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Philatelic Society

March 2012 Society Auction

Closed April 8, 2012

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Ship letter, cover sheet only, Port-au-Prince to London, 11 January 1818, good strike of “DEAL SHIP LETTER” in box and clear 4/ (shillings due). Horizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Clear London receiving stamp on the back, 6 March 1818. Item is about Fine +.$10.00$26.00
2Ship letter, Cayes to Rouen via London, 1 August 1818, prior to Anglo-French postal treaty. Numerous marks on front including “GREENOCK SHIP LETTER” in box, “ANGLETERRE”, 2/5 postage paid in England and 12 decimes paid in France. Contents 1 page in French mentioning the death of Christoph, reunification of Haiti, and resumption of trade. Somewhat busy on front but interesting.40.00275.00
3Ship letter, Jacmel to New York, 1 September 1864, via Boston. Bold “SHIP”, nice strike of Boston entry mark in red, and “due 6 cts”. Contents 2 pages in Spanish, probably commercial. Two vertical file folds neatly smoothed and not seriously detracting. About Fine +30.0095.00
4Ship letter, Aux Cayes to New York, 6 August 1864, via Boston. Bold “SHIP” and large bold 6 (cents due) and nice, clear Boston entry stamp. Two vertical file folds, one runs through the back of the numeral 6. Contents 1 page in English, mainly commercial. About Fine.10.0050.00
5Ship letter, Port-au-Prince to New York, 15 August 1864. Nice, clear strike of the “New York Ship Letter 4” stamp for May 3 indicating 4 cents due for a ship letter addressed to port of cal. Two vertical file folds not seriously detracting. Contents 1 page in French, probably commercial. Clean and almost very fine.20.0090.00
6Packet letter, cover sheet only, Aux Cayes to London, 8 August 1849. Letter carried by Royal Mail Packet with nice strike of “JACMEL” in large double broken circle with date 8 August 1849. On front is 1/5 in manuscript; charge for this service at this time. Fine. 20.0030.00
7Packet letter, cover sheet only, Port-au-Prince to Paris, 25 January 1880. Fine strike of British agency date stamp “Jacmel Unpaid” in circle with date. Also a strike of large “T 1-10” (postage not paid), nice merchants cachet, and French manuscript style stamp 16 (decimes due). Clean and Fine to Very Fine.20.00170.00
8Royal Mail packet letter, Gonaives to Bordeaux, 24 April 1846, with almost VF strike of “JACMEL” in double broken circle with date, and a fair strike of the Anglo-French treaty accountancy marking “Colonies &c, ART 13” in box, marking is about 80% legible. Additional date stamps, mainly not legible, and 20 (decimes due) marked in ink on front. Contents one page in French that probably can be read. Overall about Good to Fine.30.00No Bids
9Royal Mail packet letter, with VF strike of the “JACMEL” in broken circle marking dated 29 February 1852, Port-au-Prince to Bordeaux. Nice strike of accountancy marking “Colonies &c. ART 13”, would be VF but is overstruck by French 15 (decimes) due marking and Calais entry date stamp. Contents one page in French, probably legible. VF. 30.00105.00
10Royal Mail packet letter, cover sheet only, Cayes to Paris 24 August 1845. Letter has a strike of the CAYES PAYE negative marking that is complete but hazy. The handstamp was probably under inked. Also a strike of “JACMEL” in large broken circles with date, and accountancy marking “Colonies &c. ART 12” in box. On front also are French due marking and receiving mark for Boulogne. Horizontal file fold and paper tear at seal not detracting from markings. Some staining. About Good. 25.00130.00
11Probably bogus “first issue of Haiti”, small yellow to brown yellow stamps denominated 25 centimes with Haiti coat of arms. Eleven copies mounted on album page with descriptions indicating three types. One copy is printed on some sort of plastic material. According to text on page, these first appeared in 1868. They may be essays (designs proposed but unaccepted). Interesting for study. Condition F-VF.30.00525.00
12Neat cover, PauP to Paris (21 December 1898), paid by pair of 5c Palm Tree issue of 1896. Fine-VF condition.25.00No Bids
13Reprint: The 10c HAPAG stamp full sheet of 2nd reprint, 3 by 4 subjects and imperforate as issued for a philatelic exhibition in Hamburg in April 1938. Full OG and NH, VF.40.0055.00
14Reprint: The 10c HAPAG stamp, 2nd reprint full row of four. The first stamp in the row has a double strike of the embossing (e.g. ring at top of anchor). OG, NH and VF. 10.0025.00
15Letter, Cap Francais, 27 January 1788, to Bordeaux, faint but legible strike of ‘CAP FRANCAIS J St. D.” On back is 20 in red, decimes prepaid as usual for this. According to the literature, this marking was used on French Royal Packet mail and 20 decimes prepayment was required. Letter is clean and sound. Contents 1 ½ pages legible French. VF.50.0060.00
16Letter, Mole St. Nicolas to Philadelphia, 14 August 1793. N York Sept 3 in straight line handstamp and manuscript Sh 14, due for distance rate plus 4 cts ship letter fee at this time. Letter shows age toning and has a horizontal file fold at bottom through word “Philadelphia”, otherwise sound and nice. Contents a page in French, legible. F to VF.40.00190.00
17Letter, Port au Prince to Boston, 3 February 1786, US Continental Congress period. The 3 8 manuscript on the ront indicates postage due of 3 pennyweight 8 grains of silver, the sum of a distance fee for 100 to 200 miles and 16 grains ship letter fee. The letter is to the French Consul in Boston and the writer apparently complains of not receiving payment for 54 gallons of wine and 12 barrels of rum. Letter is very clean and sound with vertical fold not detracting. VF.40.00240.00
18Letter, Boston to Port au Prince, 26 March 1852, charged 12 ½ centimes Haitian, evidently the fee for delivery at port of a ship letter at this time. Letter is very clean and sound with two vertical file folds that do not detract. Contents one page in English, quite legible, in regard to payment of money. VF.35.0057.00
19Letter, Cap Francais to Bordeaux, 11 May 1792, blurred strike of “Colonies par Nantes” in large arc, Salles Vol 1 No. 12, and manuscript 12 sols postage due. Horizontal file fold at bottom not detracting. Contents one page of legible French. Clean and sound and, except for blurred marking, VF.25.0035.00
20Letter, Nantes to Port au Prince, 23 May 1803 via New York. Manuscript forwarding at New York by Joseph Kausnasne (?). Contents two pages in legible French. Vertical file fold not detracting, otherwise sound and clean and VF. 20.00155.00
21Shortage of stamps: Envelope, Cayes to Port au Prince, 1892, no postage but two strikes of large P.P, legible strike of Gonaives date stamp for 1892, except for month which did not register. Tear at right where envelope was opened has been closed with adhesive. Overall Fine.25.00420.00
22Shortage of stamps: Envelope, Cap Haitien to Paris, no postage but stamped “AFFRANCHE” and in what appears to be 0F.25, or 25 centimes. No postage due was charged. Clean, sound, and VF.40.00115.00
23Shortage of stamps: Envelope, Cayes to Paris, 13 December (18)03, the 03 is inverted in date stamp. Nice clear strike of ornate “Manque de Timbre PAYE’ in blue violet. The cover is blue paper and the stamp does not stand out boldly. On back a date stamp for Jacmel the following day. Spots of sealing wax transfer from another cover. Otherwise clean and sound. Almost VF.40.00415.00
24Packet letter, Port au Prince to Paris, 26 July 1870 by Liverpool Packet. Strikes of “Port au Prince A” and date in 19mm circle, nice Liverpool Packet in circle, Calais receiving, and Anglo-French treaty GB 1F60, all clear. Also 1/ British rate for Liverpool ship letter and French 10 (decimes due). Contents 1 page in French, probably difficult to read. Paper is somewhat limp but still intact. Overall about Good + 20.0055.00
25Picture post card, Port au Prince (11 September 1900) to Munich, mailed aboard the ship SYRIA. Card is in color and colorfully shows large ships in background and a rowboat in foreground. The lower right portion, reserved for a message, has a rather lengthy one in a small German hand. Postage is paid by 3c Sam issue, cancelled by a large "X". There are two Munich date stamps and “SYRIA” in violet. Other than a slight corner crease, it is quite clean and sound. VF condition.20.00130.00
26Scott #185. Double overprint, scarce item when in Used condition. VF.6.0031.00
27#241. Double surcharge. Mint, VF.5.0031.00
28#348. Proof on card (size 85mm X 100mm) of the 5 Gde Madonna issue with negligible gum residue on back. VF.50.0055.00
29#349. Undenominated Sunken Die Proof on card in orange color (size 125 x 95mm). Very Fine condition.50.0075.00
30#349. Sunken Die Proof on card (size 125 x 95mm). Very fine condition.50.00No Bids
31#350. Sunken Die Proof on card (size 112mm x 90mm). Very Fine condition.50.00No BIds
32#426 Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. Cat Val $37.50 as singles.6.0013.00
33#642. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. The Christmas Issue.3.0020.00
34#734-737. Mint, VF.3.007.00
35#738-741. Mint, VF.2.5021.00
36#742-747. Mint, VF.3.009.00
37#748-751. Mint, VF.1.755.00
38#752-759. Mint, VF.5.0017.00
39#760-770. Mint, VF.6.009.00
40#770B-770I. Mint, VF.3.5012.00
41#771-780. Mint, VF.3.2516.00
42#781-788. Mint, VF.2.2511.00
43#789-794. Mint, VF.2.504.00
44#795-801. Mint, VF.3.254.00
45#803-809. Mint, VF. A scarce issue, undervalued by Scott.7.5015.00
46#915-918, Used, VF.6.0016.00
47#919-925. Used, VF.4.5017.00
48#934-939. Used, VF. A very scarce issue. Cat Val $30.0015.00115.00
49#C4A. Mint (hinged), VF.25.0046.00
50#C447A. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF.5.0011.00
51#CB1-2. Mint, VF.15.0031.00
52Essay Proofs. Hamilton Bank Note Co, circa 1892. A 2c in violet cut close, and a 2c in black on card (size 65mm x 53mm) with plate Number 585. VF condition.40.0095.00
53Selection of 29 early issues. Includes examples of #4, #7-10, #13, #21-22, #24-30, #32-37, and #44-45. Mint & Used. VF.5.008.00
54Selection of 66 stamps (issues of 1898 thru 1914); Mint & Used. All different. VF condition.3.006.50
55Selection of 57 all different Overprinted or Surcharged issues in MNH, Mint, and Used condition; between Scott #177 and #301. A nice selection, VF.8.0011.00
56Selection of about 300 all different in Mint & Used issues from 1931 thru 1983. Includes regular, airs and back of the book issues. Good selection.20.0030.00
57Cover. Airmail, PauP (4 Dec 1925) to Cap Haitien. Paid with #318. Type 3 cachet. Cap Haitien receiving mark. VF. 10.00No Bids
58Three US Navy in Haitian Water covers with Gonaives cancellations. The USS Teal (10 Apr 31); the USS Savannah (4 May 36); and the USS Brooklyn ( 2 Feb 38). VF. 10.0015.00
59Cover. US Navy commemorative cover with an FPO AE 09593 cancel of 27 Feb 1992. Cover prepared by the USCGC SENECA (WMEC 906) on Haitian return of the ship from Guantanamo, Cuba to PauP. Ship cachet in black and US Marine Corps and US Navy cachets in color in back of cover. Nice interesting cover. VF condition.5.0026.00
60Covers. Two US Army postal service items from Haiti – APO AE 09301-9091 to USA(12 Feb 1995) and APO AE 93380-1 to USA (2 Feb 1995). VF.7.0012.00
61FDC of Scott #803-809 issue. A scarce issue on FDC. VF.6.0024.00
62FDC of #818-823 issue. Another scarce item. VF.5.0047.00
63Cover. Fort de France, Martinique (10 April 1994) to France. Cover has a large blue cachet of Frigate VENTOSE with inscription “ EMBARGO HAITI DECEMBER 1993 FRIGATE VENTOSE”. VF.4.0026.00
64Postal Stationary. The 2c & 3c card with the 1902 overprint in Mint condition. VF.8.00No Bids
65Postal Stationary. The 1902 overprinted 3c postal card mailed at PauP on 10 October 1902 to Germany (receiving mark dated 27 October 1902). Very nice item in very good condition.35.0040.00
66Aerogramme. The 50 centimes design (Kessler Catalog #1) issued May 16, 1958. VF copy.1.00No Bids
Haiti Maps & Military Medals
The following map lots were photographed with their gold metal frame, glass, and matting. Lots will be shipped with matting only.
67Map circa 1780. It portrays the work of Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) who was a hydrographer for the King of France. The King commissioned Bellin to map all known coasts of the world. The text of Carta dell’ Isola San Domingo is in Italian and French. 15 ½ x 12 inches with matting. Ex. cond.110.00No Bids
68Circa 1764. Cartographer not indicated. Plan de Lisle A Vache. Off the coast of Les Cayes, this small island is rarely depicted by cartographers. Colors: lime green background. Measures 11 ½ x 14 inches with matting. Ex. cond.140.00No Bids
69No indication of date [circa 1775?] and cartographer. Plan de la Rade de Port- Paix. Ex. condition, with light folds. Colors: rust, yellow, orange, etc. Measures 15 x 12 ¾ with matting.140.00No Bids
701787. Rigobert Bonne (1729-1794) Isle de St. Domingue et celle de Porto-Rico. One fold, otherwise ex. condition. Measures 18 x 13 ½ with matting. Colors: black, gray.120.00No Bids
71Total of Four Replicated USMC and US Navy Medals (2 x 2) mounted on heavy green cardboard. One reads USMC For Service; its back, Haitian Campaign 1919-1920. The second medal reads, US Navy For Service; its back, Haitian Campaign 1915. approx. diameter 1 ½”; all excellent condition and attractively mounted. 35.0042.00
End of auction