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Philatelic Society

September 2008 Society Auction

Closed October 4, 2008

Lot Description M/B Realized
British Postal Agency offices in Haiti
Cancels E53 (Port-au-Prince) and C59 (Jacmel). 
MBs are based on approx. 1/10th catalog value.
Identified in the Scott Catalogue as Great Britain Used In Haiti, the first nine Lots below show a mixed condition of the stamps and cancels. All are hinged and reflect Numbers from the Scott Catalogue.
1Obliterator E53 on Scott Great Britain #33, 70 and 80. CV $297.  VG.  Link to Auction Lot #1 image$30.00$110.00
2E53 on 70 and 84. CV $185.00.  Good. Link to Auction Lot #2 image18.5070.00
3E53 on 42 and 55. CV $215.00.  Good  Link to Auction Lot #3 image21.5075.00
4Obliterator C59 on Scott Great Britain #29 (pair), 43 (on piece), and 70. CV $204.00 VG. Link to Auction Lot #4 image20.00115.00
5C59 on 27 (pair), 43, 70 and 87. CV $360.00. Striking! Link to Auction Lot #5 imageLink to Auction Lot #5 image36.00130.00
6C59 on 42, 43, 70 and 87. CV $400.00. VG. Link to Auction Lot #6 image40.00170.00
7C59 on 43 and 57. CV $415.00. Fine strikes Link to Auction Lot #7 imageLink to Auction Lot #7 image41.00165.00
8C59 on 43 (x3).  CV $120.00. Good. Link to Auction Lot #8 image12.0045.00
9E53. Folded business letter to St Thomas, paid by Scott GB # 70 & cancelled by E53. Light fold at middle horizontal. Fair cancel. Dated PaP May 11, 1877. St Thomas receiving mark, May 15, 1877. Link to Auction Lot #9 image135.00325.00
10Imperforate full pane #47 (10x10) in gray (unissued color) as sunken die proof. 12 x 15 1/8 inches.  On very heavy cardboard with French word ESSAIS below pane in border. Corners (lower right and left) damaged; some toning.  Ex: Dickason. In correspondence with Dickason, the seller, Stanley Gibbons, in 1973 asked $500.00 per proof. Letter available. See photo. Very rare.  Link to Auction Lot #10 image90.0090.00
11Imperforate full pane #49 (10x10) in red (unissued color) as sunken die proof.  12 x 15 1/8 inches.  Same as above; bottom left corner slightly damaged. See photo. Very rare. Link to Auction Lot #11 image90.00130.00
12Scott 350 SDPC (128 x 99mm). VF.37.5040.00
13Scott 351 SPDC (128 x 99mm). VF. 37.50No Bids
14Scott 352 SPDC (133 x95mm).  VF.37.5040.00
15Scott 353 SPDC (135 x 94mm) VF.37.50No Bids
16Scott 354 SPDC (135 x 94mm). VF.37.50No Bids
17Scott 380A SPDC (125 x 128mm).  VF. 37.5040.00
18Scott C22 SPDC (135 x 95mm).  VF. 37.50No Bids
19Scott C23 SPDC (135 x 95 mm). VF.37.50No Bids
20Scott 342 DPP (36 x 47mm).  DPP. Glue residue on back; otherwise fine. 28.50No Bids
Errors and Varieties
21Scott #101a "used" Tete-Beche (not listed in Scott) with gum, with two favor (?) PaP postmarks, Mai 23, 1906. Some foxing on front and back. While perforations at top horizontal are sound, a couple of the perforations at the vertical may have been subjected to paper mending. Link to Auction Lot #21 image165.00250.00
22#640, C360-362 in mint hinged pairs for total of 8 stamps. The United Nations icon appears with one stamp of each pair missing ribbons at bottom of the wreath. Link to Auction Lot #22 image7.5011.00
23#C361. Mint hinged block of 10, with "XXV" of overprint shifted on all 10 to rest on perforations. VF. Link to Auction Lot #23 image7.5011.00
24#C362. Mint hinged block of 6, with United Nations icon shifted on all 6 stamps to rest on perforations. VF. Link to Auction Lot #24 image7.5013.00
25#249. Block of 4, Mint, one stamp with double surcharge, VF. 4.005.00
26#250. Block of 4, Mint, one stamp with double surcharge, VF4.00No Bids
27#253. Block of 4, MNH, one stamp with double surcharge, VF.5.00No Bids
28#254. Mint, double surcharge, VF.2.00No Bids
29#256. Block of 4, Mint, one stamp with double surcharge, VF. 4.0016.50
30#263.  Block of 4, Mint, inverted surcharges, VF.5.00No Bids
31#273. Block of 4, MNH, inverted surcharges, VF. 5.00No Bids
(Articles on this fascinating specialty appeared in HP IV, No. 1, p.1 ff; HP VI, No. 4, p.67ff; and, HP VIII, No. 4, p.1ff)
32Pioneer Air Mail. 1 May 1925 Port au Prince to Cap Haitien. One of about 50 letters representing the first commercial mail flown in Haiti by U.S. Marines. A special marking was applied in red to the stamp only consisting of the word "AVION" within an oval. This cachet is typically indistinct. A rare and key piece   Link to Auction Lot #32 image75.00110.00
33Pioneer Air Mail.  4 December 1925 P-au-P to Cap Haitien Flight cover showing black handstamp used at the capital illustrating a plane over the word "AVION". First day of usage in black     Link to Auction Lot #33 image10.00No Bids
34Pioneer Air Mail.  19 April 1926 Cap Haitien to P-au-P. An early flight. Link to Auction Lot #34 image20.00No Bids
35Pioneer Air Mail.  3 June 1926 P-au-P to Gonaives. Although 430 covers were carried on this inauguration of weekly air mail service to Gonaives, their scarcity lends credence to the belief that the majority never reached the market.   Link to Auction Lot #35 image30.0030.00
36Pioneer Air Mail.  25 July 1926 Cap Haitien to P-au-P. An early flight. Link to Auction Lot #36 image25.00No Bids
37Pioneer Air Mail.  28 March 1927 P-au-P to Washington, D.C. Pinedo cover.  30.00No Bids
38Pioneer Air Mail  19 April 1927 P-au-P to Port-de-Paix. First flight cover. Early use of the handstamp bearing the word “AVION” over a propeller in red on a cover backstamped the same day 35.00No Bids
39Pioneer Air Mail.  18 July 1927 P-au-P to Santo Domingo Flight cover backstamped on July 19 at Santo Domingo illustrating usage of the new rectangular handstamp in red. 25.00No Bids
40Lindbergh Flight Cover.  7 February 1928 P-au-P to Havana. Two Havana backstamps dated Feb. 8th and 9th respectively. With Rowe commemorative cachet. Link to Auction Lot #40 image75.0080.00
41Pioneer Air Mail.   12 July 1927 P-au-P to Jeremie Two cachets in blue to commemorate first flight inaugurating weekly air mail service25.00No Bids
42West Indian Aerial Express (WIAE).    24 Feb. 1928 Santiago, Cuba to Port au Prince. First flight cover flown by Pilot Basil L. Rowe aboard the "Santa Maria" bearing the special 5 centavos Cuban Lindbergh stamp and backstamped in the Haitian capital the same day  15.0035.00
43WIAE.   28 Feb. 1928 P-au P to Santiago de Cuba. Cover carried on the inauguration of the first northbound service of the WIAE.  This flight had been rescheduled on Feb. 28th after a postponement on Feb. 21st so that both circular date stamps appear on the front in addition to the Feb. 28th arrival backstamp15.00No Bids
44Pan American Airways 9 Jan. 1929 P-au-P to San Juan. Inaugural service on Foreign Air Mail Route 6 to Puerto Rico 15.00No Bids
45Pan American Airways 9 Jan. 1929 P-au-P to Santo Domingo inaugural service on Foreign Air Mail Route 6 to the Dominican Republic 10.00No Bids
46Pan American Airways 9 Jan. 1929 Port au Prince to East Orange, N.J. via Miami. 10.00No Bids
47Pan American Airways 9 January 1929 Port-au-Prince to Camaguey via Santiago. Inauguration of service on Foreign Air Mail Route 6 to Cuba. 10.00No Bids
48New York – Rio – Buenos Aires Line (NYRBA). 26 March 1930 P-au-P to Cienfuegos. Inaugural flight.10.0040.00
49First Flight to Jamaica 29 Nov. 1930 P-au-P to Kingston. One of a reported 30 covers with Haitian franking carried to Jamaica on the occasion of the addition of Kingston and Cienfuegos to F.A.M. Route 5. This cover bears the Kingston receiving backstamp of Dec. 3rd, as well as the box type cachet reading First Flight/ Air Mail / F.A.M. Route 6 15.0015.00
50Boyd-Lyon flight.   10 June 1933 New York to P-au-P to Baltimore. Autographed by both pilots. Returned to US by ship mail paid by 10c Haitian stamp.35.0035.00
51Boyd-Lyon flight of 1933.    N.Y. to P-au-P to N.Y... in 1933 J. Erroll Boyd and Robert G. Lyon made the first non-stop flight from New York to P-au-P in the Columbia. To commemorate the event the Haitian government overprinted 5000 of the 20c stamps of 1924 for air mail service. This cover is franked with this revalued adhesive as well as the 8c US air mail stamp of 1932, thus paying the air mail rate in both directions.  75.00135.00
52Pan American Airways First Flight 4 Dec. 1931 from P-au-P to San Pedro de Macoris, D.R.10.0015.00
53Pan American Airways 9 Jan. 1929 P-au-P to NY with plane within a circle cachet in red. With Miami machine backstamp 10 Jan. 1929 (F6-4) 10.00No Bids
54Hindenburg Cover  [see Haiti Philately XXI, No. 1, p.12].  Very rare.  Popular topic and only 50 flown with Haitian franking (C10), dated 2 May 1936 plus $0.40 US postage 11 May 1936. Link to Auction Lot #54 image500.00775.00
55#20. Variety. Imperforate proof impression taken during the set-up stage of typography when the make-ready is adjusted to create the best impression. This trial printed on paper whose back bears the imprint of an unrelated plate. This printers waste has large margins and VF impression. An unusual piece.15.0055.00
56#47 and #49. Blocks of 12, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
57#53.  Full Sheet of 100, MNH, VF. A very scarce item.15.00No Bids
58#67-81. Collection of 110 stamps (27 Mint and 83 Used). All Forgeries10.0015.00
59#68. Blocks of 8, 10, 15 and 16. All MNH, VF. 7.0015.00
60#104. Block of 20 (one stamp missing upper right corner), used, unreadable cancel, VF condition. 3.25No Bids
61#260.  Block of 15, MNH, VF.3.006.00
62#271, 276-79, 281- 82, 286, 293, 296-97. Lot of 44 postally used in VF condition. Good selection of the short and long "L" of the overprint.3.00No Bids
63#296.  Block of 9, MNH, VF.2.00No Bids
64#442-43 & #C136-38. Sheets of 25 (as issued), MNH, CV: $88 ++, VF. 15.00No Bids
65#521-23, C233-35 (used), and # C210-13(used) #C238-41 (MNH). All VF. 1.00No Bids
66Domestic cover of 12/21/31 CH-PauP, four Scott #314 pay registry rate plus A/R both in manuscript; very high domestic franking. Stamps tied to cover and proper backstamps. VF condition.15.0020.00
67Three covers. Postcard 7/29/36 to Austria franked #313; letter to Cuba 4/4/35 franked #313 + 2(#329); registered airmail letter of 7/27/32 from French Legation to French Alps franked #314 + 2(#318) and 2(C4); Legation backstamp with 3 transit marks; last cover split for exhibit. Generally Fine condition.25.0025.00
68Postal Stationery H&G #6, PauP (28 Feb 28) to Santiago, Cuba, with blue circular AVION and WIAE cachets. Paid with additional #315-316.VF. 10.00No Bids
69Postal Stationery.  H&G #6, local mail PauP (7 Feb 28) with 2 strikes of Lindbergh cachet. VF Condition. 5.00No Bids
70Postal Stationery.  H&G #16, PauP (18 July 27) to Santo Domingo with Type d airmail cachet. Fine condition.10.00No Bids
71Postal Stationery.  The 2c orange Simon Sam ovpt “GT Pre1902”, unused, VF; and, the 1c Nord Alexis “Response Payee” with Avec Response Payee half, unused, VF. 3.006.00
72Letter Sheet. 5c de P, Nord Alexis, Mint, VF.3.006.00
73AVIS DE RECEPTION card with a #766 and Petion-Ville cancel of 24 Mar 93.2.50No Bids
74APO 2494; tag from postal mail bag sent to Bowen Field at PauP where the US Air Force had a weather station. Tag has a very fine strike of the APO dated 3/18/44 w/instructions to return to origin immediately as proof of receipt.20.0027.00
End of auction