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Philatelic Society

June 2016 Society Auction

Closed June 24, 2016

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
1Scott #1. Block of four. Stamps are MNH with hinge marking on outer edge of block. Large thin on right side affecting a small corner of the top right stamp. Otherwise a very nice block of this issue. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$20.00$32.00
2#7. Block of four (Plate 2, Printing 2). Mint and VF.15.0028.00
3#10. Used copy of a forgery of this issue. Perforation 16. Clear postal cancellation. VF condition. 5.008.00
4#13. Used copy of a forgery of this issue. Perforation 16. Clear postal cancellation. VF condition. 5.0012.00
5#41. Vertical pair, Imperforate Between. Mint, VF.4.0012.00
6#55. Imperforate Horizontal Pair on cardboard (Proof ?). Mint, VF condition.5.0016.00
7#59. Imperforate Horizontal Pair on cardboard (Proof ?). Mint with very small thin at bottom of left stamp. VF otherwise.4.0015.00
8#69. Horizontal strip of three with selvage; MNH, VF.1.00No Bids
9#69a. Horizontal pair, MNH, VF.2.002.00
10#73a. Block of four with selvage in Mint, VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #10 image10.0020.00
11#82. Imperforate copy. Color Proof. Mint, VF.2.0011.00
12#112. Inverted Overprint; Mint with small adhesion on back. VF otherwise.3.008.00
13#113. Inverted Overprint; Mint and VF.4.008.00
14#236 MNH, #239 Mint, and #245 vertical pair MNH. All copies VF condition.1.001.50
15#252. Vertical pair Mint, #254 vertical pair with one being MNH, the other Mint, #255-56 vertical pairs Mint. All copies VF.2.004.00
16#257 MNH, #258 Mint, #259 MNH, #260 vertical pair Mint, and #263 MNH. All copies VF.1.503.50
17#266. Block of four with selvage, MNH, VF.1.252.00
18#268. MNH, VF.1.252.50
19#270 MNH single, #271 MNH horizontal pair, #272 block of ten and a horizontal pair. All copies are MNH, VF.4.5011.00
20#279. Block of four, MNH, and VF.1.25No Bids
21#282. Block of four, Mint, VF.1.152.00
22#283, #284 horizontal pair, #286, #289; all are MNH, VF.1.502.50
23#290. Vertical pair, MNH, VF.3.003.50
24#293, #295 horizontal pair, #298, #300 horizontal pair. All MNH, VF.2.753.50
25#296. Mint with both Overprints Inverted, VF.3.0018.00
26#307. Block of six with selvage, MNH, VF.1.753.50
27#308. MNH, VF.1.102.50
28#313, MNH, #322-23 Mint, VF.1.103.00
29#C318A. Airmail Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.4.006.00
30#325-327, #327b. All MNH, VF.1.003.50
31#338-39 Mint, #379-82 MNH, #384 horizontal pair MNH, VF.1.753.50
32#349-54, C22-23. Mint (VLH) VF.5.005.50
33#385-88, #392, #405. All MNH, VF.1.00No Bids
34#389, C52-54. Used except #C54 is Mint with Catalogue value of $19.00. VF condition.3.0010.00
35#420. Block of four with selvage, MNH, VF.1.25No Bids
36#934-39. Complete set of six Used, not Cancelled to Order (CTO); VF.10.0026.00
37#C1-4. American Bank Note Company Specimens, MNH, VF.5.0016.00
38#C11. Vertical pair MNH, #C22-23 Mint, VF.1.50No Bids
39#C43, #C46 block of four with selvage. All MNH, VF.1.003.00
40#C42-48. Blocks of four with selvage, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
41#C49-51. Mint, #C50 MNH, VF.1.251.25
42#C55-56. MNH, #C57-60 Mint. All VF.1.50No Bids
43#C75-80. Mint, VF.2.504.00
44#C309. MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value $40.0017.0024.00
45#C404. Proof, a "Proof by the Format Process" as prepared by Format International Security Printers Ltd., London, England. Size of card 125 x 95 mm. Some minor foxing is evident on the border of the stamp, which was probably caused by the gum used. (Foxing is a condition which appears with reddish-brown stains, similar in appearance to the color of a rust stain.) VF condition otherwise. Link to Auction Lot #45 image20.0040.00
46#C406. Sheetlet of twenty-five (as issued ), MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
47#C432-33. Sheetlets of twenty-five (as issued), MNH, VF.14.00No Bids
48#CB2. Mint, VF. Catalogue Value $25.006.0010.00
49#RA9-16. MNH, with selvage, VF.1.75No Bids
50#J6. Mint, VF.1.002.00
51Two US President Washington postage stamps (2c and 4c issues) on paper, with very nice, clean US Marine Corps Port au Prince cancellations (29 May 1922 and 13 September 1921), VF. Link to Auction Lot #51 image6.008.00
521869 Folded Letter (FL). Jacmel (11 May 1869) to Bordeaux (28 May 1869). “10 decimes” handstamp and the “GB 1 F 60c” mark. VF. Link to Auction Lot #52 image25.00No Bids
531892 Cover. Miragoane to Lyon, France via NY (7 June 1892). Receiving mark Lyon dated 17 June 1892. Paid with Scott #29 (2). Postal cancellation on stamps not readable. Sender stamped in blue color on back of cover his name and date of posting of 25 May 1892. Fine/Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #53 image15.00No Bids
541898 Cover. Port au Prince (3 January 1898) to Ploermel, France. Backstamped clear receiving mark with date not clear. Paid with #36 and #40. Fine.3.005.00
551907 Cover. Port au Prince (7 November 1907) to Ohio, US. Paid with #131 on tiny (4¼ x 2¾) cover. VF condition.2.003.50
561902 Cover. Port au Prince (8 January 1902) to NY. Paid with #59 (2). Ratty cover with rough opening.2.00No Bids
571922 Cover. Cap Haitien (5 September 1922) to Port au Prince (8 September 1922) Paid with #311. Fine/Very Fine condition.2.503.50
581928 Covers. First Day of Issue of Scott #320 on a local Port au Prince cover. Also included are two unaddressed FDCs of this issue. VF condition.5.00No Bids
591929 Covers. Two airmail covers, Port au Prince (20 February 1929) to US. Paid with #319. Blue circle “AVION” cachet. VF condition.2.00No Bids
601929 Covers. Two airmail covers, Cap Haitien (18 November 1929) to Port au Prince (19 November 1929). One cover paid with #310 (2), #314, #321. Second cover paid with #310 (2) and #321. Both covers bear Blue cachets designed to commemorate Christophe’s Citadel. VF condition.7.008.50
611931 Covers. Two covers, Port au Prince local mail (27 March 1931) with blue postmark commemorating U.S. Senator King's visit to Haiti. One cover paid with 315, and the other paid with copies #310 and #315. VF condition. 2.009.00
621936 Cover. Airmail, Port au Prince (12 May 1936) to New York City (13 May 1936). Paid with #319. Mail addressed to Leon Montes, who served as Haiti’s delegate to TIPEX, the Third International Philatelic Exhibition, held in New York City in May 1936. VF.3.007.00
631936 Cover. Registered airmail Port au Prince (19 May 1936) to New York City (20 May 1936). Paid with #C6, #C9, #327, and #335. VF. 3.5016.00
641931 Covers. Four very clean unaddressed Port au Prince covers (all posted on 27 March 1931), each paid with Scott #310. VF condition.1.001.50
651931, 1939 Covers. Three Port au Prince unaddressed covers. 1st cover, 27 March 1931 with copy of #316; 2nd cover, 4 January 1939 with block of four of #327a; and, 3rd cover, 19 October 1939 with copies of #322-23. VF. 2.003.00
661926 Cover. Airmail cover Cap Haitien (16 January 1926) to Port au Prince (16 Jan 1926). Paid with #318. Fine condition.5.0017.00
671926 Cover. Cap Haitien (1 June 1926) to Port au Prince (1 June 1926). Paid with #63, #64 (2). VF. 5.0031.00
681926 Cover. Cayes (18 October 1926) to US via Port au Prince (19 October 1926). Paid with #315 (2); Fine/Very Fine.2.002.00
691926 Cover. Airmail cover, Port au Prince (30 December 1926) to Cap Haitien. Paid with #316 (block of four plus one). Fine/VF.4.0014.00
701954 Paquebot cover posted on a Panama Line ship. Addressed to Canal Zone with clear postmark of Cristobal, Canal Zone (25 March 1954). Paid with #397, #403. VF.4.00No Bids
First Day Covers
711960 Olympic Games issue, Scott #462-65, C163-65. VF.1.75No Bids
72UN Topical, Scott #469, C168-69, C169a, and #B20, CB30-31. All with ArtCraft cachets. Three covers. VF.3.005.50
73#643-46, C366-68. VF.1.504.00
74#675-76, C407-10, with color cachet. VF.2.0011.00
75#859-64 with color cachet, VF.4.0014.00
76#866-71 with color cachet, VF.5.0016.00
77877-78 with official color cachet and #879 (the souvenir sheet). All Very Fine condition. 10.0022.00
78#880 (Souvenir Sheet) with color cachet. VF.9.0018.00
79#884-88 with official color cachet, VF.5.0011.00
80#890-94 with color cachet, VF.6.0014.00
81#896-901 with official cachet, VF.12.0030.00
82#903 with official cachet, VF.11.0030.00
83#904-07 with cachet, VF.7.0018.00
84#919-23 and #925 (#924 is missing from the set) on six covers all with color cachets, VF.5.007.50
85#926 with color cachet, VF.8.0021.00
86#927-32 with color cachet, VF.6.0022.00
87#C81-85 on registered mail to New York City, VF.1.25No Bids
88Cover of the USS HATFIELD in Haitian Waters (Gonaives, 23 January 1928). Official mail addressed to Navy Department (on penalty envelope). Fine to Very Fine cover. 4.005.00
89USS ISHERWOOD. Cover addressed to Brooklyn with the ship name and cancellation showing only part of the date struck. Paid with US Washington 2c postage stamp. Fine condition.1.00No Bids
90Postal Stationery (PS). H&G #1 addressed to Le Havre, France and posted in Cap Haitien (unreadable date). Added Scott #55 to make up the 3c rate. Single line message on back; VF.5.00No Bids
91PS. H&G #2. Port au Prince (20 January ????) to Paris. Scott #96 added to uprate to the 3c rate. Readable message, VF. 4.00No Bids
92PS. H&G #2 . Unaddressed with a postal cancel at Jacmel of 23 May with year date not clear (appears to possibly be 1900).3.00No Bids
93PS. H&G #3. Port au Prince (11 March 1899) to Boston. NY receiving on 16 March 1899. Readable message in English, VF.7.00No Bids
94PS. H&G #6 (double card). Mint copy, VF.5.006.00
95"Haiti" Section of the 2016 Edition of the Scott Catalogue. Pages carefully removed from Volume 3 of the Catalogue. Condition – NEW.4.0010.00
End of auction