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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

June 2012 Society Auction

Closed July 6, 2012

Lot Description M/B Realized
1Scott #1-3, Used, VF.$6.00No Bids
2#6, Used, nice margins.12.00$12.00
3#31a, three large multiples which reconstruct a sheet of 31a - Block of 25 (5x5) with top, bottom and left selvedge; block of 10 (2x5) with top selvedge; and, block of 15 (3x5) with selvedge at top, bottom & right. MNH condition, VF.50.00No Bids
4#32-43, crude forgeries in Mint and VF condition.10.00No Bids
5#37, seven lithograph forgeries varying in shades and/or perforations. MNH (2) and Mint (5).3.50No Bids
6#69, 70 and 74, Mint, Inverted overprint, VF.5.0012.00
7#71, vertical pair with Inverted overprint on the top stamp only. MNH, VF.5.0020.00
8#128, Mint w/very light hinge mark, well centered and VF condition. A very difficult issue to find and undervalued by Scott.5.0011.00
9#139, Used with very good centering and postal cancellation. VF; scarce and undervalued by Scott Catalog.7.0026.00
10#142, Used and VF.5.00No Bids
11#217, five copies (perforated 14) with varieties. Normal (2) mint and used; one copy with a Cap Haitien cancel; one mint with the surcharge at a 45 degree angle; and, one mint example with Inverted surcharge. All in VF condition.3.0011.00
12#217, block of 4 and 2 singles, mint, perf 14, VF.1.00No Bids
13#218, six copies, perf 14. 2 copies (MNH & used) with Inverted surcharges; 2 copies used; and 2 copies (both mint and used) with surcharge rotated 45 degrees; VF condition.4.00No Bids
14#218, three copies, perf 13 ¼. One copy mint with Inverted surcharge; two copies normal (mint and used); VF.2.002.00
15#240-241, MNH, VF.3.507.50
16#303, MNH, VF.2.255.00
17#323, S/S, used (CTO), VF. [Listing error]1.75No Bids
18#348, used, VF.1.50No Bids
19#351, Proof on card (size 120mm x 113mm), VF.50.0055.00
20#352, Proof on card (size 110mm x 90mm), VF.50.0060.00
21#353, Proof on card (size 125mm x 115mm), VF.50.0060.00
22#387-388, mint with Inverted surcharges, VF.20.00No Bids
23#486-488, #C188-190, sheets of 12 with margin inscriptions, MNH, VF10.00No Bids
24#500-502, C203-205, MNH, VF.1.75No Bids
25#760-770, MNH, VF.7.00No Bids
26#810-816, MNH, VF.4.004.50
27#817, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF.1.501.50
28#818-823, MNH, VF. Scarce and undervalued by Scott.7.0014.00
29#823a, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. Very scarce and also undervalued by Scott.12.0022.00
30#844-848, mint with very light hinge mark, VF.2.002.50
31#847a, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF.5.005.50
32#880, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF.6.0018.00
33#900-901, the high value of the Grimm's Fairy Tales issue in VF, used condition.6.0010.00
34#904-907, used, VF, scarce as a used set!5.0018.00
35#905, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF.7.00No Bids
36#908, Souvenir sheet, MNG, VF. Cat Val $40.0020.00No Bids
37#909-912, used, VF.6.0016.00
38#914A, E, F, used and VF.3.003.50
39#B4-5, CB10-12, MNH, VF. This is the error of the cross without frame.15.00No Bids
40#B6-8, CB13-15, blocks of 4, used, with the “centimes” error (Inverted) on the upper left stamp of the blocks. A very fine example of this error.20.00No Bids
41#B22-24, CB37-41, used, VF.2.00No Bids
42#C23, Proof on card (size 80mm x 58mm), VF.50.0060.00
43#C309, MNG, VF. Cat Value $40.0012.00No Bids
44#C318a, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. Scarce.10.0019.00
45#C360, with Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
46#CB1-2, MNH, VF. Cat Value $50.0025.00No Bids
47#CB3-8, mint, VF8.0025.00
48#CB7a-8a, Souvenir sheet, MNH, VF. Cat Value $80.0040.0053.00
49#CB9, with Inverted surcharge, mint, VF.7.00No Bids
50#CB37-41, mint with very light hinge mark, VF.2.00No Bids
51#J13, mint, VF, Cat Value $11.505.008.00
52#J19-20, MNG, VF, Cat Value $42.5017.0022.00
53Fiscal Stamp, Scott #605, overprinted “G: 3.00 Timbre Mobile”, MNH, VF.10.0010.00
54Selection of 138 stamps, mostly used condition. Includes a large selection of issues of the 1882 thru 1915 period. Also issues of the period from 1924 to 1969. VF condition.12.0020.00
55Two covers with different “HAITI COFFEE” cachets. One PauP (16 Aug 28) to Germany, and the other, PauP (18 Apr 59) to the USA. VF.5.009.00
56First Day Cover of Scott #C4 on airmail from PauP (30 Nov 29) to US. AVION red circle cachet.5.00No Bids
57Cover, PauP (8 Apr 33) to Germany. Paid with #C4 (2), VF.3.00No Bids
58Two untidy airmail covers, PauP (23 May 39 and 13 June 39) to Port of Spain, Trinidad.6.00No Bids
59First Day Covers (2) PauP (14 August 1945) of Scott #364. Mail addressed to Kenscoff, Haiti with receiving cancellation date in Kenscoff of 16 August 1945. Fine-VF.3.00No Bids
60Cover, airmail PauP (13 May 1948) to Germany. Paid with #C30. “TILL GREAT BRITAIN ONLY” cachet. VF condition.5.008.50
61Registered Airmail cover, PauP (30 Nov 55) to Miami (1 Dec 55). Paid with #C50, #C65 (2), and #RA19 (2). VF.5.00No Bids
62Cover, USS SANDOVAL (APA 194) with postmark of mailing to US address of 8 July 1962. Cover has cachet of “WELCOME TO NORFOLK – HAITIAN PATROL SHIP CRETE A. PIERROT GC-8”. VF condition.3.008.00
Special Selection
Blocks, Strips, and Singles all in MNH, VF Condition of Issues Released in the Period 1933-1965
63Scott #C5, vertical strip of 4, MNH. CV $21.007.00No Bids
64#C6, vertical strip of 5 MNH. CV $20.007.00No Bids
65#C7, vertical strip of 3 MNH. CV $10.503.00No Bids
66#C9, vertical strip of 5 MNH. CV $8.759.00No Bids
67#C11, vertical strip of 5 MNH. CV $3.501.25No Bids
68#400-401, C71-C74 (4), MNH. CV $2.401.00No Bids
69#400-401, C71-C74 (4), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $9.603.00No Bids
70#421-423, C115-C118 (7), MNH. CV $4.071.25No Bids
71#447, C142-C144 (4), MNH. CV $2.501.00No Bids
72#421-423, C115-C118 (7), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $16.20 5.00No Bids
73#B9, CB16-CB18 (4), MNH. CV $4.05 1.00No Bids
74#448-450, C145-C147 (6), MNH. CV $4.701.50No Bids
75#462-465, C163-C168 (7), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $21.607.00No Bids
76#469, C168-C169 (3), MNH. CV $1.401.00No Bids
77#469, C168-C169 (3), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $5.692.00No Bids
78#C171-C176 (6), MNH. CV $4.551.50No Bids
79#C171-C176 (6), MNH, blocks of 4. CV $18.206.00No Bids
80#472-474, C177-C179 (6), MNH. CV $3.251.00No Bids
81#CB32-CB34 (3), MNH. CV $1.501.00No Bids
82#B28-B29, CB45-CB46 (4), MNH, blocks of 4. CV $6.402.002.25
83#484-485, C186-C187 (4), MNH. CV $3.801.25No Bids
84#484-485, C186-C187 (4), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $15.205.00No Bids
85#489–490, C191-C192 (4), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $5.401.75No Bids
86#491-495, C193-C195 (8), MNH. CV $2.601.00No Bids
87#491-495, C193-C195 (8), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $10.403.00No Bids
88#507-508, C214-C215 (4), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $4.001.25No Bids
89#B35-B36, CB51-CB54 (7), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $12.404.00No Bids
90#521-523, C233-C235 (6), MNH. CV $4.151.50No Bids
91#521-523, C233-C235 (6), blocks of 4, MNH. CV $16.605.50No Bids
92#B35-B37, CB51-CB54 (7), MNH CV $3.101.00No Bids
93Currency, 2004 uncirculated 10 Gourde note depicting Haitian freedom fighter Sanite Belair on front of note and Ft Cap Rouge in Jacmel on the reverse, VF.1.504.00
94Currency, 2006 uncirculated 25 Gourde banknote depicting the National Palace, VF.2.504.00
95Telephone cards, 10 different cards, all with views of Haitian scenes; VF.15.0026.00
96Map, TEXACO map of Haiti circa 1960 in excellent condition.7.507.50
End of auction