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September 2012 Society Auction

Closed October 6, 2012

Lot Description M/B Realized
1Issues of 1881, an assortment selected to show the presence of the same plate flaws in the printing of all denominations, indicating that all were printed from a single plate. Five major plate flaws are included, making for a total of 30 possible combinations. Twenty-five of the 30 are represented. Stamps are nice full margin copies, mixed used and unused, generally F-VF. Catalog value about $480.00$70.00$125.00
2Issues of 1882-1886, copies selected to show progressive damage with repeated plugging used to help determine order of printing. There were 11 pluggings in the first printing of the perforates, and two areas of damage are shown, making 22 combinations. Eighteen are included. The first group shows progressive damage to the left side of the value tablet of plate position 17. The second group shows progressive damage to the bottom of the value tablet in position 32. Stamps are mixed used and unused with centering mixed, as usual for these. Catalog value about $
3Issues of 1882-86, 3c horizontal strip of 3, centered to right, otherwise mint, og, clean and VF.15.0054.00
4Issues of 1882-86, 5c horizontal pair, centered slightly high and to left, unused with no gum, nice appearing8.0021.00
5Group of 27 stamps, plated as perforated issues but with perforations removed by trimming. (altered stamps).2.0010.00
6Issues of 1882-86, off cover with cancels. Lot includes three US cancellations, one Dutch, three German, three French, and seven Haitian towns other than Port-au-Prince.45.0067.00
7Cover sheet only, Port au Prince to Havre, 6 September 1873, sent by British open mail with 4 cents due the US by treaty. French “tray” marking GB 2F, indicates 2 Francs per ounce, weighed in bulk, due to Britain by France, 12 (decimes) due marking applied in France. Merchant’s cachet and Calais date stamp on front. Sound, neat, and attractive.20.0055.00
8Cover sheet only, Miragoane to Havre, 6 January 1874, with nice merchant’s cachet, GB 1F60 exchange marking, Calais transit date stamp, and 12 due marking on front. Sound, neat and clean with horizontal file fold not seriously affecting item. This piece was forwarded at Port au Prince by Francoz, marking on back along with various date stamps. Attractive.35.0047.00
9Cover sheet only, Port au Prince, 18 June 1868, to Havre. Very Fine “LIVERPOOL SHIP LETTER” and date in square, along with VF red circle with “LONDON SHIP LETTER” and date, French transit, accounting, and 10 (decimes due). Some fragments missing at top, not affecting markings. Horizontal file fold smoothed out and not much of a detraction. About good to fine.15.0018.00
10Letter sheet only, Jacmel to Havre, 24 Oct. 1872, slightly faint on reverse, “A JACMEL” in circle, London receiving, and Le Havre receiving. On front, clear postage due and accountancy markings. Slight, unimportant faults. Fine to VF.20.0031.00
11Oversized envelope from Port au Prince to Havre, triple rate and marked “3” in crayon. Two strikes, one clear and fine, of the French octagonal “Port au Prince P.F.D No 3”. Marked pr. Olinde Rodrigues, the first voyage of this ship. Somewhat soiled, mainly at edges. Envelope is sound and overall about fine.30.00100.00
12Two cover sheets, both Port au Prince to Havre. The first is dated May 10, 1874, and is single rate, charged 12 decimes in France. The second is double rate, dated March 12, 1874, charged 24 decimes in France. Both have neat, clear strikes of “A JACMEL” in circle, accountancy marking, French arrival, and amount due. Nice pair with markings Fine to VF.25.0039.00
13Cover, Jacmel to Havre via New York. Sent by British ship, (A JACMEL in circle July 15 1879), it arrived in New York, August 2 (marking on back), was marked postage die (T in circle) and 10 cents due in crayon, according to Postal Union regulations at this time. This was the charge for incoming letters from non-postal union countries. It went on to France where it was charged 6 decimes, the equivalent of the postage due. Sound and condition about fine. Interesting combination of Postal Union and non - Postal Union treatment at this time. Sound and good to fine.20.0062.00
14British packet letter, Cap Haitien to London, March 2 1840, near the close of Admiralty Packet service to Haiti. Sound and except for a couple of ink stains on back rather clean. Nice strike of British “PACKET LETTER” in box and 1 shilling due charge (rate of 1837). Two vertical file folds not seriously detracting. Text is one page in German, probably commercial. F to VF.40.00112.00
15Cover sheet only, London to Havre, October 26 1871 by West India and Pacific Steamship (WIPS). The WIPS held a British mail contract between Port au Prince and Liverpool with two sailings a month. This mail received the circular “LIVERPOOL PACKET” marking (top center here). The Liverpool packet marking is about fine. The accountancy, rate, and French arrival markings are clear and VF. The single rate charge for the service was 15 decimes. 25.0042.00
16Letter, Aux Cayes to Boston, 19 February 1831, clean and sound, with vertical file fold slightly detracting. On front at upper left M. Head. At upper right, small SHIP 8. Letter must have traveled outside the mails to Marblehead, Massachusetts, and from there to Boston as a ship letter, postage 6 cents plus 2 cents ship letter fee. Contents two pages in English, mainly current prices at Aux Cayes. Fine plus.40.0046.00
17Letter, Gonaives to Bordeaux via New York, 31 July 1872. On the front a heavy 12 for US transport to New York and transfer to the British mails. This was to be credited by Britain to the US. The accountancy and due markings (just left of center) indicate 12 decimes collected in France, 2 Francs per 30 gms weighed in bulk. Contents one page in French, can be read. Slight soiling, otherwise sound and VF.30.0054.00
18Internal letter, Port au Prince to Jacmel, 2 June 1866, manuscript “P Poste” and merchant’s cachet on front. No other markings. Front looks nice, but paper is frail and beginning to separate. Contents one page in French. Overall only fair.10.0022.00
19Cover sheet only, Port au Prince to Havre by French packet. Fine strike of French octagonal date stamp “PAQ FR D No 2 PORT-AU-PRINCE” 27 Feb. 1877. VF postage due “T” and amount due. Horizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Small ink smudge. Otherwise F to VF.40.0058.00
20Letter sheet only, Port au Prince to Havre, 28 Nov. 1878, unpaid and charged postage due. Slightly weak octagonal French “PORT AU PRINCE P F D No 1” in red. Paris Etranger and Le Havre date stamps with clear postage due “T” and amount due. Sound and clean but for some writing in blue. Horizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Overall about fine.30.0052.00
21Internal letter, Corail to Port au Prince, 25 September 1888, shortage of stamps and postage paid shown by boxed PP (Poste Paye). Letter is extremely frail and has separated into several parts along folds and tape that had been used to strengthen it. Contents one page in French, probably can be read if letter is pieced together. Clean and overall about good except for condition, which is poor.5.00No Bids
22Cover, Cap Haitien to New York, 17 June 1895 via Tampico and Nuevo Laredo. Nice Cap Haitien date stamp on front. Unpaid and markings on front for postage due, VF. Markings on back for Tampico and Nuevo Laredo and 10c US postage due cancelled by New York duplex, all F to VF. Front and back are separated cleanly at edges. It may have been separated to display front and back. Overall almost VF.25.0067.00
23Cover, Port au Prince to New York, 4 March 1899, paid by pair of 5c brown of Sam issue tied by PauP date stamps. New York receiving on back. Cover is sound, neat, clean and quite attractive overall. Small tear on front at top center, not detracting. Somewhat early usage of these stamps. Overall VF.40.0052.00
24Cover, Cap Haitien to New York via San Juan, 1906, paid by pair of 5c blue Nord Alexis issue of 1904. Stamps are tied by partial strike of a date stamp not clear. Ink smudge at top center, not seriously detracting. Sound, neat, and clean. On back, clear San Juan Transit and New York receiving stamps. Overall about F.40.00No Bids
25Postal card. Port au Prince to Paris, 19 August 1904, paid by 2c Sam imprinted, and added 1c green adhesive, from the Nord Alexis issue of 1904. Stamp tied by French receiving stamp. Port au Prince date stamps do not show the year. Card is very clean and sound and has message on back in French. VF.40.00No Bids
26Scott #25. Two copies. MNH and Used, VF.2.753.00
27#43. Horizontal pair, Imperforate between. A scarce error, M,VF.7.0015.00
28#67. Block of 4 with top two stamps having Inverted Overprints, MNH, VF. Also a vertical pair with Inverted Overprint in Mint condition with slight gum disturbance. 15.0020.00
29#68. Block of 9, all with Inverted Overprints, MNH, VF.20.0075.00
30#69. Mint. Inverted Overprint, VF.3.505.00
31#73. Block of 4, MNH, with Inverted Overprint. VF condition.8.0013.00
32#96-101. Imperforate set in Mint, VF condition. Cat Val $10.00 for the set. See Scott Catalog footnote.4.008.00
33#142. Used, VF.5.008.00
34#142. Mint, well centered, VF.10.00No Bids
35#169. Mint, some small remnants of hinge, otherwise a fine looking copy of this very scarce issue that is undervalued by the Scott Catalog.7.5015.00
36#183-184. Mint, VF.4.508.00
37#184. Vertical pair, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
38#185. Partial Double Overprint (“Gourde” overprinted twice). Used, VF condition. This is a scarce item in used condition.6.008.00
39#185-186. Mint, VF.7.0015.00
40#186. Mint, VF.3.003.50
41#189-190. Mint, VF.3.755.50
42#193. Mint, VF.6.0011.00
43#194. Used, VF.2.255.50
44#195. Block of 4. 3 stamps are MNH. VF.20.0021.00
45#242. Mint with very light hinge mark. VF.22.0056.00
46#250. Vertical pair, MNH, VF with Inverted Overprint.5.006.00
47#275. Mint, VF.3.007.50
48#290-291. Mint, VF.3.004.00
49#296. Mint with both Overprints Inverted. VF.2.004.00
50#301. MNH,VF. Copy has a shift in the surcharge applied, thus creating a double impression of “GOURDE”.2.003.00
51#334. Mint. Small piece of paper on gum side, otherwise in very good condition.2.002.50
52#343. Block of 12 (6x3), MNH, VF.2.504.00
53#357. Block of 16, MNH, VF.1.504.00
54#362. Block of 40 (8x5) with plate number and a #363, block of 40 (8x5). Both MNH, VF.7.507.50
55#364. Block of 25 (5x5) with plate number, and #369 block of 30 (6x5). Both in MNH, VF condition.7.509.00
56#385-386. Blocks of 9 (3x3), and #387 in a block of 12 (3x4). Both MNH, VF.3.504.50
57#466-468, C166-167. Sheetlets of 12 (as issued) with commemorative inscriptions. MNH, VF.9.0017.00
58#609G Souvenir Sheet, Perforate, MNH, VF.11.0016.00
59#609G Souvenir Sheet, Imperforate. See footnote Scott Cat. MNH, VF.13.0021.00
60#624H-624I. Used. These are the Imperforate issues in VF condition. See footnote Scott Catalog.8.00No Bids
61#647-648. Souvenir Sheets, MNH,VF.4.009.00
62#710-712, C466-468, and #719, C477-479. Both sets on unaddressed First Day Covers. VF.2.758.50
63#C4A. Mint. Some gum disturbance, otherwise a very fine looking copy of this issue. Catalog Value $75.0033.0050.00
64#C19a-C21a. Souvenir Sheets, Imperforate, in MNH, VF condition. 40.00No Bids
65#C32. Block of 4, MNH, VF. Cat Value $29.009.0011.00
66#C68. Complete sheet of 50, MNH, VF.13.0013.00
67#C318A. Sheetlet of 12 (as issued), MNH, VF.4.256.00
68#C344A-344D. Used, VF.5.007.00
69#B1. MNH, VF.12.0021.00
70#CB18a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.7.5014.00
71#J7. MNH,VF, with Inverted Overprint.5.006.00
72#RA1-16. Mint, very light hinge marks. VF. Cat Value $
73Selection of 95 postal issues; all different between years 1881 and 1920. VF in Mint and Used condition.15.00No Bids
Special Selection
Multiples of the Liberty Head Issues
Scott #1. Mint 1c imperforate Liberty Head, block of 10, with full og and margins all around except at right. A somewhat jagged separation at right has affected right frame lines of stamps in positions 35 and 45. The block consists of the lower left corner of plate, positions 31, 32, 33, 34, 35/41, 42, 43, 44, 45 with about 1 ½ cm of sheet margin below and to left. No production marks, such as screw heads, are noted, but the block has a couple of minor hinge marks, with minor gum wrinkling on back. Also, a cross of ¼ mm wide paper tape that may have been used as reinforcement. It probably could be removed if professional care is used. An attractive block with a couple of faults, as mentioned. F to VF. Scarce unit. (This item realized $370.00 against a MB of $70.00 as Lot 23 in the September 2010 Society Auction.)
74#1. Block of 4 of the first Haitian stamp. 2 stamps of the block are MNH, 2 are MLH. Extremely fine copy.50.0086.00
75#2. Block of 6 (3x2). Mint, MLH (1 MNH). F-VF. Repaired tear in upper right corner. Scarce. (This item realized $50.00 against a MB of $5.00 as Lot 27 in the December 2010 Society Auction.)100.00155.00
76#8. Block of 6 (2x3). MLH (1 MNH), centered left. Plate II, first printing. Positions 5, 6, 15, 16, 25, 26.100.00No Bids
Multiples of the Salomon issues
77Scott #21. Block of 8 (2x4). 6 stamps MNH. VF appearance.20.0052.00
78#25. Block of 6 (2x3). MLH (2 MNH).20.0066.00
79#21, #22, #24. Pairs of Salomon imperforate plate proofs, very thick paper – in trial colors. 1 Centime green (color of the 5 Centimes), 2 Centimes blue (color of the 3 Centimes), 5 Centimes rosé (color of the 1 Centime). Very scarce pairs!150.00No Bids
80No Lot  
Multiples of Modern issues
The following 5 lots are unusual: 5 “Packet Cards” with two values of the 1945 series for the Red Cross, Scott #361 and #365: White thick paper cards, accompanying packets. With multiples of these two issues. Packet Cards were posted in PauP and mailed to Monte Carlo (Monaco).
81Red Cross Scott #361: Block of 10 (2 x 5) of the Red Cross 3 Centimes de Gourde (Scott #361) plus Scott RA3, addressed to Monte Carlo (Monaco), registered 3221, send from Kenscoff on white thick paper card. Cancelled with blue Kenscoff 18 Oct 1945. Monaco - extremely rare destination! A rare town cancel, especially in blue.15.0025.00
82Red Cross Scott #361, #365: Block of 12 (3 x 4) of the Red Cross 25 Centimes de Gourde (Scott #365) plus Strip of 3, pair and a single of 3 Centimes de Gourde (Scott 361) on white thick paper cards. Cancelled with the blue Kenscoff 25 Oct 1945. Rare town cancel, especially in blue.10.00No Bids
83Red Cross Scott Scott #365: Two strips of five and one single of the Red Cross 25 Centimes de Gourde issue (Scott #365) plus #343 and #RA1, cancelled PauP 1945.8.00No Bids
84Red Cross Scott #361: Block of 20 (5 x 4) of the Red Cross 3 Centimes de Gourde issue (Scott #361) on white thick paper card. Addressed to Monte Carlo (Monaco), sent from Port-au-Prince. Cancelled Port-au-Prince 1945. An extremely rare destination from Haiti.20.00No Bids
85Red Cross Scott #361: Block of 10 (2 x 5) of the Red Cross 3 Centimes de Gourde (Scott #361) on white thick paper card. Addressed to Monte Carlo (Monaco), sent from Port-au-Prince. Cancelled Port-au-Prince Duplex 23 Oct 1945. Extremely rare destination from Haiti.15.00No Bids
86Scott #C458 Dessalines Block of 10 (2x5). A very rare multiple, a 100-Gourdes-franking, extremely high! The 10 Dessalines 10 Gourdes stamps are cancelled with a blue Port-au-Prince, 1 Sep 1982 cancellation. Nine stamps are very fine, one stamp (bottom right) is damaged. This multiple was the franking of a packet from “The Store” in Port-au-Prince. Very fine appearance. 15.00No Bids
87#849. Block of 8 (2x4), used. This block is composed of the 0,25 Gourdes value from the “slavery uprising” issue, cancelled with a blue Port-au-Prince marking. Very fine appearance.8.0012.00
88Toussaint Louverture, Scott #934 – #939. The rarest used set of modern Haiti, very lightly cancelled. Scott Catalog value absolutely too low.30.0033.00
89A second set of Toussaint Louverture issue, Scott #934 – #939. The rarest used set of modern Haiti, very lightly cancelled.30.0033.00
90Cover. USS CAPRICORNUS cancel dated 25 Jan 1951, addressed to Columbia, SC. Paid with 4 cents United States postage. Red color cachet “WELCOME TO NORFOLK, HAITIAN PATROL SHIP VERTIERES G-C9”.VF condition.2.506.00
91Cover. Gonaives (27 April 1912) to Paris. Paid w/ #125, #129. VF.3.0016.00
92Post Card. PauP (5 October 1912) to San Francisco. Paid w/#126. PC depicts “EGLISE ST. JOSEPH” in PauP. VF.2.0012.00
93Cover. Port-de-Paix (no postmark) to Chicago. Paid w/#316. Postage cancel w/rectangular violet color of Dutch ship. VF.3.003.00
94Flag of Haiti. (157 x 115 mm) designed to stand on desk attached to plastic (280mm). Manufactured in early 1990s. Good condition.NoneNo Bids
End of auction