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March 2015 Society Auction

Closed March 27, 2015

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
Note: Liberty head plating designations follow the work of J.R.W. Purves as published in the Collector's Club Philatelist, Volume 52, Numbers 2-6, 1973.
1Scott #385/388 plus C49/C51 from dealers stock, UPU overprints, 8 sets, except 7 of #387, mainly VF/NH, some small brown spots on backs. CV $33.60$2.00$3.50
2#10, 5c perforate Liberty Heads, plate II (Purves notation), 37 copies, mostly used, from the Carroll Lloyd collection, on a plating grid, nice copies, fine average. CV as all used, about $60.00 15.00No Bids
3#8, 2c perforate Liberty Heads, plate II, 38 unused copies on a plating grid, all fine to VF. Includes a small block of 3. CV about $420.00 60.00No Bids
4#13b, 20c perforate Liberty Heads plate II, 19 used copies on a plating grid, red brown, only plate II printing, Good to Fine. CV $152.0025.00No Bids
5Perforate Liberty Heads 28 used copies on stock card; 2c, 3c, and 7c plus a 1c, two 5c and two 20c. Some faults, average condition about Good. CV about $50.005.00No Bids
6Perforate Liberty Heads, study lot, 71 stamps between Scott #7 and #20. Most are cancelled, a few not, eight 1c, fourteen 2c, twelve 3c, twenty 5c, six 7c, and eleven 20c issues, Condition about Good to Good +. CV about $250 to $300.0030.00No Bids
7Perforate Liberty Heads, 7 centimes used plate II (Purves Notation) ultramarine color, 47 copies on an album page plating grid, missing positions 10, 22, and 47. Condition Good to Fine +, perfs close to slightly cut in on a few, a couple with no cancel and no gum counted as used. The CV is about $ Bids
8Perforate Liberty Heads, unused 5 centimes plate III printing (Purves notation) Scott 10b deep green, 44 copies on an album plating grid, filling 43 of the 50 positions. Missing positions 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 20, and 41. CV about $341.0070.00No Bids
9Perforate Liberty Heads, 2 centimes used plate III printing (Purves notation, ink has a reddish tinge and tends to bleed through to back), 33 copies on an album plating grid covering 33 different positions. A couple of centering flaws, otherwise Fine+, CV about $86.0020.00No Bids
10Perforate Liberty Heads, smaller groups on album page plating grids; (1) 1 centime ten copies used, couple of small faults, one with no cancel and no gum counted as used, plate II second printing; (2) 2 centimes one unused and eight used, couple of centering flaws, otherwise Fine, plate II second printing; (3) 3 centimes four unused copies, VF, plate II 2nd printing; and (4) 20 centimes fourteen copies unused, several with margins close to cut-in, otherwise F to VF, plate II (only printing). 37 stamps in all CV about $404.0065.00No Bids
11#169 to #175, the first GLOZ overprints, Mint singles, plus a pair of #169 Mint, the 'GL' on #170 is weak to missing, otherwise VF; also on a stock card #294, 5c on 3c brown, Mint NH block of 4, and #293, 3c on 7c orange red, block of 4, with favor cancel and no gum, both VF. CV about $114.0025.0038.00
12Between #21 and #45, Salomon and first 3 Palm Tree issues, about 200 stamps on stock cards, multiple copies of every one, mainly used, average condition is Good to Fine, many show the effects of being passed from owner to owner. CV is about $125.0012.50No Bids
13#45. Mint block of 4 imperforate horizontally between with bottom sheet margin also imperforate. Also two #44 mint singles with obviously forged 2 centime overprints. All mounted on part of an album page. The block of 4 has full OG, is VF and is lightly hinged to the page. Not priced in Scott.20.0030.00
14Imperforate single of #33, margins may be large enough to confirm it. If it is a genuine imperforate, it is probably a Proof.10.0015.00
15Forgeries. Lithographic forgeries of 2nd and 3rd Palm Tree issues, 10 different, almost every value and color combination of the genuine. VF condition.1.005.00
16#CB1, CB2 Mint. VF lightly hinged to page CV $50.007.50No Bids
17Registered cover Port au Prince to Guadalajara, Mexico, 31 January 1911, paid by singles of #127, #126, and 131; 3c de p, 2c de p, and 5c de p. Stamps are barely tied. On back are registry date stamps for New York, El Paso, and Guadalajara; also cover from Haiti to New York, 1899 paid by three #71, and #67 (three 3c and a 1c), postage not very well tied and date stamps too faint to read, date stamp on back probably New York, April 15 1899; also cover PauP to New York paid by copy of #62, 10 centimes, date stamp is very faint but ties stamp, a second one to the side has ? May 1899 and another on back has 5 May 1899. All three covers are clean and sound.3.0015.00
18Neat, brown cover Cap Haitien to New York paid by 5 centimes de p #131, postage tied by 25 March 1908 date stamp. On back is PauP date stamp, 27 March 1908. Slight wrinkles and small ink stain on front,otherwise Fine; also PauP to New York paid by 10 c de p #136, tied 9 Nov. 1907, neat, clean and attractive VF condition.3.006.00
19Covers, US Ships in Haitian Waters, McFARLAND , Gonaives, September 30, 1934, to Allentown, PA, paid be 3c US commemorative. Neat, clean, and VF; also USS WOODCOCK at Port au Prince 12 February 1934, also has strike of "USMC PORT AU PRINCE" on reverse, clean, sound and VF.5.006.00
20Four covers, all with faults; (1) Jeremie to Cleveland (year?), clean, paid by #131; (2) reduced, Jeremie to Chicago, March 1915, paid by 7c #132, file fold; (3) PauP to Massachusetts registered paid by 15c #138 small piece missing;and (4) PauP to Paris, registered paid by 15c #138 small piece missing.8.008.00
21Postage Due stamps, J1/J4 Mint and Used (1898) plus J5/J8 Mint (1902 overprint) plus J9, red 1902 overprint on 2 centimes Mint. Also a mint pair of J5, one with overprint inverted. In addition, two stamps with forged 1902 overprint Mint, as well as Light and Dark shades of the 5c brown. These are lightly hinged to an album page from an old French collection that clearly received good care, 22 stamps in all with total CV about $48.75, all in VF condition.15.0032.00
22Postage Dues, J10/J13, the 1906 issues plus their 1914 overprints, J14/J16, and J17/J20 all Mint. Two additional copies of J16 with overprint top to bottom and bottom to top. Lightly hinged to album page, as above, a couple have a piece of sheet margin attached, 13 stamps all Mint VF with total CV about $95.50 25.0049.00
23Postal stationery, cards with "Gt Pre 1902" overprint, four cards, 1c blue, 2c orange, 3c green, and 3c + 3c reply card green on blue, all unused, clean, free of faults, and VF condition. 8.009.00
24Postal stationery, two used cards; (1) 3c Sam green from Jeremie, 30 July 1903, to Belgium, marked "via New York", lengthy message in what looks like short hand, could be read by somebody who knows how. Nice receiving cancel. No Haitian markings, may have been mailed aboard a ship. Clean and sound, VF; (2) 3c Sam with "Gt Pre 1902" overprint, Port au Prince to Germany, 27 September 1902, with New York and Colmar date stamps. Card is clean, sound, and VF. Message in German can be read.20.0034.00
25Registered cover, double rate, 30 centimes postage paid by four 7 centimes Pres. Sam (gray) and a 2c (red), all with "Gt Pre 1902" overprints, Port au Prince to New York, 2 August 1902. Three of the stamps are well tied. Two file folds and a small tear at the top, otherwise quite presentable. About F to VF condition.25.0077.00
26Scott #21-24. Complete set Mint, except #23 is Used. VF condition. Catalog Value $ Bids
27#21-24. Selection of 9 town cancellations of this issue as follows: #21 (Jacmel, Petit Goave); #22 (PauP, Gonaives, Les Cayes, Cap Haitien); #23 (Cap Haitien); and #24 (Gonaives, Les Cayes). All VF copies.8.0022.00
28#47 (horizontal pair) and #49 (vertical pair). Imperforate in Mint condition. These are Plate Proofs See Scott Catalog note.8.0011.00
29#52-66. Set of 15 in Mint, VF condition.3.005.00
30#54. Selection of 5 town cancellations of this issue as follows: PauP, Port au Paix, Gonaives, Les Cayes, and Petit Goave. VF condition.3.0016.00
31#142. Mint copy of this very scarce issue (very, very light hinge mark). Excellent condition. Catalog Value $20.008.0016.00
32#146. Selection of 4 town cancellations of this issue as follows: PauP, St Marc, Jacmel, and Aquin). VF condition.2.0012.00
33#147. Selection of 9 town cancellations of this issue as follows: Cap Haitien, Les Cayes, Gonaives, Jacmel, Jeremie, Miragoane, PauP, Petit Goave, and St Marc. All in VF condition.7.0031.00
34#167. Selection of 8 town cancellations of this issue as follows: Miragoane, PauP, Gonaives, Petit Goave, Les Cayes, Cap Haitien, Jeremie, and Aquin. All copies in VF condition.5.0029.00
35#198. Mint (very light hinge mark), VF.2.005.00
36#290-291. Mint (very light hinge mark); VF condition.3.504.00
37#311. MNH. Specimen Copy of the American Bank Note Co. In VF condition.3.005.00
38#397 and #403 used on a Paquebot cover addressed to Canal Zone, posted on the high seas. Postage with Cristobal, CZ cancellation of March 25, 1954. VF.5.00No Bids
39#410-411. Printed in a Sheet of 20 (see Scott note) in MNH, VF condition.1.004.00
40#466-468, C166-167. Five Sheetlets of 12 (with commemorative inscriptions and opening bars of the “1804” military march). MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
41#585-589, C299-301. In Sheets of 50, Catalog Value $147.50 ++. In Mint, VF condition. 50.00No Bids
42#618-620 and #RA40-41 in Blocks of 4. MNH, VF.2.003.00
43#624D. Apollo Topical. Sheet of 25 (as issued), MNH and in VF condition.10.00No Bids
44#739. Inverted Surcharge copy in MNH, VF condition.4.0017.00
45#752-759. Blocks of 4. MNH, VF. Catalog Value $34.4010.0016.00
46#770a and #770j. Two Souvenir Sheets in MNH, VF condition. These two sheets are very scarce and undervalued by Scott.25.0078.00
47#781-788. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.5.5013.00
48#852a. Souvenir Sheet in MNH, VF condition.12.0063.00
49#913. Sheet of 8 (see Scott note), MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
50#B21, CB35-36. Sheetlets of 20, MNH, VF.25.0025.00
51#C19-21. Souvenir Sheets (6) Perforate and Imperforate. MNH. VF condition. Catalog Value in 2015: $90.0022.00No Bids
52#C309. Haiti’s Gold Issue, MNH, VF.15.00No Bids
53#C432-433. Blocks of 4 and a single set. MNH, VF.3.508.00
54#C444A-444D. Complete set in MNH, VF condition.4.504.50
55#CB7a-8a. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.25.0035.00
56#CB34a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.1.505.00
57#CB54a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. This copy has the “+25” without the period and the surcharge color is Black rather than Red. See Scott Catalog notes following listings for #B37 and #CB54. For a normal copy of this issue, the 2015 Scott Catalog lists a value of $
58#J10-13. Mint, VF.8.0015.00
59#J13. MNH, VF (scarce copy in this condition)6.0011.00
60Revenue stamp. Specimen (ABNC) of the 20c Droit de Transmission issue in a vertical strip of five copies, MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
61Port-de-Paix (13 February 1901) to NYC (26 Feb 1901) via PauP (by courier). Paid with #59 and #62. VF.20.00No Bids
62#62 Port-de-Paix (date unreadable) to Washington, DC (13 Sep 1901) via PauP (7 Sep 1901) and NY (13 Sep 1901). Paid with Scott #62. Cover opened on two sides. Included is a letter in English on stationery from “Consular Service, U.S.A.” Fine condition.10.00No Bids
63Cap Haitien (1 May 1928) to PauP (2 May 1928). Paid with Scott #314 (2). Good to Fine. 2.00No Bids
64Airmail, PauP (20 Feb 1929) to Santiago de Cuba (20 Feb 1929). Paid with Scott #316 and #318. VF condition.3.00No Bids
65A Seth Parker souvenir cover mail with color cachet, PauP (25 May 1934) to US, on the occasion of the visit of the “SETH PARKER” sailing ship to Haiti. VF condition3.004.50
66Two covers with PauP postmarks of 15 February 1950. One cover paid with #C47 and #RA14; the other cover with #C48 and #RA14. Both covers not addressed. Each has a large blue cachet to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of PauP. These are very clean, nice covers.3.006.00
67Selection of 7 covers to the US. Posted in PauP (except one, posted in Port-Margot). A variety of postal issues were used for mailing. Covers dated between 1941 and 1957. All covers in VF condition. 2.50No Bids
68PauP (25 May 1965) to US (Brooklyn May 27, 1965). Registered airmail paid with #B35-37 and #CB53-54 (a Sports Topical). All stamps are surcharged with the “+5c” without the period following "c". See note in Scott. This is a very nice cover in excellent condition.6.0014.00
69Collection of about 560 stamps including 4 souvenir sheets in used and mint condition. No damaged stamps in this lot. Some issues with multiple copies. The collection consists of regular and airmail postal issues starting in 1891 and continuing thru 1970. High catalog value. Very Fine condition.25.00No Bids
70Collection of about 200 stamps (includes 3 different souvenir sheets) of postal issues covering the period 1960-1984. Mostly Mint condition with many MNH. No faults. VF condition. Catalog value of about $250++20.0025.00
71Scott Specialty Album Pages. New, never used Scott pages for all Haiti postal issues from 1881 to 1988. 157 pages. Retail Scott value for these pages is $99.9920.0052.00
72Special Study No. 3, "Haiti's First Flights", bound volume, 45 pages. Fixed Price of $20.00; No Buyer's Fee. Many copies available, buy your copy now.20.0020.00
End of auction