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June 2008 Society Auction

Closed July 5, 2008

Lot Description M/B Realized
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
1USS ARKANSAS, type 3, postmarked Gonaives, Haiti, March 16, 1927. Hard to locate ship.  Couple of faint letters in killers, otherwise VG strike and condition.$20.00$20.00
2USS BERNADOU, type 3, postmarked Gonaives, January 22, 1931. Strike is good and applied in blue ink to penalty cover with few wrinkles at left. Otherwise, overall VG. 7.509.00
3USS MONTANA, type 3, postmarked Port-au-Prince, February 4, 1914 to picture postcard (rail work yard of PCS). Pre-1915 strikes with Haiti in killers are hard to locate! Postmark good condition, killers info. faint, but legible. Overall Good.18.0052.00
4USS SAPELO, type 3, postmarked Portaprince (!). October 15, 1926. Difficult ship. As postmarking device fashioned from rubber some distortion in impression of circle. Applied to piece of penalty cover, with 15 cents US postage (for registration) added. Interesting item.15.0016.00
5USS SARATOGA, type 3, postmarked Gonaives, October 21, 1931. Extremely stunning cover, with imprinted prepaid postage. VF in every respect. 9.0011.00
6USS SAVANNAH, type 3, postmarked Gonaives, May 4, 1934. Very beautiful strike applied to cover with SHAKEDOWN CRUISE cachet in red.7.508.00
7USS TEXAS, type 3, postmarked Gonaives, May 11, 1934. Very fine condition and strike.16.5017.00
8USS TEXAS, original photo taken of battleship in Gonaives Bay in 1927 during “Problem 7”. Fine and in light sepia. Excellent for dressing-up exhibit page!5.008.00
9USS TOUCEY, type 3, applied in blue ink and postmarked Gonaives, April 13, 1929.  Cover addressed to OUR NAVY. Good strike. Difficult ship.14.0014.00
10USS TUSCALOOSA, type 3, postmarked 25 (faint) March, 1939, with CUBA-HAITI AREA in killers. Large cachet in red to commemorate New York Worlds Fair. Fine. 6.006.00
11USS WASHINGTON, type 3, postmarked September 29, 1915 at PortaPrince [sic]. Picture postcard showing funeral of Pres. T. Auguste, with bottom right corner of card missing, otherwise VG. 10.0014.00
12USS WASHINGTON.  Picture postcard of the Washington. Probably from the early 1920’s. Good for illustrative purposes. VG.3.504.00
13USS WEST VIRGINIA, type 3 postmarked January 30, 1939 at Gonaives. Cachet identical to Lot 10 above. VF.6.006.00
14USS WHITNEY, type 3, postmarked May 14, 1934. Beautiful strike applied to small penalty cover (rarity for Navy in Haiti). Excellent condition. 12.5015.00
15USS WINSLOW, type 3, postmarked Feb 11, 1939 at Port au Prince. Addressee’s name covered over with label, otherwise Good. Red cachet like lots 10 and 13 above. 5.005.00
161889 Legitime Essays; Set of 7 (1, 2, 3, 5, 20, 30, 50), MNH. The 1c has a gum crease. Otherwise a very fine set.   25.0040.00
17#31a. Three large multiples which reconstruct sheet as follows: block of 25 (5x5) with top bottom and left selvedge; block of 10 (2x5) with top selvedge; and, block of 15 (3x5) with selvedge at top, bottom and right. MNH, VF. 50.00No Bids
18#35, 37, 41, 42. Imperforate Forgeries, Mint w/o gum, except for #41 w/OG, VF.3.00No Bids
19#37, 44. One sheet of unused and used in mixed average condition. 75% of sheet plated by 79 stamps. CV approximately $59 ++30.00No Bids
20#46-51. Specimen overprint, MNH, VF.10.0010.00
21#46-51. Block of 4, Specimen overprint, MNH. #41 with some gum damage. VF40.00No Bids
22#51. Imperforate trial Proofs, horizontal pairs of 20c (2) ultramarine & dark green, w/o gum, as issued. VF.5.00No Bids
23#51. Imperforate trial Proofs, 4 copies in diff colors (brown carmine, ultramarine, dark green and grey), w/o gum as issued. VF.5.009.00
24#82, 84-88. Imperforate, Mint OG, except #87 (MNG), VF. 1.25No Bids
25#195. Block of 4, Mint, VF.7.00No Bids
26#335. 58 diff positions, plated. Some faults. Unused with OG counted as Used. One stamp with slight printing offset on back. CV: $37.70. A Fine lot.10.00No Bids
27#335. Blocks of 4 (2). Positions 41-42/51-52, and positions 22-23/32-33.  Block positions 41/52 have some stains in upper corner of block. MNH.4.00No Bids
28#410-411. Sheetlets of 25, MNH, previously folded along third vertical line of perforations. Very minor tropicalization on edges; otherwise Fine-VF.1.00No Bids
29#442-43/C136-38. Blocks of 4 in 4 languages, MNH, VF.5.007.00
30#466-68/C166-67. Sheetlets of 12, MNH. VF. 7.00No Bids
31#486-88/C188-90. Sheetlets of 12, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
32#810. Specimen overprint, MNH, VF1.502.00
33#914A-F. The 1999 Christmas Issue. Sheetlets of 10 and the Sheetlet of 6, MNH, VF. (Note: Scott mis-numbered the composite Sheetlet of 6 as 915Fg in the 2008 Scott Catalog.   It more properly should be 914Fg.)30.0062.00
34The 1999 Christmas Issue, Sheetlet of 6 only.  See Lot 33 regarding the assigned Scott Catalog number, MNH, VF.15.0040.00
35#C24a, MNH, VF.2.00No Bids
36#C40. Proof on card 100 mm x 125 mm, negligible toning spot on card but still very nice looking item. Link to Auction Lot #36 image40.00No Bids
37#C210. Sheet of 25 with map of Sweden in background, MNH, VF.3.5013.00
38#C309. The Gold Foil issue, MNH, VF.15.0037.00
39#RA11 & #RA15. Used with beautiful bullseye cancel "VISITE MARIAN ANDERSON 29 AVRIL 1950", VF.1.0016.00
40#RA23-24 and #RAC1-2. Sheets of 50, MNH, VF.15.00No Bids
Errors and Varieties
41#41 & #43. Horizontal pairs. Imperforate between. Mint OG except #41 (MNG). VF condition.4.50No Bids
42#67. Vertical pair; bottom stamp overprint is inverted, MNH, VF.3.003.00
43#67. Block of 4. All overprints are inverted, MNH, VF.5.007.00
44#68. Block of 4. Tête-Bêche on the overprints, MNH, VF.5.005.00
45#69. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
46#69. Block of 4. All overprints are inverted, MNH, VF.5.0010.00
47#70. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
48#70. Block of 4. All overprints are inverted, MNH, VF.5.007.00
49#73. Block of 4. Tete-Beche with top two stamps with overprints inverted; bottom 2 stamps with upright genuine overprints. MNH, VF.7.007.00
50#75. Inverted overprint (Forgery), Mint, VF. 1.001.00
51#83-88. All with inverted heads, Mint, VF. 5.008.00
52#85. Head missing, Mint, VF.1.003.00
53#96. Block of 4, Imperf, Forgery. MNG, VF. (See HP, Vol 18, No. 4, pp 142-43).4.00No Bids
54#96-101. Horizontal pairs. Imperforate, Mint, VF. 2.50No Bids
55#108. Two copies both with inverted surcharge, Mint, VF1.50No Bids
56#109 & #152. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF. 1.50No Bids
57#153. Diagonal used surcharge. Used with PauP cancel; and, #158, inverted surcharge (2 copies) Mint and Used, VF.2.25No Bids
58#217. Inverted surcharge, MNH; and, #245, Inverted surcharge, Mint with a gum crease which does not show on face of stamp.4.255.00
59#253. Double surcharge, Mint, VF.  3.50No Bids
60#259. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.3.50No Bids
61#265. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF. 3.503.50
62#273. Inverted surcharge, MNH, VF.3.504.00
63#296. O.Z. overprint and surcharge are both inverted; MNH, VF.3.505.00
64#301. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF.3.50No Bids
65#304. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF. 3.503.50
66#305. Inverted surcharge, Mint, VF. 3.506.00
67#357. Double surcharge, MNH, VF.5.005.00
68#B15. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.8.00No Bids
69#C240. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.13.0014.00
70#C241. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.13.0014.00
71#J7.  Inverted overprint, Mint, VF.3.50No Bids
Special Selection
72Essay, large format Liberty Head 20 centimes in black, full large margins, slight soiling, hinge remnant on back, F to VF.  Link to Auction Lot #72 image25.0065.00
74Folded letter, France October 20, 1790, to the Plane of Jacob (near Cayes), evidently landed at Cap, it has a very faint striking of a mark like Jamet #19 for Cap but 6 XBRE * ' (year?). Manuscript due marking on front is 6 E, on back is a clear strike of '.30*XBRE'.  Letter is quite clean and sound, in French and quite legible.  Scarce. Link to Auction Lot #74 image25.00210.00
75Folded letter dated Cap the 6 of December 1788 to St. Marc with a legible strike on the front of 'CAP 7 XBRE' similar to Jamet #14 for Cap.  Letter is in French and mostly readable.  It is missing a piece about the size of a quarter.  It is somewhat faded and toned and not particularly attractive, but otherwise sound. The due marking is 1 E. 25.0050.00
76Folded letter, La Rochelle 22 June 1781 to Port au Prince.  From the markings, the letter arrived at Cap as a ship letter (name of ship in ms on flap), entered the post there and was sent on to PauP.  There is a nice strike of the small 'CAP' (Jamet #6) and manuscript 2 E postage due.  The letter is in French in a very neat hand.  The piece overall is very clean, neat, and attractive. Link to Auction Lot #76 image25.0050.00
77Folded letter from Cap Haitien 28 June 1781 to Port au Prince.  Markings on front are a very fine example of Jamet #6 for Cap (small in arc), and 2 E postage.  The letter is clean, neat, and very sound condition, in French and can be read.  Except for a horizontal file fold it is VF.  25.0040.00
78Folded letter Cap Haitien to Port au Prince 28 December 1786.  Very fine strike on front of the Jamet #12 for Cap Haitien.  Letter has no postage due marking, and evidently went free on official business.  Contents in French in neat, legible writing.  File fold not seriously detracting. Otherwise, very neat and clean and VF.70.0085.00
79Folded letter, Port au Prince to Grenoble dated 31 August 1786, and received 9 Xbre (December).  On the front is a nice strike of ‘COLONIES PAR NANTES' in a long arc and manuscript 39 (sols due).  Letter is in French and can be read.  Item is neat and clean, minor wrinkles, otherwise VF.25.00170.00
80Envelope, light brown, with green oval 'FORWARDED BY HUBBARD AND STENKEEN PORT AU PRINCE ’ and strike of NEW YORK SHIP LETTER 6 in 24mm diam. circle, both nice strikes.  Nothing on item indicates year, but the NY marking is about 1825.  Wax seal on back has impression of 'CUTTS & COOPER PORT AU PRINCE'.   Faulty but interesting.15.0030.00
81Folded letter dated July 6 1843 from Cap Haitien to London, Huth correspondence, nice condition with a marking in ink 1/5 on the front (single rate, this period).  Receiving cds on back, 6 August 1843.  Minor wrinkles, letter is otherwise neat and sound.  Letter is in a neat but small and difficult writing - not English or French, perhaps German?  On the front is a Royal Mail Steam Packet Service marking, quite weak but can be made out, CAPE HAITIEN JY ? 184? (the date in July not visible nor is the last figure of the year).   Useable example of this scarce RMSP marking. Link to Auction Lot #81 image40.00250.00
82Folded letter Gonaives to Bordeaux dated June 10, 1843.  Markings on the front are a fine strike of the scarce Royal Mail large cds 'CAPE HAITIEN', showing the year clearly but not the day or month.  There is also a clear strike of the British accountancy marking 'COLONIES &ct ART.12' in rectangle.  Also a cds for Boulogne 23 July 1843.  Letter is commercial, in English, and can be read.   Manuscript style due mark 25 decimes.  Scarce item.  Link to Auction Lot #82 image75.00455.00
83Folded letter Aux Cayes, August 1852, to Boston with a VF strike of the large New York Ship 7cts marking.  Message is a printed advertisement for business with a note by hand 'The undersigned is a native of the United States and has been appointed American Consul at this port'.  Clean and VF except for the usual faint horizontal file fold.25.0030.00
84Envelope with contents Port au Prince, 17 March 1872, envelope has nice strike of the small circle 'NEW YORK 6 SHIP APR 11', (6 cents due).  Contents in English and can be read, long letter with advice to family, advice on family business etc., some soiling and a smudge, otherwise nice. 25.0035.00
85Envelope, internal mail cds Aquin, 12 May 1897, to Port au Prince.  No stamp, T in triangle but no notation of postage charged.  Letter is addressed to "A Battiste Consulat Americain", and it may have been delivered free as official business.  Neat and clean and markings are clear and VF, interesting piece Link to Auction Lot #85 image20.0085.00
86Scott #4, 5c imperf Liberty Heads, 14 singles all unused, all full 4 margins, most singles with OG, suitable for placement in plating.  Hinge remnants, all are clean and F to VF. Cat Val $385.  (Note:  The opening bid is less than $4 each !!!!)55.00No Bids
87Folded letter, Port au Prince to Kennebunk (Maine) dated 10 January 1821, Savannah FEB 8 receiving stamp and SHIP in a scroll, manuscript 52 (cents due).  Letter is badly water stained, but is otherwise quite sound.  Contents are in English and can be read (with some difficulty).  Interesting double 25 cents rate for weight and distance plus 2 cents ship.20.0035.00
88Folded letter Cap Francais to Lille '25 Nevose an 11'.  Strike on front of 'COLONIES PAR MARSEILLE' and 'le 5 prairval an 11' in manuscript on back.  Also on back a handstamp that  appears to be DEB.D AVIGNON.  Postage due on front marked 11 and 1/1, both indicating 11 decimes.  Letter is sound but stained and only about good appearance. 20.00245.00
89Cover sheet only, notation indicates Jeremie 5 July 1844 addressed to London.  Wesleyan Missionary correspondence.  Back has a VF strike of Royal Mail marking for Kingston, Jamaica, OC 24 1844.and London receiving mark NO 19 1844.  Due on front is 1 shilling.  File fold, otherwise sound and clean. 10.0070.00
90Three B&W photograph post cards, unused, not dated but probably early 20th century, National Palace, Cathedral, and a panoramic view of the city taken from a lofty spot. 3.003.00
91Legitime Essays, set of 8. Mint, rouletted, gummed, set of eight values all with Legitime likeness; 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 centimes.  F to VF condition. 30.00150.00
92Selection of 300++ stamps, MNH, Mint and Used; but predominantly used in VF condition. No damaged stamps. Includes issues between #271 thru #306. Duplication. Great lot for the specialist.  Catalog Value over $100.00 15.0040.00
93USA 1c postal card (UX14) to PauP; short pays the 2c UPU rate by 1c; NY opera glass due mark shows 5 French Gold centimes shortage. The double deficiency paid by single copy of Haiti #J1 w/fingerprint cancel. Fine condition. Previously offered at $50.0035.0080.00
94MAP. Engraved die sunk map of the "Isle of St. Domingue and the Grande Antilles" illustrating the French and Spanish parts. Circa 1780. Towns, rivers, etc shown. Shoreline of each country shaded different colors. Die sunk area on thick paper 13 11/16” x 9”. Map area 12 ½” x 8 5/16”. Folded vertically. Exhibit quality. Previously offered at $50.0035.0044.00
End of auction