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Philatelic Society

December 2013 Society Auction

Closed December 28, 2013

Lot Description M/B Realized
1Ship letter Port au Prince to Boston via Philadelphia, 28 June 1853, nice strikes of "SHIP", "7" in circle, and large Philadelphia date stamp all in bright blue ink. Contents one page in English, commercial. Letter is clean and sound with faint horizontal file fold that does not seriously detract.$15.00$77.00
2Cover sheet, Port au Prince to London via New York, partial strike of "New York 5" charge in New York and 1/ (one shilling) charge in London. Addressed to the Wesleyan Mission, probably received in New York and returned to the post to London. Clean and sound with very faint horizontal file fold. 5.0012.00
3Ship letter, Jacmel to London via Liverpool, 29 February 1832, with VF strikes of boxed "LIVERPOOL SHIP LETTER" and London date stamp on back. The postage due in manuscript is 1/7. A couple of small stains on the front, not seriously detracting. Contents two pages in English, from a missionary who evidently has been recalled to his superiors in England. Paper has a small separation along a fold that does not detract and does not interfere with reading the letter.25.0035.00
4Cover sheet, Cap Haitien to London April 10, 1840. Partial London receiving mark, and charge in manuscript 1/5. This was the rate for Admiralty Packets at this time. Piece is clean and sound with horizontal file fold.5.0025.00
5Letter, Gonaives to Bordeaux via London, with VF strike of the currency exchange marking "Colonies &c ART 12". On the reverse is a somewhat obscured strike of the large "JACMEL" date stamp, the first date of its use, 21 December 1843. The letter was carried, from schedules, by the Royal Mail packet, "Medway". Contents one page in English, faint but can be read. Clean and sound and except for slight soiling an attractive piece.50.00130.00
6Letter, St. Marc 10 December 1873, to New York. Evidently carried outside the mail to New York and placed there in City Delivery. Two "CITY DELIVERY NY" date stamps and St. Marc merchants cachet, all VF on the front. Also 2c US postage is attached by a hinge, possibly originally affixed to the letter over the merchants cached. The New York city delivery rate was 2 cents. Contents one page in French, quite neat handwriting. Unusual.15.00120.00
7Registered cover from Gonaives to Port au Prince, dated 20 December 1915, paid by SC #218, GL OZ 7 CENTS in diamond on 50c. Cover has slight wrinkles at right and a tear about 2 cm long at top center. Markings /stamp are clear of these problems. Unusual cover.20.0085.00
8Cover, Wrentham, Massachusetts, to Port au Prince paid by 10 cents US postage, July 10 1894, quite clean and sound. Attractive.5.00No Bids
9Cover, Port au Prince to Havre via New York, January 1880. Clear NY postage due markings, and faint French receiving date stamp. Manuscript 6 (decimes due) in France. Some wrinkling but no tears. Condition about good.5.00No Bids
10Cover, Port au Prince to Paris via New York, 22 January 1914, block of 4 SC #111 1c green on back. Four centimes does not fully pay the rate, but cover went to destination without additional charge. Clean and sound and about fine.10.0025.00
11French stamps used at Cap Haitien, 10 stamps on album page. Sage issue 30 centimes, 20 centimes strip of three, and 1 Franc two copies. Napoleon 80 centimes, and three ceres heads 10 c, 40c, and 80c. Cancels are good to fine, showing enough to allow determination of date (month and year, or full date) and Cap Haitien origin, about good to fine.30.00220.00
12Letter, Port de Paix to Rouen via Le Havre, May 22, 1777. Le Havre entry marking and manuscript "8" (decimes due). Letter has a tear about 8cm long repaired with tape. Paper is stained. Otherwise sound and contents two pages in French, can be read. Overall about good.20.0027.00
13Postal card, Saint-Marc January 1905 to Springfield, Massachusetts via New York. The card is 2 centimes Sam printed postage and 1 c green 1904 Nord-Alexis added. Message requesting catalog. Card is clean and very sound. Condition is VF.25.0030.00
14Letter, 8 March 1817 Port au Prince to London, faint strike of "PORTSMOUTH SHIP LETTER" in box, on the front. Letter is clean and sound except for horizontal file fold that is slightly detracting. Contents one page in German. Probably can be read. London arrival stamp on back. About fine.25.0035.00
15SC #241 mint large block of 15, catalogs as singles at $127.50. Block has separation between stamps at two locations, but stamps are not completely detached. Some sheet selvedge. The overprints appear to be genuine. Both the large "1" and "POSTE PAYE" are in blue. The "POST PAYE" is the larger version. Perhaps one of the largest multiples of this stamp. Paper somewhat frail, good color; Ok if handled carefully. Full OG VF.25.0037.00
16Two overseas covers, rate paid by 10c 1904 Nord-Alexis SC#99, one to Paris 1906, the second to Massachusetts January 1905. Stamps are tied. The first has some slight soiling, the second has two vertical file folds, smoothed out and not seriously detracting. In all, about Fine.10.0033.00
17Air mail cover paid by seven stamps, various issues from around 1900, totaling 60 centimes, Gonaives to East Orange, New Jersey, AVION cachets, 11 October 1927. Roessler cover. Clean, sound and VF.25.00No Bids
18Cover, US Consulate at St. Marc stationery, to Port au Prince. Paid by 2c palm tree of 1898, SC #47. Date on cancel is not clear but appears to be 1899. Stamp is tied. Scarce usage of this issue. Cover is clean and sound and almost VF.25.0030.00
19Cover, Port au Prince to Jacmel paid by 2c in red on 10c Nord-Alexis of 1907, SC #152, date is not clear but appears to be 1909. Stamp is well tied. Cover has wrinkles and small tears at edges. Scarce usage. Cover overall is about good.25.00No Bids
20#174 and #183 on cover to pay 27 centimes Jacmel to Paris. Unusual rate, National Bank stationery. Haiti date stamps are indistinct, but Paris on back is 1920. Cover is wrinkled and has a fold. There are a couple of small tears at the edges. Overall condition is about fair.10.0020.00
21#1-6 unused singles, a nice set hinge mounted on an album page, full margin and OG copies and VF condition. CV $177.0035.0061.00
22#1-3, unused horizontal pairs, OG and VF, hinge mounted on an album page, CV as singles $80.0020.0058.00
23Used #1, horizontal pair, #2 horizontal strip of 4, and two #4 (5 centimes) horizontal pairs mounted on album page, nice full margin with good cancels and VF, CV as singles $97.0025.00205.00
24#7-13, unused and mounted on an album page 1c og single, 2c horizontal pair no gum, 3c og single, 5c yellow green og single, 7c (SC# 11) two copies og singles, 7c (SC #12) no gum single, 20c SC #13 og single. CV $88.5018.00No Bids
25#7 (1 centime) block of 4 imperforate between horizontally, fresh and full og with some bottom sheet margin. Light hinge mark on back, good centering and perforations intact, VF. It has been removed from a protective mount to examine the back. Nice display piece. Catalog value as two pairs $400.00 100.00805.00
26Scott #1-6. Used and VF condition. ALL copies with readable PauP cancel. Cat Value 2014 is $69.0020.0030.00
27#21-24. Mint, VF.5.0010.00
#21-24. Mint, VF.
28#25. Used. 10 copies; all VF. Plating selection. Cat Val $30.006.00No Bids
29#40. Block of 8; MNH, VF.2.003.00
30#42. Block of 4; MNH, VF.2.003.00
31#43. Block of 4; Mint, VF.2.008.00
32#47. Block of 10; MNH, VF.2.006.00
33#49. Block of 9; MNH, VF.2.007.00
34#67-81. Collection of 175 copies in Mint and Used condition. Lot appears to have been own by a student of these issues. Collection is mounted on 12 Scott pages with numerous annotations throughout. Numerous blocks of 4 included. Many issues with readable cancellations. A wide variety of forgery issues included. Material is in very good condition. A valuable collection for the specialist.30.00105.00
35#69a-70a. MNH with Inverted Overprints, VF.2.005.00
36#85. Complete sheet of 50, Imperforate. MNH condition. Some gum cracks and minor tropicalization, only on gum side, not affecting stamp front; otherwise a very nice sheet of this issue. Cat Val $62.50++. 23.0081.00
37#87. Complete sheet of 50; Imperforate, MNG, VF. Cat Value $62.5019.0077.00
38#93. Complete sheet of 50 (small overprint type), MNH, VF. Cat Val $25.0011.0051.00
39#128. Mint, VF.2.002.00
40#130. Mint very light hinge mark; VF.7.0010.00
41#130. Mint, F-VF.6.006.00
42#133. Mint with very light hinge mark; Cat Value $65. VF.18.0018.00
43#133. Mint, VF.16.0025.00
44#135. Mint, VF. Cat Value $55.0014.0024.00
45#137. Mint, VF.7.00No Bids
46#139. Mint, VF.5.0012.00
47#142. Mint, VF.5.005.00
48#144. Mint with very light hinge mark; VF.4.004.00
49#144. Mint, VF. 3.004.00
50#162-65. Mint, VF.6.0022.00
51#184. Vertical pair, MNH, VF. Cat Val $14.504.00No Bids
52#235-42. Mint, VF condition. Includes #242 (a very scarce and undervalued issue). Cat Val 2014 is $
53#347. MNH, VF.2.002.00
54#348. MNH,VF. 6.00No Bids
55#380. Specimen (ABNC), MNH, VF.3.505.00
56#390-91. Specimen, MNH, VF.8.0011.00
57#562-65 & #C277-79. MNH, VF.3.755.50
58#584 & C296-98. MNH, VF.1.752.50
59#596-98 & C310-13. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.4.0011.00
60#610 & C324-25. MNH, VF.1.001.75
61#611-15 & C326-29. MNH, VF.9.5014.00
62#618-20 & C342-44. MNH, VF.3.0012.00
63#624H-I. Used copies. Souvenir sheets (2), Perforated issues. VF.3.003.00
64#624H-I. Used copies. Imperforate issues (2), VF.3.003.00
65#625-27 & C348-50. MNH, VF.27.0028.00
66#649-54. MNH, VF.1.503.00
67#667-69 & C411-14. MNH, VF.1.001.75
68#879. Sheet of 4 on an unaddressed First Day Cover. VF.8.00No Bids
69#902. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.15.0017.00
70#903. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.10.0012.00
71#904-07. MNH in Imperforate S/S of 4. (See note in Scott catalog). VF.15.0023.00
72#908. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.15.0015.00
73#913. MNH, VF in sheet of 8 (See note in Scott catalog).2.755.00
74#925a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.6.0020.00
75#926. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.5.007.50
76#933. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.6.0055.00
77#940. Souvenir Sheet, MNH. Very scarce issue totally undervalued by Scott Catalog. Very Fine condition.50.0077.00
78#C4A, MNH, Extra Fine, A beautiful copy! Cat Val $75.0040.00No Bids
79#C19a-21a. S/S Imperforate in MNH VF condition.25.00No Bids
80#C25-32. MNH,VF. 3.004.00
81#C245a. Souvenir sheet (See note in Scott catalog), Mint, VF.5.006.00
82#C256a, Souvenir sheet (See note in Scott catalog), Mint, VF.7.0012.00
83#C390A-B. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.2.004.00
84#C487-89. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.004.00
85#CB3-8 & CB7a-8a. Cat Val $146. In MNH,VF condition.65.00No Bids
86#CB18a. Souvenir sheet (See note in Scott catalog), MNH, VF.8.0012.00
87#CB24-27. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.2.503.00
88#CB35-36. MNH, VF.2.003.00
89#CB52-54, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
90#J6. Inverted overprint in MNH, VF condition.4.008.00
91Cover. Milot (18 Nov 1929) via Cap Haitien (18 Nov 29) to USA. Paid with #316. Very Fine condition.2.003.00
92Cover. PauP (24 July 1935) to US. Paid with #335. VF. 2.002.50
93Post Card. Cap Haitien (15 July 1939) to US; paid with #327. Picture ( black and white) of Royal Chapel of Black King Christophe in Palace of San Souci. VF.2.007.00
94Post Card. This is an amateur verification card of station HH3DL (black color cachet) at Plantation Dauphin in Cap Haitien. PC bears a PauP cancel of 14 Dec 1949; addressed to US and paid with #381 and RA16. Photo scan available. VF condition.5.007.00
95Cover. Two Government of Haiti “Service Official” envelopes. One posted PauP (22 Nov 1977) to US (25 Nov 77) and the other posted at PauP (unreadable cancel date) addressed also to the US. Both covers w/large double circle marking of “OFFICE DU TIMBRE’ and “AVION/AIRMAIL”. Covers are In Very Fine condition.5.008.00
96TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE ISSUE. Republic of Dahomey, Scott #179-181 in FIRST DAY COVER with very nice cachet by Berck Paris (French cachet maker). VF. 6.00110.00
97COLLECTION. About 590 postage stamps in MNH, Mint and Used condition without faults. Some minor duplication. Lot consist of issues between 1881-1970. High catalog value. Excellent condition.30.0055.00
Special Selection
(All lots in this section are MNH, VF unless stated otherwise)
98Scott #69. Block of 10 (5 x 2).3.003.00
99#90, 92-95, 103. All with large type surcharges. #90, 93, 103 are 13 ½ perforation; others are 14 perforation. 1.507.00
100#179 (single) & #188 (block of 6).10.0022.00
101#217-18, #245 (horizontal pair). 1.001.50
102#254 (horizontal pair), #255 (block of 4), #256, #259, and #
103#266 (block of 4, Mint Hinged – one is MNH), and #
104#270-71 (in pairs), #273-
105#278 (block of 8), #279 Mint (2 are MNH). 3.7511.00
106#283, #285, #289 (horizontal pair).1.252.00
107#290-91. 2.50No Bids
108#293, #295, #298, #300.1.752.50
109#302, #306, #307 Block of 4 Mint (2 are MNH).1.506.00
110#426. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. Cat Val $37.50++ 10.00No Bids
111#642. Sheet of 50, MNH. Cat Val $15++.6.00No Bids
112#C119. Sheet of 50 (minus one stamp – bottom left corner). Cat Val $29.40++ MNH, VF condition.7.00No Bids
113#C447A. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF, Cat Val $27.50++.7.0016.00
114#C49-50 and #C49a (error issue). Cat Val $76.00 50.00No Bids
115#C50a. Block of four with the error stamp on the upper left. There is a very small missing “P” showing. Cat Val $66.80. A very good looking block with error of this issue.25.0033.00
116#385,387, 388. These copies have the two periods in the denomination surcharge. Example: “.0.03”.6.0026.00
117#386-87 and a copy of the 10c on 5c green error as noted in footnote of Scott Catalog. Error stamp is in Mint condition.7.0020.00
118#J6. Inverted overprint.4.005.00
119#310-314. ABNC Specimen copies of this issue.10.0016.00
120#315-319. ABNC Specimen copies of this issue. 10.0016.00
End of auction