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Philatelic Society

March 2008 Society Auction

Closed April 18, 2008

Lot Description M/B Realized
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
1USS CONCORD, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 1.31.39. Fine strike on business cover to Washington. G-F$9.00No Bids
2USS DETROIT, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 3.17.29. Two good strikes applied to a block of 9 (w. plate block number) of 2-cent Geo. Washington issue. A novelty item from a hard-to-fine ship. F7.50$8.00
3USS DEWEY, type 3, postmarked Gonaives Gulf/Haiti 1.25.25. Beautiful strike on cover with special Shakedown Cruise for Dewey cachet by Jay Richell. VF.10.00No Bids
4USS KITTERY, type 1, postmarked 2.24.31 to cancel Haiti #325. Unique and VF! 6.007.00
5USS KITTERY, type 3, postmarked Port-au-Prince 12.4.31. Fair cancellation in violet ink. Cover has cachet showing 2 sailors with legend MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY NEW YEAR/.5.005.00
6USS PERRY, type 3, postmarked Gonaives 5.14.34. Good strike on cover with small red cachet of a naval ship. Overall good.6.50No Bids
7USS PLUNGER, type 3, postmarked Aux Cayes, 1.28.39 (as well as another postmark for San Diego, 1.3.39) applied to postcard with beautiful cachet by Ray Muridge. Small wrinkle at bottom left. Overall VF. 9.5013.00
8USS POLLACK, type 3, applied at English Bay (!), Haiti, 2.1.39. Good strike on cover with cachet by Ray Muridge (see Lot 7).9.00No Bids
9USS PORTLAND, type 3, applied at Gonaives 10.21.34. Good strike on cover with cachet EAST COAST CRUISE (in blue). 7.50No Bids
10USS RALEIGH, type 3 applied at Port-au-Prince 2.28.39. VF strike on cover with handmade cachet wishing a MERRY CHRISTMAS, etc. Unique and overall F.8.50No Bids
11USS RANGER, type 3 applied at Gonaives, 2.10.39 on penalty cover. USS part of postmark faint, but rest is good. Overall good cover. 7.50No Bids
12USS REUBEN JAMES, type 3 applied at Gonaives Bay (!) on 3.10.28 on penalty cover. Fair to good strike for a hard-to-find vessel. 15.00No Bids
13USS RICHMOND, type 3 applied at Aux Cayes 1.25.39. Mostly submarines called at this shallow port.  Rare to find larger ships like Richmond calling here. VF.15.0015.00
14USS RICHMOND, type 3 applied at Gonaives 3.17.39 on cover with fine St. Patrick’s Day cachet, VF. 8.50No Bids
15USS REID, type 3 applied at Gonaives 3.26.39 on cover with cachet of US PACIFIC FLEET, etc.   Address covered with label.  Good. 6.507.00
16USS RELIEF, type 3 applied at Gonaives 5.14.34. Two very fine strikes on two different stamps. Quite striking!8.50No Bids
17USS SKIPJACK, type 3 applied at Gonaives 10.23.39. Word “Skipkack” in postmark faint, but rest is vg. Applied to cover with cachet of the Skipjack by Dumonte. Overall a good cover. 8.50No Bids
18USS SNAPPER, type 3 applied at Aux Cayes 1.30.39 (blue ink) to a cover with beautiful cachet by R. Buchwald.  Fine.10.00No Bids
19USS STINGRAY, type 3 applied at Gonaives Bay (!) 3.15.39 on cover with fine cachet by R. Buchwald. VF 12.50No Bids
20USS TARBELL, type 3 applied at Gonaives (in blue) 2.1.32 to penalty cover. Overall good.  Fairly difficult ship. 8.50No Bids
21USS TEAL, type 3 applied at Gonaives, 1.24.31. Gonaives in killers is faint, but rest is good with some smudging in postmark part.   Overall good. 6.50No Bids
United States Marine Corps Covers
22WW1 cover with 3/11/18 USMC cancel type P-2 as defined in HP XXV:4 and bearing previously unrecorded censor type discussed in HP XX111:3; the cover is much better defined than the photo in HP with the censor tape and cancel very clear and the cover superb; possibly unique. Link to Auction Lot #22 image200.00200.00
23Occupation cover with 2/10/22 USMC cancel type C-2 as defined in HP XXV: 4; the cancel “2nd REG 1st PROV. BRIGADE, CAPE HAITIEN, HAITI” is clear; the cover was opened at top and right side but is in F condition; A rare cover.  Link to Auction Lot #23 image90.00No Bids
24Occupation cover USMC cancel type P-1 but used later in the twenties as discussed in HP XXV:4; no year date shown; franked by ½ and 1 ½ cent US stamps of 1922; cover and stamps VF; the cds is clear but a bit lightly struck.30.00No Bids
25Occupation cover with 2/13/25 USMC cancel type C-3; cancel is F and cover VF; only 3 covers recorded as of compilation date in 12/99. 35.00No Bids
26Occupation cover with 2/9/26 USMC cancel type P-7; stamp, cancel & cover VF.35.00No Bids
27Registered occupation cover of 8/8/27 USMC cancel P-R-5; VF 5 & 12 cent US stamps pay 17c rate; stamps, registry markings & cover are VF. HP records only 1 other cover. Unusual added inclusion is the Receipt for registered article which is usually eventually discarded.  Link to Auction Lot #27 image75.00No Bids
28Registered occupation cover of 6/25/30 USMC Constabulary Det., Port-au-Prince; Haiti cancel type PC-R-1; cancel lightly struck on stamps but quite clear on the back; backstamps also include U.S. Sea Post Reg. mark which is very scarce; franking is philatelic with blocks of 4 of US #645 and 651 plus 1 cent to make 17 cent rate; attractive 3 color franking; cover and stamps VF.  Link to Auction Lot #28 image75.0075.00
29USMC flight cover of 3/17/27 from CH-PaP with plane and AVION air mail markings; addressed to a P.M. Sgt. (Post Master?) in 1st Brigade; backstamp is the rare Parcel Post type P-PP-1; cover is VF; strike is clear but uneven - probably a favor cancel.30.0030.00
World War I Censor Marks And Other Censored Covers
30Letter of 12/27/18 from PaP-NY franked by #245; an article in HP XIX:2 records the double circle censor mark with outer and inner diameters of 28mm and 19mm respectively; cancel has “PASSED BY CENSOR ” between the rings and numeral 681 in the inner circle; there are no stars between the circles; the handstamp ties the censor label to the cover; stamp, cover and markings VF. 30.0032.00
31Censored cover of 4/17/16 franked 5c #168 addressed to Lubeck, Germany; mailed aboard a Dutch vessel with oval cancel tying stamp; German receiving cancel of concentric circles; between circles “ Auslandstelle E…” etc; censor tape overlaps envelope and bears numeral 1082; stamp and cover  VF; receiving cancel a bit light; unusual war time cover. Link to Auction Lot #31 image50.0055.00
32Censored cover 1/27/19 St. Marc-NY franked #168; censor mark usual concentric circles with “PASSED BY CENSOR” and 2 stars between circles and L33 in the center; stamp, cover and markings VF.  35.0040.00
33Internal Haiti: Jeremie-PaP; 1945; paid by 25c; original of 2 known covers shown and described in detail in HP XVI:3 by the discoverer; tape reads GARDE D’HAITI/OUVERT PAR LA CENSURE; only other cover recorded sold in HP auction of June 2007 for $110; cover, stamps and date stamp VF. Link to Auction Lot #33 image100.00120.00
34Internal Haiti: Jeremie-PaP; 1945; registered cover paid by 50c; original of 2 known covers shown and described in HP XVI:3 by discoverer; tape reads BUREAU DE LA POLICE/OUVERT PAR LA CENSURE; only other cover recorded sold in HP auction of June 2007 for $110; cover has horizontal fold not affecting stamps or date stamps which are VF. Link to Auction Lot #34 image100.00120.00
35US: postcard;CH-NY; paid 5c; US circular censor mark of 24 mm; within circle U.S. CENSORSHIP/EXAMINED BY 7896/star; card, stamp and marking VF.5.00No Bids
36US: letter PaP-NY; paid 60c; Haitian censor tape tied by US purple double circular mark with OD=36.6mm and ID=34.3mm; inner space reads PASSED BY/*/U.S. POSTAL CENSOR/*; scarce US marking; cover, stamp and markings VF.20.00No Bids
37US: postcard; PaP-Mass; 1942; paid 5c; red straight line EXAMINED BY #5711; early US censor mark of NY (Mayo S 3.1.3); card and stamp VF.10.00No Bids
38US: letter PaP-NY; 1942; paid 60c airmail; superimposed on Haitian censor tape is US censor mark 20.5mm diameter; within PASSED/***/CENSOR; date stamp weak and cover opened for exhibit. 5.00No Bids
39US letter PaP-Boston; FDC of Scott 363 - 2/20/45; Haiti rectangular censor handstamp described in HP XVI:3 ties 5c postal tax stamp on back; VF US circular censor mark on back - diameter 36.5mm and worded U.S. CENSORSHIP/EXAMINED/By 30165/***; cover and stamp VF.10.00No Bids
40US 3c Haitian Sam postal card PaP-US; cds of 3/5/45 ties 5c postal tax stamp on face; US censor mark described in lot 18 stamped on face easily read but lightly struck; message on back.10.0020.00
41Canada: Cayes-PaP-Quebec; 5/3/45; paid 1G (Scott 319) and 5c postal tax stamp; bilingual red censor mark PASSED BY CENSOR DB8/Accepte Censeur DB8 with signature of censor; light vertical crease does not affect stamp or censor mark. 5.00No Bids
42US: picture postcard PaP-Ohio; 7/23/45; paid 60c + 5c postal tax; rectangular Haitian handstamped censor mark (HP XVI: 3); 10 c stamp extends beyond card and is ruffled but intact; censor mark Fine.  5.006.50
Souvenir Sheets
43Scott #C152a, MNH, VF. 2.25No Bids
44#609G, Perforate, MNH, VF.4.006.00
45#616Q, two copies, MNH & Used, VF.5.005.00
46#647-48 & #655, 3 sheets, MNH, VF.5.007.00
47#770a & #770j, MNH, VF.7.0021.00
48#770j, MNH, VF.3.504.00
#802, MNH, VF.
49#809a, MNH, VF.4.507.50
50#817, MNH, VF3.006.00
51#823a, MNH, VF.5.007.00
52#836 & #847a, MNH, VF3.2511.00
53#852, MNH, VF.6.258.50
54#872, MNH, VF4.508.00
55#879, Sheet of 4, MNH, VF.5.006.50
56#879, Sheet of 4, MNH, VF.5.006.50
57#889, MNH, VF.4.0012.50
58#889, MNH, VF. 4.007.00
59#895, MNH, VF.4.0012.50
60#895, MNH, VF.4.007.00
61#902, MNH, VF.9.0011.50
62#903, MNH, VF.5.008.00
63#908, MNH, VF.5.007.00
64#908, MNH, VF. 5.006.00
65#912, MNH, VF.3.005.00
66#913a, Sheet of 16, MNH, VF.6.008.00
67#925a, MNH, VF.5.007.00
68#926, MNH, VF.2.004.00
69#933, MNH, VF.3.009.00
70#940, MNH, VF.4.006.50
71#C19-19a, Perforated & Imperforate sheets, MNH, VF.9.0012.00
72#C20-20a, Perforated & Imperforate sheets, MNH, VF.9.0012.00
73#C107a, Perforated Used and Imperforate MNH, VF.2.254.50
74#C114a, Two copies, MNH and Used, VF.3.506.00
75#C121a, MNH, VF.2.504.00
76#C125a, Two copies Perforated, MNH and Used, VF.  4.006.00
77#C125a, Two copies Imperforate, MNH and Used, VF.4.007.00
78#C135a, Used, VF.1.252.50
79#C144a, MNH, VF1.002.50
80#C165a, MNH, VF.1.253.00
81#C169a & #C192a, MNH, VF.1.754.00
82#C176a. Two copies, MNH & Used, VF2.004.00
83#C190a, Two copies, MNH & Used, VF.1.503.00
84#C195a, Mint, and #C195a (see footnote SCOTT) "Deluxe Proof" sheet, MNH,  VF condition.1.504.00
85#C202a & #C359a, MNH, VF.1.503.00
86#C211a, Two copies, MNH & Used, VF1.754.00
87#C226a & #CB54a, MNH, VF. 4.506.00
88#C245a, MNH, VF.5.006.00
89#C318A, MNH, VF.3.005.00
90#C323, Imperforate, Used, VF.  1.502.50
91#C323, Imperforate, Used (has the Churchill image in the cancellation).1.503.00
92#C323, Two copies, Used; one with a FDC cancel the other with a PauP cancel. Very Fine.3.003.00
93#C323, MNH, VF.1.503.50
94#C373, MNH, VF.3.005.00
95#C390A & #C420, MNH, VF.2.504.00
96#624H & I, Used, VF.2.004.00
#CB7a-8a, Mint (very light hinge mark), VF.
97#CB18a, MNH, VF.7.007.00
98#CO5a, Used, VF.1.001.00
Reference Material
99Scott Postage Stamp Catalogs, 2000 Edition, Complete set of 6 volumes; very clean and in Very Fine condition.   20.00No Bids
100Scott 1995 Classic Catalog – Stamps of the World 1840-1940. Catalog is in excellent condition.  5.00No Bids
End of auction