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December 2011 Society Auction

Closed January 5, 2012

Lot Description M/B Realized
1Sunken die proof essay on large card for the 5 centimes Postal Tax stamp of 1949, with images of Washington, Dessalines, and Bolivar. In black, signed, but without plate number on the proof or printer name beneath the stamp image. The card has pin holes and discoloring, well away from and not affecting the image. A very rare item. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$25.00$40.00
2Sunken die proof on large card of the finished 5 centimes design of the Postal Tax issue of 1949. In green, signed.  Link to Auction Lot #2 image25.0040.00
Note: next three lots have gum remnants on back from mounting at one time on card stock. This does not interfere in any way with VF quality of images on front side.
3Sunken die proof, ABNC numbered, Nord Alexis issue of 1906, 20 centimes blue as issued. Die number is C-697. Spotlessly clean and VF.35.0070.00
4Sunken die proof, as previous lot, but 50 centimes red, die number is C-698, couple of faint red marks from dye on plate not affecting image, and a couple of very small (pencil ?) marks in border area.30.0052.00
5Sunken die proof, as previous lots, but 1 Piastre claret, die number is C-699, one   (pencil?) dot well away from image, otherwise spotless and VF.35.0052.00
Forwarded Mail
6Letter, Gonaives, 12 September 1853, to Bordeaux via New York, forwarded at New York by H. Beckle and Graive to France via Britain. By treaty, 21 cents was paid at New York. Letter was then sent on to France where postage for this last leg was collected, 8 decimes due. The cover is only about fair. The Forwarder’s marking can be made out only with difficulty. Nice strike of the large circle “New York Americ. St.”10.0024.00
7Cover sheet, dated Port au Prince 21, September 1833 to Switzerland, forwarded at Havre by Perquer. Nice strike of an oval with”ACHEMINEE PAR F. PERQUER & SES FILS HAVRE“, and date written within. Nice strike of Havre receiving mark 26 Nov. and red 20 (decimes paid at Havre). Additional marking indicating 9 decimes retained by France, and clear Swiss date stamp 1 December. Clean and interesting. Link to Auction Lot #7 image35.00250.00
8Folded letter, 1 January 1831, to Bordeaux, via New York. Forwarded at New York by Meyer and Hupeden. Oval forwarder’s marking is somewhat weak and is about 60% legible. Enough can be seen to verify that the letter was forwarded at New York and the name of the forwarder. Bold strikes of French “PAYS DE OUTREMER PAR LA HAVRE” , date stamps (for Havre and Bordeaux 9 and 13 April 1831, and 10 decimes French due marking. Contents in German, two paragraphs printed and a page plus in manuscript. Clean and about fine.  Link to Auction Lot #8 image30.0040.00
9Folded letter cover sheet only, 17 January 1822, to Bordeaux, forwarded at Le Havre. French “74 LE HAVRE” on front in red, and 9 decimes due. On reverse is nice strike of oval forwarder’s mark containing “Forwarded by Hettinguer & Co. Havre”. Letter sheet is very clean with a horizontal and a vertical file fold not affecting the piece. Fine + Link to Auction Lot #9 image30.0060.00
10Folded letter, Port au Prince, 10 August 1823, to London via New York, forwarded at New York by Theodore Meyer, manuscript forwarder’s marking, to London. Marked “LIVERPOOLE SHIP LETTER” in box, and charged 1/7 postage due in Britain. Letter is unsoiled but markings fall on top of one another giving messy appearance. Contents one and a half pages in German (?). About fine.30.0055.00
11Folded letter, Port au Prince 10 July 1837 to Glasgow via Philadelphia and New York, and forwarded at New York to destination by Groheim & Schreiber. Letter is somewhat busy with markings but still attractive. Philadelphia arrival marking in blue, “SHIP” in blue, 14 ½ cents US postage paid, fine strike of large red oval forwarder’s marking by Groheim & Schreiber, British “Liverpool Ship Letter” in box, and Glasgow arrival date stamp. Contents three pages plus in a small hand in English. A bit difficult to read because the ink from one side of the paper is visible from the other. Paper is sound but missing two small areas perhaps 1 cm square. Interesting.   Link to Auction Lot #11 image40.00235.00
12Folded letter, Gonaives to Bordeaux via New York, 20 November 1838, forwarded in New York through Gilpin’s. Nice strike in red of large oval “Gilpin’s Exchange, Reading Room (etc.)”, French date stamps, and French due marking 15 decimes. Contents three pages in French, probably not difficult to read. Letter is sound and clean with horizontal and vertical file folds, and missing a piece about 1 ½ cm square at seal. About fine plus. Link to Auction Lot #12 image40.00105.00
13Folded letter, Jeremie to New York, 6 August 1864, forwarded by Hubbard and Steencken Port au Prince in blue oval 34 x 17 mm (late for this). Jeremie merchant’s cachet and New York 4 cents due marking. Forwarder’s marking is rather faint but can be read. Contents one page in a neat French hand, probably commercial. Outside of letter has toned area all around as though exposed to something affecting the paper. Otherwise clean, neat, and very sound. Attractive. Link to Auction Lot #13 image40.0050.00
14Letter sheet, Gonaives to Havre via Boston, 24 November 1869, received in Boston December 17 and forwarded by “P M MANN & CO BOSTON” in blue oval to Havre. Appropriate French receiving and due marks. Forwarder’s marking somewhat cluttered by ink perhaps transferred from other letters. Otherwise clean and Fine.30.00No Bids
15Folded letter, Cap Haitien to New York via Gonaives, 4 June 1870. Oval cachet of Brooks & Co. with “forwarded” written in the center. Simple letter with nice strike of the Brooks and Co. and a New York due date stamp June 23 10 cts. A couple of file folds not seriously detracting. Contents in English, mercantile.30.0045.00
16Folded letter, Miragoane to Havre, May 10 1875 forwarded at Port au Prince by G. Serre & Co. Markings include merchant's cachet (Miragoane) and forwarder’s oval both very nicely struck. Also British Royal Mail “A JACMEL MAY 10 75”, rather faint, French date stamps, GB1F60 accountancy marking and 12 decimes due (these last two very nicely struck). All together a fine plus item. Link to Auction Lot #16 image40.00No Bids
17Two folded letters to New York, one 22 August 1864, from Port au Prince, with part of a New York receiving date stamp and to the side a large 8 (cents due), double rate. Contents in English, mercantile. The second is from Jacmel, 17 December, 1879, with New York “opera glass” receiving mark and a 5c US first issue postage due with precancel. This was the rate for unpaid mail from a non-UPU country. Contents one and a half pages in French and additional page enclosed (also French) appears mercantile. Both letters are very clean and sound with file folds not seriously affecting appearance. VF.45.00No Bids
18No Lot  
19Haiti 2 centimes first issue postage dues on envelope from New York to Port au Prince, 30 June 1905. Letter has 2 cents US postage affixed and cancelled, 3 cents short of the correct postage. Nice strike of New York “T” and “centime 15” indicating shortage. Marked 6 (centimes due) in crayon and three 2 centimes Haitian dues affixed. Correct postal union treatment of short paid letters to Haiti are unusual.  Link to Auction Lot #19 image50.00335.00
20Ship letter, Cap Francais 9 June 1803, to Bordeaux, fine plus strike of “POSTE MARITIME BORDEAUX”, Salles V.1 Fig 21. Contents two pages in French. Letter is exceptionally clean and sound. VF. Link to Auction Lot #20 image25.0088.00
21Ship letter, Cap Francais 8 July 1803, to Havre, good to fine strike of “COL PAR BREST” Salles V.1 Fig. 56. Contents two pages in French. Link to Auction Lot #21 image40.00125.00
22General Thouvenot at Port au Prince to General Quantin at Fort Dauphin, free with seal of General Thouvenot, circular, front and back, both strikes rather weak, see Jamet p85 #25. On official stationery, slight soiling but sound and otherwise fine to VF. Date is 30 April 1803. Contents three pages in French. F-VF.  Link to Auction Lot #22 image50.00140.00
23Ship letter, Port Republicain, 2 April 1800, to Philadelphia. Baltimore receiving mark, manuscript Sh(ip) and 14 ½ cents due, 12 ½ cents distance rate plus 2 cents ship letter. Contents one page in French. Clean, neat, and sound. VF. Link to Auction Lot #23 image40.00180.00
24Letter, Gonaives to Philadelphia, 6 September 1796. Arrival at Baltimore “BALT. SEP 29” and Sh 16 ½. Contents one page in English. File fold and small piece of letter missing. Otherwise sound and F to VF.30.0090.00
25Letter, Aux Cayes, 17 December 1800, to Philadelphia. Baltimore entry marking, handstamp “SHIP” and 14 ½ cents due. Letter is very clean sound with horizontal file fold. Does not detract much. Contents one and a half pages in English; slightly faint but neat hand. Attractive and VF.40.00115.00
26Scott #21//26. Selection of 13 used stamps of the 1887 Salomon Issue. Includes #21(1), #22(2), #24 (9), and #25(1). Nice variety of cancels. A very fine lot.  Link to Auction Lot #26 image10.0060.00
27#24. Horizontal pair, MNH. A scarce issue in this extremely fine condition. Cat Val $50.00 Link to Auction Lot #27 image30.00155.00
28#29. Block of 6 (2x3) w/light pencil indication of plating position in gum side. Some hinge reinforcement in back of block. Rare issue as a block. Cat Val $21.0015.00No Bids
29#30. Selection of 102 copies; Used and in Fine condition. Good assortment of town/and/or dated cancellations. Cat Val $280.0045.0055.00
30#31. Block of 4, MNH, VF.4.0014.00
31#44. Block of 8. Mint w/some hinge reinforcement on gum side. Cat Val $11.20;  VF.8.00No Bids
32#66. Used copy with very good centering. Very scarce issue to find. Cat Val $2.00;  VF. Link to Auction Lot #32 image1.50No Bids
33#96-101. Imperforate set, Mint, Cat Val $10.00; VF.3.0014.00
34#123. Used, VF. Cat Val $
35#128. Mint, Cat Val $6.00; VF.3.004.00
36#133. Used. A very scarce issue underpriced by Scott. Cat Val $22.50. VF condition.15.0041.00
37#140-142. Used, Cat Val $10.65; VF.4.504.50
38#144. Mint; very lightly hinged mark. Scarce and underpriced by Scott. Cat Val $13.00; VF.8.0026.00
39#158-159. Used; Cat Val $5.25; Fine-VF.2.007.50
40#174. Mint, and #175 MNH. Cat Val $3.60; VF.1.756.50
41#173-175. Mint, Cat Val $4.25; VF.1.754.00
42#185. Vertical pair, MNH. Short “L” type. Cat Val $9.00; VF.5.0026.00
43#192. Used; Cat Val $5.50; VF.2.003.50
44#193. MNH copy of this very scarce issue. Underpriced by Scott at $9.75;  VF condition.7.0013.50
45#241. Horizontal strip of 3; MNH; Cat Val $10.50; VF.6.0010.50
46#257. Block of 16 (4x4), MNH except for 2 stamps (LH). Cat Val $10.40; VF.3.50No Bids
47#275. Mint; Cat Val $5.00; VF.2.006.00
48#316. Selection of 10 copies; all w/different cancellations. VF.3.50No Bids
49#624H-624I. Imperforate Souvenir Sheets; used. Cat Val $16.00; VF.4.007.50
50#625-27, C348-50. Butterfly Issue. MNH; Cat Val $93.50; Excellent condition.45.00135.00
51#643-46, C366-68. Imperforate copies, MNH, VF.12.0020.00
52#760-70. MNH; Cat Val $9.35; VF.3.00No Bids
53#896-901. Used set; Cat Val $30.00; Difficult set to obtain complete in used VF condition.12.0014.00
54#C169a. A vertical pair of this S/S, MNH; VF. A very scarce and rare item, seldom seen and/or offered.  Link to Auction Lot #54 image50.0065.00
55#CB2. MNH; Cat Val $25.00; VF.12.0016.50
56#CB7a-8a. MNH; Cat Val $80.00; VF.38.00No Bids
57#CB54a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH; Cat Val $8.00; VF.3.0010.00
58#RA1-16. MNH and Mint. Cat Val $15.20; VF.4.00No Bids
59Selection of about 170 different stamps (early 1900s thru 1960s) primarily in used condition (99%). Includes regular and airmail issues. All copies in very good condition.10.0030.00
60Cover. Jacmel local mail with horizontal pair of #70; both with Inverted OPs. Jacmel cancel of 5 August 1903. VF.  Link to Auction Lot #60 image100.00135.00
61Cover. PauP registered mail (11 October 1902) to Bordeaux, paid with the double weight + registered mail fee with 3 copies of Scott #77. Proper arrival backstamp. VF. Link to Auction Lot #61 image75.00No Bids
62Cover. Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis Flight. PauP (7 Feb 1928) to USA via Havana, Cuba (8 Feb 28). Paid with #314 and #320. Proper backstamp. VF.  Link to Auction Lot #62 image40.00No Bids
63Cover. First Flight (#WI-5), Pau P (13 December 1927) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. AVION double circle and blue WIAE cachet. Proper, clean and clear postmarks. VF.8.0030.00
64Cover. First Flight (#WI-7) PauP (28 Feb 1928) to Santiago, Cuba. AVION double circle and blue inauguration flight marking. VF.8.00No Bids
65Cover. First Flight (# F6-4), PauP (9 Jan 1929) to Miami, FL. Red double circle “AVION” marking. Proper postmarks. VF.5.00No Bids
66Selection of 10 FDCs, unaddressed; 5 with cachets. All in VF condition. As follows: #361-63, 444-46/C139-41, 448-50, C145-47, B6-8/CB13-15, B20/CB30-31, C1, C135a, C169a, C152a.4.00No Bids
Errors and Varieties
67#43. Imperforate vertically; from left corner of sheet. Mint, VF.2.0010.00
68#45b. Double Surcharge, Mint w/small hinge remnant, otherwise good looking copy. Cat Val $14.006.00No Bids
69#67. Block of 4 all with Inverted OPs, MNH. VF.15.00No Bids
70#68. Vertical pair with Inverted OP in top stamp. Mint. VF.5.00No Bids
71#69. Block of 4 with all Inverted OPs and another block of 4 with Inv OPs on bottom stamps. MNH, VF.30.00No Bids
72#70. Block of 4 with all Inverted OPs. MNH, VF.25.00No Bids
73#71. Block of 4 w/Inv OPs on top stamps. MNH, VF.10.0016.00
74#73. Block of 4 w/Inv OPs on bottom stamps. MNH, VF.10.0016.00
75#74. Vertical pair w/ Inv OP on top stamp. MNH, VF.5.009.00
76#76. Block of 4 w/Inv OPs in bottom stamps. MNH, VF.10.0017.00
77#152. Horz pair w/Inverted Surcharge. MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
78#250. Mint w/ Double Surcharge. VF.3.00No Bids
79#253. Mint w/Double Surcharge. VF.4.00No Bids
80#254. Mint w/ Double Surcharge. VF.4.00No Bids
81#335. Horizontal pair. Imperforate between. Mint with a hardly noticeable hinge mark. A rare and desirable item in VF condition.   Link to Auction Lot #81 image75.00110.00
82#602-08, C319-22. Imperforate pairs. MNH, VF.30.0035.00
83#C438. Double Surcharge with one Surcharge Inverted. Rare and scarce error. MNH, VF. Link to Auction Lot #83 image15.00No Bids
84#CB28-29. Horizontal pairs with the “CENIIMES” error in Mint Never Hinged condition. VF.8.0020.00
85#J7. Right margin block of 4 with Inverted Overprints on bottom stamps. MNH, VF.15.0015.00
End of auction