
17#130. Mint No Gum, VF.7No Bids
18#137. Mint, VF.7.75No Bids
19#139. Mint, VF.7.2510.00
20#143-144. Mint, VF.6.5No Bids
21#162-165, Mint, F-VF.6.511.00
22#170-171. Mint, VF.2738.00
23#335. Imperforate example, Used and VF.28.00
24#349-354. Mint, VF.46.00
25#448-450, #C145-147. Mint, VF.1.75No Bids
26#462-465, #C163-165. MNH, VF. 2.75No Bids
27#466-468, #C166-167. MNH in Sheetlets of twelve (as issued), VF condition. Catalogue Value $28.20 8.25No Bids
28#469, #C168-169. MNH in Sheetlets of twenty. VF condition. Catalogue Value $28.008.25No Bids
29#537. Used with Inverted Overprint. This is a very scarce error in VF condition.1026.00
30#611-615, C326-329. MNH, VF.7.59.00
31#624-624G. MNH, VF.1.254.50
32#803-809, #809a. MNH and VF condition. This is a scarce set, especially the Souvenir Sheet. 1628.00
33#810-816. MNH, VF.2.758.00
34#830-835. In blocks of four and a single set. In Mint, VF condition.516.00
35#B9, CB16-18, B30, CB47-48. MNH, and VF condition.1.752.00
36#C19-21a. Set of perforate and imperforate souvenir sheets in Mint, VF condition.1839.00
37#C85. Specimen example in VF condition.4No Bids
38#C108-C111. MNH, VF.25.00
39#C113-114. MNH, VF.1No Bids
40#C115-118. MNH, VF.1.25No Bids
41#C126-132. MNH, VF.3.756.00
42#C171-176. MNH, VF.22.50
43#CB1-2 in Mint, VF condition. 16No Bids
44#CB18a. Souvenir Sheet in MNH, VF condition.6No Bids
45#J1-4. Mint, VF.3No Bids
46#J5-8. Mint, VF.812.00
47#J9. Mint, VF.1.5No Bids
48#J12. Mint with very light hinge mark and VF.1.5No Bids
49#RA1-8. MNH except #RA5-8 are Mint. All in VF condition.2.75No Bids
50#RA9-16. Mint VLH and VF.1.5No Bids
Folded Letters and Covers
51Folded Letter. Port au Prince (? December 1802) to Nantes, France. Readable long text message. Marking reading “Colonies Par Le Havre”. Not a clean FL but very old (over 200 years). Link to Auction Lot #51 image1024.00
52FL. Jacmel (8 May 1849) to Havre (5 June 1849). Royal Mail Packet Letter with a VF strike of Jacmel in double circle with clear date and a strike of the Anglo French Treaty accounting marking "Colonies @c, Art 13” in box marking. No message. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #52 image2077.00
53FL. Jacmel (11 October 1861) to Reims, France (31 October 1861) via London (29 October 1861), Calais and Paris (30 October 1861). GB 1F60 marking on front and 8 (decimes) due (the single rate in France at the time). VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #53 image14No Bids
54FL. Jacmel (12 May 1863) to Port au Prince (no receiving mark) with clear message. Back of FL has hinges used to reinforce its integrity. Very Good condition otherwise. Link to Auction Lot #54 image10No Bids
55FL. Marseille, France (28 March 1864) to Jacmel via London (30 March 1864). Receiving postmarks “Lyon a Paris 29 March 1864” and “Paris to Calais 29 March 1864”. Message included. Paid with copy of France Scott #36. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #55 image1577.00
56FL. Port au Prince (24 May 1864) to Marseille via Jacmel (25 May 1864), London and Calais (28 June 1864). Long message included. Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #56 image10No Bids
57FL. Port au Prince (8 January 1866) via Jacmel (10 January 1866) to Reims (31 January 1866). Receiving in London (30 January 1866) and Paris (31 January 1866). GB 1F60 marking and 10 decimes due. Message included. FL is in Fine to VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #57 image15No Bids
58FL. Port au Prince (22 September 1866) via Jacmel (25 September 1866), London (15 October 1866) and Calais (16 October 1866) to Paris, France. GB 1F60 marking. Text message included. Fine–VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #58 image15No Bids
59FL. Liverpool, England (16 July 1870) to Jacmel via London (18 July 1870). Forwarded marking of “Hubert & Yates, Liverpool”. British postage cancelled with oval “466” obliterator. Message included and mostly readable. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #59 image1542.00
60Cover. Jacmel (25 March 1879) via London (14 April 1879) to Havre (receiving date illegible). Clear marking of postage due “T1-10” and amount due. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #60 image1536.00
61Cover. St Marc (29 June 1880) via Port au Prince (10 July 1880) to Bordeaux. Receiving in London (28 July 1880, and Calais (29 July 1880). Interesting St Marc red double circle postmark. Fair to Good. Link to Auction Lot #61 image842.00
62FL. Jacmel (8 April 1881) to Paris (28 April 1881). Postage due marking “T 1-10” with 16 decimes due marking. London receiving (28 April 1881). No message. F-VF. Link to Auction Lot #62 image1549.00
63FL. Port au Prince (? June 1881) to Havre ( ? June 1881) via London (27 June 1881). T marking (missing “1-10”) and decimes due. A “Plymouth to Bristol TPO” postmark dated 26 June 1881. No message. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #63 imageLink to Auction Lot #63 image1033.00
64Cover. Registered mail Cap Haitien (29 August 1899) to Le Havre. This is a big cover (12x9). Mailed by Reine & Co – Cap Haitien. Paid with numerous copies of the 1898 Coat of Arms issue (over 70). Among these are thirteen copies of Scott #51 (catalog $130.00). Edges of cover not in good condition. Overall condition Fair. A very interesting cover. Link to Auction Lot #64 imageLink to Auction Lot #64 image1592.00
65Covers. Three registered mail covers from Port au Prince to the same address in Beverly, Massachusetts. Mail paid with postal issues of the 1902 overprints. One cover mailed 3 March 1903 and the other two covers on 23 March 1903. All with receiving postmarks of NY Registry Division. A very desirable addition to any collection. All covers in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #65 image33122.00
66Cover. Port au Prince (18 August 1905) to Washington, DC (26 August 1905). Paid with #100. Good condition. 421.00
67Cover. Aquin (6 October 1905 ?) via New York (7 October 1905) to France. This is a Pinard & Co St Marc mail with its proper color cachet. Paid with a pair of #59 with oval Dutch packet strikes. F-VF condition.948.00
68Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (5 April 1906) to Newton, Massachusetts (14 April 1906) via New York (13 April 1906). Paid with #117 and #120. VF condition.866.00
69Cover. Port-de-Paix (12? December 1909) to Chicago . Transit receiving New York (29 December 1909). Paid with #77. VF.6No Bids
70Cover. Unknown originator addressed to Port au Prince receiving on 24 May 1910 (back of the cover). Postal markings on front of cover are a Dutch Paquebot marking and an oval “T centimes”. Have not previously seen this type of postage due marking. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #70 image1058.00
71Cover. Chicago (6 December 1911) to Port au Prince (16 December 1911). Postage due marking “T NY” with amount due of 30 centimes. Back of cover has Haiti Scott #J10 (2) affixed. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #71 imageLink to Auction Lot #71 image8160.00
72Cover. Port au Prince (18 December 1911) to Port Maria, Jamaica (12 January 1912) via Kingston, Jamaica (11 January 1912). Paid with #162. VF. Link to Auction Lot #72 image10170.00
73Cover. Budapest, Hungary mail addressed to E.A. Colson, Port au Prince. Postal cancellation of Budapest on postage stamp. Date appears to be 23 April ??. Postage stamp used is illustration A8 or A9. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #73 image521.00
74 Cover. Aquin (3 February 1915) to Port au Prince (5 February 1915). Paid with #166 (2). Strong, clear, Aquin cancel. F-VF.642.00
75Cover. Local mail, St Marc (2 July 1915). Paid with an Imperforate copy of Scott #99. Scarce cover with this error. Very nice, clean cover in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #75 image1524.00
76Covers. Two from Aux Cayes. One posted on 23 January 1916 to Port au Prince (25 January 1916) paid with #200. The second item, a registered cover, posted 20 September 1937 via Port au Prince (22 September 1937) to Batesburg, South Carolina (29 September 1937). This latter cover is paid with #327 and #329a (3); VF. 1036.00
77Cover. US Consulate mail, Jacmel (unreadable postmark), to US Consulate in Port au Prince (23 June 1917). Paid with #259; VF.639.00
78Cover. Local mail, Port au Prince (8 December 1918). Paid with #273. 331.00
79Cover. Registered airmail, Cayenne, French Guiana (20 November 1945) to Port au Prince (26 November 1945) (assumed as last two digits of the year date are eliminated in the strike on the reverse). Not a common originator of foreign mail to Haiti. Scarce cover. Very nice cover in Fine-Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #79 imageLink to Auction Lot #79 image8.566.00
80Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (12 December 1919) to New York (21 December 1919). Paid with #125(2) and a horizontal strip of four of #245. F-VF condition. 847.00
81Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (19 July 1920) to Boston (no receiving postmark). Transit receiving marking of New York (30 July 1920). Paid with #183, #297, 306-07. VF condition.1248.00
82Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (12 February 1920) to Brookline, Massachusetts (received in Boston on 23 February 1920). Paid with #300 (3) and a vertical strip of three of #180. Bottom stamp in this strip has a Double Overprint. Cover has a fold not affecting postage used. Scarce cover with error as indicated above. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #82 image16135.00
83Cover. Cap Haitien (12 August 1920) to Port au Prince (17 August 1920). Mail addressed to Leon Montes. Paid with #306, VF.433.00
84Cover. Local mail, Port au Prince (27 January 1921). Paid with #280, #292, #293 and #296. VF condition.888.00
85Cover. Registered mail, Gonaives (4 September 1923) to Vienna, Austria (no receiving postmark). Transit marking in New York on 12 September 1923. Paid with #173 and #313-14. Par S/S TUPPER. VF condition.8No Bids
86Cover. Manila, Philippine Islands (7 February 1924) to Port au Prince (21 March 1924). Some stain on cover not affecting postage used. Good condition.5No Bids
87Cover. Port au Prince to Paris. Mail not postmarked in Port au Prince, but stamps (#313 and #316) were cancelled with large circle “NY and Canal Zone” with a date of 8 October 1925. F-VF.577.00
88Cover. First Flight. Cap Haitien (19 April 1926) to Port au Prince (20 April 1926). Paid with #318. Mail cancelled by USMC carrier. Flight identified as FIELDS #3. VF condition.8No Bids
89Cover. First Flight. Port au Prince to Port-de-Paix on 19 April 1927. Very Fine condition. 12No Bids
90Cover. Spanish mail to Port au Prince. No postal station nor date readable. Received in Port au Prince on 11 January 1927. F-VF. Link to Auction Lot #90 image2No Bids
91Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (16 November 1927) to Los Angeles (25 November 1927) via New York (21 November 1927). This is US Constabulary mail paid with a block of four of US Scott #C8. Postage cancelled “USMC Constabulary Det Port-au-Prince” with a violet color double circle. VF condition.2528.00
92Cover. Jacmel (12 April 1938) via Port au Prince (12 April 1938) to St John, Antigua (2 May 1938). Paid with Scott #326(2) and #329(2). F-VF condition. 8.557.00
93Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (11 December 1948) to Temple, Texas (17 December 1948). Transit receiving postmarks from Miami and Dallas. Paid with sixteen copies of Scott #C43. F-VF condition.623.00
94Cover. Two Express Mail items from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (23 June 1951); one addressed to Jacmel (14 July 1951) and the other to Cap Haitien (13 July 1951). Both items were inadequately paid, so fees were paid with Haitian postage due issues (Haiti #J21, #J22 and #J24). Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #94 imageLink to Auction Lot #94 image12185.00
First Day Covers
(All FDCs are with cachet and in Very Fine condition unless stated otherwise.)
95Scott #475-79, C180-82. No cachet. F-VF.12.00
96#491-95, C193-95.1.25No Bids
97#503-04, C206-07 and #503a-04a, C206a-07a. No Cachet.2.753.50
98#510-12, C223-26.1.25No Bids
99#513-16, C227-
100#521-23, C233-35. 1.54.00
101#540-42, C257-59.1.25No Bids
102#543, C260-62. No cachet.13.00
103#548-55, C266-69.23.00
104#556-58, C270-72.1No Bids
105#559-61, C273-76. 1.52.50
106#566, B38-40, CB55-56. 1No Bids
107#567-70, C280-81. No cachet.1No Bids
108#575-77, C285-87. 1No Bids
109#578-79, C288, CB57.25.00
110#590-92, C302-
111#602-08, C319-
113#C196-99.1No Bids
114#C210-13, C238-41. 1.53.00
116Selection of postal issues from the period of 1920 thru 1944-45, mounted on 18 special album pages. Each consists of a postal issue described, and includes copies of the postal issue and a cover mailed using that issue. A very nice lot in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #116 imageLink to Auction Lot #116 image30No Bids
117Collection of 63 covers posted primarily in Port au Prince during the period of the 1930s thru 1950s (some covers are from the early 1920s—1930s). Destinations are primarily to addresses in the United States, but several are noted as posted to Europe. Great variety of postal issues used in the mailings. Condition of the material ranges from Good to Very Fine. Interesting lot.1260.00
118Bank Notes. Two copies EACH of 1 and 2 Gourdes notes. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #118 imageLink to Auction Lot #118 image57.50
119"Haiti" section of the 2017 edition of the Scott Catalogue. Pages carefully removed from Volume 3 of the catalog. Condition: New.3.256.00
End of auction