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Philatelic Society

December 2012 Society Auction

Closed January 5, 2013

Lot Description M/B Realized
Folded Letters
1Folded letter Gonaives to Bordeaux 20 December 1827, small red receiving mark and "COLONIES PAR LE HAVRE" in red, 6 cm horizontal slit cut through all pages of the letter (for fumigation ?). Manuscript 10 (decimes due). Horizontal file fold not seriously detracting, showing age toning, but neat and sound and F to VF. Contents two pages in French probably can be read.$25.00$125.00
2Folded letter, Jacmel to New York, 22 November 1875 ship letter, rather plain but nice strike of circle with "NEW- YORK DUE 5 CENTS", the rate at this time for mail from a non-UPU country. Contents one page in French, faint writing, possibly can be read. One page insert, very faint writing, probably cannot be read.5.005.00
3Folded letter, Port-au-Prince to Bordeaux, via British Royal Mail and London. Clean and sound, clear "T 1-10" postage due and French 17 decimes due. On back are British "A Jacmel" in circle, London, Paris, and Bordeaux date stamps. Letter clean and sound, contents one page in French, faded but possibly legible. About Fine. 10.0020.00
4Cover, Port-au-Prince to Havre, April 18 1875, via British packet. Port-au-Prince B in circle (British agency marking) April 18. Received markings Calais and Le Havre, Exchange marking "1-10" in blue crayon, and bold T and manuscript 16 (decimes due). Nice merchants cachet and faint Paris receiving mark. Le Havre date stamp on reverse. Clean, sound and VF.15.0035.00
5Folded Letter, Gonaives to Bordeaux via Falmouth, England, with script, boxed "Packet Letter" Admiralty period. Charged 2/4 in London and 47 decimes in France. London, Calais, and Bordeaux date stamps. Sound and clean for this. Horizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Contents two pages in English, slightly faint but readable. Fine condition.25.00135.00
6Cover sheet, Port-au-Prince to Havre via Hamburg American Line ship, Vandalia. Nice merchant’s cachet and circular French "PAQ. REG. PARIS PAYS ETRANG". Charged 24 decimes in France. Clean and sound but for horizontal file fold distracting slightly. Paris & Le Havre date stamps. Fine + 5.0025.00
7Cover sheet, Cap Haitien to Nantes, 8 June 1877, by German packet. French red date stamp "PAYS ETR. PAQ. REG. LE HAVRE" on front in red, and on reverse date stamps for Paris and Loire Inferieure. Neat and sound with nice merchants cachet and 12 decimes due. Very faint horizontal fold. Good +. 3.0020.00
8Letter, Port-au-Prince to Bordeaux via Liverpool, British "PORTAUPRINCE A" agency marking, 1 shilling struck out, replaced by GB 1F60 accountancy marking, and 12 (decimes due) all on front. Date stamps for Calais and Paris. LIVERPOOL BR PACKET in circle on back. Contents one page in French, can be read with some difficulty. About Good +. 10.0024.00
9Cover sheet, Miragoane to Havre forwarded at Port-au-Prince by G. SERRE & Cie, nice oval strike on reverse, to British Packet. Nice strike of the British agency "PORT AU PRINCE A" in small circle on front. Also on front, "T 1-10", Calais receiving mark, 23 decimes due struck and corrected to 17, on reverse date stamps for London and Havre. File fold at bottom not seriously detracting, otherwise F+.35.00130.00
10British Ship Letter, Cayes 12 June 1826 to London, nice "FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER" in box on front along with London date stamp, 23 August 1826, and postage due, 1 shilling 8 pence (1/8). Contents two pages in French, quite legible. Quite sound and clean except for two vertical file folds slightly detracting. Otherwise F to VF. 35.00195.00
11Cover, Port-au-Prince to Havre, 18 September 1879 via French packets. On front circular date stamp with "Port au Prince FR F" by local line F to St. Thomas. On reverse, date stamp for Line B to St. Nazere, from published schedules by main line packet Ville de Brest, and Le Havre arrival. Nice "T" for postage due and 12 (decimes) charged in France also on front. Clean and sound. Date stamps about 2/3 legible. About Fine.15.00140.00
12Three pieces, all with major faults. One, Jacmel to Bordeaux, a cover sheet by British packet with rather clear markings including "A JACMEL" in small circle, GB 1F60, due, and transit. Second, an envelope Cap Haitien to Nantes via German packet "Framconia", 1877, with 7 decimes due stricken and corrected to 12, date markings rather faint. Third, one page letter in French, unsightly with ink stains and some bleaching of the paper, via Liverpool and London, markings and contents only partly legible.5.0014.00
13Letter, Jacmel to Marseille, 10 February 1866 via British packet to London. Markings include faint "A JACMEL" in small circle, date stamps for London, Calais, Lyon, Marseille. Also on front, GB 1F 60c, and 10 (decimes) due. Letter is clean and sound. Contents one page legible French. Good +.10.0060.00
14Letter, Port au Prince to Marseille via French packet, 11 April 1868, 10 decimes due. Markings include "HAITI PAQ FR D No.1" , "LIGNE B PAQ FR No 3", and various date stamps to Marseille. From schedules went via Fort de France because of epidemic at St. Thomas, then Line B to St. Nazaire. Clean and sound, contents one and a half pages in legible French. Faint horizontal crease at bottom not detracting, otherwise Fine.15.00230.00
15Letter, Port au Prince to Bordeaux, 9 September 1879 by British packet via London, charged 16 decimes due. British "Port au Prince" in circle clear only at top. Postage "T 1-10" and "16" clear, and receiving date stamps on back clear. Contents two pages in legible French. About Fine.15.0026.00
16#1, 1c imperforate Liberty Head, horizontal pair, mint, clear margins, full gum with slight hinge mark, CV as two singles $18.00, VF.4.008.50
17#1, 1c imperf. Liberty Head used horizontal strip of three, crisp with full margins. Nice Cap Haitien cancels on all three, CV $16.50. VF.6.0055.00
18#1, 1c imperf. Liberty Heads on dealers stock sheets 12 unused, plus 6 singles and a pair used. Full margins and nice assortment, CV $152.00. Fine.25.0035.00
19#5, used 7c Liberty Heads, 36 copies on dealers stock sheets, better than average assortment. Good for plating, not so good for cancels. Mainly Full margins, Good to Fine. CV $144.0020.0036.00
20#3, 3c. Imperf. Liberty Heads, unused 50 copies in a complete plate reconstruction. Very neat layout of full four margin copies, shades, VF. CV $1,000.00200.00267.00
21#2, 2c. Imperf. Liberty Heads, 26 unused copies on two plating grids. Nice, neat four margin copies, VF. CV $286.0045.00No Bids
22#C24, airmail revalued from 60c, struck out by bars, to 10c overprinted in center, 250 mint copies in half sheets. One half sheet is the left side half and four the right side of sheets of 100. Possibly material for study of overprint varieties. Half sheets have been folded horizontally, and have somewhat weakened, but still intact, perforations along these lines. VF. CV $125.0015.00No Bids
23Souvenir sheets, C19a, C20a, C21a, imperforate "Our Lady" issue. Mint, NH, and free of faults, CV $75.00, from a dealer’s stock.15.0026.00
24Used imperforate Liberty Heads on dealer’s stock sheets. #2 (1), #3 (6), #4 (3), #5 (8), couple cut close or cut into slightly. Most have partial cancels. CV $133.50. Condition about Good to Fine.15.0029.00
25Forgeries of imperf. Liberty Heads, Fournier Type 2. Denominations 1c/7c, 17 in all, some with cancels probably also forged.15.0045.00
26#8. Block of 6 (2x3), Mint Lightly Hinged marks (one is a MNH copy), Plate II, first printing. Positions 5,6, 15, 16, 25, 26. Excellent condition.85.0098.00
27#21, 22, and #24. Pairs of Imperforate Plate Proofs on very thick paper, and in not issued colors. Very scarce items, VF.125.00No Bids
28#25. Ten (10) copies, Used; all in VF condition. Plating selection.10.00No Bids
29#32-43. Crude forgeries of these issues. Mint & VF condition. 8.00No Bids
30#52. Used, VF. This is a PERFIN copy.5.008.00
31#65. Block of 4. MNH/Mint. This is a FORGERY of the overprint, Type I-1-A. In VF condition. See Jeannopoulos Study on the 1902 overprints.4.007.00
32#67. Horizontal pair and a single. All w/Inverted Overprints, MNH,VF.10.0010.00
33#68. Block of 4 (MNH/Mint) and another block of 4 (MNH) w/two bottom stamps w/Inverted Overprints. VF condition.11.00No Bids
34#69. Horizontal pair, w/Inverted Overprints, MNH,VF4.009.00
35#70, 89, 108, and #156. All w/Inverted Overprints or Surcharges, MNH and in Very Fine condition.8.5037.00
36#77. Block of 4, MNH, VF.3.005.00
37#102. Used copy w/Inverted Overprint. VF condition.2.005.00
38#123. MNH,VF.2.007.00
39#152. Horizontal pair w/Inverted Surcharges. MNH, VF.9.0011.00
40#218. MNH w/Inverted Overprint, VF.3.00No Bids
41President Zamor 1914 issues. Complete set of 10. MNH, VF. See Scott Catalog notation after Scott #218.3.0015.00
42#241. Mint, Double Surcharge, VF.5.0010.00
43#250. Mint, Double Surcharge, VF.3.5014.00
44#253. Mint, Double Surcharge, VF.4.0015.00
45#254. Mint, Double Surcharge, VF.4.0016.00
46#273. Horizontal pair, w/Inverted Overprint, MNH, VF.5.0010.00
47#289. Block of 9 w/margin at right. Three (3) stamps (positions #3,5,6) have a red “2cts GOURDE” surcharge inverted. MNH, VF.30.0044.00
48#365. Block of 10 (2x5), Used copies on white thick paper card. Includes also a copy of #343 and #RA1. With PauP cancellations. VF.4.006.50
49#365. Block of 12 (4x3) and #361 (7 copies), all Used condition on white thick paper card. VF.5.007.00
50#442-43, C137-38. Sheets of 25 in MNH, VF. (#C136 NOT included).2.0010.00
51#505-06, C208-09. Sheetlets of 25 (5x5), MNH, VF.10.0012.00
52#524-25, C236-37. Sheetlets of 25 (5x5), MNH, VF.14.5016.00
53#616-616O. Complete set of 16 in Used VF condition.4.008.00
54#624-624G. Complete set in MNH, VF (except #624E & #624F are in Used condition).1.256.00
55#624-624E. Perforate and Imperforate in Used condition and #624G Imperforate only in MNH condition. All VF.1.75No Bids
56#C169a, #C190a. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.1.002.00
57#C360. Inverted Overprint, MNH, VF.6.0017.00
58#C432-33. UPU issue, Sheetlets of 25 (5x5), MNH, VF.15.0023.00
59#C438. Double surcharge with one surcharge inverted. In MNH condition and VF. A very scarce error.15.0044.00
60#C442. Sheetlet of 25 (5x5), MNH, VF.4.0016.50
61#C458. Block of 10, Used, VF. A very nice block.10.0020.00
62Minkus #1326-1328. Apollo 17 issue (August 1973) with silver overprint in MNH, VF condition. See notation after Scott #668.5.0011.00
63Minkus #1309-1315. Space Exploration issue of 30 May 1973, in MNH, VF condition. See notation after Scott #668.4.00No Bids
64#B4-5. Horizontal pairs w/one stamp in each being the Red Cross error (missing double frame in the cross); MNH, VF.8.0012.00
65#B9. Horizontal pair w/the error of missing date “1959-1960” in left stamp which has “centimes” instead of the date. MNH,VF.8.0014.00
66#B15. Inverted Surcharge, MNH, VF.5.0010.00
67#CB9. Inverted Surcharge, Mint, VF.5.0022.00
68#J7. Inverted overprint, Mint, VF.2.009.00
69Consular Tax stamp, 5 Gourdes, Used with violet double circle cancel of “Consulat D’Haiti/San Pedro de Macoris” (Dominican Republic).3.00No Bids
70Cap Haitien (3Sept 84) to Paris, paid with pair of Scott #10. Both stamps are faulty BUT the heads are WITHOUT CHIN; probably due to heavy inking or wear of printing plate. Roughly opened cover on back bottom. Transit mark of Le Havre (24 Sep 84) with arrival mark of Paris (25 Sep 84) on back. 50.00No Bids
71Unreadable town to Paris to Mailly La Ville (France) then redirected to Paris. Paid with Scott#23 and #30. Blue “PARIS ETRANGER 8 OCT 91” and on back of cover “FOREIGN NY TRANSIT D OCT 8 91” and “MAILLY LA VILLE 10 OCT 91”. VF condition.10.0032.00
72Saint Marc (18-03-05) to Toulouse, France. Paid with a pair of Scott #98. VF condition.3.0015.00
73Cap Haitien (20-8-19) to Havre. Paid with #245, #127. F-VF.3.007.50
74This is a presidential registered mail cover, PauP (9 Nov 1937) to New York (16 Nov 37). Paid w/#327, #329 (3). Included is a President Vincent presidential card with message of 8 Nov 1937. VF.3.0037.00
75Two untidy airmail covers. PauP (23 May 1939 and 13 June 1939) to Port of Spain, Trinidad.1.004.50
76First Flight, #F6-4, PauP to Miami, 9 January 1929. Red double circle “AVION” marking. Paid w/#314 (2). VF condition.10.0028.00
77First Flight, #WI-7, PauP to Santiago, Cuba, 28 Feb 1928. “AVION” blue double circle and blue flight Inauguration marking. VF.10.0021.00
78White thick paper card with a block of 20 (5x4) of Scott #361, addressed to Monte Carlo and with PauP 1945 cancellations. VF.10.0026.00
79White thick paper card with a block of 10 (2x5) of Scott #361 addressed to Monte Carlo with PauP cancellation of 23 October 1945. VF.10.0020.00
80Package label. Label was attached to a registered package from PauP to Paris. Unreadable cancel. Paid w/#28 (2), 33, and 36. Condition Fair.3.007.50
81POSTAL CARDS. H&G #7, 8, and 9. President Sam 1, 2, 3 Centime with added “MAI/GT PRE/1902” overprint. 1980 H&G Price Supplement Cat Value was $13.50. All in excellent condition.8.0030.00
82Picture Post Card. Black and White (probably type AZO paper) titled “STREET SCENE PORT-AU-PRINCE” showing “EPICERIE NOTRE DAME” ( a grocery store); franked by a pair of USA postage stamps and cancelled by “US NAVY MAR 12 1918(?)”. “PASSED BY CENSOR” handstamp linear mark in violet, plus signature “D.T.” in red ink. VF condition.15.0015.00
83Cover. Between 1 and 5 December 1973 the French Navy helicopters carrier and school ship “JEANNE d’ARC” accompanied by the Frigate “FORBIN” made a stopover in PauP. A fancy cancellation was used to cancel mail. This cover addressed to Lorient, France with the cancellation “PORTE HELICOPTERES JEANNE D’ARC” dated 01-12-1973. Excellent condition.5.0027.00
84Cover. Another cover similar to Lot 83. This one is not addressed. It has a copy of Scott #676 with a PauP cancellation of 3 December 1973.5.0010.00
85Two FDCs of Scott #364 posted in PauP (14 August 1945) and addressed to Kenscoff, Haiti. VF.2.002.00
86FDC of #421-23, C115-18; blue cachet. VF. Addressed to USA.2.25No Bids
87FDC of #424-27, C119-21a in an two airmail unaddressed covers.5.00No Bids
88FDC of # 442-43, C136-38. Set on 4 unaddressed covers with the 5 stamps in the four languages. VF condition.5.0018.00
89FDC of 484-85, C186-87 and #B20, CB30-31. Two unaddressed FDCs & VF.2.005.00
90FDC of #C1 (in horizontal pair). Unaddressed cover. VF.2.004.00
91FDC of #C4 on airmail from PAUP (30 Nov 1929) to NYC. “AVION” red circle Cachet. VF condition.4.0010.00
92FDC of #C380-83 with black cachet, VF.1.507.00
93BOOKLET. THE DEALERS’ GUIDE TO CHEMICAL RESTORATION OF POSTAGE STAMPS”. Paper back, 42 pp, size 5 ½ by 8 inches. Very detailed information for the collector and dealer, e.g. to wet or not to wet, ultraviolet radiation, determination of faults, dirt & dirt-related stains, blood stains, egg stains, self-sticking adhesives, fat & related grease stains, scotch tape adhesive, airplane glue, tobacco stains, ball point pen stains, typewriter ink and marking ink, indelible pencil stains, paint stains, silver nitrate ink stains, stamp oxidation, sulfuration, mildew, foxing, iron rust stains, and humidity.10.0020.00
End of auction