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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

March 2013 Society Auction

Closed March 30, 2013

Lot Description M/B Realized
Liberty Heads
1Scott #1, 1c vermillion, 50 used copies in reconstruction of plate I. (All imperforates are from a single plate, one printing each value, denoted Plate I.) Nice sound 4 margin copies, fine average, some useful cancels. CV $225.00$25.00$126.00
2#2, 2c violet, 63 used copies on album page, sound 4 margin copies, CV $346.50; couple of useful cancels, fine average.35.0068.00
3#2, 2c violet, 43 unused copies on plating grid, mostly VF copies. Includes multiples, bottom margin block of 6 (3 wide by two high) with some sheet margin, 3 blocks of four, and two pairs. Stamps are sound and with four margins, CV $473.00. Nice lot.50.00144.00
4#3, 3c gray bister, 46 copies on plating grid, 6 used, 40 unused. Includes multiples; three unused blocks of four, unused horizontal strip of three, and a bottom right pair with sheet margin. Fine to VF copies. CV $848.0085.00166.00
5#3, 3c gray bister, 77 copies on album page, all used ; average about fine, shades, some useful cancels. CV $616.00. All good sound copies.60.0077.00
6#4, 5c yellow green, 50 used copies on a plating grid, complete plating. Copies are good to fine (discoloration on a couple). Sound with four clear margins. CV $800.0080.00192.00
7#4, 5c yellow green, 68 copies on album page, 23 unused (45 used). Unused means no visible trace of a cancel and may not have gum. Couple of pairs with full OG. CV $1467.50.125.00175.00
8#5, 7c deep blue, 50 used copies on plating grid, complete plating. Copies are good to fine with clear margins and couple of useful cancels, CV $400.0040.0092.00
9#5, 7c deep blue, 81 used copies on album page, good to fine, sound with 4 margins, some faults, couple useful cancels, CV $324.0030.0049.00
10#7, 1c deep vermillion perforated, 59 copies on album page, 4 unused (no visible sign of cancel), slight centering defects, couple useful cancels, average about good. Plate II, possibly first (of two) printings. CV $138.5014.0032.00
11#7, 1c vermillion perforated, 47 unused copies on album page, nice copies with good centering, includes a pair. Plate II, possibly second (of two) printings. CV $270.2530.0052.00
12#8, 2c deep purple, 56 copies, plate II (first printing?) mixed used and unused on album page, 5 unused. Average is about good. CV $220.7520.0049.00
13#8, 2c deep purple, 56 copies, plate II (first printing?) mixed used and unused on album page, 5 unused. Average is about good. CV $220.7525.0066.00
14#9, 3c. gray bister, 63 copies on album page, 14 unused. Plate II, slightly browner shade, and possibly second printing. Good average with typical centering flaws. CV $320.2535.0062.00
15#10, 5c. bluish (or slightly dull) green, 60 copies on album page, 5 unused. Plate II, color of first printing. Good average with typical centering flaws, CV $129.2515.0036.00
16#10, 5c yellow green, 58 copies on album page, 5 unused, good average with typical centering flaws, plate II, shade of second printing. Couple good cancels. CV $110.1510.0031.00
17#11, 7c deep blue, 47 used copies, plate II, mounted on a plating grid, some heavy cancels, CV $98.70; about good.10.0030.00
18#11, 7c deep blue, 70 used and one unused copy, plate II, mounted on album page. Good to fine average CV $157.5015.0036.00
19#13b, 20c red brown, plate II, 78 copies on album sheet, 5 of them unused. Usual centering faults but good average. CV $684.0070.00140.00
20#13, 20c pale brown, 47 used copies on plating grid, plate III printing. (Note: Three values were printed from a third plate: 2c, 5c, and 20c.). CV $216.0020.0055.00
21#13, 20c pale brown, 70 copies, 8 of them unused mounted on an album page, plate III printing, good to fine average, CV $399.0040.0086.00
22#18, 1c re-engraved, 53 used copies on album page, good to fine average, two pairs and a couple of useful cancels, CV $106.0010.0043.00
23#20, 5c re-engraved, 52 copies on album page, 4 unused, fine average, CV $212.0020.0048.00
24#46, 1 c. plate proof imperforate corner block of 30 on card and in color of the 2c issued stamp (#47 brown carmine). Compagnie Francaise des Papiers-Monnaie, Paris imprint. Very slight discoloration spots in margin, otherwise VF.30.0071.00
25#47, 2 c. plate proof imperforate corner block of 30 on card and in color of the 7 c. issued stamp (#50 gray). French printer imprint as above. Very slight discoloration spots in margin, otherwise VF.30.0071.00
26#2. Mint; good margins and very light hinge mark. A very fine copy.6.00No Bids
27#2. Block of 4. Mint with hinge marks hardly seen. VF condition.75.0088.00
28#4. Mint. Copy is from upper right corner of sheet with very wide margins. VF condition. A very nice copy.16.0018.00
29Scott #26//43. Large selection of 203 copies of the 3 Coat of Arms (the Palm Tree) issues of Haiti during the period 1891-1898. Mostly all Used copies. Condition is mostly VF. No copies of #29, 31, and 34. CV of over $150.0020.00No Bids
30#32-43. Crude Forgeries of these issues. Mint, VF.None2.00
31#67. Block of 4, all with Inverted Overprints, MNH,VF.15.0019.00
32#68. Vertical pair with Inverted Overprint on top stamp. Mint and in Very Fine condition.5.009.00
33#69. Block of 4, all with Inverted Overprints and another block of 4 with Inverted Overprints on bottom stamps only. MNH, VF.30.0035.00
34#70. Block of 4, all with Inverted Overprints. MNH, VF.25.0035.00
35#108. Variety copies. One w/Inverted surcharge and the other w/sideway surcharge. Both Used, VF condition.3.004.50
36#117. Used with Inverted Overprint; VF.5.009.00
37#128. Mint, VF.4.00No Bids
38#130. Mint No Gum. A very fine copy. Scarce Issue. Catalog Value 2013 is $25.0010.0036.00
39#133. Mint; Very Fine condition, and beautiful copy of a very scarce issue. 2013 Cat Val is $65.0045.00128.00
40#135. Mint; Very Fine condition. A very scarce issue. Undervalued by Scott. Cat Val in 2013 is $55.00 35.0077.00
41#137. Mint in VF condition.15.0022.00
42#139. Mint, VF condition.10.0021.00
43#142. Mint No Gum. A scarce issue. VF condition.8.00No Bids
44#142. Mint, Very Fine condition.12.00No Bids
45#143. Mint, VF.3.50No Bids
46#144. Mint, VF.6.5012.50
47#163. Mint No Gum, VF.4.0015.00
48#169. Mint, VF; a very scarce issue.9.0022.00
49#170. One of the more difficult stamps to find in the market. This is a MINT copy w/original gum but somewhat faded and tropicalized; however, it does not show on face of stamp. Otherwise a nice looking copy with good margins. Overprint reading up and the short “L” type. Catalog value in 2013 is $35.00 (undervalued).12.0077.00
50#183. Mint, Block of 4 in VF condition.4.0010.50
51#184. Vertical pair (short “L” variety). MNH,VF.9.00No Bids
52#184. Mint (short “L” variety). Mint, VF.4.00No Bids
53#186. Horizontal pair (short “L” variety). Mint, VF.9.0013.50
54#193. Mint. Appears to have a double surcharge. VF.5.008.50
55#194. MNH, VF; premium copy.4.008.00
56#194. Mint, VF.3.005.50
57#240-241. The smaller “Payee” variety, MNH,VF.2.005.50
58#245. Vertical pair, #253, #254 vertical pair, and #255. ALL MNH, VF.2.006.00
59#248. Mint (partial gum). Good margins,VF. Very good looking copy. 2013 Catalog Value is $90.0030.00107.00
60#262-263. Mint, VF.2.004.50
61#267 and #270 in vertical strips of 3. All MNH, VF.1.505.50
62#268-269. Mint, VF.2.004.00
63#280. Horizontal pair, MNH, VF.2.505.50
64#281. Block of 4; bottom 2 stamps are MNH. VF.1.502.50
65#283. Vertical pair and #286 in block of 4. All in MNH,VF. 2.004.50
66#294, and a block of 4 of #298. All in MNH, VF.2.507.00
67#300 & #302 in MNH, VF pairs.1.503.50
68#305. A very scarce issue in Mint, VF condition. In the 2013 Catalog, its value is $15.00 (totally undervalued by Scott).10.0022.00
69#335-336 & #C10. Mint, VF.2.753.50
70#349-354 and #C22-23. Mint, VF.5.00No Bids
71#369, #C52-54. Used except #C54 is MNH. Cat Val of #C54 is $19.00, overall Very Fine condition.7.00No Bids
72#410-411. In blocks of 8 creating 2 setenant pairs. See footnote in Scott Catalog. All in MNH, very fine condition.1.50No Bids
73#466-468, C166-167. Sheetlets of 12, MNH, VF.9.00No Bids
74#469, C168-169. Sheetlets of 20, MNH, VF.9.0016.00
75#510-512, C223-226. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF.23.0046.00
76#526-528, C242-245 and #537-539, C255-256. All MNH and in very fine condition.3.256.50
77#540-542, C257-259 and #543, C260-262. All MNH and in Very Fine condition.2.003.00
78#548-555, C266-269 and #566, B38-40, CB55-56. All in MNH, very fine condition.2.256.50
79#566, #B38-40 and CB55-56 in Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF.17.0041.00
80#571-574 & #C282-284. Complete set in MNH, VF condition.2.253.50
81#624-624G. Imperforate copies in Used, VF condition.1.754.00
82#631-633, C354-356. MNH, VF.5.006.50
83#634-636, C357-359. Blocks of 4 and a single set. All MNH and in VF condition.4.008.50
84#649-654. Sheets of 50 in MNH, VF.40.00126.00
85#818-823a. Complete set w/souvenir sheet in MNH, VF condition. The S/S is a very scarce issue.20.0036.50
86#865, Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.6.5016.50
87#866-872. Complete set w/souvenir sheet. This is a scarce issue, in MNH, VF condition.22.0044.00
88#913. Sheet of 8, MNH, VF. See footnote in Scott.3.508.00
89#914A-914F. Sheetlets of 10. MNH, VF.35.00114.00
90#931-932. The two high value stamps of the 2001 Constitution Bicentennial issue in used, very fine condition.8.0026.00
91#C8 Block of 15, MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
92#C8A. Block of 12. MNH, VF.4.005.00
93#C24. Block of 10, MNH, VF.1.501.50
94#C219-222, CB50. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF.29.0033.00
95#C219-222, CB50. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF. (Same as Lot 94.)29.0033.00
96#C238-241. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF.14.5017.00
97#C460-463, C487-489. MNH, VF.2.008.00
98#B13, CB22-23. Mint, VF.1.002.00
99#B20, CB30-31. Sheetlets of 20, MNH, VF.10.0014.00
100#B21, CB35-36. Sheetlets of 20, MNH, VF.29.0042.00
101#B22-24, CB37-41. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, VF.45.0054.00
102#CB10-11. Error/Variety (missing double line cross) in MNH and VF. #CB11 is in a horizontal pair with regular stamp.6.007.00
103Cover, Cap Haitien to Paris 3 SEPT 84, franked with a pair of Scott #10- both stamps are faulty but the heads are “without chin” probably due to heavy ink or wear of printing plate. Roughly open cover on back bottom. Transit marking of Le Havre and arrival date in Paris of 25 Sept 84 on back.50.00No Bids
104PauP (21 Sep 1891) to Paris (no receiving postmark). Paid with horizontal pair of #29. Fine condition.10.0014.00
105Registered mail, PauP (12 July 1894) to NY (25 July 94). Paid with #13. VF.30.0041.00
106Cap Haitien (7 Jan 1902) to Bordeaux via New York. Proper receiving marks. Paid with #62. VF.5.0011.50
107Cap Haitien (?? 06) to Le Havre via PauP (?? June 1906) and Paris (17? 06). Paid with #121. Fine.15.0038.00
108PauP (22 Apr 11) to Paris. Paid w/#126-127. Fine.5.009.00
109Lindbergh Spirit of St Louis flight. PauP (7 Feb 1928) to USA via Havana, Cuba (8 Feb 28). Paid with #314, #320. VF.40.00No Bids
110FIRST FLIGHT (FF) Jamaica to Miami (#F5-67 extension) (12 December 1930 receiving in PauP). Large violet circle cachet. This flight is not listed in the AAMC (Catalog) extension of F5-67. 92 pieces were cancel to PauP. VF condition.20.0024.00
111FF PauP (28 Feb 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (28 Feb 28). Paid with #314, @320. Blue “AVION” circle and WIAE inauguration blue color cachet. VF condition.10.00No Bids
112Airmail, PauP (6 April 1933) to NY,NY. Paid with #C2 & #316. Large black oval cachet “SEMAINE DU COURRIER AERIEN INTERNATIONAL”. “REPUBLIQUE D’HAITI DU 3 AU 10 AVRIL 1933”. Very Fine condition.10.0033.00
113Airmail, PauP (10 January 1934) to San Juan, PR. Black cachet “Fifth Anniversary International Airmail, January 9, 1929-1934”. Paid with #C7. Very Fine condition.5.0024.00
114Airmail, PauP (2 March 1935) to Guatemala City, Guatemala (6 March 1935). Paid with #C1, #C9. VF.10.0016.00
115Airmail, PauP (unreadable postmark) to Cleveland, US. Paid with #C348, #617, #RA37. Fine-VF.2.00No Bids
116Post Card. View of PauP (black and white). Posted on German ship with Marine Schiffspost cancel; addressed to Berlin (1917) and paid with GE #67. VF condition.15.0033.00
117Selection of about 200 stamps (including three souvenir sheets), all different, of postage issued during the period 1960-1984. Mostly in Mint condition (many are MNH). Cat Value about $250++. No Faults. VF.30.00No Bids
End of auction