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Philatelic Society

March 2009 Society Auction

Closed April 5, 2009

Lot Description M/B Realized
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
1USS CONCORD, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 1.31.39. VF strike on business cover to Washington, D.C. Good-Fine$7.00$7.00
2USS DEWEY, type 3, postmarked Gonaives Gulf/Haiti 1.25.25. Beautiful strikes on Shakedown Cruise cover for Dewey. Cachet designed by Jay Richell7.509.00
3USS PERRY, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 5.14.34. Good strike on cover with small cachet of a small ship in red. Overall good.6.008.00
4USS POLLACK (submarine), type 3, applied at English Bay (!), Haiti 2.1.39. Good strike on cover with cachet designed by Ray Murridge.7.508.00
5USS PORTLAND, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 10.21.34. Good strike on cover with cachet EAST COAST CRUISE (blue).6.506.50
6USS RALEIGH, type 3, postmarked Port-au-Prince, 2.28.39. VF strike. Handmade cachet with Christmas wishes. Unique. Overall fine.7.508.00
7USS RANGER, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 2.10.39. USS part of psmk faint, but rest of strike good.6.507.00
8USS REUBEN JONES, type 3, postmarked Gonaives Bay 3.10.28. Good strike on penalty cover. 12.5013.00
9USS RICHMOND, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 3.7.39. Beautiful strike. Cover has special St. Patrick's cachet. VF.7.007.00
10USS RELIEF, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 5.14.34. Two VF strikes on two different & separate stamps. Beautiful cover.7.007.00
11USS SKIPJACK (submarine), type 3, postmarked Gonaives Bay 2.11.39. Fair strike on cover with cachet by Dumonte.7.508.00
12USS SNAPPER (submarine), type 3, postmarked 1.30.39 at Aux Cayes (blue ink) VF strike. Some toning on cover with cachet by Richard Buchwald.8.008.00
13USS STINGRAY (submarine), type 3, postmarked Gonaives Bay 4.15.39. VF strike on cover with cachet by R. Buchwald. VF.8.0010.00
14USS TARBELL, type 3, postmarked 2.1.32 Gonaives (blue ink) on penalty cover. Good strike. 7.007.00
15USS TEAL, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 1.24.31. Just fair strike.5.0015.00
Revenue Documents and Stamps
All document taxes are paid by wreath or circle type indicium applied to paper. These indicium types are illustrated on page 48 and 56, respectively, in the 2003 edition of 'The Congress Book.' Note that each 12 centimes indicium was individually fashioned and not one is identical to the other.
1612 centimes paid at Port-au-Prince on Payment Order, dated 3 September 1821. Strike good. Edges tattered. Otherwise, overall condition good.10.0052.00
1712 centimes paid at Jacmel on itemized cargo, dated 3 December 1828. Strike is fair. Paper quality overall good with toning. A few holes in are of indicium.8.5052.00
1812 centimes paid at Jacmel on itemized cargo manifest, dated 12 December 1828. Paper has some toning and a few holes. Strike is good. Overall quality is good.8.0052.00
1912 centimes paid at Jacmel on itemized cargo manifest, dated 14 December 1828. VG strike of indicium. Paper quality overall vg.10.0052.00
2012 centimes paid at Jacmel on customs affidavit, dated 22 December 1828. Few holes in area of indicium. Indicium albino-like. Overall quality of paper good.7.5052.00
2112 centimes with Republique d'Hayti (a variety) indicium on customs receipt. Strike of indicium poor and quality of paper average.5.0052.00
22Large, folded document (16 x 12.25 inches) that shows shipping for Grand Gosier, Haiti, dated 30 September 1829. Very heavy paper with some toning. Edges fine. Strike of indicium fair.8.5052.00
23Five centimes in circle indicium on blank paper. Some toning. Edges fine. Strike of indicium fair.3.5052.00
24Block of twelve: Deux centimes red surcharge on Effets de Commerce #15 (Stamps of 1892). Condition generally good, with gum intact.5.005.00
25Block of six. Error of Lot 24 that consists of a double perforation at vertical left. VG condition. Gum intact.7.509.00
26Revenue sampler consisting of 30 stamps. While there appears to be duplication, some stamps are of different printings or used and/or mint copies.5.005.00
First Day Covers
27#389, CB 52-54 & # C312.002.00
28#510-12, C223-26 & # 13-16, C227-292.002.00
29#543, C260-62 & #556-58, C270-723.003.00
30#559-61, C273-76 & #566, B38-40, CB55-564.004.00
31#567-70, C280-81 & #575-77, C285-87 & 578-79, C288, CB57 & #580-83, C289-954.004.00
32#585-89, C299-301, CB58-60 & #590-92, C302-055.005.00
33#596-98, C310-12 & #609-09F, C317-185.005.00
34#616P-Q & #624H-I (perforate and imperforate)20.0020.00
35#616-16O & #617, C338-404.004.00
36#624-24C, 624E-G (perforate copies), 624-24G (imperforate)4.004.00
37#634-36, C357-59 & #C369-72 & #B43-443.003.00
38#B31-34, CB49 & #C238-41, CB503.003.00
39#618-20, C342-44 & #B41-42, CB 61-623.003.00
40#B10-13 & #C107a (perf and imperf)4.004.00
41#C319-22 & #628-30, C351-53 & #611-15, C326-29 & 631-33, C354-565.005.00
42#C373 & #809 & Aerogram OP 0.70 cent & Aerogram OP 1.25G16.0016.00
43#C380-83 & #C499-506 & #789-94 & #810-165.005.00
44#CB6-78.00No Bids
45#509, C216-18 & #CB22-232.002.00
United States Marine Corps Covers
46Occupation cover with 2/10/22 USMC cancel type C-2 as defined in HP XXV: 4; the cancel \"2nd RDG 1st PROV. BRIGADE, CAPE HAITIEN, HAITI\" is clear; the cover was opened at top and right side but is in F condition; a rare cover. Link to Auction Lot #46 image90.00140.00
47Occupation cover USMC cancel type P-1 but used later in the twenties as discussed in HP XXV:4; no year date shown; franked by 1/2 and 1-1/2 cent US stamps of 1922; Cover and stamps VF; the cds is clear but a bit lightly struck.30.0035.00
48Occupation cover with 2/13/25 USMC cancel type C-3; cancel is F and cover VF; only three covers recorded as of compilation date in 12/99.35.0042.00
49Occupation cover with 2/9/26 USMC cancel type P-7; stamp, cancel and cover VF.35.0037.00
50Registered occupation cover of 8/8/27 USMC cancel P-R-5; VF 5 & 12 cent US stamps pay 17c rate; stamps, registry markings and cover are VF. HP records only one other cover. Unusual added inclusion is the Receipt for registered article which is usually eventually discarded. Link to Auction Lot #50 image75.0085.00
Very Special Selection
51#444-46, C139-41 1959 Pope Pius XII Memorial issue complete set 6v. in imperforate pairs. Scarce early imperf issue, 50 sets exist (25 pairs). MNH.85.00125.00
52#448-50, C145-47 1959 3rd Pan American Games issue complete set of 6v. in imperforate pairs. Another scarce early imperf issue, 50 sets exist (25 pairs). MNH.85.00130.00
53#521-23, C233-35 1965 New York World's Fair issue. Complete set of 6v. in imperforate pairs. An elusive Space topical issue, 50 sets exist (25 pairs). MNH.95.00145.00
54#628-30, C351-3 1970 Martin Luther King Memorial issue. Complete set of 6v. in imperforate pairs. A popular topical set, 50 sets exist (25 pairs). MNH.75.0075.00
55#643-6, C366-68 1971 Paintings issue. Complete set of 7v. in imperforate pairs. Modified colors from the issued set, this issue appeared in larger quantities, exact number unknown.30.00No Bids
56#680-1, C415-19. 1974 Copernicus 500th Anniversary issue. Complete set of 7v. in imperforate pairs. Although 50 sets exist (25 pairs) this issue had limited distribution and is rarely seen or offered.150.00210.00
571973 Scott unlisted. UPU Centenary overprint on Apollo 17 overprinted set of 3v. from the unauthorized Space Achievement issue. Set of imperforate singles with margins. Quantity issued unknown. MNH.20.00No Bids
Additional First Day Covers
58#624-624G. 1969 Apollo 7 & 8 issue. Cpt set of 8v. perf + 8v. imperf (in different colors than the perf stamps) on four unaddressed First Day Covers with commem. FD cancel is dated 29 Aug 69. Scott Cat has it as 6 Oct 1969.10.00No Bids
59#656-656O. 1971 Apollo XII - Safe Return overprints. Cpt. set of perforated 8v. post + 8v. airmail + imperf 8v. post + 8v. airmail (total of 32v.) on four unaddressed First Day Covers with commem. FD cancel. The ovpt. on the imperf stamps are in different colors that the ovpts on the perf stamps.10.0010.00
60Unlisted 1975 Audubon-Birds Paintings issue. Set of 23v. on three registered and backstamped First Day Covers addressed to J. & H. Stolow. These original 23 values were the ones that were intitially released by Stolow and distributed to new issue subscribers. See footnote in Scott's. Only these 23 vals. are known to have been used on cover though it remains unclear if the stamps were ever available within Haiti. Also included is a reprint from the page in Le Moniteur which supposedly authorized the issue (which was later repudiated when allegations of money kickbacks were revealed). Approx. 100-150 sets of these FDC's were made and you won't see more of these offered in the HPS auctions anytime soon.50.0064.00
61#451, C148-50 Winter Olympics/California ovpt. set of 4v. on unaddr. First Day Cover.2.50No Bids
62#B10-12, CB19-21 \"Pour Le Sport\" set of 6v. on 2 uncach. First Day Covers.3.00No Bids
63#CB32-34 Boy Scout Conference Ovpt. on Airplanes issue. Cpt. set of 3v. on unaddr. cacheted First Day Cover with cachet Type I - Scout Emblem.8.00No Bids
Same as above, FDC with cachet Type II - Scout Emblem.
64#385-88 UPU 75th Anniversary ovpts. Cpt. set of 4v. posted on cacheted FDC. (Note: some minor tropical stains on stamps)1.00No Bids
Errors, Proofs & Varieties - Modern Issues
65#J21 1951 10c. postage due - horiz. strip of 3, imperforate between stamp and right margin (Note: fragile).10.00No Bids
66#CB9 Red Cross 50c. ovpt. on Brussels Expo - Inverted Ovpt. MNH.25.00No Bids
67#B10 Pour Le Sport ovpt. on Chicago issue - Inverted Ovpt. Mint.25.00No Bids
68#CB11 Pour Le Sport ovpt. on Discus/Flag - Double Ovpt. MNH.25.00No Bids
69#CB19 Pour Le Sport ovpt. on J. Dessables - Double Ovpt. Mint.25.00No Bids
70#B15 Alphabetization+30c. ovpt. on World Refugee Year issue - Inverted Ovpt. MNH.20.00No Bids
71#CB62 Red Cross ovpt on Audio TV Rocket stamp - Inverted Ovpt. MNG.50.00No Bids
72#538 UNESCO ovpt. on 25c. ITU issue - Double Ovpt. MNH.35.00No Bids
73#C443 0.80c revalued ovpt. on Dessalines - Double Ovpt, One Inverted. MNH.20.0020.00
74#B23 Duvalier-Ville ovpt. - overprint in Black color instead of Red color. MNH.30.00No Bids
75#CB41 Duvalier-Ville ovpt. - Wrong Size ovpt. in Black color Sideways. MNH.30.00No Bids
76#C169a United Nations 15th Anniv. Souvenir Sheet varieties.  
76a. Sheet with Green color only (frame of 1 G. stamp).
76b. Sheet with Green + Blue colors only (frame of 1G. + 1,50G stamps).
76c. Sheet with Orange color Omitted (frame of 0.50c. missing).
76d. Sheet with Blue color + Black Skyline only (Blue + orange omitted). Item printed on gum side.
76e. Sheet with Black Skyline color only (Green, Blue, Orange frames all omitted).
77#C344B Apollo 11 overprint on Birds - bottom margin CTO Block of 4 with overprint shifted to left side of stamps (previously unrecorded variety - one sheet of 50 known).25.00No Bids
78#509 Mothers Day 1964 - bottom margin block of 4 with variety of \"closed F\" in upper left stamp giving appearance of the letter \"P\".10.00No Bids
79Sc#Type Q1-CQ1 Printer's Proof strike of the \"Colis Postaux\" overprint in Red color - on glassine type paper in a vertical block of 10 - which our auctioneer reports he has not previously seen.50.00No Bids
80Sc#Type 480/C183 Re-election of Pres. Duvalier - printer's proof strike of the 3-line overprint in black color on glassine type paper in a vertical block of 10 - which our auctioneer reports he has not previously seen.50.00No Bids
81#482 Re-election Duvalier - CTO block of 4 with the overprint shifted to the left causing a 'split' ovpt. of the word \"Dr.\"5.00No Bids
82#482 Re-election Duvalier - Complete CTO sheet of 50 stamps with overprint applied at a diagonal angle so that the overprint is progressively shifted from the middle of the stamps at the left side of the sheet to the bottom of the stamps at right side of the sheet. Unusual.30.00No Bids
83#C183a Re-election Duvalier - Error - Complete CTO sheet of 50 stamps with the overprint on the wrong stamp, the 20c orange color Dessalines. A rare item, not prev. seen by our auctioneer (ex-Mosdestock).200.00No Bids
84#571, C282, C289 Duvalier - CTO Oddity! Blocks of 15 of these 3 values with albino impressions of the CTO cancel. Can be seen most clearly from the gum side, the embossed impression of the cancel can be clearly seen even though the black color of cancel on the face of the stamps is missing. A \"normal\" CTO block of 15 of the 1.00G. value is also included for comparison purposes.25.00No Bids
85#547, C263, C264 Gemini 6 & 7 - CTO oddity! Top sheet margin Blocks of 10 with albino impressions of the CTO cancel. See description of similar item in prev. Lot. Only these 3 values seen with this strange variety, only one sheet known for each value.25.00No Bids
86#86 Dessalines 10c. Horizontal strip of 4, double perfs between the 2nd and 3rd stamps in the strip. Very fragile strip.5.00No Bids
Exhibition Rarity Items
871933 Boyd-Lyon \"Columbia\" Flight cover. Cancelled New York on June 10, 1933 and Port-au-Prince on July 6, 1933. Franked with the special overprinted stamp Scott #C4A. Special flight cachet and is addressed by the hand of co-pilot Bob Lyon.  Link to Auction Lot #87 image225.00No Bids
881861 March 23, British Post Office handstamp \"St. Marc\" on Folded Letter to Port-au-Prince. This is the scarcest of all the British P.O. cancels. Excellent strike, neatly addressed, almost perfect condition.  Link to Auction Lot #88 imageLink to Auction Lot #88 image395.00510.00
89Liberty Head Essays. 3 values. Large size 2c Blue, 9c Orange and 20c Rose-Red. The 2c close margin in lower left corner. Ex R.A. Siegel auction November 2000.  Link to Auction Lot #89 image250.00255.00
90Legitime Essays. Complete set of 7 values w/center head of President Legitime. Fresh color and near perfect centering. Some minor gum/hinge defects do not detract from visual acceptance. Link to Auction Lot #90 imageLink to Auction Lot #90 image75.00110.00
End of auction