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June 2015 Society Auction

Closed June 25, 2015

Lot Description M/B Realized
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
Special Selection
1Cover with Scott #300, 5c on 10c, GLOZ, to pay postage Jeremie to Paris, 15 March 1920. Tear at top where opened and corner wrinkle but postage and markings clear. Date stamps on postage and to the side tie stamp. About good to fine.$2.00$10.00
2Cover with Scott #300, 5c on 10c, GLOZ, to pay postage Cayes to Paris, 15 March 1920, wrinkle at upper right slightly affecting postage. Nice Cayes date stamps, one tying postage and another to the side. Fine.4.007.00
3Cover with Scott #183, 7c GLOZ, two copies, to pay postage Jacmel to Paris, 15 March 1921. Jacmel, Port au Prince and French datestamps, one stamp is nicely tied. French marking "VU PAR LA DOUANE", slight wrinkling, about good to fine. Link to Auction Lot #3 image5.0018.00
4Cover with Scott #125 and #129, 1c and 4c, to pay postage PauP to New York, 13 May 1914, clean and sound, and stamps nicely tied. Slight soiling, otherwise VF.3.0014.00
5Cover with strip of four Scott #147, 2c lemon yellow, and one #149, 7c green, to pay postage Cap Haitien to Le Havre, 10 April 1912. Apparently found to be double weight; postage due markings and 30 centimes in French postage due stamps added (15 centimes short, doubled). Nice Cap Haitian cancels on Haitian stamps and Le Havre cancel on postage dues. Clean, neat, and attractive. Link to Auction Lot #5 image20.00385.00
6Neat Cover. Cap Haitien to Le Havre, 11 March 1908, postage paid by five copies of Scott #125, 1c green. Stamps very weakly cancelled. Date stamps for Cap Haitien, PauP, and Le Havre. Condition is VF.3.009.00
7Cover with Scott #126 and #127 to pay postage Port au Prince to New York, 15 April 1914. Item is clean and sound and postage is nicely tied. VF.3.006.00
8Postal stationery, 2c orange (President Sam) card, probably posted on ship, to Flintshire {Wales), redirected to Holywell (also Wales), two good strikes of an oval Dutch packet marking, and "via New-York". Also Earls Court date stamp 23 October 1901. Has an almost invisible vertical fold, otherwise F to VF. 20.0027.00
9Picture card, black and white, of Gonaives, 3c Sam (Scott #56) to pay postage Gonaives 21 November 1901 to Paris. Card is without faults and VF. Two nice Gonaives date stamps, one ties postage and one to the side.4.0026.00
10Color card of steamer Montreal, Port au Prince 8 December 1906 to Havre, 2c postage paid by Scott #126, clean and without faults, VF.5.0015.00
11Postal stationery, 1c President Sam card with 2c Scott #55 added to pay postage Haiti to Germany. Card is clean and without faults except for very small corner crease. Postage is tied by several rather faint strikes of Port au Prince cancel 12 January 1901. About good to fine.3.0012.00
12Twelve assorted cards, mainly used and in good or better condition, includes color, black and white, and a couple postal stationery cards.5.0028.00
13Small cover, Cap Haitien to France, 12 July 1906, with 1 centime hard money overprint Scott #110 postage. Marked postage due in France and charged 40 French centimes, French postage due stamps affixed, the equivalent of 4 centimes Haitien, doubled. Haitian cancel tying stamp and another strike on back. French cancels on the postage due. Sound, free of flaws, attractive and almost VF. Link to Auction Lot #13 image25.00409.00
14Registered cover, Jacmel to Bordeaux, 26 September 1906, paid by one 7 centimes hard money overprint Scott #118, two 3 centimes hard money overprint #114, and two 1 centime #125, via New York with NY registration sticker. Clean and, except for small corner wrinkle and some slight soiling, free of faults. Attractive and VF. Link to Auction Lot #14 image50.00355.00
15Cover. Port au Prince to New York, 3 July 1906, paid by 5 centimes, brown, hard money overprint Scott #116, cover has vertical fold in middle, not affecting stamp or markings. Stamp is tied only by very small traces of a cancel on upper left. Cover is otherwise free of faults. A stamp that is difficult to find on cover. F to VF.50.0083.00
16Cover. Jeremie to France paid by 5c Leconte, Scott #168. Postage nicely tied by date stamp with date not clear. A similar strike to side. Year established as 1913 by French marking on back. Cover has small tear at bottom. Condition about good.1.006.00
17Cover posted aboard ship with 5c Leconte, #168, cancelled by nice large oval of HAPAG ship ALTAI. Tape stains, slight wrinkling, otherwise VF.5.0057.00
18Cover. Petit Trou de Nippes to France paid by 5c Leconte, 19 December 1919. Postage is neatly tied by cancel. Cover is neat and attractive, very small fault at bottom the result of opening. Petit Trou cancel is fine. Overall Fine +. Link to Auction Lot #18 image10.00325.00
19Cover. St Marc to Paris paid by 5c Leconte, nice date stamps, one tying postage and a second to the side. Cover is very clean and with good markings. Marked to go via New York, but probably went directly to France. VF. Link to Auction Lot #19 image5.005.00
20Cover. Coteaux to France, 27 November 1914, marked registered but with two 5c Leconte stamps was still 5c underpaid. Probably went unregistered. Two clear strikes of date stamp for Coteaux, one tying postage and other to the side. Clean, attractive, VF. Link to Auction Lot #20 image20.0080.00
21Registered cover. Cap Haitien to Philadelphia, 21 February 1913, paid by three 5c Leconte stamps (the correct postage for this). Two date stamps for Cap Haitien tie stamps only through the perforations. A third, clear, strike to the side. Cover sound, clean and VF.15.00No Bids
22Mint blocks, Scott #289 block of 4, #286 block of 6, #285 block of 4, #303 block of 4, #283 block of 6, #276 block of 8, #277 block of 18. F to VF.20.0066.00
23Palm tree issues. About 160 stamps, 19th century Palm Tree issues used and unused, not sorted, average about Good.3.005.00
24Similar lot, about 160 unsorted Palm Trees. Average condition about Good.3.006.00
25Card, black and white, forest scene, mailed aboard ship, to France. Scott #56, 3c green, cancelled by VF strike of a Dutch packet oval, 16 December 1904, a second strike on the back. Card is clean and VF.10.00No Bids
26Scott #46. Two Trial Color Proofs. Two different colors (ultramarine and carmine). Very Fine condition.5.0013.00
27#52-66. Mint, except #66 is Used. VF.3.00No Bids
28#53, 55-57, 59-61. Specimen copies of the American Bank Note Co in MNH, Very Fine condition.30.0040.00
29#124. Mint, VF. Link to Auction Lot #29 image8.0012.00
30#128. Mint, VF.4.00No Bids
31#130. A very scarce issue in Mint, VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #31 image15.0015.00
32#130. Mint (very light hinge marking).  Stamp centering is off to the left.  Very fresh, Fine condition.   Catalog value $25.0011.00No Bids
33#131-132. Mint, VF.2.007.00
34#137. Scarce issue in Mint, VF condition. Cat Value $27.50 Link to Auction Lot #34 image15.0015.00
35#137. A very nice, clean, Used copy in VF condition.8.00No Bids
36#138-139. Mint copies. VF condition. Cat Value $22.2512.00No Bids
37#142. Mint, VF.10.00No Bids
38#142. Used copy in VF condition.4.004.00
39#143-144. Mint copies. VF condition. Cat Value $20.25 11.0011.00
40#162-165. Specimen copies of the American Bank Note Co, VF.30.0040.00
41#242. One of the more difficult stamps to find in the market in Mint condition; appearing to be MNH. Stamp centering is off to the right; otherwise a very fine copy. Scott Cat Value in 2015 is $125.00 Link to Auction Lot #41 image50.0086.00
42#249-260. Mint, VF.5.0021.00
43#268-269. Mint, VF.2.255.00
44#276-281. Used grouping, except #280 is Mint. VF condition.2.504.00
45#348. Used, VF.3.00No Bids
46#389, C52-54. Used, except #C54 is Mint.4.00No Bids
47#466-468, C166-167. Sheetlets of 12 (as issued) in MNH, VF condition.10.00No Bids
48#624D (Apollo Space Mission issue). Imperforate Sheet of 25 (as issued) in Mint, Never Hinged, VF condition.10.0010.00
49#771-780. 1982 World Cup postal issue. MNH and Very Fine. This is a scarce set under-priced by Scott.4.0011.50
50#803-809. Mint, No Gum. VF condition.4.5010.00
51#934-939. Used copies of this scarce postal issue in VF condition.15.00No Bids
52#C4. MNH Copy, VF (Almost impossible to find in this condition).2.007.00
53#C4A. MNH (minor gum disturbance). Cat Val $75.00 for an unused copy.28.0032.00
54#C22-23. MNH, VF.1.251.50
55#C103. Mint, VF.5.005.00
56#C104. Mint, VF.8.0011.00
57#C121a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.2.002.00
58#CB2. Mint, VF. 6.00No Bids
59#CB3-8. MNH. VF condition. Cat Val for an unused copies of this set is $66.0026.00No Bids
60#CB22-23. MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
61#CB54a. Souvenir sheet. MNH, VF. This copy has the black “+25c” surcharge without the period, rather than the red surcharge. See note in Scott.6.0022.00
62#J3-4. Mint, VF.2.002.00
63#J8. Mint, VF.5.5013.00
64#J19. Mint, VF.3.509.00
65Folded Letter. Jacmel (10 June 1866) to Paris, via London (28 June) and Calais (29 June). GB1F60 and 8 decimes due markings. FL somewhat fragile. Text message can be read. FL is presentable and clean. Link to Auction Lot #65 image16.00No Bids
66Cover. Miragoane to Lyon, France via New York (7 June 1892). Paid with #29 (2). Postal cancellations on stamps not readable. Sender stamped in blue color on the back of the cover his name and date of posting mail as 25 May 1892. F/VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #66 image15.00No Bids
67USA Consular Service printed large envelope. No information as to where in Haiti it was posted. Addressed to Providence, Rhode Island (17 May 1906). Paid with #117 (2). Envelope and postage stamps with black ink cancellation of the Netherland Indies Packetboat service. Some wrinkles, but none affecting the stamps. Otherwise a Fine cover10.00No Bids
68Cover. Commercial cover PauP (2 December 1911) to Paris. Paid with #163. A small cover in VF condition.7.0017.00
69Cover. Commercial cover Jeremie (12 December 1911) to Boston (no receiving postmark but a hand note of “Recd Dec 19-1911”). Paid with #148 and #162. Fine.7.0012.00
70Cover. Two commercial covers; PauP to Boston. One posted on 27 February 1912 and paid with #126-127. The other posted in 1912 (no readable date and month) and paid with #125 (2) and #129 (2). Fine condition.12.0016.00
71Cover. Jeremie (22 April 1913) to Chicago (receiving mark of 30 April PM). Paid with #98, #126-127. Front of cover somewhat soiled; otherwise in Fine condition.7.0034.00
72Cover. USA Consular mail sent via the Netherland Indies Packetboat service to Boston. Posted on 22 December 1915. No receiving postmark. Paid with #201. Top of cover shows rough opening; very clean cover and otherwise VF condition.5.00No Bids
73Cover. Cap Haitien (27 October 1922) to Paris (no receiving postmark), via PauP (30 October 1922). Paid with #314. Fine. 5.00No Bids
74Cover. PauP (18 August 1923) to Paris. Paid with #314. VF condition.4.00No Bids
75Cover. Selection of five covers, all PauP to US destinations. All covers paid with copies of #381 and #C46. PauP cancellations dated 1947, 1948, 1949 and 1951 (2). Also included is a block of 4, MNH, of #C46, and two singles of #C46 (one Mint, other Used). All mounted on four album pages. Fine condition.8.0021.00
76Cover. Five commercial covers (4 PauP and 1 Jeremie) to US. Mailed posted in 1951 (2), 1955 (2), and 1958 (1). Three covers paid with #C47 and 2 covers with #C48. Included also are a Mint and a Used copy of these 2 issues. All mounted on four album pages. Fine.3.5016.00
77Cover. Three covers, PauP to US. One posted in 1951 and two in 1952. Paid with copies of #C55-56. One cover with a very nice horizontal strip of four of #C55. Fine.2.0011.00
78Selection of eighty eight covers, mostly posted in PauP to US destinations. A wide selection of postal issues used in mailing to the US during the period 1920-1988. Selection is in Fine condition.15.0036.00
First Flights and Early Flights
79USMC airmail carrier, PauP (4 December 1925) to Cap Haitien (5 Dec). Paid with #318. Very Fine condition.25.0041.00
80Pioneer Air Flight. Cap Haitien (19 April 1926) to PauP (20 April 1926). Paid with #318. VF condition.15.0015.00
81Pioneer Air Flight. Cap Haitien (25 July 1926) to PauP (27 July 1926). Paid with #316 and #317 (2). VF condition.15.0018.00
82First Flight (FF) MULLER #7. PauP (19 April 1927) to Port-de-Paix (19 April). Paid with #318. Very Fine condition.15.00No Bids
83FF MULLER #8. PauP (12 July 1927) to Jeremie (12 July). Paid with #318. Blue cachet (First use of Huber Type 6 cachet). Very Fine condition.15.00No Bids
84Same as Lot #83.15.00No Bids
85FF MULLER #9a. PauP (18 July 1927) to Santo Domingo (19 July 27). Paid with #318. Very Fine condition.15.00No Bids
86Lindbergh Spirit of St Louis Flight (Flown by Lindbergh). PauP (7 February 1928) to US via Habana (8 February 1928). Paid with #314, #320. VF condition.30.00No Bids
87FF (WIAE). PauP (21 February 1928 and 28 February 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (28 February 1928). First northbound service of the West Indian Aerial Express, Aeroplane “Santa Maria” that was scheduled to depart PauP on 21 February. Flight was postponed and flown on 28 February. Paid with #314, #318. Pilot B.L. Rowe signed this cover10.00No Bids
88FF MULLER #15. PauP (28 February 1928) to US (Ironton, OH, 4 March 1928). Paid with #314 and #320. Mailed via Cuba in the inauguration of the northbound flight of WIAE. Blue “AVION”circle marking. VF condition.8.00No Bids
89FF. Inauguration of Pan American Airways, PauP (9 January 1929) to Santo Domingo (10 Jan). Paid with #314 thru #317. Color cachet “PREMIER VOL”. VF condition.15.00No Bids
90FF. Inauguration of PAA, PauP (9 January 1929) to Habana, Cuba (10 Jan). Paid with #314 thru #317. Color cachet “PREMIER VOL”. VF condition.15.0020.00
91FF MULLER #24. PauP (21 September 1929) via San Juan (21 Sept) to Castries, Santa Lucia (21 Sept 29). Only 130 pieces of mail carried. Paid with #190 (3) and #314 (3). FF color cachet and a blue double circle “PREMIER VOL LINDBERGH”. VF condition.30.0066.00
92FF. The 1933 First Non-Stop Flight “COLUMBIA” NEW YORK-HAITI-WASHINGTON. Proper, nice and clear postmarks and color cachet. Paid with Haiti #317 and US #C17. Excellent condition.25.00No Bids
93FF. Same as Lot #92, except that mail was paid with Haiti #316 and this copy is signed by the 2 pilots Boyd and Lyon. Excellent condition.35.00No Bids
Postal Stationery
94Postal stationery (PS). Higgins & Gage (H&G) #1. Jacmel (5 June 1900) to Paris. Copy of Scott #54 added to pay the 3c rate. Message in French. VF condition.12.00No Bids
95PS. H&G #1. PauP (date unreadable but message on back is dated 24-11-01) to Italy. Copy of #55 added to pay rate of 3c. Readable message in Spanish. VF condition.12.00No Bids
96PS. H&G #1. Cap Haitien (unreadable dated cancellation) to Le Havre. Added #55 to pay for the 3c rate. Single line message on the back. VF condition.5.00No Bids
97PS. H&G #1. PauP (11 April 1902) to Halle Saale, Germany. Backstamped in NYC (28 April 1902). Two additional #52 added to pay 3c rate. No message. VF.7.00No Bids
98PS. H&G #2. PauP (20 Jan ??) to Paris. Scott #96 added to pay the 3c rate. Readable French language message. VF condition.4.00No Bids
99PS. H&G #2. Cap Haitien (31 December 1900) to Hamburg ( 24 January 1901). Added copy of Scott #54. Short message. VF condition.12.00No Bids
100PS. H&G #3. PauP (11 March 1899) to Boston. NY receiving on 16 March. Readable English text. VF condition.7.00No Bids
101PS. H&G #3. PauP (29 January 1900) to Munchen, Germany (18 February 1900). Short German text. VF condition.12.00No Bids
102PS. H&G #3. PauP (8 December 1905) to Germany (receiving Hamburg, 30 December 1905). Readable text in French. VF condition.12.00No Bids
103PS. H&G #8 (2c) and H & G #9 (3c), from the 1902 Provisional Government overprint series, Mint. These are scarce issues in VF condition.8.00No Bids
U.S. Ships in Haitian Waters
104USS BRIDGE. Gonaives, 18 March 1927. Cover addressed to NYC and paid with US 2 cents postage. VF condition.4.007.00
105USS CHARLES AUSBURN. Gonaives, 27 January 1928. Cover addressed to US (receiving mark, Buffalo, 3 February 1928). Paid with US 2 cents postage. F-VF condition.6.009.00
106USS DUPONT. Gonaives, 6 April 1931. Cover addressed to US and paid with US 2 cents postage. Very Fine.4.007.00
107USS J. FRED TALBOTT. Gonaives, 8 January 1934. Paid with US 2 cents postage. Color cachet. VF condition.6.0010.00
End of auction