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December 2009 Society Auction

Closed January 15, 2010

Lot Description M/B Realized
Saint Domingue – Folded Letters
1Folded letter, Cap Francais, 18 June 1768, ship letter to Bordeaux, with markings, somewhat faint, of postal service of Loliot; B in circle, 2e Lee, and DU. Letter is sound and in fine condition, considering age, with a faint horizontal crease near the top. Contents in French, two plus pages, neat handwriting that appears legible. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$40.00$310.00
2Folded letter, Bayonne, 11 January 1777, ship letter to Plaine a Jacob, via Bordeaux and Jacmel. Markings include faint B in circle and a poor strike of JACMEL, Jamet #1 for that town. Postage due in Saint Domingue is 2 1/2 E. Letter is sound and very neat. Contents 2 1/2 pages of small, neat handwriting in French probably can be read with some difficulty. F/VF. Link to Auction Lot #2 image25.0055.00
3Folded letter, Le Cap to Bordeaux, 13 May 1771, ship letter, sound and neat with horizontal file fold near bottom. Front has markings of Loliot poste, B in circle and DU both in red. Contents in French, two pages of small but neat andwriting, probably legible. VF.  Link to Auction Lot #3 image40.0060.00
4Folded letter, New Orleans, 24 March 1787, to Portoise via St. Domingue and Bordeaux. Sound packet letter with almost VF strike of CAP FRANCAIS J ST D and faint strike of the circular COL BORDX marking. On reverse is the usual 20 (decimes) in red, prepaid, and on the front 34 (decimes) inland postage in France. Sound with minor faults, including a vertical file fold not affecting markings. Contents in French, about 1/3 page of very small, neat writing. Link to Auction Lot #4 image35.00220.00
5Folded letter, Port au Prince to Havre, 3 March 1786, ship letter with VF strike of "COLONIES" in a small arc, in black, of the Maritime Poste of Havre. Letter is neat and sound. Contents in French, two pages, probably legible. Link to Auction Lot #5 image30.0045.00
6Folded letter, Le Cap, 31 October 1788, to Marseille, ship letter with almost VF strike of "COLONIES" in red of Marseille Maritime Poste. Letter is neat and sound except for horizontal file fold midway detracts somewhat. Contents in French, three pages, probably legible. Link to Auction Lot #6 image40.0060.00
7Folded letter, Le Cap 31 January 1788, to Havre, packet letter with VF strike of CAP FRANCAIS J ST.D, manuscript 20 in red on back (prepayment). Letter contents one page in French, legible. Sound, attractive, and free of faults. Link to Auction Lot #7 image50.00220.00
8Folded letter, Le Cap, 2 August 1780, ship letter to Bordeaux via Spain. On back is VF strike of CADIZ in red. On front in manuscript is 16 (sols due in France). Postage probably breaks out to 4 sols ship letter, 10 for Cadiz to Bordeaux, and 2 for delivery at Bordeaux. Horizontal file fold near bottom detracts somewhat from appearance, otherwise clean, sound VF.  Link to Auction Lot #8 image40.00100.00
9Folded letter, Aquin, 22 October 1793, to Polverel, Civil Commissioner, free of postage. Letter is clean and sound with somewhat faint strike of AQUIN, Jamet #4 for that town. Contents 1 1/2 pages in French, legible. VF.  Link to Auction Lot #9 image50.00250.00
10Folded letter, Port au Prince, 15 November 1793, addressed to Polverel, local, not charged. On the front is a strike, almost VF, of PORT AU PRINCE, Jamet #13 for that town. Contents in French and legible. The writer is requesting permission to immigrate to New England. P au P still in French hands at this date. Very sound, clean and attractive.  Link to Auction Lot #10 image50.00300.00
11Scott "#1-6", Baguet forgeries, Mint, VF.30.0060.00
12"#1-6", Baguet forgeries w/ PauP cancellations. VF.  Link to Auction Lot #12 image30.0060.00
13#1, 2, 4, & 5, Liberty Heads Used. All w/Cap-Haitien dated postal cancels, VF Link to Auction Lot #13 image20.0032.00
14"#2", Proof, Fournier forgery from one of the 480 albums prepared by the Philatelic Union of Geneva. VF.25.0038.00
15#6, Used; date of cancellation appears to be 2 March 1883. Color variety described as Stanley Gibbons #6a (brown/cream). Scott #6 is red brown/yellowish. VF.17.0031.00
16"#37" & "#43", Imperforate forgeries, Mint, VF.2.005.00
17#43, Imperforate, Mint w/o gum (as issued), and a horizontal pair imperf vertically in MNH condition. VF. 3.504.00
18#38, Horizontal pair imperf vertically, Mint, VF.2.505.00
19#42, Horizontal pair imperf vertically, Mint, VF.6.006.00
20#43, Horizontal pair imperf vertically, Mint, VF.6.006.00
21#51, Trial proof, dull violet color, imperforate, VF.2.50No Bids
22#96-101, Imperforate. Two or three copies of each for a total of 15 copies; color shades included. Mint, VF.1.501.50
22A#221 (delisted), American Bank Note Company die proof in black color (size 3” x 2”) of the Coat of Arms used only for the central vignette of the 1914 unlisted set. Inscribed at bottom “ARMS OF HAITI/SPECIAL – C – 1416”. Only 2 or 3 copies are known to exist. VF condition.Link to Auction Lot #22A image50.0094.00
23#259, Inverted OP, Mint, VF.2.502.50
24#410-11, Sheets of 20, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
25#609G, Imperforate, MNH, VF.3.504.00
26#643-46, C366-68, Trial color proofs, MNH, Imperforate horizontal pairs. Very Fine.30.00No Bids
27Same as Lot #26 but singles.15.00No Bids
28#696, C434-37, MNH, VF.1.75No Bids
29#788, on cover, unaddressed w/commemorative cancel only, dated 25 Feb 1986, to note the re-establishment of Haiti's national blue and red flag. VF.1.002.00
30#913, Sheetlet of 16 (4 x 4), cancelled by favor (PauP 27 Aug 1999).5.00No Bids
31#914A-F, CTO, VF.4.0012.00
32#C40, Proof on card, 100 mm x 125 mm, negligible toning spot on card but still a very nice looking item.  Link to Auction Lot #32 image40.0040.00
33#C309, MNH, VF.8.008.00
34#B1, CB1-2, MNH, VF.25.00No Bids
35#CB3-8, MNH, VF.22.0033.00
36Collection of approximately 80 complete sets (between 1945-1968) affixed to sheets of strong paper and cancelled w/FD cancels. High value. Nice selection in excellent condition.  Link to Auction Lot #36 imageLink to Auction Lot #36 imageLink to Auction Lot #36 image35.0070.00
37Collection of 25 diff multiples/sheets (1965-1972). 14 CTO others are MNH. High cat value (over $175). Mostly blocks 20 & 4 full sheets of 50.VF.40.00No Bids
Souvenir Sheets
38#486-88, C188-90. Sheetlets of 12, MNH, VF. 6.50No Bids
39#616P-Q Used CTO. Additional MNH copy of #616Q. VF.6.00No Bids
40#616x, two copies (MNH and CTO) of the 2 Gourdes sheet noted in footnote Scott Catalog. VF.4.00No Bids
41#624H-I, Two APOLLO 11, perforated S/S, CTO, VF.5.00No Bids
42#647, C195a, MNH, VF.1.001.00
43#770a, 770j, MNH, VF.4.0021.00
44#817, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
45#836, MNH, VF.2.0017.00
46#847a, MNH, VF.1.009.00
47#879, CTO, VF.4.004.50
48#889, CTO, VF.2.002.50
49#895, CTO, VF.1.502.00
50#902, Cancelled by favor, VF.9.00No Bids
51#908, CTO, VF.3.004.00
52#C114a, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
53#C135a, C144a, MNH, VF.2.00No Bids
54#C165a, MNH, VF.1.00No Bids
55#C169a, C190a, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
56#C114a, C121a, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
57#C152a, C165a, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
58#C190a, C192a, C195x, MNH, VF. (the 'C195x' is the “Epreuves De Luxe” issue; see footnote Scott Cat). 2.503.00
59#C192a, C226a, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
60#C211, C226a, MNH, VF.2.002.00
61#C125, Perf and Imperf sheets, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
62#C323, Perf and Imperf sheets, MNH, VF.3.50No Bids
63#C359a, C390A, C390B, MNH, VF.3.50No Bids
64#C373, C420, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
65#C420, CB54x (see footnote Scott Cat), MNH, VF.3.256.00
66#CB7a-8a, MNH, VF.26.00No Bids
67#CO5a, CTO, VF.1.501.50
First Day Covers
68#385-88, C191-92, both FDCs & registered mail to USA. VF.1.002.00
69#400-01, C71-74, 402-03, C75-80, PauP local mail (1 Jan 1951 with blue cachet), VF.4.004.00
70#444-46, C139-41, unaddressed, VF.1.501.50
71#448-50, 452-53/C151-2, 486, C15, C17. In 5 FDCs, VF.1.002.00
72#503a-04a, C206a-07a, unaddressed, VF.2.502.50
73#611-15, unaddressed, VF.2.503.50
74#624I, Perf and Imperf sheets, unaddressed, FDCs, VF.7.008.00
75#625-27, C348-50, unaddressed, VF.15.0040.00
76#696, C434-37, unaddressed, VF.2.003.50
77#713-15, C469-71, unaddressed, VF.2.504.00
78#716, C472-73, 717-18, C474-76, unaddressed, VF.2.504.00
79#721-23, C483-86, unaddressed, VF.4.005.00
80#728-30, C494-98, unaddressed, VF.2.505.00
81#731-33, C499-506, in 3 covers, unaddressed, VF.5.007.00
82#781-88, unaddressed, VF.2.003.00
83#C52-54, on Registered cover to USA. Excellent condition.12.0015.00
84Pioneer Airmail, 19 April 1926, Cap Haitien to PauP, VF.20.00No Bids
85Pioneer Airmail, 25 July 1926, Cap Haitien to PauP, VF.20.00No Bids
86First Flight Cover (FFC), PauP to Port de Paix, 19 April 1927, w/type b & d (2x) cachets. Paid w. #318, VF.15.00No Bids
87FFC, PauP to Jeremie, 12 July 1927, w/type d cachet. Paid w/#318.15.00No Bids
88Cover, PauP (12 July 1927), Local Mail w/Berthelot commemorative cancel. Paid with #285 (2) and #288, VF. 2.502.50
89FFC, PauP to Santo Domingo, 13 Dec 1927, signed by pilot Rowe. WIAE and Correo Aereo/Avion Santa Maria blue cachets. VF.20.00No Bids
90FFC, PauP to Santiago, Cuba, 21 Feb 1928, w/circular AVION cachet and 2 diff WIAE cachets. VF. 10.00No Bids
91Pan American Airways cover, PauP (9 Jan 1929) to USA via Miami, VF.10.00No Bids
92FFC, FAM6-9, PauP (9 Jan 1929) to Camaguey; proper backstamps, VF.10.00No Bids
93FFC, PauP to Kingston, Jamaica, 29 Nov 1930. Registered Mail paid w/#C1-2, 310, 315. VF condition.15.0020.00
94Cover, PauP (13 Nov 1944) to NY. This is a double censored mail. VF.1.50No Bids
95Covers, group of 24 covers (1980s & 1990s), unaddressed, w/Small Town cancels such as Port Liberte, Carrefour, Limbe, Miragalois. Good representation of small town postmarks. VF condition.  (Donated material)  Link to Auction Lot #95 imageNone37.00
96#C317 in a commemorative unaddressed cover and not postally cancelled. Two color cachets; one applied over the stamp. Cover is signed by Dr. Jan Boesman (balloon pilot) and his wife. VF. Unique !!!5.0011.00
Reference Material
97Catalog. LA TIMBROLOGIE HAITIENNE 1881-1954 by Leon Montes. Condition – like new.25.0040.00
98The Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol 73, No 6 (Nov-Dec 1994) with “Two Haitian Presidents in One Uniform or How the ABN Co Took a Short Cut” by F. B. Sellers.3.504.00
99The Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol 39 No 5 (Sep 1960) w/ “The Large Palms Issue of 1891-93” by J. R. W. Purves. VF.3.504.00
100Book. Schmidt, Hans. THE U.S. OCCUPATION OF HAITI 1915-1934. Rutgers, 1971, 303 pages. Out of print. Original dust jacket. Essential work for USMC in Haiti. Very Fine condition.35.0040.00
End of auction