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Philatelic Society

June 2011 Society Auction

Closed July 2, 2011

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Scott #4, Mint, 5c green imperf Liberty Head, horizontal, top right margin, pair, has some of top and right margins. Stamps are clean, sound, with full OG, appears to be NH. A small cut in top sheet margin about 1 ½ cm long above left stamp. A bit of top sheet margin could be removed to eliminate this leaving about 3 to 4 mm of sheet margin. Full margins at bottom and left. Unusually nice condition. VF.$50.00$55.00
2Scott #7, 1 c red perforated, used block of 4, light Les Cayes cancels 10 May 1887, clean and sound with no separations, hinged to approval sheet. F to VF. 10.0040.00
3Scott #30, 7 centimes red first palm tree issue, mint block of 6, 3 wide by 2 high. Very nice condition with full og, appears to be NH, and no separations. Vertical perfs slightly cut into the two stamps on the right, otherwise VF.30.0080.00
4Scott #27 variety, 2c blue in small sheet of 10 with sheet margins all around. Sheet is in very nice condition with no separations and is hinge mounted to a piece of black construction paper. Vertical perforations are displaced slightly to right, cutting into left edges of most stamps on the sheet. This cut-in is about one perforation wide at most. The crack in the printing plate is seen clearly at bottom. VF.    Link to Auction Lot #4 image150.001,500.00
5Cover sheet Port au Prince to Havre, British Port au Prince A in circle marking on front with date 9 June 1873, rather faint, also British rate marking (for Liverpool ship letter), and clear GB 1F60 exchange mark. On reverse the marking for a Liverpool ship letter, about 2/3 visible, London and French date stamps. Condition about fine5.0010.00
6Cover, 12 June 1888 Jeremie to New York, single registered rate paid by 20 c. perf. Liberty Head, Scott #13 neatly tied by Jeremie cancel, registry mark and number on front, New York receiving on back. Slight wrinkling and a couple of light pencil markings. Otherwise about fine.30.0070.00
7Cover, Cayes to New York, samples of merchandise rate paid by Scott #25, 2c Salomon issue, neatly tied by Cayes cancel, second strike off to side, 13 Dec 90, poor strike of merchants cachet. Small snips of paper missing at upper left and at lower right corners, not affecting the piece. Slight wrinkles. “ Samples of no value” written in ink on front. Scarce. Overall Fine to VF.  Link to Auction Lot #7 image40.00490.00
8Cover, Port au Prince 10 April 1879 to Havre, somewhat faint British “Port au Prince B AP 10 79” in circle on front, also clear T 1-10 exchange marking and French 16 (decimes due). Date stamps on back for London and Le Havre. Quite neat, clean, and free of wrinkling. VF.15.0028.00
9Cover, Gonaives to Bordeaux 10 August 1907, paid by Scott 126 and 127, 2 c vermillion and 3 c brown, both lightly tied, large merchants cachet with “par Quebec” in ink, Port au Prince and Bordeaux date stamps on reverse. Tear, about 2 cm slightly affecting address at bottom and horizontal file fold also slightly affecting address. Otherwise neat and about Fine. 5.00No Bids
10Cover, airmail Port au Prince to Port de Paix, 19 April 1927, paid by stamps of 1924, two 20c map, Scott #317, and one 10c Citadel, Scott #316, nicely and neatly tied by P au P date stamp. Also what appears to be a poor strike of the AVION - below - airplane cachet in red. Port de Paix date stamp on reverse. Vertical file fold down the middle, not affecting postage or markings, otherwise clean and F-VF.3.00No Bids
11Lindbergh airmail cover, Port au Prince to Havana, 60c postage paid by 50c Borno and 10c citadel stamps of 1924, Scott #316 and 318, date stamp Port au Prince 7 February 1928, Havana backstamps both February 8 and 9. Lindbergh cachet. Very clean and free of wrinkles, this was clearly sent to create a souvenir of the Lindbergh flight and preserved. VF. Link to Auction Lot #11 image50.0060.00
12Three stampless folded letters, Port au Prince to Boston, 1830 to 1832, contents in English about prices of merchandise; nothing personal or descriptive of Haiti or PauP. Partial strikes of Boston ship letter markings, average only about fair.6.0042.00
13Cover, Port de Paix addressed to “Wilson Creek” Michigan, paid by Capois-La-Morte 5c and 10c, Scott #371 and #372. Letter was returned. MISSENT and REBUT on front. Also nice date stamps for St. Marc 15 August and 20 November. Various other markings on front and back with dates in between. Date stamps indicate cover actually was returned to sender. Nice condition with only very minor faults. Fine to VF.5.0050.00
14Very small cover (3 ¾” X 2 ½”) opened up with Scott #380, 5c Dessalines, to pay internal postage St. Marc to Port de Paix, cancel dated 30 December 1947. Port de Paix date stamp shows 6 January. Tears from opening of cover not affecting stamp or marking. Good to Fine.2.0031.00
15Cover, Aux Cayes 10 July 1913, to Rochester, New York, paid by pair of 2 c de p issue of 1906, Scott #126 on the back and cancelled by Cayes date stamp. Clear strike Cayes date stamp . Small stain & scuff on front not serious, otherwise VF.5.0028.00
16Cover, Port au Prince 3 March 1906 to Jumet, Belgium, paid by strip of three 3 centimes Sam green issue of 1898, and 1c on 20c Nord Alexis (black overprint) Scott #108, early date, stamp issued Feb. 20. 5 cm tear at upper left from edge of cover to left edge of #108. Two horizontal file folds slightly detracting. Stamps cancelled by strikes of P au P date stamp. Jumet date stamp on reverse, 19 March 1906. Condition about fair.3.0055.00
17Cover from Haiti to Kansas City, Missouri, paid by pair of 5c orange, Scott #35, tied by a good strike of a Dutch packet oval, with a second, better, strike of to the side. No markings for Haiti, but date stamps for New York and Kansas City on reverse. Minor wrinkling. VF.15.0052.00
18Cover, Port au Prince to Chicago, 1 June 1918, paid by two 4c bright red and two 1c green, pictorial issues of 1906, Scott #125 and #129 stamps neatly tied by P au P date stamps. Cover has wrinkles and a 2 cm tear at top detracting from appearance. Overall condition is about good.2.0035.00
19Folded letter Port au Prince to Otsego, New York, 13 December 1848, with strike of large “New York SHIP Jan 10 7 cts.” in circle, in red, on front. Marking is fine and about 80% visible. Contents are three crowded pages in English in small hand, neat and readable. Writer is a missionary teaching children writing to his sister with advice to her and comments on the difficulty of his work in Haiti. Clean and sound with only very minor wrinkles. F-VF .30.0035.00
20Wrapper addressed to Leon Montes, En Ville, rate paid by 1c overprint on 50, Scott #254, 1c in red on 50c, year on P au P date stamp is 1918. Overprint is double. Wrapper is neat and sound, stamp is tied by cancel, which is not all legible. Stamp overhangs top of wrapper but is not damaged. Scarce & almost VF. Link to Auction Lot #20 image40.00280.00
21Neat cover to Algeria, registered, single registered rate paid by 2c, 3c, and 15c of Pres. Sam issue, Scott # 55, 56, and 63, January 1901, French and Algerian date stamps on reverse. Cover is very neat and clean. Markings are faint. F+.   Link to Auction Lot #21 image20.0085.00
22Registered cover, Cap Haitien 25 December 1930 to Paris, paid by 50c Borno issue of 1924, Scott # 318. Heavily inked Cap Haitien duplex date stamp gives a somewhat messy appearance. Otherwise, clean and sound. About fine.2.003.00
23Censored cover Cap Haitien to Paris, 11 April 1919, paid by single 1c and 4c stamps with GLOZ overprints., Scott #177 and #181, Cap Haitien date stamp strikes on front and back, also censor’s marking, PauP on back. Cover has some smudges and wrinkles and a 4 cm tear at upper left, tear not affecting stamps or markings, but detracting from appearance. About good.2.0035.00
24Neat cover, Port au Prince to Paris 21 December 1898, paid by pair of 5c palm tree issue of 1896. Cover is clean and sound, stamps are neatly tied, and the piece is overall VF. Link to Auction Lot #24 image40.00No Bids
25Cover, Port au Prince to officer on Panama Line ship in Port au Prince harbor. Cover is paid by 10c 1949 bicentennial of Port au Prince stamp, Scott #384. Stamp is on back of the envelope and is nicely tied by Port au Prince duplex 27 Nov 1953. Cover has some wrinkling, small, ½ cm, tear to left of stamp. Overall about good.1.004.00
26Scott #4, Mint w/OG. Heavy hinged w/4 wide margins. Good looking copy. Catalog value $
27#52, 55-57, 59-61. SPECIMENS (ABNC) in MNH condition. VF. 20.00No Bids
28#75, block of 4, MNH, VF.2.256.00
29#82-88, Mint, VF.1.751.75
30#96-101, Imperforate set, Mint, Cat Value $10, VF.4.505.00
31#96-101 & #102-107, Mint, VF.2.503.50
32#104 perf 14, Poste Paye large, Mint; #105 perf 13 ½ (2 copies – Poste Paye large mint, and small used); #107 perf 13 ½, Poste Paye small, MNG. VF.1.003.00
33#133, Used. Very scarce issue. Cat Value $22.50. VF.10.0065.00
34#135, Mint. Another scarce issue. Cat Value $25.00. VF.15.0055.00
35#137, Mint. Scarce issue. VF.13.0024.00
36#142, Mint, VF.6.0020.00
37#169, block of 4 from which the left upper stamp is missing. One stamp is MNH, others Mint. Very nice copies. VF.18.0050.00
38#184, Mint, VF.3.006.00
39#186, MNG, VF.3.007.00
40#237, perf 14, Mint; #238, perf 13 ½, Mint; and #239 MNH. All VF.1.001.00
41#242, appears to be MNH, very scarce issue seldom seen on the market. Cat Value $45. VF.   Link to Auction Lot #41 image35.00190.00
42#245, vertical pair MNH; #253 vertical pair MNH; #254 horizontal pair MNH; and #255 vertical pair MNH. All VF.2.506.00
43#267 horizontal pair MNH; #270 block of 4 MNH and a vertical strip of 3 MNH; #274 vertical strip of 3 MNH. All VF. 4.508.00
44#275, Mint, VF.2.5010.00
45#276 MNH; #277 vertical pair MNH; #280 block of 4 (2 are MNH).4.508.00
46#283 block of 4 MNH; #285 MNH; #286 block of 4 MNH; #292 block of 4 MNH. All VF.4.008.00
47#290, block of 4 (2 MNH), VF.6.0030.00
48#294 MNH; #296 Mint; #298 block of 4 MNH; #300 block of 4 Mint; #302, MNH; and #304 Mint. All VF.3.507.00
49#305-306, vertical pairs, MNH, VF.15.0030.00
50#642, complete sheet of 50, MNH, VF.4.0020.00
51#657-59 MNH; #693 & #695 MNH; C439-41 MNH; #C444, 446, 450-51 all MNH. VF.3.758.00
52#802, Souvenir Sheet, imperforate, MNH, Scarce item seldom offered. MNH and VF.11.0018.00
53#823, MNH, undervalued by Scott; a scarce item. VF.16.0017.00
54#836, Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.2.505.00
55#J1-4, Mint, VF.3.005.00
56#J13, Mint, VF.5.00No Bids
57#J19-20, Used w/4 good margins, excellent condition, Cat Value $40.50.  #J20 is a very scarce item; difficult item to find in market. VF.20.0075.00
58#J20, in MNH w/ selvage at bottom; rarely seen and offered in this condition. Cat Value of $35 is for a hinged copy. A very nice and desirable copy. 25.00125.00
59#J20, in Mint condition. Good looking example and difficult to find. Cat Value $35. VF. 20.0040.00
60#RA38, Mint; #RA39 MNH; #RA46 (2) MNH; #RAC16, 18 MNH; #RAC17, 19 Mint; #RAC 26 Used. All VF.1.001.00
61President Tancrede Auguste issue of 1914. 3 cts, block of four and two singles; 5cts, vertical pair; 7cts, vertical pair; 7cts (O. Zamor), blocks of four and six; 10cts, block of six; and 15 cts, block of nine. All MNH VF.10.0016.00
Errors and Varieties
62#70, 89, 108, & 156. All w/ Inverted OP or Surcharge. Mint,VF.10.00No Bids
63#172, horizontal strip of 3 w/one double surcharge, Mint, VF.5.009.00
64#173, vertical pair, imperforate horizontally, Mint, VF.4.0030.00
65#174, horizontal pair w/one stamp double surcharge in light blue red ink, Mint, VF.3.008.00
66#177, inverted OP, Mint, VF.3.505.00
67#213, inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.3.504.00
68#214, two copies. One Mint w/inverted OP and the other Used w/double OP. VF. 8.0011.00
69#218, inverted surcharge, VF.3.003.00
70#236, horizontal strip of 3 w/one double surcharge, MNH, VF.8.008.00
71#237, double surcharge, Mint, VF.4.007.00
72#237, horizontal strip of 3 w/one double surcharge, Mint, VF. 6.006.00
73#238, double surcharge, Mint w/selvage piece adhering on back, otherwise VF.3.003.00
74#238, double surcharge, Mint, VF.5.005.00
75#239, double surcharge, Mint, VF.4.005.00
76#217, horizontal strip of 3 w/one double surcharge, MNH, VF. Link to Auction Lot #76 image8.0035.00
77#253, double surcharge, MNG, VF.3.003.00
78#256, inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.3.005.00
79#257, inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.3.003.00
80#257, block of 4, MNH/Mint w/one double surcharge (MNH), VF. Link to Auction Lot #80 image8.0030.00
81#259, inverted surcharge, MNG, VF.2.502.50
82#578, horizontal pair w/one stamp missing the year date “1968”. MNH, VF. See Scott footnote.8.009.00
83#B4-5, horizontal pairs w/one stamp being the RED CROSS Error – missing double frame of the cross. MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
84#B9, horizontal pair with the error of the missing date “1959-1960” in the left stamp of the pair which has “centimes” instead of the date. MNH, VF.8.00No Bids
85#B15, inverted surcharge. Minkus Catalog #709. Listed by Minkus in 1980 at $15. MNH, VF. 8.00No Bids
86#C360, inverted OP, MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
87#CB9, inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.7.00No Bids
Autographs, Historical Maps, and Haitian Art
88Strikingly beautiful and colorful hand-painted cross, folkloric in appearance. On tin (2 to 3 lbs), 10 x 17 inches.  Link to Auction Lot #88 image15.0015.00
89Painting. Jungle scene, oil on mesonite board. Signed R. Bienaime. 10 ½ x 8 inches. Style evocative of primitivism of Henri Rousseau.  Link to Auction Lot #89 image12.50No Bids
90Painting. Vivid scene of women at market. Oil on mesonite board. Signed by R. Bienaime. 8 x 10 inches.  Link to Auction Lot #90 image12.50No Bids
Please note that Lots 91 to 97 have gold metal frames, glass, and matting. Unless buyer indicates otherwise, seller will ship lots with matting only. This is a precaution against breakage and damage to the paper item. As such, the weight is greatly reduced.  Frames can be purchased independently from seller.
91Nord Alexis autograph on official document dated 18 March 1903, measuring 9 x 13 3/4 inches, with matting 12 x 17 inches. The President, Nord Alexis, addresses the Minister for Justice and states that under separate cover he is sending a letter from the imprisoned General Nau (rather famous) in which Nau petitions his release from prison. VG condition. (Minimum bid includes matting.) Link to Auction Lot #91 image125.00160.00
92Circa 1620, page from Tomasso Porcacchi Castiglione’s (1530-1585) Descrittione dell’Isola Spagnuola. The Italian text speaks of Columbus setting sail and his discovery of the Island of Hispaniola, its location, etc. Porcacchi cartographical works included many “studies” of islands. Beautifully printed text and map. Map with matting measures 9 ¾ X 13 ¼ inches. Link to Auction Lot #92 image165.00320.00
93Circa 1747. Map of Cuba (upper) and Hispaniola (bottom) with Rococo cartouche with name of Emanual Bowen (1714-1767) of London. a mapmaker, seller of maps, etc. to King George II and King Louis XV of France. Measures 20 1/2/ x 18 ½ inches with matting Ex. cond.      Link to Auction Lot #93 image150.00150.00
94Circa 1780 Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) hydrographer of King of France who commissioned Bellin to map all known coasts of the world. The text of Carta dell’ Isola San Domingo is in Italian and French. 15 ½ x 12 inches with matting. Ex. cond.  Link to Auction Lot #94 image135.00No Bids
95Circa 1764. Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) hydropraher of the King of France who commissioned Bellin to map all know coasts of the world. Rococo cartouche with title, Plan de la Rade et la Ville du Petit Goave dans l’Isle de Saint Domingue, 17 ¾ x 14 1/3 inches with matting. Ex. cond.  Link to Auction Lot #95 image135.00No Bids
961788 (London). Robert Sayer (1725-1794) beautiful and colorful A Plan of Cape Nicola Mole, on the West End of Hispaniola from a French Survey, measurements with matting 14 x 11 ¾ inches. Ex. cond. Link to Auction Lot #96 image135.00160.00
971788 (London). Robert Sayer (1725-1794) equally beautiful and colorful Plan of the Bay and Town of Bayaha or Port Dauphin on the Island of Hispaniola, measurements with matting 11 x 13 ¾ inches. Ex. cond.  Link to Auction Lot #97 image135.00160.00
98Cover. Jeremie (6 June 1919) to PauP (7 June 1919). Paid w/#192. VF.15.0019.00
99Cover. Jacmel (? February 1920) to Paris (no receiving marking) via PauP (25 Feb 1920). Paid w/strip of 4 and a single of #304. Good condition.15.0025.00
100Cover. PauP (31 March 1921) to Switzerland. Paid w/#217,245,310, and 311. Fine condition. 20.00No Bids
101Cover. Censored Pau P (15 February 1919) to Chicago. Paid w/#168. Double circle (violet color) censor marking #461. VF condition.10.00No Bids
102PAA Test Flight Cover. Test flight of 1 Nov 1946 to PauP received on 2 Nov 46. Returned to sender on 7 November 1946. Paid w/Haiti #C38 and #RA7.  VF.5.0012.00
103Picture postcard (non-Haiti card). Mailed in PauP (13 Jan 1906) to Dresden, Germany (20 Jan 1906). Paid w/#96-97. Picture of woman in long dress. Bottom of picture side of postcard reads “Betty Nansen i “Hjammet”. Good condition.10.0014.00
104Silk Tobacco Flag titled “Hayti Merchant Flag” in blue/red (numbered 84 of 10th series). 60 x 70 mm. Some fraying at edges, otherwise in very good condition. Probably from the early 1900s. Link to Auction Lot #104 image4.008.00
End of auction