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December 2010 Society Auction

Closed January 7, 2011

Lot Description M/B Realized
Proofs and Essays
The following Proofs and Essays are, in the most part, originally from the Hennan collection and mounted on his album pages; The material probably has not been remounted in over 50 years.
1Proof of vignette etching of A T Simon as used on stamps of 1910. About 14 mm in diameter on 5 ½ cm square paper, below portrait is “A.T.Simon Special-C-332 American Banknote Co. NY”, very clean and nice, small hinge attaches it to album page. VF. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$20.00$65.00
2Proof of vignette etching of Leconte as used on stamps of 1912. About 1 ½ by 2 cm oval in sunken center of card stock about 14 by 18 cm, no notation on card (of ABNC, die number etc.). Item is mounted on back of page with a cut out window, and has several remnants of hinges on front (away from sunken center with vignette) used to mount it behind the window. Otherwise very clean and fine.  Link to Auction Lot #2 image20.0074.00
3Die proofs on India of designs for issue of 1912, portrait of President Leconte. Three items, 1 c. de G., 2 c. de G., and 5 c. de P. in colors of issue mounted on album page, printed by ABNC. Proofs are clean and very fine except for some slight wrinkling especially the 1 and 2 c. values. They are hinged to the page, and this may have something to do with the wrinkles.15.0055.00
4Essay, artists design for a proposed issue commemorating US-Haiti relations. Large format, approx. 12 cm wide by 10 cm high, in black and white, featuring US and Haitian flags and denominated 5 Centimes. Source unknown. Clean and VF.  Link to Auction Lot #4 image10.00206.00
5Die proofs of stamp designs for the Series of 1915-1916 that was not placed in use because of theft of a portion of the printings. Printed on India, ungummed, and cut quite close to just touching. This is a set of all 13 values featuring vignettes of Zamor and Auguste, and the Coat of Arms of Haiti. The set is hinge mounted on an album page and all examples are clean and VF. Link to Auction Lot #5 image60.00205.00
6Die proof (Trial Color), design for the (stolen) issue of 1915-16, denominated 3 c de Gourde, center is Coat of Arms, color is that of the 1 c. de Gourde issued stamp. Mounted in sunken center of card stock, sunken area is about 8 cm wide by 6 cm high, card stock is large, roughly 24 cm wide by 12 cm high, mounted on back of a display page with a window. Very clean and Fine.35.00106.00
7Die proof (two) of engraved vignette of coat of arms, black and about 12mm across, mounted in sunken area of card, about 20 cm wide by 14 cm high, in turn mounted behind window in album page. Another, a retouch of the first, lines added and strengthened. Clean and neat and VF. Min bid for the two.  Link to Auction Lot #7 imageLink to Auction Lot #7 image30.0062.00
8Die progress proof of Admiral Killick issue missing value. Bright orange brown color in sunken area of a piece of card about 10 cm wide by 8 cm high, Very clean and neat and VF.    Link to Auction Lot #8 image40.0080.00
9Essays of designs submitted but not accepted for issue during US occupation. Lithographed with portrait of President Borno. Two examples, both 10 centimes de gourde, variations in design and printed on gummed paper. The first is brown and the numerals indicating denomination are reversed (01). The second is in red. Both are hinged to an album page. Clean and VF. Link to Auction Lot #9 image20.00370.00
10Essays submitted by a local firm (Cie. Litho.) in 1922. Two designs, in black, one featuring the “Palais des Ministere”, the second featuring the three heroes of the revolution. Denominations are 20 centimes and 5 centimes de gourde. Designs were not accepted. Both are printed on gummed paper, and the second has adhered somewhat to the album page on which both are mounted. With care, it should be removed without damage. Otherwise both are VF.  Link to Auction Lot #10 image15.00370.00
Note: Lots 11 through 15 are all printed on rectangles of special paper and mounted in a sunken area on card stock about 16 cm. wide by 12 cm high. Designs are complete, with “American Bank Note Co.” appearing at bottom.
11Die proof, issue of 1920, 3 centimes allegory (agriculture) in blue. Pen notation on bottom right of card “2/9/20”. Color is bright. Overall clean & VF.   40.0080.00
12Die proof, issue of 1920, 5 centimes allegory (agriculture) in red. Pencil notation on bottom corner of card “Color Green”. Bright color. Some very faint soiling and a small dot to left of imprint (may always have been there). VF.  35.0080.00
13Die proof, issue of 1920, 10 centimes allegory (commerce) in green. Stamped on card at top “FOR APPROVAL”. Bright color. Clean and VF.   40.0080.00
14Die proof, issue of 1920, 15 centimes allegory (commerce) in violet. Bright strong color, couple of very small, faint smudges on card, away from sunken area. Otherwise clean and VF.40.0080.00
15Die proof, issue of 1920, 25 centimes allegory (commerce) in orange. Notation on bottom right corner of card, 2/16/20. Bright color. Clean & sound, VF. Link to Auction Lot #15 image40.0080.00
16Proofs, issue of 1920, the five values in issued colors, on India paper. May be die proofs or plate proofs cut from sheet, but all have white margins all around, hinge mounted on album page. VF.40.00110.00
17Die proof, issue of 1924, 5 centimes Pres. Borno, green, on special paper, mounted in sunken area on card stock, about 16 cm high by 12 cm wide. Strong, bright green color. VF.40.00110.00
18Die proof, issue of 1924, 10 centimes Citidel, red, on special paper mounted in sunken area on card stock, about 16 cm high by 20 cm wide. Strong, bright red color. VF.40.00110.00
Early Letters
Most with Faults
19Three folded letters to France, (1) from Mole St. Nicolas dated 17 May 1779, “COL PAR BREST” marking, Salles Vol. 1 #5, faint but can be identified, front panel is faded and wrinkled. Contents are 2 pages in neat French, probably can be read. (2) from Cap to Bordeaux 15 May 1783, paper is sound but wrinkled and with a file fold, fair strike of “COL N PAR LAROCHELLE”, Salles Vol. 1 #16. Contents are one page plus in French, appears somewhat difficult to read. Front has ms 10 marking in ink. (3) from Port au Prince to Nantes 16 (November?) 1784, sound and clean, horizontal file fold, rather good strike of “COL PAR LORIENT”, Salles Vol. 1 #7. Contents three pages in small but neat French hand. Probably could be read by someone willing to spend time. Faint ms 10 on front.15.0060.00
20Three items, (1) Letter Port au Prince to Philadelphia 17 March 1789, no postal markings, and probably carried outside the mails. One page in Spanish can be read. Sound and neat. (2) Cover sheet only dated 4 March 1854 Port au Prince to London. Evidently went via Hamburg as there is a partial strike of a Hamburg marking in a rectangle on the front. Marked 4, crossed out, and 8. (3) Folded letter, Port au Prince to Paris 7 May 1860 via London. Nice but rather faint strike of British “A Jacmel” in circle. May 10 1860. Also date stamps for London, Calais, and Paris. Nice clear strike of the GB 1F60 accountancy marking and French ms style 8 (decimes due) on front. Contents one page in French appears legible. Reasonably sound and clean. 15.0065.00
21Five items, (1) folded letter Port au Prince to Marcy (France) 13 July 1754, one page in French, probably can be read, no postal markings except possibly a small, cryptic marking on front. Letter is in fairly good condition. (2) Folded letter Limbe 1 July 1786 to France (Laval?), almost fine strike of “COLONIES PAR NANTES” in arc, Salles Vol. 1 #12, and ms 10. Contents one page in French, rather small and faint and may be difficult to read. Paper is sound. (3) Folded letter Jeremie 4 Pluviose an 11 (24 January 1803), paper is heavily toned is beginning to fail along folds. Three pages plus in French on both sides of thin paper. Pages are difficult to read because ink on back shows through. Strike on front of “COLONIES PAR BORDEAUX”, Salles Vol. 1, #68, file fold, unattractive. (4) similar to the previous, paper failing and heavily toned. Letter is Port Republicain 4 March 1802 to La Ciotat, France, strike on front of “COL PAR BREST”, Salles Vol. 1, #5 and ms 11. Unattractive (5) Folded letter Port au Prince to Francomont (Belgium) 20 January 1823, clean and sound, from a known correspondence. On the back is an almost fine strike of “FRANKRYK OVER DINANT”, listed as a French-Dutch treaty marking for mail via the border town of Dinant. On the front are some unknown markings and, in manuscript, 15. Letter is one page in French in a neat hand.15.00105.00
22Scott #49, 5c watermarked issue, mint strip of 4 with bottom and right sheet selvage, with sheet number at bottom. The piece is full og and never hinged. Number is 6,270. Centering is slightly high and to right, and there is some touching or slight cutting into the design. VF. 2.003.00
23Scott #151, surcharged Nord-Alexis 1 centime on 20 (red surcharge), mint, square block of nine, center stamp without the surcharge. Stamps and surcharges are well centered. Surcharges vary somewhat as to weight, but several are clear examples. Original gum with two hinges attached. Slight separation at upper left that could be reinforced. An attractive piece well worth preserving, almost VF.3.0040.00
24Scott #151, #156, and #153, mint, og, hinge remnants, surcharges (1 on 20 red, 2 on 20 black, 2 on 50 red) all inverted. Each stamp has top margin selvage with a second strike of the surcharge. The 1 in red is inverted, the other two are correct. Attractive small group VF.1.0030.00
25Scott #152, 2 centimes on 10, red surcharge, mint square block of 9. All surcharges are inverted and are well struck. Piece appears carefully reinforced in two places with hinges. Stamps are well centered, and piece appears attractive and needing no further repair. F-VF.2.0030.00
26Scott #2. Used. Fournier Forgery, VF.5.0014.00
27#2. Block of 6 (3x2). Mint (hinge remains), F-VF.5.0050.00
28#4. Used. Baguet Forgery with blue cancel, F-VF.5.0015.00
29#5. Plating of the 7c blue with 46 positions. Cat Val $184++, F-VF.  Link to Auction Lot #29 image90.00100.00
30#6. Used with PauP cancel. Baguet Forgery, VF.7.5018.00
31#6. Used. 28 Nov 1982 PauP cancel. Position 1, F.10.00No Bids
32#6. Mint No Gum. Position 9, F. 10.00No Bids
33#6. Used with tiny thin. Position 11. F-VF appearance.5.00No Bids
34#6. Mint No Gum. Position 12. F.10.00No Bids
35#6. Used. Nice margins but thinned. Position 16.7.50No Bids
36#6. Used. Position 26. F-VF. 7.50No Bids
37#6. Mint (50% of original gum). Position 28. VF.25.00No Bids
38#6. Used. 8 Jan 1884 PauP cancel. Position 35. Tiny thin but VF.5.00No Bids
39#6. MNG. Position 41. Cat Val $82.50. F-VF.8.00No Bids
40#6. Used with nice double strike. Position 49. VF12.00No Bids
41#7. MNG. Postal Forgery, Perf 16, F-VF.10.0010.00
42#8. Used (no cancel markings). Postal Forgery Perf 14. VG.7.0020.00
43#11. Used. Postal Forgery, Perf 14. Cap Haitien cancel (?) of 28 Jan 1888. VF condition.10.0025.00
44#13. Mint (hinged). Postal Forgery, Perf 16. F-VF.10.00No Bids
45#267. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.502.50
46#270. Block of 6, MNH. VF.2.002.00
47#273. Block of 4, MNH. VF.4.005.00
48#274. Block of 9, MNH. VF.3.004.00
49#277. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.202.00
50#278. Block of 9, MNH. VF.3.255.25
51#280. Block of 4, MNH. VF.4.505.00
52#283. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.503.00
53#285. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.602.00
54#286. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.502.50
55#292. Block of 6, MNH. VF.2.005.00
56#294. Block of 4, Mint Only. VF.1.504.00
57#295. Block of 4, MNH. VF4.506.00
58#298. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.503.50
59#300. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.504.00
60#302. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.502.50
61#305. Block of 4, Mint Only. VF.28.00No Bids
62#306. Block of 4, MNH. VF.1.201.20
63#879. Sheet of 4, MNH. Cat Val $12.50. VF.5.005.50
64#904-907. MNH, VF in imperforate Souvenir Sheet of 4. A very scarce issue. See Scott Catalog footnote.12.00No Bids
65#908. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. (no gum – as issued).12.0012.00
66#918a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.5.005.50
67#926. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.4.006.00
Special Selection
68Saint Domingue. FL, datelined Cap Haitien to PaP, 7 Nov. 1792 or 94 (?), letter consists of 2 pp. in French. VG strike of CAP, Jamet #. 108 mms. (length) x 77 (width). Overall VG condition.  Link to Auction Lot #68 image50.0055.00
69Postal stationery. Formula card, mint. H&G # 8. Ex. Cond.2.503.00
70Postal stationery. Formula card, datelined Cap, 24 April 1889, yet postmarked Cap 23 April 1889. Addressed to NY, with Key West routing mark (date illegible) and P.O. N.Y. receiving mark dated 5.8.89, Note original stamp removed and replaced by a used copy of Scott #7. Overall Good condition.5.007.50
71Provisional. Front of Cap Haitien provisional addressed to Rev. Quinlan in Puerto Plata, D.R. Psmk Cap April 26, 1889, with year 89 inverted. Puerto Plata receiving mark, 26 Abril 1889. Documented Collector’s Club Philatelist 44:4, p. 237. Vertical fold, some rough edges. Condition fair to poor.25.00205.00
Ephemera: Paper or Cloth
72Poster stamp. COHATA airlines perforated adhesive in yellow, blue, white and red. Legend COHAITA of Haiti, with design slightly off-center. 58 x 40mm. Original gum. Quite rare. Good condition.2.0011.00
73Baggage label. COHATA airlines in red, while, blue and legend FLY COHATA OF HAITI. Quite rare. Some scuffing. Original gum. 135 x 118 mms. Overall VG condition.4.506.00
74Pan American Airways advertising label to advertise the EXPOSITION INTERNATIONAL HAITI PaP. Orig. gum. 45 x 68mm.2.007.00
75Silk tobacco flag titled “Hayti Merchant Flag”, in blue/red (numbered 84 of 10th series). 60 x 70 mm. Some fraying at edges, otherwise VG condition. Probably from early 1900’s.5.00No Bids
76Laminated photo of Pres. Aristide with punched hole (designed for key chain). On back photo of rooster, symbol of LAVALAS movement. Good condition.1.002.00
77Flag of Haiti (157 x 115 mms) designed to stand on desk attached to plastic poll (280mm) Manufactured in early 1990’s. Good condition.1.00No Bids
Modern Covers
781965 Crash cover. PaP to Yonkers, date illegible due to water (?) damage; rec’d Key Biscayne April 11, 1965, with hand stamp “received in bad condition” referring to burn mark in lower left corner and possible water damage. Yonkers receiving mark April 13, 1965. Paid by Scott 523, C234-35. This is thought to be the second “crash flight” involving covers from Haiti. Rare.50.00200.00
79Diplomatic pouch. PAP to US - private letter with Haiti postage C174 affixed. Upon arriving in US, postmarked at Washington D.C. May 17 1957. Fairly difficult to located this type usage. Addressed deleted. F condition.1.503.00
80Thematic: Red Cross. PaP-Washington D.C. paid by Scott 343 (x2), C8A, psmkd PaP 9 June 1941. Cellophane label used to indicate U.S. censorship. Nicely imprinted red cross in addressee section. Overall VG.2.00No Bids
81Exemption from postage. U.N. cover sent in city, with ADM GLE DES POSTES local psmk for PaP, dated 25 Avril 1984. Also bears hand stamp for U.N. agency in PaP. Slightly rough opening right vertical. Otherwise, VG condition.1.00No Bids
82FFC. PauP (19 Apr 1927) to Port de Paix (19 Apr 27).10.00No Bids
83FFC. PauP (13 Dec 1927) to Wash DC via Santo Domingo, DR (13 Dec 27). Mr. Colson’s mail. VF.15.0017.00
84FFC. PauP with two cancellations (21 Feb 1928 and 28 Feb 28) to Santiago de Cuba (28 Feb 28). VF.10.00No Bids
85FFC. PauP (9 Jan 1929) to Havana (10 Jan 29). F-VF.10.00No Bids
86Cover. Front Only. Registered Mail from Jacmel (25 July 1894) to Germany. Paid with Scott #10, 11, 13 & 24. VF.10.0015.00
87Cover. Registered Mail, Gonaives (4 July 1895) to Paris (25 July 95). Paid with pair of Scott #28, and a #36 and #37. Rough opening not affecting stamps. F.20.0030.00
88Cover. PauP (6 February 1928) to the USA. F-VF.2.00No Bids
89Cover. PauP (10 February 1912) to USA. Paid w/#131. USA Consular Mail. VF condition.5.00No Bids
90Postal Stationery. H&G #15 (Reponse Payee only). PauP (10 March 1936). Overprinted “Service Officiel”. F-VF. Link to Auction Lot #90 image5.0027.00
91Collection of 73 WWII censored mail covers; most to the USA with double censors. F-VF condition.75.00125.00
92SAFE Signoscope Portable T2. Indispensable for checking watermarks, grills, thins, repairs, etc. New with instruction booklet, batteries (2 “AA”). Retail price at SUBWAY STAMP SHOP $128.0070.00No Bids
93SCOTT CLASSIC CATALOG 1840-1940. 1995 Edition. Like new.3.0010.00
End of auction