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September 2016 Society Auction

Closed September 23, 2016

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1Essay. Proposed design for the 1891 issue of Haiti. Produced in France in 1891 with the frame of the postal issue of Scott #20. A numeral was used in place of the portrait of General Salomon. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$30.00$309.00
2Essay. A 7 centimes value with a coat of arms design, blue color on blue paper. No information about this essay is known. See “Early Haitian Essays” by Peter C. Jeannopoulos in Haiti Philately, XLII:2, June 2016, pages 52-58. This essay type is illustrated in Figure 15 on page 56, with a close-up of the design in Figure 17 on page 57. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #2 image10.00110.00
3Liberty Head Proofs. Copies of Scott #1, 2, 4, and 5. These four Proofs were cut from a composite sheet of six values printed from electrotypes. VF. Link to Auction Lot #3 image20.00340.00
4Scott #1-6. Mint with good centering and in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #4 image65.00110.00
5#2. Block of four, Mint (two lower stamps are MNH). Nice condition; VF. Link to Auction Lot #5 image20.0038.00
6#2. Mint Never Hinged and VF. Good margins.6.00No Bids
7#19. Mint No Gum. Very Fine condition. Catalogue Value $45.0014.00No Bids
8#22. Block of four (two MNH, two Mint). VF condition.2.5011.00
9#24. Mint, very light hinge mark; good centering. Scarce issue in Very Fine condition. 2016 Catalog Value is $50.0020.0031.00
10#25. Horizontal strip of three, MNH/Mint, VF.3.50No Bids
11#28. Sheet of fifty, but one stamp on the top row is missing. Stamps are either Mint Never Hinged or Mint, VF condition. 2016 Catalog Value is $98.0028.0053.00
12#28a. Block of twenty-four. Mint (some hinges used on back to reinforce perforations). Very Fine condition.15.0061.00
13Issue of 1891 (Scott #26-30). Page from a specialist collector illustrating constant varieties resulting from the method of plate construction. Included is a cover with an illegible town and date cancellation, paid with a pair of Scott #29, sent via New York (30 October 1893) and received in Bordeaux (22 November 1893). Overall condition is VF.12.00No Bids
14A set of imperforate Trial Color Proofs (in marginal pairs or larger) of the designs of the Issue of 1898 (Scott #46-51). Note: Colors are not the final colors used during the production of this issue. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #14 image22.0044.00
15#31a. Block of forty, stamps are MNH (some hinge marks are evident only on the selvedge). VF Condition. 2016 Catalogue Value: $168.0030.00No Bids
16#31a. Block of four, Mint, VF.3.007.00
17 #32. Block of four, imperforate. This is a Proof. See Scott footnote. Very Fine condition.8.0016.00
18#42. Vertical pair and a horizontal pair imperforate between in MNH VF condition. See Scott footnote.10.00No Bids
19#42. Horizontal pair imperforate between in MNH, VF condition. See Scott footnote.5.00No Bids
20#50. Imperforate horizontal pair. This is a Trial Color Proof in brown. Very Fine condition.4.007.00
21#69a. Inverted overprint, Mint No Gum, VF.2.00No Bids
22"#71a." Inverted overprint (forgery), MNG, VF.1.50No Bids
23"#76" and "#76a." Forged overprints. "#76" is used and appears to have been postally used with a Port au Prince cancel. "#76a" is MNG. 3.00No Bids
24#142. Mint. VF condition. Catalogue Value $20.006.50No Bids
25#160. Mint (Brown Surcharge). A very scarce issue. Fine-Very Fine. Catalogue Value $27.5012.0032.00
26#169, 170, and 171. All Mint. #170 has no gum and #171 has some tropicalization on the gum side only. Otherwise stamps are VF looking/condition. Catalogue Value 2016 is $83.0020.00No Bids
27#194. Inverted overprint, Mint, VF. 10.0027.00
28#245. Vertical pair, Inverted overprint, Mint Never Hinged condition. Very Fine.15.00No Bids
29#308. Mint. A very scarce issue in VF condition.1.754.00
30#348. Used, VF condition.3.00No Bids
31#369. Mint with a very light hinge mark, VF.1.002.50
32#384, C47-48. A beautiful assembly of progressive Plate Proofs of this 1950 issue. The lot includes blocks of four of the finished design (#384) as well as progressive vignette proofs. Exceedingly rare. Security punches applied by Waterlow and Sons Limited. Link to Auction Lot #32 image70.00120.00
33A Large Die Proof of the 30 centimes value of Haiti’s non-issued set commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union in 1949. A stunning rarity which we are pleased to offer in our Society auction. This non-issued set was mentioned in Haiti Philately, VII; 3, September 1981, page 65, in an excerpt of the Society of Philatelic Americans (SPA) Handbook, “UPU SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUES”, authored by noted philatelist and philatelic writer of the era, Marian Carne Zeinsmeister. A few die proofs and specimen stamps of this American Bank Note Company set have been noted in Haiti Philately, XXXVIII; 1, March 2012, page 7, by Wolfgang Windel, and in the Haiti Collector, I:1, January 2013, pages 5-8, by Peter C. Jeannopoulos. Link to Auction Lot #33 image100.00144.00
34#389 design. Printed in reddish brown, this example is one of several Haitian designs originally printed by Waterlow and Sons Ltd. for Haiti, but subsequently released in alternate colors as Specimen Sample Stamps, to highlight the firm's production capabilities when seeking new business. Very fine copy. See Sample Specimen Stamps, Robson Lowe Ltd, March 1968, card cover, 17 pages, and "Waterlow Sample Stamps" by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, Haiti Philately, V:2, April-May-June 1979, pages 26-27.5.00No Bids
35#412-13, C99-104 on a registered First Day Cover, Port au Prince (14 April 1956) to New York (17 April 1956). A very scarce FDC missing in most collections. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #35 image10.0016.00
36#440-441. Sheets of twenty-five in MNH, VF condition.4.006.00
37#466-68, C166-67. Sheetlets of twelve (as issued). Mint Never Hinged, VF condition. Catalogue Value $28.208.00No Bids
38#667-69, C411-14. Blocks of four in MNH VF condition.4.00No Bids
39"#823a". The perforate souvenir sheet mentioned in a footnote under the Scott Catalog listing for #818 to #823. Although not given its own catalog listing, it includes the 3 gourdes value of this issue. Very scarce, MNH. See Scott footnote. VF.10.0023.00
40#890-94. Complete set, Used (not CTO), VF.3.256.00
41#902. Sheet of six. MNH, VF. Catalogue Value $35.0017.0020.00
42#904-907. Used (not CTO) in VF condition. 3.254.50
43#913. Sheet of sixteen (see Scott footnote). MNH, VF.7.0021.00
44#915-918. MNH (except #918 MNG). VF condition. Catalogue Value $30.0010.0028.00
45#C4A. Mint, VF condition. Catalogue Value $75.0030.0030.00
46#C23. Sunken Die Proof of this issue on cardboard. Size 3 ¾ x 3 ¼ inches. Printed by American Bank Note Company. F-VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #46 image25.0037.00
47#C24. Full sheet of fifty. Very Fine. MNH, but a 25 January 1945 postal cancellation was applied to the top right stamp. 7.50No Bids
48#C47 design. Printed in green and grey, this example is one of several Haitian designs originally printed by Waterlow and Sons Ltd. for Haiti, but subsequently released in alternate colors as Specimen Sample Stamps, to highlight the firm's production capabilities when seeking new business. Very fine copy. See Sample Specimen Stamps, Robson Lowe Ltd, March 1968, card cover, 17 pages, and "Waterlow Sample Stamps" by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, Haiti Philately, V:2, April-May-June 1979, pages 26-27.8.00No Bids
49#C125a. Souvenir Sheets, perforate and imperforate, MNH, VF condition.3.5012.00
50#C277-79. MNH, VF.3.004.00
51#C309. Haiti’s embossed gold foil issue. VF condition, MNH. Catalogue Value $40.0020.0025.00
52#CB1-2. Mint (very light hinge marks) VF. Catalogue Value $50.0015.0027.00
53#CB7a-8a. Souvenir Sheets, VF, MNH. Catalogue Value $80.0030.0037.00
54Same as Lot #53 but sheets are Mint with very light hinge marks. Very Fine condition. 25.0025.00
55Audubon Birds of America. A series of 15 miniature sheets of "stamps" mounted in a leather-like official album, issued by the International Postal Collectors League in 1979, with certificate. See Footnote in Scott Catalogue. Very Fine condition.15.00No Bids
56Haiti Collection 1881-1953. All stamps in very good used condition. Catalogue Value 2016 is over $700. A very nice, clean collection. No damaged stamps. Among the items in this collection are: Scott #1-45, 50-51, 67-81 (#80-81 are forgeries), 83-88, 89-124, 125//144 (includes #130, 135, 137), 177-197, J1-4, J5-9, J17-20, and many, many more. A bargain at the starting bid!150.00360.00
57Folded Letter (FL). Port au Prince (26 November 1826) to France. “Colonies Par Bordeaux” marking. Good condition for its age. Link to Auction Lot #57 image20.00No Bids
58FL. Havre, France (30 March 1844) to Port au Prince. Two pages text; Good condition. Link to Auction Lot #58 image10.0042.00
59FL. Cover Sheet only. Jacmel to London, 28 September 1858. Faint but legible “JACMEL” in large double circle. 1/5 due marking and London date stamp in back. Slight soiling and vertical file fold; otherwise Fine. Link to Auction Lot #59 imageLink to Auction Lot #59 image10.00No Bids
60FL. Jacmel (10 June 1866) to Paris via London (28 June 1866) and Calais (29 June 1866). GB 1F 60 nd 8 decimes due; with readable message. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #60 imageLink to Auction Lot #60 image20.00No Bids
61FL. Cover Sheet only. Unknown origination addressed to Havre, France, Red circle “Ship Letter London 8 October 1867” and a black square marking “Liverpool ship October 7 1867”. Received in Calais on 8 October 1867. GB 1F 60 and 10 decimes due. VF condition.8.00No Bids
62Cover. Les Cayes (29 December 1893) to New York (8 January 1894). Paid with #28 and #36. VF condition.8.00No Bids
63Cover. Unreadable originating postal station addressed to Bordeaux (25 March 1896). Paid with #34 and #37. Fine-Very Fine condition.3.005.00
64Cover. Registered mail Port au Prince (22 May 1899) to New York (28 May 1899). Paid with #54, 56, 58 and 62. A very nice cover in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #64 imageLink to Auction Lot #64 image16.0044.00
65Cover. Group of 3 very small size covers. One posted in Port au Prince (local mail), while the other two have unreadable postmarks. One addressed to Munich, Germany (26 June 1897) and the other addressed to “rue de Bretagne”. Possibly Port au Prince local mail? Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #65 image6.00235.00
66Cover. Jacmel (13 January 1901 ??) Postmark not very clear. Small cover paid with horizontal pair of Scott #24. VF condition.5.00No Bids
67Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (12 June ??) to Wiesbaden, Germany (receiving 2 July 1904). Paid with #97 (5) and a #99. Fine-Very Fine. 8.00118.00
68Cover. Port au Prince (17 March 1906) to New York. Paid with #113 and #114. VF.6.0022.00
69Cover. Port au Prince (5 February 1909) to US. Paid with #131. VF.2.00No Bids
70Cover. Jacmel (26 October 1910) to Paris via Port au Prince (28 October 1910). Paid with #125 (2) and #127. VF condition.4.00No Bids
71Cover. Port au Prince (26 June 1913) to Galveston, Texas. Paid with #126 (2) and #125. Cover has some “old age stains” not affecting stamps. Fine.4.00No Bids
72Registered mail, Jeremie (26 May 1914) via New York (1 June 1914) to Berlin, Ontario, Canada (3 June 1914). Paid with #127, 132 and 168. Nice cover in Fine-Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #72 imageLink to Auction Lot #72 image10.00130.00
73Cover. USA Consulate Mail sent via the Netherland Indies Packetboat Service to Boston. Posted on 22 December 1915. Paid with Scott #201. Very clean cover in VF condition.3.505.00
74Cover. Unreadable originating postal station addressed to Paris (30 ?? 1915). Paid with #125 and #162 (2). VF condition.2.00No Bids
75Cover. Jeremie (2 March 1916) to Port au Prince (4 March 1916). Paid with #167. Very Fine condition. 4.0033.00
76Cover. Jeremie (13 April 1920) to New York via Port au Prince (15 April 1920). Paid with #180 and #245. Fine-Very Fine.4.0018.00
77Cover. Port-de-Paix (10 July 1920) to USA. Paid with pair of #313. Lot also includes two blocks of four (Mint and Used) of this issue. All items mounted on an album page. Fine-Very Fine.4.5011.00
78Cover. Registered mail, Coteaux (25 April 1921) via Cayes (26 April 1921), departing Cayes on 29 April 1921 to Port au Prince (4 May 1921). Paid with three copies of #311. A very scarce cover from a seldom seen postal station. Fine. Link to Auction Lot #78 imageLink to Auction Lot #78 imageLink to Auction Lot #78 image10.0088.00
79Cover. Cap Haitien (27 October 1922) to Paris via Port au Prince (30 October 1922). Paid with #314. Fine condition.3.00No Bids
80Cover. Two covers; (1) Cayes (5 January 1923) to Port au Prince, and (2) Cap Haitien (25 June 1920) to US via Port au Prince (28 June 1920). Both covers paid with copies of #311. Covers are mounted on album page and include a mint block of four, a used horizontal pair, and a mint single copy of Scott #311. All items are in Very Fine condition. 6.5019.00
81Cover. Port au Prince (18 August 1923) to Paris. Paid with #314. VF.2.0012.00
82Cover. Two covers; (1) registered mail, Port au Prince (5 March 1924) to USA paid with copies of Scott #310-314 (complete set of this issue) with proper receiving postmarks for New York and Philadelphia. (2) A cover from Port au Prince (1 September 1931) to Washington, DC paid with a horizontal strip of six of Scott #314. Also included are two blocks of four (mint, used) and a single mint copy of #314. All items are mounted on an album page and are in Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #82 image10.0041.00
83Cover. First Flight (Muller #8) Port au Prince (12 July 1927) to Jeremie (12 July 1927). Appropriate cachets and paid with a copy of Scott #318. VF.9.00No Bids
84Cover. First Flight (AAMC FAM #FS-65b) Port au Prince (29 November 1930) to Kingston, Jamaica (3 December 1930). Paid with Scott #C4. Two color cachets on cover. A very clean and nice example of this First Flight. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #84 imageLink to Auction Lot #84 image28.0077.00
85Cover. Trans-Oceanic Flight (AAMC TO #1178) of 1933. This cover was carried on the non-stop flight of the “Columbia” by J. Earl Boyd and Robert J. Lyon from New York to Haiti and subsequently carried on the return leg of that flight. Nice postal cancellations and color cachet. Postal fees for the flight on 10 June 1933 from the U.S. to Port au Prince were paid with a copy of US #C17. Postal fees for the return flight on 6 July 1933 were paid with Haiti #C4A. Excellent condition. Link to Auction Lot #85 imageLink to Auction Lot #85 image19.0038.00
86Cover. Registered mail with Presidential autograph of Elie Lescot, President of Haiti, on the back of cover. Mail posted in Port au Prince (15 February 1938) and paid with Scott #C1 and strip of four of Scott #320. Mounted on an album page with a photo of President Lescot. Cover in Fair condition. Link to Auction Lot #86 image20.0026.00
87Cover. Registered mail, Port-de-Paix (16 November 1938) to Port au Prince (18 November 1938). Mail addressed to Elie Lescot (at that time Haiti’s ambassador to the US). Paid with #329 and #331. Mounted on an album page with a mint block of four of #331. VF condition.8.00No Bids
88Cover. Three airmail covers Port au Prince to US illustrating use of Scott #C52. Covers are very nice and clean; all dated with clear dated cancellations in 1951 and 1952. Very Fine condition.1.509.00
89Cover. Port au Prince (18 January 1957) (a clear Port au Prince postmark on back of cover); local mail. Bears a boxed "Mail missent to Jamaica, B.W.I. " marking and a Trinidad and Tobago (Port of Spain) red postal fee stamp. A Haiti postal tax stamp (#J23) is affixed to the cover. Strange routing! VF. Link to Auction Lot #89 image3.00145.00
90Cover. Cayes (15 November ??) to New York. Paid with #125 (2) and #126. Very Fine. 2.00No Bids
91Cover. Nine registered and airmail covers from Port au Prince to Willemstad, Curacao. All with dated receiving postmarks (1950s – 1960s). Also included in this Lot are additional two covers are from Port au Prince to Paramaribo, Suriname. All Fine-Very Fine.4.0024.00
92Postal Stationery. H&G#5 (response copy only). Port au Prince (25 March 1905) to Wilmersdorg, Germany (10 April 1905). Uprated with an additional 1c stamp affixed (Scott #96). Very Fine.4.00No Bids
93Postal Stationery. Two FORMULA CARDS NO 9; Unused, one with Scott #21 and the second copy with #23 affixed. Very Fine.6.00No Bids
94Picture Post Card. A President Grant’s Tomb card used for mailing from Haiti and addressed to Paris, France. This is a PAQUEBOT MAIL (N.Y. 2D Div.). Paid with Scott #96-97. F-VF condition.3.0011.00
95La Timbrologie Haitienne, 1881-1954. Leon Montes, Port au Prince 1954; 205 pages. Good condition.20.0055.00
96"Haiti Postal History and Stamps", Clarence Hennan article published in the American Philatelist issue of May 1953. 20 pages with illustrations.3.0016.00
97150 Ans D’ Histoire Postale Des Anciennes Colonies Francaises (1700-1860) . Well known study by Maurice Jamet. This is a reproduced copy of the Haiti section of his study. 44 pages with extensive illustrations.5.0017.00
98Histoire monetaire de Saint-Domingue et de la Republique D’Haiti jusqu'en 1874. Robert Lacombe, Paris, France, 1958. Soft cover; 70 pages. Good condition. 8.00No Bids
99American Stampless Cover Catalog, Volume #2, Fourth Edition, 1987, David Phillips – Editor in Chief. Hard cover, 306 pages. Extensively illustrated. Condition like new. On going sale prices for copies of this publication have been quoted between $90.00 and $115.0030.00No Bids
100HPS Special Study No 1, Haiti’s 1902 Provisional Issue, Peter C. Jeannopoulos, 2008, 118 pages fully illustrated. This copy has a few minor scratches to the front cover, otherwise it is an unused copy, VF.10.0010.00
101The Forwarding Agents. Kenneth Rowe. Two volumes. Hard cover in VF condition (like new). These two volumes are an indispensable reference source of information concerning the forwarding of mail by private individuals in the pre-postage stamp period. Forwarding agents in Haiti are listed here. Volumes have extensive photos and tables.20.0020.00
102Catalog of the Unpublished Papers of Generals Leclerc and Rochambeau during the War of Independence in Haiti, 1802-1803. Sotheby & Co, London, 1958. Soft cover, 55 pages. A very detailed catalogue with much historical information of this period of Haiti’s history.10.0088.00
103US-Haiti International Agreements. Reproduced copies of the following: "Withdrawal of Military Forces" (August 7, 1933). "Administration of Haitian Gendarmerie" (October 27, 1933). "Withdrawal of Military Forces" (July 24, 1933). Total of twelve pages; VF condition.3.008.00
104The Congress Book, 1985 edition. Hard cover (like new). This edition includes among its 8 essays Carroll Lloyd’s "Haiti: The Liberty Heads - Plate Reconstruction of the 2 Centime Re-Engraved Stamp of 1886", pages 107 through 116. Fully illustrated. 15.00No Bids
105The Congress Book, 1984 edition. Hard cover (like new). This edition includes among its 10 essays F. Burton Sellers' "Salomon of Haiti and His Philatelic Legacy", pages 104 thru 128. Fully illustrated. 15.00No Bids
106The Collectors Club Philatelist, volume 52, numbers 2 through 6. These issues have the well-known exhaustive study by J. R. W. Purves on the Liberty Head issues of Haiti. Soft binding in VF condition.12.0070.00
End of auction