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Philatelic Society

September 2014 Society Auction

Closed September 26, 2014

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1British used from Haiti, Jacmel C59. Engraved 2 pence blue pair, three 1 shilling green surface printed singles, strip of three one penny red brown surface printed. Eight in all. (Note: the one penny red brown was issued in 1880). Strikes of the cancel are about good average, two or three of them are nice.$25.00$260.00
2British used from Port-au-Prince, E53 cancel. Surface printed 4 pence pale olive green, 2 singles each with most of cancel, one l shilling green single with half the cancel, 1 shilling salmon with half the cancel 12.00160.00
3Perforated Liberty Heads, plate 2, 88 copies nearly all used sorted in stock page pockets as to plate position. Breakdown is 1c, 6 copies; 2c, 12; 3c, 14; 5c, 21; 7c, 26; 20c, 9. Plate positions not represented are 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, 32, 36, and 41. CV as used singles is about $226. Overall condition is about good +. [Added by the auctioneer: Stamps are placed in stock sheets having eight horizontal pockets per page. The reverse side of the sheet has eight more such pockets. Three of these sheets, then, have 48 pockets. The plate positions of the stamps are determined, and positions 1 to 48 are placed in the pockets that correspond. Two pockets of a fourth sheet are used for plate position 49 and 50. Since the various denominations were printed by plugging the numerals into the plate (as with the imperfs), the characteristics of a particular plate position are the same (or quite similar) for all denominations.]20.0033.00
4Scott #19, 2c re-engraved Liberty Head, 26 used copies on an album page. This appears to be part of a study of this stamp. On the back side of the page are notes in rather faint pencil on plate position flaws. Nice condition, about good to fine. CV $182.00 35.0035.00
5Mint copies of the 2c. perforated Liberty Head, 46 copies on a plating grid. From an old collection and carefully saved, all are nice, well centered and fine to very fine. A notation on the page "Plate I" is the earlier Hausberg classification. The more recent Purves classification would be "Plate II, first printing". There are two copies of plate positions 10, 30, and 31. Forty positions are single. Plating is missing positions 16, 17, 32, 36, 40, 44, and 50. Catalog value is $506.00 75.0092.00
6Mint copies of the 7c. perforated Liberty Head, 47 copies on a plating grid. Three copies of position 30, two each of 38, 39, and 40. Positions 19 and 20 are a pair. The plating is missing positions 1,2,4,6,10,14,15,17,33,44,47. The stamps are well centered and fine to very fine, from an old collection, carefully saved. NOTE: "Plate I" is the Hausberg classification. The more recent Purves classification would be "Plate II, first printing". CV is $500.0075.0075.00
7Scott #44, 2c. In red overprint on 20c. brown, mint block of 20. Some separation of perfs in upper left corner affecting four stamps. Full OG with a couple of hinge marks. It could benefit from repair. All overprints look to be normal. Except for the separation VF.5.0010.00
8Scott #45, 2c. in red on 20c. orange, mint block of 9 (3x3), two stamps without overprint. Fresh and sound with sheet margin at left and full OG with two hinge marks. The Scott Catalog does not catalog this error. VF10.00880.00
9Three paid covers US to Haiti (no postage due). (1) date stamp Brooklyn, NY 16 Feb. 1894, 2c. stamped envelope and 3c. purple Andrew Jackson 1890-93 to US Consul General in Port-au-Prince, stamp tied, backstamp Port-au-Prince 1898; (2) Registered cover Portland, ME to Port-au-Prince 9 June 1894 via New York 11 June. New York Registry label. Postage paid by 5c. Grant and registration by 8c. Sherman 1890-93. Stamps are tied. Portland and New York date stamps, no Haiti receiving mark. Faint vertical fold, not seriously detracting; (3) Cover New York to Port-au-Prince 4 March 1889. Postage paid by 5c. Garfield indigo, 1888, canceled and tied by NY duplex with numeral 7 in killer. Almost clear PauP backstamp March 89. Clean and presentable lot.10.0023.00
10Airmail cover round trip New Canaan, CT to Port-au-Prince and return. Postage is US 10c airmail to Haiti and Capois 60c airmail plus 5c UN relief for return. Pan American test cover to establish timing of airmail service. Datestamps NY 1 Nov 1946, PauP arrival on back, 4 Nov, PauP depart Haiti 6 Nov (front and back). Very clean and VF.3.0010.00
11Six Perf Liberty Heads, used, on dealer's stock sheet, five with nice cancels, 1c, 3c, and four 5c. Fine condition.3.0011.00
12Liberty Heads, 2c. re-engraved (slightly taller 2 and extra color on face) nine copies, one is unused with some OG and very small piece missing from lower right corner, others used and about fine. CV about $100.15.0022.00
13Picture Post Card, black and white, main street Port-au-Prince, 1c stamp Scott #125 tied by 23 April 1913 cancel, PauP to Vienna. Glue stain indicates that another stamp was removed. Impressive photo of "Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince", and card is in very fine shape.1.0014.00
14Two stampless folded letters, similar, Port-au-Prince to New York, 7 April and 10 October 1864. Both have "NEW YORK SHIP LETTER" and 4 (cents due) in a circle. Both have vertical file fold marks. Both are F to VF otherwise. New York ship letter strikes are nice.5.0021.00
15Town Cancels, some smaller towns. Miragoane (3), Pilate (1), Baraderas (1), Anse-a-Veau (1), Plaisance (1), Mole St Nicolas (2). All towns are clearly identified.15.00160.00
16Pair of 5c. perforated Liberty Head with entire Les Cayes cancel 27 March 1885, fresh and VF.5.0014.00
17More common town cancels, Jacmel (25) mixture, early and middle periods, average about good.10.0038.00
18Design of 1898 small palm, full sheet of 100 like the 7c but green instead of the issued color, gray. Printed on card stock. The sheet has been folded and has a horizontal fold line dividing it into two panes of 50. It has full margins that have been damaged by some tears. The stamps are in fine shape except along the fold, where there is some slight damage to the tops of one row and the bottoms of another. Probably a color trial.25.0041.00
19Stampless folded letter Port au Prince to London, 4 May 1827, double weight and with received marking (London) 3 July. Good strike of "SHIP LETTER COWES". Contents four pages in German (?), difficult to read because of hand writing and ink bleed-through. Letter is fine with horizontal file fold, and the paper is sound. About Fine.15.0071.00
20Nice small stampless folded letter, Leogane 30 October 1832, paper clean and sound, to Port-au-Prince. Contents one page in a neat French hand. VF.25.0095.00
21Registered cover, Port-au-Prince to Paris, 11 Dec. 1920. Postage is paid by singles of Scott #134 8 c de p, and #245 overprint SD and 2c on 1 P claret. Stamps are neatly tied, R marking, slight soiling, otherwise in Very Fine condition.30.00130.00
22Neat small stampless cover, Port de Paix to Boston via Port-au-Prince. The only markings are a very clear merchants cachet and "STEAMSHIP 10" in a circle. The steamship markings were used on steamers under contract to the US postal service, and were charged at USPS "post road" rates. Clean, neat, and almost VF.5.0033.00
23Neat small stampless envelope with enclosure. From Port-au-Prince to Boston. A date can not be discerned from the letter, but the very fine marking on the front is listed only for 1861, making the date 4 June 1861. Contents are a page in English but quite difficult to read. Otherwise, almost VF.10.0046.00
24Cover that appeared in the June auction but was withdrawn. On close examination it was found to be an altered item. It is an overseas piece with two 7c perf. Liberty Heads in the two issued shades of blue; deep blue and aquamarine. The deep blue stamp was found to have been added. It is presented here as two used 7 centimes stamps; one deep blue, the color of the first printing from plate II, one ultramarine, the color of the second printing.2.0028.00
25SAFE albums, 14 ring with slip covers in blue vinyl. Takes SAFE 14 ring pages, size about 10 3/4 by 12 inches. Free to anybody willing to pay shipping. In good shape with minor blemishes from ordinary use. Two available.FreeNo Bids
26Scott #4. Complete reconstruction of Plate 1 of this issue. Condition is excellent. 30 copies are Used and 20 copies are Mint. Cat Val of $1,130.200.00295.00
27#32-37. Bogus/Fantasy copies (15) of this issue that circulated circa 1920. Copies usually sold with “Toy Post Office” kits of the 1920s. From the Townsend stock. No further info available. VF.7.0021.00
28#36. Forgeries. Mint, block of 4 imperforate (uncommon as a multiple) and a single perforated. VF.4.00No Bids
29#52-66. Complete Used set in very excellent condition. Scott #66 a very difficult issue to find in used condition.2.003.00
30Scott #80. Mint and VF.6.0014.00
31#108. Mint, Inverted Surcharge; and, #109 Mint with Sideways Surcharge, and #152 Mint with Inverted Surcharge. All are VF condition.8.0026.00
32#138, 141, 143; all imperforate copies. These are Plate Proofs in excellent condition. See footnote in Scott.13.00No Bids
33#181. Mint Inverted Surcharge, VF.4.0012.00
34#218. Mint Double Surcharge, VF.5.0015.00
35#249-260. Complete set of this issue in Used condition and Very Fine, except for #253 with a very, very small thin not showing from the front.4.0018.00
36#290-291 in MNH and VF.2.0010.00
37#305. MNG, VF.6.0015.00
38#317. Group of 9 copies (7 Used, 2 MNH) mounted on album page; also an airmail cover PauP (12 Jan 1937 to the US paid with 3 copies of #317, #325 (2) and #336. VF condition.6.00W/D
39#348. Used copy of this high value scarce issue of the Patroness of Haiti in Fine/VF condition3.003.00
40#349-54, C22-23 in Mint VF.4.007.00
41#389, C52-54 in MNH, VF.7.0015.00
42#389, C52-54 Used except # C54 (catalog value of $19) is MNH. All in VF condition.4.00No Bids
43#426 Sheet OF 50, MNH, VF.8.00No Bids
44#521-23, C233-35(Used); #C210-13 (Used); and #C238-41 (MNH). All in VF condition.1.005.00
45#540-42, C257-59 in Blocks OF 4 and in MNH and Very Fine condition.6.0010.00
46#549. Block of 20 (top of a sheet with heading “Championat De Football Des Caraibes 1966”). Used (CTO 22 Nov 1972). In Very Fine condition.2.002.00
47#577. Block of 30 Used, VF.2.002.00
48#609D. Complete sheet of 25 (as issued) in Used and Very Fine condition.2.002.00
49#611-15, C326-29. Blocks of 4, MNH & VF condition.30.00No Bids
50#625-20, C348-50. Mint (very light hinge marks). In excellent condition.27.00No Bids
51#631-33, C354-56. Blocks of 4 in MNH & VF.22.0028.00
52#642. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF.4.0010.00
53#673. Complete Sheet of 50 in MNH, VF.2.008.00
54#728-30, C494-98. MNH, VF.2.508.00
55#809a. Souvenir Sheet (scarce issue). MNH and VF. Underpriced by Scott.12.0017.00
56#849-53. MNH, VF.8.0031.00
57#852a (Souvenir Sheet). MNH, VF.12.0052.00
58#879 (Sheet of 4 on an unaddressed FDC). Catalog value of stamps alone is $17.50. VF condition.6.0011.00
59#888. Used copy of this high value stamp of the 1996 Christmas issue. Excellent condition.2.503.00
60#914A-914F. Sheetlets of 10 (as issued). MNH and VF condition. Cat Val $145.0040.0048.00
61#915-18. Used. Very clear cancellations. Cat Val $30. Scarce set in postally used condition. VF.12.0031.00
62#B1, CB1-2. In FDC addressed to NYC. Nice clean/clear cancellation of PauP 3 October 1939. Scott #CB2 did not receive a cancellation. Fine/Very Fine.50.00No Bids
63#B18. Horizontal pair with one stamp having the “ceniimes” error. MNH, VF.2.506.00
64#C19-21. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.6.008.00
65#C19a-21a. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.25.0025.00
66#C23. Sunken Die Proof, size 5x3 ¾ inches on cardboard in issued black color. VF.25.00No Bids
67#C119. Sheet of 50 (less one stamp missing on left lower corner). MNH, VF.7.00No Bids
68#152a, MNH, VF.2.004.00
69#C318A, MNH, VF.3.009.00
70#C406. Sheetlet of 25, MNH, VF.7.00No Bids
71#C442. Sheetlet of 25, MNH, VF.4.004.00
72#CB1-2. Mint, VF.12.0015.00
73#CB2. Mint, VF.6.00No Bids
74#CB10-15. MNH, VF.1.25No Bids
75#CQ1-4. Very difficult set to find in the market. MNH, Very Fine condition.6.0052.00
76#J1-4. Mint, Fine-VF.2.505.00
77#J3-4. Used, VF.1.253.00
78#J14-15. Mint, VF.1.003.00
79#J20. Used. Cat Val $45. VF condition.14.0017.00
80Folded Letter (FL). PauP (no posted postmark but letter is dated 20 April 1822) to Bordeaux. Handstamped in red “Colonies Par Le Havre” and in manuscript handwritten “10” (decimes). A 2 page text. FL is in Fine condition.20.0047.00
81FL Gonaives (1 March 1846) via Outre-Mer Pavillac (14 April 1846) to Bordeaux (15 April 1846). 2 pages of text in French (readable). Fine/Very Fine condition.25.0046.00
82FL PauP (8 October 1860) via Jacmel (11 October 1860) with London and Calais receiving on 29 October 1860 and Paris (30 October 1860. Accounting marking GB 1f 60c and strong manuscript style due marking “8” (decimes). One page text in French. F/VF.30.0032.00
83Cover. PauP (? October 1879) to Havre (? November 1879) via London and Calais (receiving on 31 October 1879. Clear postage due “T1-10” and amount due (16 decimes). Clean and VF cover.50.00No Bids
84FL Pt Goave (21 August 1781) to PauP. Very good clean and clear strike of Pt Goave. F/VF.35.00130.00
85FL; two FLs Gonaives to Pittsburgh dated March 1867 and May 1868. No postal markings but both FLs have a New York cancel of March and June. Very poor condition.5.0030.00
86Cover with one page letter inside dated in PauP on 2 April 1887, to Louisville, Kentucky via steamship but “FORWARDED” to a new address in Washington, DC (receiving 20 April 1887). Paid with #13. A light PauP cancel next to postage readable as 2 April. Good condition.20.0032.00
87Cover. Stampless but with Jacmel cancel in upper right corner of 27 May 1891, to Kingston, Jamaica (29 May 1891). Fine.15.00130.00
88Cover. Miragone to Lyon via NY (7 June 1892). Paid with #29 (2) . Cancels not readable. Sender stamped in blue color on back of cover his name and date of posting as 25 May 1892. F/VF.15.00No Bids
89Cover. PauP (19 ?? 1894) to NY (5-2-94). Paid with #28, #36. Fine/Very Fine.12.00No Bids
90Cover. Top of cover ONLY (5 ¾ x 2 inches). Cap Haitien (15 January 1894) via Paris (3 February 1894) to France.; carried via French packetboat and with a cancel “LIGNE F PAQ. FR. No 2”. Paid with #32, #33 and #36. Fine.4.00No Bids
91Cover. Port De Paix (13 ?? 1895) to New York (7-20-95); paid with #35 (2). Via steamship “DELAWARE”. VF condition.10.00No Bids
92Cover Petit Goave (26 October 1896) to Paris. Handwritten “Royal Mail”. Paid with #37. F/VF.10.0041.00
93Cover. Cap Haitien (14 October 1898) to Le Havre (1 November 1898). Paid with #51 (a very scarce cover mailed with a copy of this issue). F/VF.22.00160.00
94Cover. Cap Haitien (16 November 1898) to Le Havre ( receiving date unreadable). Sent via steamship “Hollandaise”. Paid with #46 (2), #50 (4). F/VF condition.20.0077.00
95Cover. PauP (20 February 1901) to NY(26 February 1901). Paid with #59 (2). F/VF.12.00No Bids
96Cover. PauP (10 March 1902) to NY (16 March 1902). Paid with #62. Very Fine condition.12.00No Bids
97Cover. Mourning cover, PauP (23 February 1903) to Lyon. Paid with #62. Fine condition.12.0033.00
98Cover. Registered mail PauP (13 April 1906) via NY (19 April 1906) to Birmingham, Alabama (21 April 1906), Paid with copies of #116, #120, #121. F/VF.20.00160.00
99Cover. Registered mail St Marc (19 July 1906) via NY (26 July 1906) to Le Havre (unreadable Le Havre postmark). Paid with #117 (2). Red registry seal applied over the stamps at NY. VF.22.0098.00
100Cover. Jeremie (24 June 1913) to NY. Paid with #98. Very Fine condition.7.0023.00
101POST CARD (PC). Unaddressed with Jacmel cancel of 27/?/98 on copies of #38-39. PC is in multiple colors with scenes of National Palace, President Simon Sam and a view of PauP. No message. VF. 10.0039.00
102PC. PauP (21 June 1902) to USA (Brooklyn June 30 1902. Paid with #53, #55. Black and white PC depicting a street scene (“Port-au-Prince Vue Sur la Ville et la Rade”). Short message in English; F/VF.10.0025.00
103CENSORED MAIL (CM). Six covers, PauP to USA destinations. All in very fine condition with pertinent WWII censored labels and markings. Except for a 1941 cover, all others are 1943.16.00No Bids
104CM. Six covers (dated 1942-1945. Two covers mailed to Canada and each paid with #333. Other four covers to the USA. VF condition with the pertinent censored labels and markings.18.0036.00
105CM. PauP (15 October 1918) to Holland. Paid with #168. Pertinent labels and markings. VF condition.3.0014.00
106Scott Catalog, 2000 Edition, Volumes 1 thru 6, in excellent condition.10.00No Bids
End of auction