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December 2014 Society Auction

Closed December 28, 2014

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Mixture, 1882 to about 1950, earlier issues mostly used, about 150 stamps mainly good to fine condition, from stock of a European dealer. Mint strips of 3 of Scott #271, 281, 279; #392 mint block of 4; #C5 and #C8 mint singles LH; etc. Many later unused. Centenary issue stamps are doubtful. Catalog about $45.00$5.00$14.00
2Stampless letter, Port au Prince to New York, 15 July 1864, strike of "NEW YORK SHIP LETTER 4" in circle, July 30. Contents 1/2 page in legible English, commercial, about fine.2.0011.00
3Scott #3, Liberty Heads, 28 used copies on album page plating grid, 6 unused and 22 used, fine average. CV $296.0050.00No Bids
4Perforated Liberty Heads, assortment in stock sheet pockets; 8 of the 2 centimes, 4 of the 1 centime, 9 of the 3 centimes, 13 of the 5 centimes, 7 of the 7 centimes and 6 of the 20 centimes. Stamps are, with one or two exceptions, used. Condition is fair to good. Scott Catalog value is about $124.8515.00No Bids
5Group of the President Sam issue with MAI GT PRE overprint. Nine stamps from the low values, seven have the genuine overprint. Two of the 2c values have forged overprints (serif at top and bottom of the “1”c) Jeannopoulos study type I-1-A. Nice, mint, lightly hinged copies; one forgery has no gum. VF.4.00No Bids
6Scott #19, 2c re-engraved (extra color on face, slightly taller 2), 23 copies on album page, 6 unused with part of or most of gum. Fine copies. CV $374.0050.0056.00
7Group of imperforate Liberty Heads on dealers approval sheets. Eight copies of the 2c, 4 used, 4 appear unused but no gum; two used of the 3c.; 18 of the 7c., 16 used, 2 appear unused but no gum. Condition about good. CV as used $132.00 15.0019.00
8Perforated Liberty Heads, 80 copies on an approval sheet, mainly used, all values, good average. The 2c. in used strip of 4 and strip of 3. May include one or two re-engraved types.8.0034.00
9The large "1" overprints, Scott #235 to #242 on approval cards. Card 1 has the set of genuine overprints #235 to #241, mint singles full OG. Card 2 has an example of the scarce #242, mint, full OG. The carmine overprint is smudged, but it came from a knowledgeable collector - not pretty but probably genuine. Card 3 has an assortment of the overprint on 25 stamps, including a strip of 4 of #241 mint.10.0016.00
10Scott #301, mint block of 20, two wide by 10 high, sheet margin on top, bottom, and at left. Block is folded into two, 2 wide by 5 high. Perforations are still all sound. 2.005.50
11Small, neat cover, Port au Prince to New York 29 December 1927, paid by Haiti 10c, Scott #316, 1924 issue, with VF strike of "US SEA POST CANAL ZONE", "SS CRISTOBAL", and date in circle. Stamp nicely tied by cancel. VF condition.1.007.00
12Neat cover Port au Prince to California, clear strike of "K N S ms NOTOS" and date in rectangle. Postage paid by 6 C Netherlands stamp canceled and tied by Port-au-Prince date stamp (posted on ship). Very neat and clean and almost VF condition.1.0021.00
13Cover US to Port au Prince 4 December 1902, double rate registered (total 2x5c plus 8c registration). Very neat and clean with 5 copies of 1c (Scott US #279), plus Scott US #268 and #283. Posted at Wrentham Mass. (date stamp), New York registry seal, backstamped New York and Port au Prince. Clean and attractive, VF.10.0018.00
14US postal stationery card, Scott UX6 (2 cents) New York to Jacmel. Dated June 1, 1894, in New York, it carries a printed ad for Pegasus brand farina with a nice illustration of Pegasus. Interesting and scarce in VF condition.10.00No Bids
15Folded card New York to Port au Prince June, 1897, paid by 1c US postage, Scott #246 nicely tied by US date stamp. Opens to show a printed ad for Monarch Bicycles. Card is sound and VF. Interesting. Prices run to $100.00, $150 for a tandem.5.008.00
16A set of VF mint singles of the President Sam issue, Scott #52-66, hinge mounted on an album page; also a set of VF mint of Scott #67-81 the 1902 provisional government overprints. The overprints are genuine except for the 50c. and 1G. These have forged overprints of the type in the Jeannopoulos study I-1-A.3.0026.00
17Scott #110 to #124, the Piastres Fortes issue, in mint singles with OG, neatly hinge mounted on an album page. Nice set and overprints appear to be genuine. Overprint on 8c value is somewhat faint and being a similar color to the stamp it is almost invisible. It does show up in ink bleed through on the back.8.0042.00
18Small cover Port au Prince, 4 August 1905, registered via New York to Arcachon, France, readdressed to Limoge. Postage paid by pair of 8c (#61) plus 3c (#56) plus 1c (#53) all on back. Port au Prince date stamp on front, also on back to cancel stamps. French date stamps on back for Arcachon and Limoge, registry markings. Cover is sound and neat except for ink blot on front, still F to VF.10.0037.00
19Reply half of 1898 President Sam 2c + 2c reply card orange on lilac modified by carefully pasting a 2c Piastres Fortes (Scott #112) over the printed postage on the card. The card was then mailed from Port au Prince, 31 May 1906, to Etampes, France. Stamp is neatly tied by Port au Prince cancel. Date stamps for Paris (June 17) and Etampes (June 18). Card is very clean and free of faults, VF, and has lengthy legible message on back. Interesting & unusual early date for this issue. Link to Auction Lot #19 image20.001,405.00
20Two picture post cards from Port au Prince to towns in France. One is a black and white photo of the church at Petit Goave, 17 July 1909, paid by 5 c de p blue (Scott #131); the second is a colorized photo of a PauP street scene, 12 September 1906, paid by 2 c de p vermillion (#126). Both have stamps nicely tied. Both card are free of faults and have messages in French that can be read. 3.0030.00
21Two pieces of postal stationery to Germany. One is a reply card, intact, Nord Alexis 2 c de p + 2 c de p vermillion on blue, no message, postage cancelled Port au Prince 26 October 1925; the second is the "letter card" 1906 Nord Alexis 5 c de p blue on cream, mailed aboard ship Ascania, 7 September 1906. Two nice strikes of a Dutch oval "paketboot" cancel. In message area is a VF strike of a HAPAG Jacmel line agent stamp. Both cards are free of faults and VF. Link to Auction Lot #21 image5.00304.00
22Two items; one is a registered cover Port au Prince to Austria 16 August 1907 via New York, New York registry sticker, 10c paid by singles of Scott #'s 125, 126, 127, 129, on back, 5 centimes short for a single weight registered letter. Shortage indicated on the front in blue crayon (UPU regulation). Stamps tied by various date stamps. Cover is sound and free of faults and almost VF; the second is a front to Paris paid by Scott #131, posted on ship SS Siberia, postage is tied by fair strike of HAPAG large oval marking also nice strike of "PAQUEBOT KINGSTON JAMAICA" in circle with date 6 July 1911, clean and about good.4.0064.00
23Two covers; one Port au Prince to Havre, registered, paid by three copies of 5c Scott #131, tied by date stamps, date not clear but from foreign date stamps May 1909. Cover is clean and VF; the second is Jeremie 18 November 1913 to France registered and paid by 10c #136, clear Jeremie date stamps tie the postage, Registry "R" on front, foreign date stamps on back. Cover is clean and except for minor wrinkling free of faults, almost VF.4.0015.00
24Registered cover Port au Prince to Syracuse (New York) 5 August 1904 paid by Scott #'s 57, 40, 56, and two of 58, 20 centimes total. Nice attractive cover with very minor flaw in upper right corner that does not seriously detract. All appropriate markings and stamps are all tied by strikes of PauP date stamp. As usual, the Port au Prince date stamp has no year slug for 1904, but the year is well established by registry markings on the back. VF.20.0026.00
25Cover "corner card" with advertisement in upper left . Port au Prince to New York 30 March 1906, paid by 10c Nord Alexis Scott #99, neatly tied. Paper is brittle; cover has minor faults, slight wrinkling and tiny tears, but still Fine. Enclose card to strengthen with greeting.15.0020.00
26Scott #8a. Used. The dark violet color variety. VF.1.503.00
27#43 Horizontal pair, imperforate vertically in Mint, VF condition. See footnote Scott Catalogue.8.0010.00
28#46. Two Trial Color Plate Proofs on paper. Ultramarine and carmine colors. VF condition. See footnote Scott Catalogue.5.0010.00
29#47. A horizontal pair Trial Color; green rather than issued brown carmine color. VF condition.7.0014.00
30#49-50. Plate Proofs on paper; issued colors. VF.5.00No Bids
31#52-66. Mint condition, except #66 is Used. VF.2.75No Bids
32#108. Inverted surcharge in Mint, VF condition.1.256.00
33#128. Mint, VF. 2.50No Bids
34#133. Mint (previously hinged) in VF condition. The most valuable stamp in the postal issues of 1906-1913. Cat Val $65.0025.0042.00
35#143. Mint and VF.3.00No Bids
36#146. A selection of 9 different town cancellations: PauP, Miragone, Petit Goaves, Les Cayes, Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Jeremie and St, Marc. All copies in VF condition.5.0031.00
37#160. Mint No Gum copy of this scarce and undervalued postal issue of Haiti. VF condition. Cat Val $27.5015.0051.00
38#290-291. Mint (very light hinged mark); VF.3.506.00
39#305. MNH in pristine condition. Cat value $15.0010.0015.00
40#552. Incomplete sheet of 20 stamps (4 x 5) in Used (CTO), Very Fine condition.2.00No Bids
41#553. Incomplete sheet of 30 stamps (5 x 6) in Used (CTO), VF condition.2.002.00
42#584. Incomplete sheet of 20 (5x4) ; Used VF.5.00No Bids
43#584, C296-98. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.7.007.00
44#585-89, C299-301. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.504.00
45#616-616O. Set of 16, MNH, VF.6.006.00
46#624-624E. Perforated and Imperforate copies in Used, VF Condition. The #624E Imperforate copy is MNH.2.002.50
47#625-27, C348-50. MNH and VF25.0030.00
48#677-79, C411-14. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
49#599-601, C314-16. MNH, VF.1.003.00
50#699. Used in a block of 20; VF.2.50No Bids
51#739. Inverted surcharge, MNH, VF.5.007.50
52#803-09, MNH, VF.7.0010.00
53#809a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.8.009.00
54#823a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.9.0033.00
55#837. Six stamps with town cancellations: Carefour, Corail, Coteaux, Dame Marie, Port-a-Piment, and Saltrou. No dates on cancels. Probably favor cancellations, VF condition.6.0066.00
56#852a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.10.0015.00
57#913. Sheet of 8 (see footnote Scott), MNH, VF.10.0011.00
58#915-18. Used set, VF condition, Cat Val $30.008.0017.00
59#926. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.6.006.00
60#C2. On FDC, PauP (4 Nov 1929) to US. Additional postage added (#321 in block of 4 and a single). VF condition.3.00No Bids
61#C46. Block of 4 (MNH), singles (2 Mint), and five airmail covers posted in PauP (1947,48,49, 51 year dates) addressed to US destinations. Mounted on 4 plain album pages. VF condition.7.00No Bids
62#C47-48. Copies (6) of this issue in Mint and Used condition. Two are examples of Waterlow & Sons Limited sample stamps printed in distinguished colors to showcase the firm’s work. There are also 5 airmail covers (4 posted in PauP and 1 in Jeremie) all addressed to US destinations. All of the above mounted on 4 blank album pages and is in VF condition.18.00No Bids
63#C49-51. Copies of this issue in Mint and Used condition. Includes a MNH copy of #C51 with the “P” broken loop. Also two PauP airmail covers to US and paid with #C49. All mounted on 3 plain album pages and in Fine to Very Fine condition.3.506.00
64#C52-54. A complete set in mint and used condition with 3 airmail covers PauP to US destinations. All paid with a copy of #C52. Also included is a very nice Mint block of 4 of Scott #53. This lot also includes a set of Waterlow & Sons Limited sample stamps designed to show clients their production skills (see Lot 62). Catalog value of stamps alone (excluding the 3 sample stamps) is $53.25. All material is mounted on 3 blank album pages and is in VF condition.40.00No Bids
65#C57-60 ABNC Specimen copies of this issue. MNH. VF.15.0020.00
66#C121a. MNH, VF.2.00No Bids
67#C122-32. Duvalier 1958 set of 11 stamps and a copy of the perforated souvenir sheet; all Mint, excellent condition.7.0021.00
68#C133-38. These 2 postal issues are mounted and illustrated in 8 plain album pages. The Lot includes all the issues in single copies and in blocks of 4 (the 4 languages ). There are 3 copies of each block of 4. A copy of #135a (the S/S) is included as well as 4 airmail covers, PauP to US (2 covers) and to England (2 covers). Catalog value of the postage stamps only totals $45.00 The stamps are MNH and all items are in excellent condition.16.0021.00
69#C274-77 Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.2.25No Bids
70#C296. Incomplete sheet of 20. Used (CTO) VF.2.00No Bids
71#C363-65. MNH, VF.1.002.50
72#C432-33. Sheetlets of 25, as issued in MNH, VF condition.15.00No Bids
73#C438. Double Surcharge with one Inverted in MNH, VF. A scarce error of this postal issue. 10.0037.00
74#J13. Mint, VF condition.5.009.00
75#J20. Mint, excellent centering. Very Fine condition. Catalog value $45.0020.0027.00
76Folded Letter (FL). St Marc (14 March 1781) to PauP. Readable text and in Very Fine condition.35.0044.00
77FL. PauP (24 May 1870) to Le Havre (10 June 1870) via Jacmel (26 May 1870), London & Calais (10 June 1870); Fine.30.0033.00
78FL. Miragone (5 April 1871) to Le Havre (30 April 1871). Via Jacmel (10 April 1871), London & Calais (28 April 1871). No text. Fine-Very Fine condition.35.0041.00
79FL. Jacmel (24 March 1872) to Le Havre (13 April 1872). Via London & Calais (12 April 1872). Readable text. Very Fine.35.0035.00
80First Flight (FF) Cover. PauP (19 April 1927) to Port de Paix. Paid with #318; Very Fine condition.15.0032.00
81FF. 1933 First Non-Stop Flight “COLUMBIA”, New York-Haiti-Washington. Nice postal cancellations and color cachet.25.00No Bids
82USA CONSULAR MAIL sent via the Netherlands Indies packetboat to Providence, Rhode Island (May 17, 1906). Paid with pair of Scott #117. Some wrinkles showing on face of cover not affecting stamps; otherwise a F-VF cover.20.00No Bids
83Registered mail PauP (16 March 1907) to Bordeaux, FR (receiving postmark not readable). Back flap of cover missing; otherwise Fine-Very Fine condition. Paid with #126 and #134.7.0015.00
84PauP (20 January 1908?) to NY (no receiving postmark). Paid with vertical pair of #143 (top stamp, top left corner with a very small nick). Fair to Good condition.10.0021.00
85Registered mail PauP (14 October 1911) to Boston (24 October 1911). Paid with #138 (2). F-VF.15.0047.00
86Two commercial letters one from PauP (2 December 1911) to Paris, and the other from Jeremie (? December 1911) to Boston. Paid with postal issues of 1906 for Foreign Mail. Fine. 12.00No Bids
87Two PauP to Boston covers. First cover is posted on 27 Feb 1912, and paid with #126-27. Second cover posted cancellation is not readable except for year 1912; paid with #125 (2) and #129 (2). Both cover in Fine-Very Fine condition.10.00No Bids
88Registered mail PauP (22 October 1912) to A.C. Roessler, Newark, NJ. Receiving New York on 27 October 1912. Paid with a strip of 5 copies of #168. VF condition.20.0066.00
89Jeremie (22 April 1913) to Chicago (double violet circle Montgomery Ward & Co receiving on 30 APR P.M.). Paid with #98, #126 and #127. Front of cover somewhat soiled, otherwise item is in F-VF condition. 7.00No Bids
90Registered mail, Cayes (11 August 1914) to Germany (Hannover 11.9.14) via NY (8-17-1914). Cover showing two fold lines not affecting stamps. Paid with #127, #136, and #162.8.0014.00
91Cap Haitien USA Consulate mail (front of cover ONLY) (21 Nov 1914) to US Secretary of the Treasury. Paid with #201. Left side of front with minor water damaged; otherwise this cover front is rather nice item.5.0012.00
92USA Consular Mail sent via the Netherlands Indies Packetboat Service to Boston. Posted on 22 December 1915. No receiving posting. Paid with #201. Top of cover has been roughly opened opening. Very clean cover and otherwise VF.6.00No Bids
93PauP (6 May 1916) to US (no receiving postmark). Paid with #201. VF condition.4.005.00
94Cap Haitien (27 October 1922) to Paris ( no receiving postmark) via PauP (30 October 1922). Paid with #314. Fine.5.00No Bids
95PauP (18 Aug 1923) to Paris (no receiving postmark). Paid with #314. VF.5.00No Bids
96Airmail censored mail from Swiss Consulate PauP (8 Nov 1944) to Washington DC, USA. Paid with #C8A and #RA1. Consulate violet color double circle cachet. VF condition.5.008.00
97PauP (16 Jan 1947) registered airmail letter from British Legation PauP (nice oval black marker) to Wednesbury, United Kingdom. Re-directed to Little Haywood. 3d postage due stamp because posted out of course when re-directed. Paid with #C39 (2) and #RA1. Stamped via STEAMER in New York ???. Backstamped in Miami (16 Jan 1947) and New York (17 Jan 1947). Received Wallsall, Staffs (28 Jan 1947). An interesting cover in VF condition. 12.0019.00
98A 1930 3c US stamp over stamped with K.N.S.M. SS TRAJANUS 22 February 1950 boxed color cachet. A PauP cancel of 11 March 1950. Mail addressed to Braintree, MA. VF.3.00No Bids
99Three airmail covers PauP (1951-52 posted dates) to US destinations. Two covers paid with copies of #C56 and the third cover is a nice cover with a strip of 4 copies of #C55. VF.3.50No Bids
Postal Stationery
100POSTAL CARD (PC). H&G #4 (blue on grey card), Message card half only (AVEC RESPONSE PAYEE) used to Italy. Added copies of #52-53 to pay for 3c rate. No readable postal cancellation. PC marked “via Jacmel” with short English salutation on the back. VF condition.8.00No Bids
101PC. H&G #2. MNH, VF.3.25No Bids
102PC. H&G #8. The 2c orange on pink with “MAI/Gt Pre/1902” overprint. Mint, VF condition.4.00No Bids
103PC. H&G #3. Mint and VF.4.00No Bids
104PC. H&G #4. Mint and VF.6.00No Bids
105PC. H&G #6 (light green on lilac). Unused and in Pristine condition.8.00No Bids
106PC. H&G #13. Used. PauP (Feb 22, 1912) to Boston. Message in English. Stains at bottom of the PC. Apparently a stamp was removed from the PC, which did some damaged to the printed postage design.1.00No Bids
107PC. H&G #14. Unused, not mailed. Favor cancel in Gonaives dated 20 ?? 07. Pristine condition.3.00No Bids
108PC. H&G #15. Interior Service reply card; intact with both halves in unused pristine condition.3.00No Bids
109Letter Card. 1906 issue. Unused copy with all perforation edges intact. Excellent condition. 4.00No Bids
110AUDUBON BIRDS OF AMERICA Album with 13 MNH sheets. Certificate of Authenticity and interesting text with each of the 13 sheets. Pristine condition.13.00No Bids
111COLLECTION. About 570 stamps including Souvenir Sheets in Used and Mint condition. No damaged stamps included. Some issues in multiple copies. Consists of postal issues for the period from 1881 thru 1970 of regular and airmail issues. High catalog value. A good selection.25.00No Bids
End of auction