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Philatelic Society

March 2014 Society Auction

Closed March 28, 2014

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Ship Letter, envelope with contents, 20 Feb. 1891, Port au Prince to Penn Yan, New York, from USS Philadelphia ship surgeon to home. Paid 2 cents US, and charged 6 cents postage due. Contents four page letter in English, readable. Envelope and letter have slight soiling but otherwise VF.$15.00$60.00
2Internal cover, Jacmel, 7 July 1822, to Port au Prince, paid by fiscal stamp overprinted for postal use. Stamp is well tied by PauP date stamp. Clean and sound and VF.5.0025.00
3Internal cover, to (?) paid by #173 and #174, 10c and 20c overprinted GLOZ. Stamps tied by PauP date stamps, 16 (?) May 1820. Vertical file fold not affecting stamps.5.0065.00
4Letter Port au Prince, 15 April 1821, to Francomont (in Belgium), via Antwerp. Strike on back of "FRANKRYK OVER DINANT". List of prices. Unusual, about good.2.0032.00
5Air mail, Port au Prince, 31 May 1943, to Gonaives, plane flown by Haitian pilots, special cachet, note attached with information on flight.1.005.00
6Cover, Cap Haitien to Port au Prince 15 May 1916 paid by a pair of Scott # 241, 50c Nord Alexis with POSTE PAYE and large boxed "1" overprints, stamps nicely tied by Cap Haitien cancel, small tear at top center about 1 by 1 1/2 cm, not affecting the stamps, otherwise about fine.20.00150.00
7Airmail cover, Gonaives to New Jersey, 11 October 1927, paid by 7 different stamps of 1896 to 1920, stamps neatly tied, "AVION" in circle cachets. neat and clean and VF, Roessler cover.10.0025.00
8US ship at Haiti, USS Charles Ausburn at Gonaives, 15 April 1929, duplex cancel ties 2 cents US postage, cover to New York. Clean, sound , VF.5.008.00
9Cover, Port au Prince to Philadelphia, 7 July 1905, paid by 10c Nord Alexis with Poste Paye overprint, Scott #99 nicely tied by PauP cancel. Some toning and a small tear at top center. Otherwise clean and sound. About fine.10.0065.00
10Cover, Port Prince (13 March 1904) to France (2 April 1904) paid by two 5c Nord Alexis with Poste Paye overprint, Scott #98. Stamps canceled but not tied. Piece is clean and sound and almost VF.10.0060.00
11Airmail, first flight, Port au Prince to Santo Domingo 18 Dec 1927, WIAE WI-5, paid by 20c Scott #317 plus 8 different with 5 centimes overprints, total 60 centimes. Stamps all tied by PauP cancels and AVION in circle cachets in black or blue. West Indian Aerial Express Inauguration cachet. Cover is clean and sound and VF. 15.0022.00
12Three pieces: (1) Cover, Port au Prince to New Jersey paid by US 3 cents with PauP cancel, cachet "SS COLOMBIA MAIDEN VOYAGE" 20 Nov 1932, about good, (2) censored cover, Cape Haitien to Indiana, US 3 cents postage tied by very weak strike of a marine corps cancel, poor, (3) cover sheet Marseille to Port au Prince, April 1873, via London prepaid by 85 centimes in Ceres heads. Stamps tied by French cancels, some soiling but fine otherwise.2.0022.00
13Liberty heads, 1c recut die horizontal strip of four used, Scott #18, light Port au Prince cancels. Perfs are sound and close at top, cutting in slightly at top left. Clean, attractive, and VF.15.0027.00
14Plate proofs, President Sam issue, complete 1898 issue 1 centime to 1 gourde on india. These have been nicely separated from sheets and are clean, colorful and VF.30.00170.00
15Group of six of the small yellow or orange bogus first issue, coat of arms denominated 25 centimes. Condition good to fine.6.0090.00
16Sam issue, 3, 5, and 10 centimes gold overprint inverted, unused Scott #114, 116, and 120. Fine condition.6.0016.00
17Group of 18 airmail covers 1940's to 1970's, various postal and tax stamps, average commercial condition.8.0015.00
18Selected mint pairs of overprinted stamps, clear overprints and lightly to never hinged. Scott numbers 255, 259, 267, 273, 275-277, 279-281, 284, 286, 290-292. VF condition.35.00No Bids
19Formula postal cards, four H&G #8 brown on white, one with 1c Salomon affixed, one with 2c, one with 3c, and one with no stamp. The 3c has slight toning along the top. All four are otherwise VF.6.0010.50
20Formula postal cards, two H&G #12 one red on cream with 1c Salomon affixed, one red on grayish with 3c Salomon.3.006.50
21Liberty Heads, 20 centimes perforated block of 20 imperforate between vertically. Block comprises 5 imperf between pairs from position 1, 2, to 41, 42. Piece has sheet margin at top, bottom and left. The left sheet margin and the left column of stamps is also imperf between. The block is sound with intact horizontal perfs and very fresh with good color. It has the characteristics of the plate 3 printing. It has been removed from a protective mount for inspection. The back has full OG with one hinge mark at the top. Catalog as five imperf pairs is $750.00. A nice display piece in VF condition.400.001,910.00
22A lot of 18 poster public service announcements of ship service to Haiti and nearby islands. British General Post Office, packets, West India and Pacific Steamship Co. Some are attached to heavy card. Dates are 1820's to 1880's. Good useable condition. Informative with schedule and rate information. Size about 9x12 to 12x18 inches. Very interesting lot. Much information of value to the serious collector of postal history as relate to Haiti.20.00245.00
23Book: "Les Decorations Haitiennes a Travers L'History", the Military and Civil medals of Haiti with color plate photo illustrations from colonial, 1765, to Magloire, 1954.. This is the deluxe edition of the book, one of 200 copies printed in Switzerland. The pages of the book are on paper of photographic quality Twenty-three full page color photos and five smaller color pictures. An interesting and very informative document of this subject. Book is in fine shape with slight cover warping that probably can be corrected. Pages are clean except for a couple of brown spots.25.0037.00
24Book: "Citizen Toussaint" by Korngold, 331 pages on life of Toussaint with Bibliography and index, and pamphlet "La Vie de Toussaint-L’Ouverture" 74 pages in French, paperback by Dubroca Port-au-Prince 1983. Both have covers slightly worn; both have contents in good condition.10.0020.00
25Book "Haiti: The Black Republic”, Rodman, New York 1954, history, culture, and tourist guide. Dust jacket cover and contents good.5.0011.00
26Scott #1-5. Used, VF. All copies with clear, clean dated CAP HAITIEN cancellations.20.0038.00
27#21-24. Complete set Mint, except for #23 is Used. Cat Val $26.85. VF condition.9.00No Bids
28#22. The 2 cents Salomon proof on bond with original gum (unusual) and with 4 large margins in VF condition.5.0010.00
29#43. Two copies Mint. One is Imperforate and the other is Imperforate Between only. See footnote in Scott Catalog. VF.3.009.50
30#46. Horizontal pair, MNH, double perforation horizontally.3.0011.00
31#47. Horizontal pair and a #49 Vertical pair, Imperforate and in Mint VF condition. These are Plate Proofs. See Scott Catalog note.8.00No Bids
32#51. Mint very, very light hinge mark; very good centering and perforations. rather difficult issue to find in this condition. Cat Val $10.004.5011.00
33#52-66. Set of 15 (complete) in Mint, VF condition.3.00No Bids
34#130. Mint VLH, good centering & VF. Cat Val $25.0014.0019.00
35#133. Mint in excellent condition. Cat Val $65.0025.0071.00
36#135. Mint VLH; excellent condition. Cat Val $55.0023.00No Bids
37#137. Mint VLH; excellent condition. Cat Val $27.5012.00No Bids
38#138, #141, #143. Proofs, never hinged, VF.12.0013.00
39#139. Mint VLH, excellent condition. Cat Val $20.008.00No Bids
40#142. Mint, very, very light hinge mark. VF, Cat Val $20.008.00No Bids
41#160. Mint (very minor toning in back not showing on face of stamp). Very good margins. Surcharge slanted upward. A very scarce item, underpriced by Scott. Photo/scan available upon request. Catalog Value $
42#162-165. Mint except #163 is Used. Copy of #164 is in exceptionally excellent condition (very, very light hinge mark with good margins and centering).7.5016.00
43#193. Mint VLH. Excellent condition. Catalog Value $
44#249-260. Complete set in Used and VF condition.3.5022.00
45#262-263. Mint, VF.2.004.00
46#265-275. Complete set in Mint and Very Fine condition.8.0022.00
47#385. Used with inverted surcharge. VF.10.0018.50
48#387. MNH with inverted surcharge. VF.18.0032.00
49#392. Block of 4, MNH, VF.1.003.00
50#466-68, C166-67. In Sheetlets of 12, MNH. VF.10.00No Bids
51#475-79, C180-82. In blocks of 4, MNH, VF.4.0014.00
52#521-23, C233-35. Blocks of 4 plus a single set. MNH, VF.7.007.00
53#524-25, C236-37. Sheetlets of 25 as issued, MNH, VF.15.0015.00
54#537-538. Used with inverted overprints, VF.15.0037.00
55#624D (Apollo Space). Imperforate sheet of 25 - as issued – MNH, VF condition.10.00No Bids
56#640. With inverted overprint, MNH, VF.15.0021.00
57#781-88. Blocks of 4 plus a single set. MNH, VF.10.0018.00
58#809a. FDC with color cachet, VF.5.0014.00
59#879. FDC with color cachet, VF.8.0010.00
60#895. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.4.0012.00
61#905. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. Catalog Value $27.5012.0024.00
62#913. In Sheetlet of 16 (See Scott Catalog note), MNH, VF.5.006.00
63#926. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.5.006.00
64#C188-190. Sheets of 12 (as issued), MNH, VF.2.504.50
65#C207a, #C219-222. Two copies of C207a; one with horizontal overprint and the other with vertical overprint (this being a variety not reported by Scott Catalog). Copies of C207a are MNH and the others are Mint. All VF.2.008.00
66#B9, CB16-18. Horizontal pairs with one of the stamps with the ”CENTIMES” error (in place of date “1959-1960"). MNH, VF.10.0018.50
67#C447A. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. Catalog Value $27.508.0011.00
68#CB13-15. MNH in horizontal pairs with the left stamp of each pair with centimes inverted error. VF.15.0021.00
69#RAC5. Horizontal strip of 3 (from bottom of sheet); Imperforate vertically. MNH, VF condition.9.0012.00
70MINKUS #1326-1328. SPACE EXPLORATION. Set of 3 in MNH VF condition. See Scott Catalog note following Scott #668.5.00No Bids
71GREAT BRITAIN POST OFFICES IN HAITI. Scott Catalog #11 (Plate 13) with clear, clean “C59” cancellation on GB #43. Catalog Value $52.50. Excellent condition.20.0051.00
First Flights
72First Flight (FF) MULLER #7. Pau P (19 April 1927) to Post-au Paix (19 April 1927). VF.15.00No Bids
73 FF, PauP (12 July 1927) to Jeremie (12 July 1927). Paid with #318; blue cachet; VF condition.12.00No Bids
74FF, PauP (12 July 1927) to Jeremie (12 July 1927). Paid with #318; blue cachet; VF condition. (same as Lot 73)12.00No Bids
75FF, PauP (18 July 1927) to Santo Domingo, DR (19 July 1927) . Paid with #318. Muller #9a. VF condition.15.00No Bids
76FF (WIAE), PauP (21 February 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (28 February 1928). Cover has also a PauP cancel of 28 Feb 1928. REASON: the first northbound service of this flight was to depart PauP on 21 Feb but was postponed and departure was not until 28 Feb; thus the reason for the two PauP cancellations. Paid with #314, #318. Pilot B.L. Rowe signed this cover. VF condition.12.00No Bids
77FF, Muller #15, PauP (28 February 1928) to USA (Ironton, OH 4 March 1928). Paid with #314, #320. Mailed to the US via Cuba under the inauguration of the northbound flight of the WIAE. Blue “AVION” and WIAE inauguration cachets. VF condition.8.00No Bids
78FF, Muller #15, PauP (28 February 1928) to Miranda, Cuba (29 February 1928) with stop over in Santiago de Cuba (28 February 1929). Paid with 316, #318. VF.10.0010.00
79FF (FAM #6), PauP (9 January 1929) to San Juan, PR (10 January 1929). Paid with 316, #318; color cachets; VF.10.00No Bids
80FF (FAM #6). PauP (9 January 1929) to Santo Domingo (10 January 1929). Paid with #314, #315 #316, #317. Color cachets; VF.10.0010.00
81Same as Lot #80, except mail was paid with #316 and #318.8.00No Bids
82FF (AAMS # F6-4a) PauP (9 January 1929) to Santiago de Cuba ( 9 Jan 1929). Paid with #316, #318; color cachets; VF.10.00No Bids
83Same as Lot #82, except mail was paid with #314, #315, #316, #317, “PREMIER VOL” color cachet; VF.12.00No Bids
84FF (AAMS #F6-4) PauP (9 January 1929) to Havana, Cuba (10 January 1929). Paid with #314-317; VF.12.0012.00
85FF PauP (9 January 1929) to US (Miami, 10 January 1929). Paid with #314-317; VF.10.00No Bids
86FF Registered Mail, PauP (21 September 1929) to Castries, St Lucia (22 September 1929) via San Juan, PR (21 September 1929). Mail returned to PauP on 10 October 1929. Paid with #190 (3), #314 (3). Color cachet “ First Flight San Juan-Paramaribo” and a large blue double circle “Premier Vol Lindbergh”. Fine to VF.20.00No Bids
87FF PauP (24 February 1930) to US, paid with #C2. Blue color double circle cachet “Premier Vol N.Y.R.B.A.”. The northbound service of the NYRBA flight is 25 February (Muller #27); this cover was probably flown on the 25 Feb flight, although it was postmarked 24 February. VF.6.005.00
88FF PauP (24 February 1930) to US, paid with #C2. Blue color double circle cachet “Premier Vol N.Y.R.B.A.”. The northbound service of the NYRBA flight is 25 February (Muller #27); this cover was probably flown on the 25 Feb flight, although it was postmarked 24 February. VF. (Same as Lot 87)6.00No Bids
89FF, N.Y.R.B.A., PauP (3 March 1930) to St Georges, Grenada (12 March 1930) via St John, Antigua (8 March 1930). Paid with #C4. This is a Roessler mail cover. Blue double circle cachet “Premier Vol NYRBA”; VF.20.00No Bids
90FF (Muller #56), PauP (29 November 1930) to Kingston, Jamaica (30 December 1930). Paid with #C2 (2). Color cachets (2); VF.22.0035.00
91Same as Lot #90 except that mail was paid with #C4. A PauP postmark of 24 December 1930 is on back of cover showing it was returned to sender per sender’s request. VF condition.22.0033.00
92FF Pan American Airways, PauP (4 December 1931) to San Pedro de Macoris, DR (5 December 1931); via Santo Domingo receiving 7 December 1931. Paid with #C1 (2). Returned to sender PauP 14 December. Fine-VF.6.00No Bids
93FF PAA, PauP (3 December 1931) to San Pedro de Macoris, DR (5 December 1931). Although postmarked on 3 December mail was flown on the 4 December flight. Back of cover has a 7 December 1931 Santo Domingo postmark with a handwritten note asking mail to be returned to sender. Paid with #C2. Very Fine condition.7.007.00
94FF PAA, PauP (5 December 1931) to Nuevitas, Cuba (unreadable cancel) with a Nuevitas postmark on the back of cover of 7 December 1931 showing mail being returned to sender at sender’s request. Paid with #C2. VF condition.7.00No Bids
95First Non-Stop Flight “Columbia ” New York (10 June 1933) to Haiti (PauP cancel of 14 June 1933). Back of cover New York postmark of 19 June 1933. Paid with US 3 cent Washington issue and Haiti #316. Large color commemorative cachet. See article concerning this flight in the December 2013 issue of Haiti Philately where the use of US postage and the dates of postal cancellations are thoroughly explained. VF condition.22.0044.00
Postal Stationery & Post Cards
96Formula Card. H&G Catalog Figure #3. Cap Haitien (11 December 1886) to Paris. Paid with #9. French text. Front with octagonal black ink cancellation “11 Dec 86 Ligne F.” VF condition.20.00130.00
97Postal Stationery (PS). H&G #1; Jacmel (5 June 1900) to Paris. Scott #54 added to cover 3 c rate. Text in French. VF.12.00No Bids
98PS. H&G #1. PauP (date unreadable but message on back is dated 24 November 1901) to Italy. Copy of #55 added to pay 3c rate. Text in Spanish. VF.12.00No Bids
99PS. H&G #1. Cap Haitien (unreadable dated cancel) to Le Havre. Added #55 to pay 3c rate. Single line message; VF.5.00No Bids
100PS. H&G #1. PauP (11 April 1902) to Halle Saale (?? No further direction). Receiving NYC on 28 April 1902. Two additional #52 added to pay for 3c rate. No message other than name of sender in PauP. 7.00No Bids
101PS. H&G #2. PauP (20 Jan ?) to Paris. Scott #96 added to pay 3c rate. Readable message Very Fine condition.6.00No Bids
102PS. H&G #2. PauP (29 January 1900) to Munchen, Germany (18 February 1900). Short text in German. VF. 12.00No Bids
103PS. H&G #2. Cap Haitien (31 December 1900) to Hamburg, Germany (24 January 1901). Le Havre receiving 23, January 1901. Added copy of #54. Short text. VF.12.00No Bids
104PS. H&G #3. PauP (11 March 1899) to Boston. NY receiving mark, 16 March 1899. Short text in English. VF.8.00No Bids
105PS. H&G #3. PauP (8 December 1905) to Germany; receiving Hamburg, 30 December 1905. Mostly readable message in French, VF.10.00No Bids
106POSTAL CARD (PC). PauP (24 July 1939) to US. Paid with #327a. Color PC is an official approved New York World’s Fair PC showing the US Steel Building at the Fair. VF condition. 2.004.00
107PC. PauP (4 December 1937) to US. Paid with #327. PC is a color photo of a Haitian family country hut. VF.4.007.00
108PC. PauP with unreadable postmark to US. Paid with #C435. PC is a color photo of the Negro Morron statute in PauP. VF.1.003.00
109PC. PauP (?,? 1957) to US. Paid with #384. PC is a color photo of Henri Christophe Citadel in Northern Haiti showing main entrance. VF.1.006.00
110PC. Set of three very fine color PCs depicting Haitian paintings/murals as follows: Castera Bazile’s Ascension Panel, Wilson Bigaud’s Gendarme Chasing Chicken Thief, and Rigaud Benoit’s Nativity Panel. These PCs were distributed by W.E. Lamke, PauP, Haiti. All in Very Fine condition.9.0017.00
111PC. Two color PCs. One is of the Chapel of Milot and the other of St Peter Church in Petionville. PCs paid with #408a and with postal cancellations (Darice, 19 July 1957) but without an address or text. VF condition.4.0020.00
112PC. Bainet (6 July 1957) to PauP. Paid with #408a. PC is a color picture of Notre Dame Cathedral in PauP. VF condition.5.0011.00
U.S. Navy Ships in Haitian Waters
113USS BRIDGE. Gonaives 18 March 1927. Addressed to NYC. VF condition.4.00No Bids
114USS CHARLES AUSBURN. Gonaives 27 January 1928. Mailed to US, Buffalo receiving mark on 3 Feb 28. VF.6.00No Bids
115USS DUPONT. Gonaives 6 April 1931. VF.4.00No Bids
116USS J. FRED TALBOT. Gonaives 8 January 1934. Unaddressed with color cachet. VF.6.00No Bids
117USS HERBERT. Gonaives 13 May 1934. Addressed to US receiving Weatherly, PA on 23 May 34. Small black & white cachet. VF.5.009.00
118USS HOPKINS. Gonaives 15 March 1939. Addressed to US. A very nice cachet with photo of DD-249. VF.6.0012.00
Special Offers
119The Haiti section of the 2014 Edition of the Scott Catalog complete. This section has been very carefully removed. A great opportunity to obtain latest edition of the Haiti section without having to buy Volume 3 of the Scott Catalog at a price of $1205.0010.00
120Old and interesting document. Size 16 x 11 inches. Seems to be a certificate upgrade of a masonic member (“Marc Antoine PONS 41 year old, particular lieutenant in Royal Seat of this city, professor in catholic religion”) of the Lodge Saint Jean Scottish ritual. Made and signed in Port of Prince at Coast of Saint Domingue Island, in the 4th of the 7th month of year of grace 1783. With masonic symbols (pillar, star or sun, triangle) & wax seal. Considering the age of this document, it is in very good condition. No damage.10.00117.00
121#385-387. MNH with shifted surcharges in different directions.6.0015.00
122#385-388, C49-51. First Day Covers (3). Unaddressed; no cachets; VF.5.006.00
123#386-388. Each with double surcharge. MNH,VF.30.00No Bids
124#387. With inverted surcharge. MNH, VF.12.0015.00
125#388. Block of 4, each with inverted surcharge. In Mint, Very Fine condition.40.0044.00
126#C49-50 and #C49a. Error issue is MNH and Very Fine condition. Catalog Value is $
127#C49-51. FDC on registered mail to NYC via Miami (4 Oct 1950) with NY receiving cancel, 5 October 1950. VF.3.004.50
End of auction