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Philatelic Society

June 2013 Society Auction

Closed June 29, 2013

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Cover with 10 c. Nord Alexis issue of 1904 to pay rate Port-au Prince to Paris, 8 March 1905. Quite neat and clean, with stamp tied by partial strike of a Haiti date stamp. Cap Haitien date stamp on front, PauP date stamp on back. Paris stamp on front dates the piece. Almost VF.$25.00No Bids
2Stamps, various, 13 President Sam issue, betw. 1c and 10 c with various cancels on album page, in stock book pockets Legetime essays 1c, 2c, 5c, and two 50c, small assortment of palm trees, about a dozen imperfs; possibly fakes, four copies of Scott # 146 2 c de g orange yellow with cancels, 17 copies of #147 2 c de g lemon with useful cancels, on album pages. Some nice copies. About fine average.8.00$80.00
3Five cover sheets, mainly Haiti to France, typical markings of 19th century, couple ship letters (Liverpool and Cowes), couple French "Ligne" date stamps, and various faults. Mixed lot.10.0035.00
4Cover with two pairs of 5c. Nord-Alexis 1904 issue, one pair on front, one on back. Both are canceled by Jeremie date stamps, pair on back is tied by New York registry stamp. Pair on front is canceled but not tied. Cover is sound but somewhat soiled. Has Haitian registry "R" and number. Small tear in LR corner not seriously detracting. Somewhat toned and brittle. Fine.20.00No Bids
5Cover with Scott #321, President Louis Borno 10c red posted at sea via Havana to The US, handstamp of steamer "ULUA", clear Havana backstamp. Unusual souvenir piece.5.0010.00
6Cover, Scott #276, #165, and #310, 1 c de G, 1 c de G, and 3 c. de G respectively, Petionville to Port au Prince. Stamps cancelled by Petionville date stamp, and another strike on reverse. Very clean and sound, recipient was a Haiti collector and may have sent this to himself. VF condition.25.0025.00
7Assorted stamps with cancels, about 120 stamps between Salomon issue and about 1920 with various cancels, faults but fair amount of useful material, on album pages. Some ship cancels and a few unusual town cancels.20.0075.00
8Cover, Palm tree issue of 1898, between Scott #46 and #51; 1c. 3c. 7c. and 20c combination to total of 20 c. to make single, registered rate Port-au-Prince to Paris via New York. Nice clear P au P date stamps tying postage to cover, Haiti registration 'R' and number, New York registration label, clear New York and Paris date stamps on reverse. Very Fine, neat, clean, and sound.60.0095.00
9Légitime essays in pairs, horizontal (h) or vertical (v); 1c (h), 3c (v), 5c (v), 10c (v), 20c (h), 30c (v), 50c (v). Rouletted on colored paper. VF.30.0075.00
10Small cover, very neat and clean, Port-au-Prince to France paid by two Scott #57 4c red and one 2c carmine Nord-Alexis 1904 issue. Clear Port-au-Prince date stamp does not tie stamps. Tear, about 2mm, in upper left corner of the 2c stamp. Otherwise almost very fine.5.007.00
11Neat letter, Port au Prince 12 May 1839 to Bordeaux. It evidently went outside the mails to a forwarding agent in Le Havre who sent it on to Bordeaux. Clear datestamp for Le Havre, 26 June, marks its arrival there, forwarder's marking on back is slightly faint, and a there is a clear date stamp on back for Bordeaux, 29 May 1839. Contents two pages in French, appears to be by two persons and possibly difficult to read. Sound, neat, and clean. About fine.25.0055.00
12Small letter, Port au Prince 15 March 1819, to Rouen. Le Havre entry mark on fronts; no date stamps. A stamp on the front reading "CLEEMANN le havre" is a forwarder's mark. Cleemann evidently received it at Le Havre and sent it on to Rouen. Three pages in French appear easy to read. There is a tape stain about 6 cm long but does not spoil the piece. Still sound & about fine.25.0050.00
13Neat envelope, Miragoane to Havre via Port au Prince and French packet, forwarded at Port au Prince by JH Gaugaitte. On the front is a VF strike of the French agency octagon "LE PORT-AU-PRINCE" and a circular stamp of "LIGNE D PAQ FR. No3". Very neat and attractive and almost VF.40.0077.00
14Letter, Cap Haitien to Dunkerque, 17 October 1866. On front is a clear French octagon with "LE CAP HAITIEN". On the back is a clear circle with"LIGNE-D PAQ FR No.1". Clean and sound with faint horizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Contents one page in French that probably is legible. Neat, attractive, and almost VF.40.0090.00
15Cover sheet, Cap Haitien to Havre 18 July 1868, via French agency at Cap Haitien. The 80 c rate is paid by two pairs of French stamps, 20c blue Laureated Napoleon issue. Both pairs are cancelled and tied by the anchor and dots device of this period. In the center is a very nice strike of the octagonal "Le Cap Haitien". The piece has a horizontal file fold, not seriously detracting, and some wrinkling and soiling. Attractive and about fine. Scarce. 100.00690.00
16Cover, Cayes to Bordeaux via Jacmel. Nice strike of the large oval "Manque de Timbes PAYE", lack of postage. Nice date stamps for Cayes and Jacmel on front, a second Jacmel on back. Some fading of color and wrinkling. There are no French markings, and it is possible that it was refused. This marking is known on internal mail to be accepted, but it well could have been refused on oversees mail. Good to fine.15.00120.00
17Letter, Port au Prince to London, 31 July 1821, stamped "DEAL SHIP LETTER" in box and large forwarder's mark on back. Letter is clean and sound. It has a horizontal file fold, not seriously detracting. Contents 3 pages in German. About fine. 25.00190.00
18Letter, Port au Prince to Bordeaux 10 February 1860 via British packet. Appropriate date markings, including "A JACMEL" agency mark. Contents one page in French appears to be legible. Horizontal file fold, slightly detracting. Otherwise clean and sound and about fine.20.00No Bids
19Letter, Port au Prince 15 November 1878, to New York. On front is nice strike of double circle NEW YORK and DUE 5 CENTS. Vertical file folds that are somewhat detracting. Otherwise quite clean and sound. Contents about a half page in English. Almost fine.10.0015.00
20British ship letter, Port au Prince to London, 24 March 1819 marked "SOUTHAMPTON SHIP LETTER". Somewhat heavy horizontal file fold and two layers of the paper adhere slightly. Otherwise clean and fine. Contents two pages in German.20.0057.00
21Colored post card, scenes of Port au Prince, to Willemshaven, Germany via New York, posted aboard ship. NY Foreign Branch date on front, 21 Jan. 1901. Postage paid by 3c green Sam issue Sc. #56 on back. Stamp tied by Dutch packet oval. A second strike is VF. Clear receiving marks. Fine plus.20.0032.00
22Cover, very clean, from Aux Cayes to Germany 20 Feb. 1910 paid by 2c Sc. #126 and 3c Sc. #127. Mailed aboard Dutch packet, and stamps tied by two strikes of Dutch oval with third strike to the side. All three strikes are VF. No NY or German receiving marks. Very slight wrinkling, not detracting, and slight discoloration affecting the 2c stamp at right edge. Almost VF.30.0041.00
23Cover, Jeremie to Hamburg, May 30, 1903, paid by 10c Sam issue, Sc # 62 cancelled by a large X (probably pre cancel), by HAPAG ship Ascania. VF strike of "ASCANIA" on front, Hamburg receiving on back. Couple of small flaws, otherwise VF.30.00170.00
24Cover, Port au Prince to Chicago 21 Sept 1912 paid by pair of 5c Leconte Sc. #168. PauP cancel nicely ties stamps; another strike to side is VF, overall clean and neat. Fine +.10.0022.00
25Cover, Haiti to Hamburg, posted on HAPAG ship Constantia 31 Oct 1901. Blue and brown 5c Sam issue to pay rate (Sc # 59 and 58) both cancelled by large X, probably pre cancels, Hamburg receiving on back. Small tear and some soiling at top, otherwise F to VF.20.00135.00
26Scott #2. Mint w/good margins & very light hinge mark. VF.4.00No Bids
27#3. Mint No Gum; good margins, VF.5.00No Bids
28#25. Used; 10 copies. All VF. Good plating selection.7.00No Bids
29#26//43. Large selection of 203 copies of the 3 Coat of Arms (Palm Tree) issues of 1891-1898. Mostly usedD copies; many with town cancels. Mostly VF condition. No copies of #29, 31 and 34. Cat Val of over $150.0020.0042.00
30#37. Litho forgery block of 30 (5x6). A very rare multiple this size. MNH and VF condition.25.0055.00
31#53, 55, 57, 59, 60-63, and 65. All in MNH VF condition.1.253.00
32#69. Block of 4. MNH, VF. All with Inverted overprints.6.009.00
33#69. Block of 4. MNH, VF.1.255.00
34#89-92, 102-03, 105, and 107. MNH, VF.1.506.00
35#108-09 (MNH), #109 in block of 4 (2 MNH), #109 pair with Inverted Surcharges (MNH). All VF condition.5.007.00
36#113. Mint with Inverted overprint, VF.3.004.50
37#150-53, 155. All MNH VF.1.005.00
38#178 and #179 in vertical pair. All MNH, VF.1.002.00
39#184. Vertical pair in MNH, VF. Cat Val $ Bids
40#184. MNH VF. 2.503.50
41#188. Block of 4; Mint VF.6.508.00
42#214. Mint w/Inverted overprint. VF. 3.004.00
43#245, #250 in block of 4, #253 in block of 6, and #254 in pair. All in MNH and VF condition.3.0010.00
44#255 in block of 4 (MNH) and #256 in block of 4 (Mint). VF.2.008.00
45#256, 259, 260, and 263 (pair) in MNH, VF. 1.005.00
46#265 in block of 4, #266 in pair, and #270-72 in blocks of 4. All are VF in MNH condition except for #272 is Mint. 4.5012.00
47#278, 279, 281. All in blocks of 4 and in MNH VF.3.0011.00
48#292, 302 in blocks of 4 and in MNH VF.1.754.00
49#306-308. MNH, VF.1.503.00
50#389, C52-54. MNH VF. Cat Val $27.15. 8.00No Bids
51#412, C103. MNH VF. Cat Val $
52#428-31, C122-25. Complete set of 8 on a FD presentation folder (6 1/2 X 4 inches). Nice and clear FD cancellations. A VF copy.5.0014.00
53#469, C168-69. Sheetlets of 20 in MNH VF.10.00No Bids
54#510-12, C223-26. Complete set of 7 in Sheetlets of 50 with map of Japan in the background. MNH VF. Cat Val $140.00 50.0077.00
55#585-89, C299-301. Complete set of 8 in sheets of 50. Cat Val $147.50. In MNH and VF condition.50.00No Bids
56#616P & 616Q. Used CTO. Perforate and Imperforate copies. VF.4.006.00
57#625-27,C348-50. The butterflies issue. MNH VF. Cat Val $93.0030.00No Bids
58#639-639O. Set of 16 (Perforated issues) in blocks of 4; MNH VF.14.00No Bids
59Same as above, but these are the Imperforate issues.14.00No Bids
60#643-46, C366-68. Imperforate horizontal pairs of trial color proofs in MNH VF condition.25.0025.00
61#803-09a. Set with very scarce souvenir sheet in MNH VF.15.0030.00
62#902 (sheet of 6) & #903 (S/S); MNH VF.30.0052.00
63#908. Souvenir Sheet in MNH VF.15.0020.00
64#912a. Souvenir Sheet in MNH VF.7.0012.00
65#926. Souvenir Sheet in MNH VF.5.008.00
66#927-33. Set w/very scarce souvenir sheet; MNH VF.30.00110.00
67#934-40. Set w/ spuvenir sheet (One of the scarcest S/S issues of Haiti. First time ever offered in our auctions!) in MNH, VF condition.40.00150.00
68#B21, CB35-36. Sheetlets of 20 in MNH VF. Cat Val $88.0025.00No Bids
69#C4A. MNH, extra fine - a beautiful copy! Cat Val $75.0040.00No Bids
70#C19a-21a. Souvenir Sheets Imperforate, MNH, VF.30.00No Bids
71#C19-21 and #C19a-21a. Mint, VF. Cat Val $90.0035.0040.00
72#C68. Sheet of 50 in MNH VF.10.0015.00
73#C99-104. MNH, VF.11.0015.00
74#C125a. Souvenir Sheets, Perforate and Imperforate, MNH, VF.5.006.00
75#C169. Proof in block of 4, Imperforate; MNH, VF.15.0022.00
76#C326-29. Mint, VF.4.009.00
77#C404. FORMAT Security Printers Proof. VF condition.20.00No Bids
78#CB1-2. Mint, VF.15.00No Bids
79#CB2. Mint, VF7.00No Bids
80#CB3-8. Mint w/very light hinge marks, VF. Cat Val $66.0020.0035.00
81#J7, Mint; and #J10 vertical pair Mint (one MNH). VF.2.004.00
Postal Stationery
82Postal Card. Higgins & Gage (H&G) #1; Mint, VF.3.005.00
83H&G #2. Mint, VF.3.25No Bids
84H&G #2 with the added surcharge “MAI/Gt Pre/1902”. Mint VF.4.00No Bids
85H&G #3. Mint, VF.4.00No Bids
86H&G #4. Mint, VF.6.00No Bids
87H&G #6. Mint in pristine condition.10.00No Bids
88H&G #13. Mint, VF.2.505.00
89PC (LETTER CARD). Same design as H&G #13-16 (Nord Alexis). This is the only Letter Card issued by Haiti. It is a 5 centimes de piaster, blue on cream color. Mint, VF condition.3.007.00
90Post card. PauP (13 July 1906) to New York. Paid with #70. Black and white picture of Haitian family. VF.15.0020.00
91Aerogramme. The 0.70 Gourde issue on blue color paper with printed copy of Scott # C317 (Boesman and his balloon). Mint, VF.2.004.00
Covers and Miscellaneous
92Cover. PauP (13 Feb 1901) to NY. Paid with #59, 62. VF.20.00No Bids
93Cover. PauP (17 Dec 1938) to USA. Commercial mail paid with #C11.2.002.00
94Cover. Cayes (20 Jan 1932) to NY. Paid w/ #323. VF.2.003.00
95Cover. PauP (2 July 1917) to USA. Paid w/ #168. VF.2.003.00
96AUDUBON Birds of America Album (1981) with 13 sheets, certificate, and interesting text about these issues. Excellent condition.15.00No Bids
97Collection. About 200 stamps (includes 3 S/S) ALL different (no duplication) of postage issued during period 1960-1984. Mostly in Mint condition (many in MNH). Cat Val about $250 ++. No Faults. VF condition. 25.00No Bids
98Collection. About 570 stamps including 4 Souvenir sheets in used and mint condition. No damaged stamps included. Some issues in multiple copies. Consist of issues period 1891 thru 1970 of regular and airmail issues. High catalog value. Good selection.30.00No Bids
99LA TIMBROLOGIE HAITIENNE BULLETIN. Volumes 1-3 (1942-43). 68 pages of a variety of articles w/ much interesting and detailed information on Haiti postal issues. Editor of bulletin : LEON MONTES. Cover of Vol 2-3 (a combined issue) is not in good condition. Valuable reference.3.0021.00
100INFORMATION SHEETS (size 6 ¼ X 3 ¼ inches) containing data of postal issues (period 1965-68). These sheets (18 different) with photo of stamps (black and white) were issued by the Corporation Philatelique d’Haiti, S.A. in Port au Prince.5.0010.00
101Haiti Auto License Plate (1994) in VF condition. 10.0010.00
102DAHOMEY POSTAL ISSUE Scott #179-181, MNH, VF. This is a postal issue (1963) in honor of Haiti’s General Pierre D. Toussaint.1.256.00
103SAFE BINDER. 14-Ring binder; size 12 x 12 ½ inches. Binder (blue color) is of soft vinyl w/decorated gold embossed line on the front cover. This binder manufactured in Germany is new. Retail price is $ Bids
End of auction