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June 2009 Society Auction

Closed July 6, 2009

Lot Description M/B Realized
Saint Domingue – Folded Letters
1FL 18th Sept. 1765, Mezin, France, to Fort Dauphin via Le Cap, first marking for Le Cap (Jamet #1 for Cap) in blue, marked 1 escalin due. Two page letter in French, can be read easily by one knowing French, appears to be personal at least in part. Item is clean and sound, has a water stain that does not detract. The town marking is quite legible and almost VF.   Link to Auction Lot #1 image$60.00$155.00
2FL 26 February 1774 Bordeaux to Cayes via Jacmel, with 'IACMEL' town stamp, black, Jamet #1 for Jacmel and marked 2 1/2 escalines due. Two page letter in French, appears somewhat difficult to read and probably commercial. Quite clean and sound. The town marking is slightly under inked but quite visible. It is missing the E of IACMEL as is often the case for this marking. On the front is what appears to be a faint B in circle. Overall nearly VF.  Link to Auction Lot #2 image40.0050.00
3FL 2 March 1764 St Marc to Leogane, returned, with St Marc town stamp, 'S MARC' in black, Jamet #1 for St. Marc, and manuscript 'renvoy' and 1Es (escalin). Contents 1 1/2 pages in French, probably commercial and probably difficult to read. Item is very clean and sound with possible ironed out fold. St. Marc town marking is quite nice; VF. Link to Auction Lot #3 image60.00315.00
4FL 13 July 1770 St. Louis to Cotteaux with St. Louis (south), 'S.LOUIS', town stamp, Jamet #1 for St. Louis, and 1e1/2 due marking. Late date for this. Contents 1 page in French, probably commercial and probably easy to read. Item is clean and sound except for vertical and horizontal file folds that do not really detract. Town marking for St. Louis is quite nice. Item is almost VF. Link to Auction Lot #4 image60.00215.00
5FL, first page with date and origin missing, Jamet #3 town marking for Port au Prince, to Montrouit, manuscript 'renvoi' and 2 escalins due. Letter was charged double rate? Contains 2 1/2 pages in French, probably not too difficult to read. Nice strike of this somewhat crude marking for Port au Prince. The item is clean and sound and VF.  Link to Auction Lot #5 image50.00355.00
6FL, 9 February 1770 St. Marc to Le Cap with St. Marc town stamp Jamet #4, and 1 es due. Contents 1 page in French easily read. Item is unusually clean, sound, and neat and the St. Mark town stamp is bold and clear. Altogether a very fine item.  Link to Auction Lot #6 image75.00405.00
7FL 22 October 1802 General Morpas to General Thouvenot at Port de Paix, free on the seal of General Morpas. A short letter in French on military stationary, quite legible, Item is clean and sound and VF. The strike of the seal is about good. General Leclerc died of yellow fever less than two weeks later. Link to Auction Lot #7 imageLink to Auction Lot #7 image75.00140.00
8FL Ship letter Le Cap 17 January 1803 to Bordeaux with vf strike of the large 'POSTE MARITIME BORDEAUX', Salles Vol.1 #21 and due marking 2 (decimes). Contents are a 1 page letter in French, legible, and probably mainly commercial. Item is clean and sound and except for a horizontal file fold VF.  Link to Auction Lot #8 image30.00255.00
9FL Ship letter Port au Prince 14 May 1803 to Bordeaux with St Malo entry marking, Salles Vol 1 #52 and due marking 8 (decimes). A one page letter in French, apparently personal, Item has slight soiling and a horizontal file fold, otherwise VF.   Link to Auction Lot #9 image30.00100.00
10FL 22 September 1802, General Rochambeau at Leogane to General Salance at Acquin, free on manuscript \"Dn Rochambeau\". Letter is sound and quite clean with a small (about 1 cm) tear not seriously affecting front or contents, on military stationary and signed \"Dn Rochambeau\". One page plus in French, quite legible. Almost VF. Link to Auction Lot #10 imageLink to Auction Lot #10 imageLink to Auction Lot #10 image75.00215.00
11FL Port au Prince to London by British packet. VF strike of the large JACMEL in double circle marking July 9 1848, London receiving August 5, and manuscript due 2/4. Letter is in German, 1 page, and probably difficult to read. Item has slight soiling overall and file folds, 1 horizontal 1 vertical, slightly affecting markings. Condition otherwise is sound and about fine.
Second item is a cover sheet only with a somewhat faint but legible strike of the large JACMEL marking 28 May 1858, addressed to Havre. British arrival marking and French arrival and transit markings on back, all nicely visible. On front, 8 (decimes due), manuscript style handstamp. File folds not seriously affecting condition.Link to Auction Lot #11 imageLink to Auction Lot #11 imageLink to Auction Lot #11 imageLink to Auction Lot #11 image
12Two FL to France, one 26 September 1864 Port au Prince to Marseille, small 'A JACMEL' 26 September 1864 on back, and 'GB 1F60C' on front, charged 8 decimes due. Letter is in French. Item is slightly soiled overall and has a horizontal file fold not affecting markings. Overall about fine. Second is a FL Gonaives 24 July 1866 to Bordeaux. Small A Jacmel marking dated July 25 1866, and GB1F60C and 20 decimes due on front (double rate). Contents in French in a very neat hand. Somewhat frail and faded and overall about good to fine.5.0035.00
13Two internal FL, one Cap Haitien 9 May 1855 to Port au Prince, the second Jacmel 21 April 1863, the first with a faint but legible strike of the double circle CAP-HAITIEN marking, the second with a faint but legible strike of the large JACMEL double circle marking. The first has contents in French but quite faded. The second also in French and legible. Both letters are marked on front \"pr poste\". Both about fine.10.0020.00
Book Lots
14Mackenzie, Charles \"Notes on Haiti\", two volumes published 1830. Mackenzie was the first British Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti and served in that post during the years 1826 and 1827. Volume 1 describes his experiences during nearly two years of travel about the country. The second volume is a history of Haiti to 1826 followed by sections on the current state of government, agriculture, commerce, and military of the country. An interesting first hand account. Very fine condition considering its age.50.00230.00
15St. Johns, Sir Spencer, \"Hayti or the Black Republic\", by the British Ambassador to Haiti for about a dozen years beginning in 1863. Commentary on Haiti written from notes collected over the last seven years of his residence there, and a history of the country to the election of President Salomon. There are chapters on various topics such as Government, Military, Population, Commerce, etc. Published in 1884 and probably with the original binding. F to VF condition.40.00155.00
16Stoddard, F. Lathrop, \"The French Revolution in St. Domingue\", one of the standard references on Haiti written by a Harvard educated historian. Published in 1914, and in quite fine condition, it appears not to have seen much use over the years. The history covers conditions leading to revolution and the revolution itself to the final evacuation of the French and the aftermath. Fine to VF condition. good.35.00110.00
17Griggs and Frator Editors, \"Henry Christophe and Thomas Clarkson, a Correspondence\", letters and documents from the time of the regency of Christophe translated into English. Interesting insight into Christophe and his government as King Henry I. Published 1952, VF condition.25.0080.00
USMC & Miscellaneous
(USMC cancellation designations are from the article by Boarino/Bahry/Sellers, which appeared in Haiti Philately, vol. XII no. 4, Dec. 1986)
18Picture post card, color, unused, showing a large villa in Port au Prince and a USMC brigade field hospital. VF condition.5.0010.00
19Folded letter, Cayes to Rouen, France, via Le Havre 19 July 1819, red '74 LE HAVRE', tears and heavy staining, about good. 3.0010.00
20Imperf Liberty Heads used, three 1c, four 2c., two 3c., two 5c, four 7c. mostly 4 good margin copies; not a good lot for cancels.15.00No Bids
21Picture post card Port au Prince to Balboa, Panama, paid by two 1c green with GLOZ overprint, October 1918, front is Haitian market scene (black and white), on back is a violet 'passed by censor 2303' in 27 mm circle, markings are somewhat faint, otherwise sound and VF.5.0050.00
22Cover, US Marine Corp Port au Prince Dec 6 1920 in 32mm circle duplex, PaP-P-2, cancel ties 2c US stamp on cover to Ironton, Ohio. Clean and almost VF.20.0020.00
23Cover, US Marine Corps, Port au Prince Haiti Apr 10 1923 in 33mm circle duplex, PaP-P-3, cancel ties 2c US stamp on cover to Hyde Park Mass. Clean and almost VF.20.00No Bids
24Cover US Marine Corps, Port au Prince Haiti Dec 12, 192? in 33mm circle duplex cancel, like PauP-P-5 but larger circle, ties 2c US stamp on cover to Hyde Park, Mass. Slight wrinkling and toning, almost VF.20.00No Bids
25Collection of 44 postally USED stamps in VF condition. Includes Scott numbers 271, 276-79, 281-82, 286, 293 and 296-97. Good selection of the short and long “L” of the overprint. 3.006.00
26SPECIMEN COLLECTION. 14 copies of #325-334 overprinted “Specimen” in various types, w/security punch-holes; from the A.B.N. archives. All in MNH VF condition. Lot includes also 29 copies, Mint and Used, of this postal issue.65.0080.00
27Apollo XVII Issue. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF. Listed in Minkus Catalog (1980) as #1380-1382 at $10 for a set of singles.15.00No Bids
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
28USS BARRY. Type 3, postmarked on 3.31.1931 at Gonaives. Psmk applied on both sides of U.S. postal card, with strike conditions vg and fair. Overall good condition.3.003.00
29USS BILLINGSLEY. Type 1, postmarked 3.26.1929 at Gonaives. Fair strike. Penalty cover has been creased vertically, US postage applied.10.0012.00
30USS HANCOCK, Type 3 applied to ppcd (Casernes Dessalines of PaP) on December 14, 1914. Haiti is not in killers, but apparent that card postmarked on board ship while in Haiti’s waters. Good condition overall.7.5025.00
31USS KANSAS. Ppcd (Les 5 Ministères at PaP), with dateline of USS Kansas/Port-au-Prince/November 17, 1914. Card sent through Haitian system, psmk. PaP November 21, 1914. Unfortunately Haitian postage removed. Otherwise very good.7.5028.00
32USS MONTANA. Type 3, postmarked 2.4.1914 at Port-au-Prince on ppcd. (Grande Rue at PaP) Card has a crease at upper left. “Haiti” in killers is faint and the “ANA” of “MONTANA” is faint or non-existent. Difficult ship!17.5031.00
33USS SALEM. Datelined August 10, 1911 at Port-au-Prince on ppcd (views of the Rue Bonne Foi, PaP) w. nice strike of the USS Salem with 4 killerbars. Overall condition VG.10.0032.00
34USS SOUTH CAROLINA. Type 3 on ppcd (view of Nouvelle Cathédrale, PaP) postmarked March 15, 1914 at Port-au-Prince. Postmark is faint in places. Very difficult ship to find in Haitian waters. Overall condition fair. 15.0033.00
35USS TRENTON. Type 3 postmarked April 8, 1927 (?) at Gonaives. Very poor strike. Small cover addressed Navy Savings Bank.2.503.00
36USS TWIGGS. Type 5, postmarked April 24,? (late 1920’s?) at Gonaives. Penalty cover. Good strike.5.008.00
37USS WHEELING. Type 3, postmarked November 13, 1914, Port-au-Prince on ppcd (Chapelle Saint-Françoise-d’Assise). Overall condition good.16.5032.00
38USS WILLIAMSON. Type 3, postmarked 1.23.1931 at Gonaives. Good condition.7.508.00
39USS WOODCOCK. Type 3, postmarked 6.22.1932 at PaP (black ink), with USMC at PaP receiving/forwarding mark on back, dated 6.23.1932. Overall VG.5.006.00
40USS WOODCOCK. Type 3, postmarked 8.27.1935 at Gonaives (blue ink). Circular US Navy Dept. cachet in blue. Overall condition VF.5.005.00
41USS YORKTOWN. Type 3, postmarked 1.19.1938 at Gonaives. Cachet by Robert Thompson showing destinations of the Yorktown’s shakedown cruise. Overall condition good.6.507.00
The United Nations Forces in Haiti (1990's)
42Two folded, mint aerograms designed for Forces’ units throughout the world. One has circular UN circular red hand stamp.2.00No Bids
43On India Government Service envelope addressed to Lt. Co. Sahota of Indian Contingent in Haiti, with slogan “Conserve Food in India”. On back, total of 11 rupees postage and Depouillement receiving mark for Haiti, dated September 6, 1995. Rough opening on left vertical. Rare. Condition good.7.0010.00
44Very colorful Honduras contingent cover addressed from PaP to Tegucigalpa, paid by Haiti # 864, postmarked August 25, 1995, with Tegucigalpa receiving mark, August 31, 1995. Overall condition VG. Rare.8.5015.00
45Bangladeshi forces in Haiti. PaP- to Dhaka, Bangladesh, with large red UN hand stamp. At top in ms. “UN Free Mail Service.” On back receiving mark illegible. Rare.7.509.00
46PaP to US postmarked March 31, 1995. Cover has 2 circular handstamps, one citing UN ’s powers in Haiti; the other, commemorating United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali ’s visit to Haiti. Paid by Haiti # 814.5.0014.00
47Unaddressed cover with Haiti #814 and special oval commemorative handstamp recalling the visit of U. S. President William Jefferson Clinton to Haiti on March 31, 1994. Cover also has cachet as prepared by Haiti’s Office des Postes.5.0020.00
48Pioneer Air Mail 4 December 1925, PauP to Cap Haitien flight cover. Plane over “ AVION” marking in black; first day of usage.8.508.50
49Pioneer Air Mail 19 April 1926, Cap Haitien to PauP. An early flight. Paid with # 318. 16.00No Bids
50Pioneer Air Mail 25 July 1926, Cap Haitien to PauP. Paid with #136 and #317(2).20.00No Bids
51Pioneer Air Mail 28 March 1927, PauP to Washington, DC. DePindo-related cover.25.0033.00
52Pioneer Air Mail, 19 April 1927 PauP to Port-de-Paix. First Flight cover. Early use of the “AVION” over propeller marking in red color.30.0037.00
53Pioneer Air Mail 18 July 1927 PauP to Santo Domingo. Backstamped on 19 July 1927 at Santo Domingo illustrating usage of the new rectangular handstamp in red.22.0025.00
54Pioneer Air Mail 12 July 1927 PauP to Jeremie. Two cachets in blue to commemorate First Flight inaugurating weekly airmail service.22.0026.00
55West Indian Aerial Express (WIAE) 28 February 1928 PauP to Santiago de Cuba. Cover carried on the first northbound service of the WIAE. This flight had been rescheduled to February 28 after a postponement on February 21, so both circular date stamps appear on the front of the cover in addition to the February 28 arrival backstamp.14.0015.00
56Pan American Airways (PAA) inaugural flight (Foreign Airmail Route #6) PauP to San Juan, PR, January 9, 1929.12.0015.00
57PAA inaugural flight PauP to Santo Domingo, January 9, 1929.10.0012.00
58PAA January 9, 1929, PauP to USA via Miami (First Flight red double circle cachet).9.0010.00
59PAA January 9, 1929 PauP to Camaguey, Cuba. First Flight cover.10.0010.00
60PAA January 1929 PauP to New York. First Flight cover (#F6-4).9.00No Bids
Special Offers
61Collection of 195 different ABNC specimen stamps from Scott #125 thru RA 16 all in VF og complete sets and singles. Also 32 revenue specimens with different ABNC Order Numbers; includes 3 unissued specimens (about 1914), Scott #338-382, B1, CB1-8, C1-4, C5-18, J1-4, J10-13. Collection housed in deluxe KABE stock book. Priced at about 15% of owner's original cost. A beautiful collection and what a bargain starting bid!!!150.00500.00
62Post Card. (#9 Eglise Sainte-Anne de PauP) franked w/pair of #177. Sent from PauP to Amsterdam w/datelined 14/8/18. Cds indistinct. VF.12.0031.00
63US letter PauP–Boston; FDC of Scott #363. Letter was censored with Haiti rectangular censor handstamp described in HP Vol XVI No 3; ties 5c postal tax stamp on back. Letter also has a US circular censor mark on the back “CENSORSHIP/EXAMINED BY 30165/***”. VF condition.5.007.00
64Official envelope (#6 size) with corner inscription of the Customs Bureau in PauP sent to National Bank of Haiti in Cap Haitien on 8/12/27; face bears blue rectangular airmail handstamp showing plane in center. VF and unusual.12.0017.00
65Cover. PAA mail test cover to PauP franked with ten 1cent US presidential stamps tied by 11/1/46 NY cds. PAA red boxed PauP receiving mark of 11/6/46 on back. Cover returned to sender on 11/6/46 and franked by Haiti #C38 and #RA8. VF.2.503.00
66Postal Card. HG3, PauP to Paris postmarked 3/1/02. VF.4.004.00
67Postal Card, HG3, PauP to USA. Message on back; small tear at R; otherwise VF.4.004.00
68Notices of Receipt (5 copies); various dates in the 1960s. Cards appear VF but all have creases mostly vertically down center line; also 1 VF unused Notice and included is an important listing of internal and external rates for all classes of mail; this tariff is not dated but is very important.12.0020.00
69FDCs. #448-50, C145-47 and #489-90, C191-92. VF.1.502.00
70Scott #C4A, Mint, VF condition. Cat Val $75.0025.00No Bids
71Aerogrammes. Three copies. One addressed to USA and the other two are with special cancellations (unaddressed) on the occasion of the World Soccer Championship, Munich 1974. (Donated Material) None12.00
72#69, Mint; Inverted Overprint, VF.3.00No Bids
73#73, Mint; Inverted Overprint, VF.3.00No Bids
74#194, Mint; Inverted Overprint, VF.10.00No Bids
75#245, MNH; Surcharge Inverted, VF. 15.00No Bids
76#257, MNH; Surcharge Inverted, VF. 4.00No Bids
77#289, MNH; Surcharge Inverted, VF6.007.00
End of auction