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September 2009 Society Auction

Closed October 1, 2009

Lot Description M/B Realized
Saint Domingue – Folded Letters
1FL Port Republicain to Civil Commissioner at Cayes, 31 October 1793, not charged postage, strike of the \"P* REPUBLICAIN\", Jamet #1, marking for (renamed) Port au Prince, Jamet scarcity 6, faint but legible. Letter is very sound and clean except for horizontal file fold near bottom, contents in French and easily read.   Link to Auction Lot #1 image$50.00$190.00
2FL Military commander at Anse-au-Veau, 17 December 1793, to Civil Commission at Cayes, free on his inscription. Very nice strike of \"NIPPES\", Jamet #3 for this town, rarity 6. Letter is clean and sound except for horizontal file fold near bottom. Contents in French, neat handwriting.  Link to Auction Lot #2 image60.00375.00
3FL to General Quantin at St. Marc. 26 October 1802, free on manuscript Dtn. Rocambeau, no postal markings. Letter is very clean and sound. Contents in French and legible but for about 2 cm circle cut from paper at the beginning (removing a name?), signed Dtn Rochambeau.   Link to Auction Lot #3 imageLink to Auction Lot #3 image50.00125.00
4FL Commander at Le Mole 22 September 1802 to local citizens regarding billeting of troops, free on manuscript notation of the Commander. Contents in French on military stationery, quite legible although slight staining, sound and VF.  Link to Auction Lot #4 image30.0090.00
5FL Port Republicain, 20 October 1802, local, free on manuscript \"service judiciaire\". Contents in French and legible, letter is clean and sound and VF.  Link to Auction Lot #5 image30.00125.00
6FL Port au Prince 27 April 1796 to London with VF strike of Port au Prince marking, Jamet #14 (British occupation), rarity 7. On front is a British due marking 1/2 crossed out and a strike of a red crown inspector's mark. The adjusted rate is marked as 2/3. This would be a 1/1 rate raised to 2/2 (double) plus a 1 pence ship letter fee. Contents 2 pp plus in French, small handwriting probably can be read with a little difficulty. Letter is sound and VF. Link to Auction Lot #6 image60.00500.00
7FL Port au Prince 22 July 1796 to Admiral Duckworth at Mole, British military post, inscribed \"On His Majesty's Service\". Contents in English describe number and condition of ships in Port au Prince Harbor. Letter has two ink stains on front and a horizontal file fold. Otherwise, clean & sound. Written on sturdy paper.  Link to Auction Lot #7 image60.00150.00
8FL Petit Trou 11 February 1794 to Cayes, both in French hands at this date, free under inscription of the army commander at Petit Trou. Very nice strike of "PETIT TROU", Jamet #2 for this town, rarity 5. Contents in French, a note to the Civil Commission at Cayes, somewhat faint but legible. Letter is clean and sound, VF. Link to Auction Lot #8 image30.00650.00
9Cover sheet, Port au Prince to Bordeaux via Le Havre 15 December 1826. On front is a superb strike of \"P.AU PRINCE\", marking illustrated by Jamet below the heading \"REPUBLIQUE INDEPENDANTE\". Also on front is, in red, \"COLONIES PAR LE HAVRE', see Salles vol.1 #42 and 11 (decimes) due. Clean & sound, almost VF.  Link to Auction Lot #9 image60.00600.00
10FL Le Havre 24 March 1837 to Port au Prince. On front is a strong strike of the Bureau Maritime date stamp of Bordeaux (see Salles vol.1 #220) and a Haitian port inspector's marking - a 33mm circle containing the words \"Force A LA LOI\". There is also in manuscript 12 1/2, which would be the charge in Haitian centimes at the time for an incoming ship letter. A similar item was illustrated in the Hennan published articles on the early Haitian post. The letter is slightly soiled and has a horizontal file fold about midway, somewhat detracting. Contents are in French in a neat hand. Link to Auction Lot #10 image50.00200.00
USMC & Miscellaneous
(USMC cancellation designations are from the article by Boarino/Bahry/Sellers, which appeared in Haiti Philately, vol. XII no. 4, Dec. 1986)
11Cover to Detroit, Mich., 2c US postage tied and canceled by USMC Constabulary cancel, type PaPC-P-1 dated 9 Sept. 1931. Strike is well inked but a little fuzzy. Cover is clean and sound, almost VF.12.00No Bids
12Airmail first flight to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, via Miami, 15c US postage canceled and tied by PaP-P-13 dated 2 Dec. (1931), first flight cachets diamond and rectangle, also rectangular cachet and arrival cds on reverse. Flight AAMC F5-115. Cover is altogether VF Link to Auction Lot #12 image15.0025.00
13No. 10 penalty cover to Brooklyn, NY, nice strike of PaP-P-10 dated July 8, 1929. Cover is clean and sound with only very minor faults (slight wrinkling).8.00No Bids
14Cover to Hyde Park, Mass., 2c US postage canceled and tied by PaP-P-5, Jan. 11, 1924, AM or PM below date is left out. Cancel is about 90% complete; cover has wrinkles and several small tears around edges. Overall about Fine.4.006.00
15Cover to Toledo, Ohio, 2c US postage canceled and tied by PaP-P-10, Jan. 9, 1929. Cover is clean and sound, cancel is slightly faint but legible, almost VF.10.00No Bids
16Roessler air mail cover to NJ, 12 cents US postage canceled and tied by PaP-P-11 March 15, 1929 (listed as earliest date in Boarino et al article). Initial flight notation on cover but no cachet or backstamp, and apparently no mention in AAMC.6.0010.00
17No. 10 envelope to Brooklyn, 2 cents US postage canceled and tied by cancel similar to P1P-P-8 but with converging bars. Date on cancel is May 11, 1928. Envelope is clean and sound and has a pencil notation describing the cancel as type 3-28. Most of cancel legible and overall about fine.15.0016.00
18Airmail cover to Tampa, FL, paid by 12 cents US postage tied and canceled by PaP-P-11, March 13, 1929, stamped on front AEROPLANE MAIL. Date is earliest given by Boarino et al for this. Cancel is a little weak and is about 90% legible. Cover is clean and VF and backstamped at Tampa March 17. Overall almost VF. 15.00No Bids
19Cover to Hyde Park, Mass., paid by 2 cents US postage tied by cancel similar to PaP-P-3 but with bottom of 3 bars curved. Top bar is off the paper except for a slight hint of ink. Date appears to be Aug. 1, 1922. Cover is clean and sound. Cancel is partly off the paper at top and about 80% on the paper.12.0014.00
20Cover to Evanston, IL, paid by 2 cents US postage tied and cancelled by PaP-P-13, Aug 22, 1930. Cover is clean except for a couple of small stains and sound and the piece is overall VF.15.00No Bids
Lots 21 through 27 are ex Hennan
(still mounted on Hennan album pages)
21Progress proof in black for various denominations of the 1908 issue, full face portrait of Nord-Alexis, value in words and figures not yet entered (American Bank Note Co.). Proof is impressed on a card just under 8\" wide by 6” high.  Link to Auction Lot #21 image30.00180.00
22Die proof in black of the 20 centime value, 1908 issue, Nord-Alexis portrait, ABNC imprint at bottom not yet entered. Proof is impressed on a card 5 1/4 \" wide by 5 \" high.  Link to Auction Lot #22 image30.0086.00
23Proofs cut square and in trial colors, of the Nord-Alexis portrait (4) and the coat of arms designs (1) for the 1906 foreign postage issue. Also a proof of the President Simon portrait 2c stamp of 1910 as issued (red with black portrait), six in all, hinge mounted on album page, otherwise VF.  Link to Auction Lot #23 image30.00130.00
24Proofs of the July 1906 issue in piastres, cut square and complete except for the 5c blue stamp (11 proofs), hinge mounted on album page, otherwise VF.33.0051.00
25Proofs of the July 1906 issue in gourds, cut square and complete, 1, 2, and 3, centimes one each, and 7 centimes two copies, one cut very close, (5 in all) hinge mounted on album page, otherwise VF.12.0035.00
26Die proof, die no. C-693, 7 centimes Piastre value of 1908 issue in black, impressed on large card, 7 1/2 \" wide by 6 \" high; hinge mounted on album page, VF.40.00146.00
27Proofs of July 1906 issue in centimes Piastre, colors of issue, 7, 8, and 15 centimes and 1 Piastre, also 2, 3, 4, and 10 centimes with small hole punched in them, 8 items in all. Hinged on album page, otherwise VF.24.0041.00
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
28USS BALCH, pmk 11 Feb 1939 at Gonaives; color cachet. VF.6.508.00
29USS BIDDLE, pmk 23 Jan 1931 at Gonaives. Good condition.4.004.00
30USS BROOKLYN, pmk 2 Feb 1938 at Gonaives. VF.5.006.00
31USS CHARLES AUSBURN, pmk 27 Jan 1928 at Gonaives. Fine.7.008.00
32USS CHAUMONT, pmk 14 June 1933 at PauP. “Flag Day” cancel added.6.00No Bids
33USS DEWEY, pmk 25 Jan 1935 at Gonaives. Black color cachet “U.S.S. DEWEY Greets You From Her Shake-Down Cruise”. VF.6.509.00
34USS DORSEY, pmk 14 May 1934 at Gonaives, Somewhat soiled cover, otherwise Fine condition.4.0012.00
35USS ENTERPRISE, pmk 18 July 1938, Enroute Gonaives. Very nice blue color cachet (Shake-Down Cruise U.S.S. Enterprise). VF.7.007.00
36USS HONOLULU, pmk 1 Feb 1939 at Gonaives. Nice color cachet (Atlantic Fleet Disbanded – Rejoins United States Fleet). VF.7.007.00
37USS LEXINGTON, pmk 14 May 1934 at Gonaives. Color cachet (East Coast Cruise 1934). VF. 6.007.00
38USS RICHMOND, pmk 12 June 1934 at Gonaives Bay. VF.5.007.00
39USS SEMMES, pmk 12 March 1938 at PauP. Large blue color cachet of US Navy Department. VF. 7.007.00
40USS YORKTOWN, pmk 19 Jan 1938 at Gonaives. Nice color cachet (Shaking Down in West Indian Waters).7.007.00
Stamps & Covers
41#53, complete sheet of 100, MNH, Cat Val $20 +++, Excellent condition.7.007.00
42#104, block of 19, Used (CTO); unreadable cancel. Cat Val $
43#194, Mint, VF.1.25No Bids
44#218, Inverted Overprint, MNH, VF.4.004.50
45#263, Inverted Surcharge, MNH, VF.4.0010.00
46#609-609F, MNH, VF.1.2510.00
47#616P, Q, R, S. Souvenir sheets (4), used (CTO). The 2G sheets are scarce items. See footnote in the Scott catalog. VF condition.14.00No Bids
48#677-79, C411-14, MNH, VF.1.254.00
49#720, C480-82, Mint, VF.1.005.00
50#731-33, C499-506, MNH, VF.4.0022.00
51#760-70, MNH, VF.4.008.00
52#852a, Souvenir Sheet (S/S), MNH. Very Scarce Issue. VF.10.0030.00
53#857a, S/S, MNH. Scarce issue. VF.7.0052.00
54#865, S/S, MNH, VF.3.0010.00
55#926, S/S, MNH, VF.4.0012.00
56#933, S/S, MNH. Very Scarce. Undercataloged! VF.8.0022.00
57#CB7a-8a, S/S, Mint. Sheets are in VF condition. They have mounting cover markings in the corners of the sheets; stamps not affected and are MNH. Cat Val $80. A bargain at the starting bid!!8.0012.00
58Collection of 230 stamps, mint and used with very little duplication and in very good condition. A good selection of mostly early period issues. No damaged stamps.15.0020.00
59Cover, local mail with blue commemorative cancellation (Senator King visit to Haiti March 3, 1931). Paid with Scott #C2. PauP cancel of 27 March 1931. VF.2.003.00
60Cover, airmail, Double Censored, PauP (2 June 45) to USA. Paid with C8A & RA2. VF.2.50No Bids
61Cover, PauP local mail w/blue commemorative cancel (Bi-Centenaire 8 Dec 1949). Paid with #340,362 & RA15. Small cover. VF.1.502.00
62Cover (23 March 1951) unaddressed (philatelic) with commemorative blue cancel on occasion of “Visite De/Lady/Baden Powell/Haiti/1951”. Franked with #361,379 and C38. VF.2.005.00
63Cover without postal cancel and unaddressed. Affixed is copy of Scott #809 w/a clear strike of a commemorative marking reading “Haiti/25 Fev 1986/Retablissement Du Bi Colore Bleu Et Rouge” VF. 1.2511.00
64FDC #361-63, unaddressed w/color cachet, and FDC #C33 w/cachet (Roosevelt Memorial text) in large airmail unaddressed cover. VF.2.504.00
65#C344A-D, MNH, VF.5.0019.00
66Postal Stationery, H&G #7-9, Mint, VF, and a cover PauP (18 May 53) to Chicago. Paid with #C61-62. This is a First Day of Issue mail. Cover has special P.O. blue cachet for FLAG anniversary. Cover is a #10 size folded to a #6 size for mounting on album page purposes. VF. (Donated Material)None8.00
67Group of 26 Covers, all with PauP cancellations with postmarks for the periods of the 1950s and 1960s, except for 3 covers in the 1930s period. A nice lot of covers. Fine to VF condition. Great variety of different postage issues included. (Donated material)None1.00
End of auction