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December 2007 Society Auction

Closed January 2, 2008

Lot Description M/B Realized
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
1USS ARGONNE, photo in sepia of the ARGONNE tied up at Gonaives dock.  Dated St. Patrick’s Day 1927. Awaiting arrival President of Haiti. Ex. condition.  $3.50$4.50
2USS GEORGIA, type 3, September 20, 1914, Gonaives. Psmk good, but killers are poor.12.5013.00
3USS HONOLULU, type 3, Gonaives, February 1, 1939. Cachet of 1939 War games. Ex. strike. VF.5.007.00
4USS KANAWHA, type 3, Gonaives, March 17, 1939. Cachet of St. Patrick. VF.7.508.00
5USS KANE, type 3, February 2, 1928, Gonaives.   Addressed Navy Savings Bank. Good condition12.0012.00
6USS KITTERY, type 5 (?), October 27, 1931, Cap Haitien. Cap Haitien seems to have been typed between killer bars. VF6.507.00
7USS LEA, Type 3. May 14, 1934, Gonaives. Postage & hand stamp applied to Japanese picture postcard. Postmark excellent; 2 killer bars missing. Overall good.7.509.00
8USS LEXINGTON, type ?, May 23, 1934 with hand stamp Depart/Gonaives/Haiti, cachet for East Coast Cruise 1934. VG.6.008.00
9USS LEXINGTON, type?, May 14, 1934 with hand stamp Arrive /Gonaives/.Haiti, cachet for East Coast Cruise 1934. VG condition.6.008.00
10USS LEXINGTON, type 3, February 12, 1939, Gonaives. Crosby cover with photo of Lexington. Very nice overall. Crosby covers are highly collectible.  15.0017.00
11USS MacDONOUGH, type 3, January 29, 1939, Gonaives, with cachet "Honoring a Great Navy". VF.6.006.00
12USS MAHAN, type 3, January 27, 1939, Gonaives, with cachet of US Pacific Fleet. Fine.6.006.00
13USS McFARLAND, type 5, April 17, 1929, Gonaives. Double impression of postmark. Fair.5.005.00
14USS MEMPHIS, type 3, February 17, 1928, Gonaives. Addressed Navy Savings Bank. Fair-good condition; applied violet ink.17.5017.50
15USS MINDORO, type 3, August 6, 1951. Cachet of Mindoro with handstamp "Port Au Prince/Haiti". Fine. 5.005.00
16USS MINNEAPOLIS, type 3, January 21, 1939, Gonaives. VF. 7.508.00
17USS MEXICO, type 3, May 25, 1934, Gonaives. Heavy inking of postmark. Fine, otherwise.7.007.00
18USS NORTHAMPTON, type 3, January 22, 1939, Gonaives applied to large penalty cover. Fine.  7.508.00
19USS PENSACOLA, type 3, January 21, 1929, Gonaives applied to penalty cover. Slight tear above postmark, but not affecting it. Fine. 7.508.00
(Reprints, Postal Forgeries, Town Cancels)
20Perforated reprints in black of #82 (x2), 83, 84, 86, 87, 88. Total 9. Very sharp. 22.5025.00
21Perforated reprints in black with missing vignettes. #83-88 (5). Sharp.18.0018.00
22Imperforate reprint in black of #96 (x2) on very heavy paper. Sharp.6.0014.00
23Perforation 14. Postal forgery #8, #10. Perforation 16, # 11. All used & hinged/good to excellent.   25.0097.00
24Perforation 14. Postal forgery #8, #11 both used & hinged, good to excellent.17.5022.50
25Perforation 14. Postal forgery #8, #10, #11 all used and hinged. 22.5082.00
26Perforation 16. Postal forgery #7, #1l, #13 all used & hinged fair to excellent.20.0091.00
27Perforation 16. Postal forgery #7, #11, #13 all used & hinged fair to excellent.20.0091.00
28Perforation 16.  #13 Used & hinged,  VG.17.5026.50
29Town cancels. 10 different towns, all with bullseye postmarks. Some hard-to-find.  Sharp. 12.0025.00
30Town cancels. 5 different towns cancel on unaddressed picture postcard.3.504.00
31Cancel. Regime Interieur. Hand stamp used to show cover prepaid. Sent to Cite Soleil (receiving mark), February 8, 1998. Neat cover.3.504.00
Special Usage
32Affr. (ms) on cover Anse-a-Veau to PaP, postmarked April 12, 1916, with PaP receiving postmark, April 15, 1916. Ex Dickason collection. Apparently the handstamp to indicate postage paid was not on hand. Very nice.15.0050.00
33Anse-a-Veau to PaP, July 27, 1916, with PaP receiving postmark, July 29, 1916.  Anse postmark partly incomplete, otherwise neat and rare item. Ex Dickason collection. 8.5030.00
34Cap Haitien to PaP, postmarked November 7, 1911, with PaP receiving mark, November 8, 1911. Cover was registered and postage indicated in ms.  Ex Dickason collection. Small tear at top; neat. 12.5043.00
35Courrier Maritime postmark on US to PaP, October 5, 1988. Postmark used to indicate item arrived by or sent by boat. Difficult to locate. VF.10.00No Bids
36Courrier Maritime on cover to England with two Island of Man stamps, postmarked January 10, 1992. While cover is philatelic, strikes are nice.7.507.50
37Diplomatic pouch. PaP to Florida paid by Haiti 458 and postmarked Washington, D.C. December 19, 1960. Hand stamped "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage." Very nice. See HP XVI: 4, pp. 65 ff. 8.509.00
38Diplomatic pouch, PaP to New Hampshire with ms., “Via pouch” paid by Haiti C174 and postmarked Washington, D.C, May 17, 1961. Address is inked out, otherwise fine.    7.50No Bids
39U.S. Naval Mission Haiti to California paid by Haiti C169 and postmarked Washington, D.C. April 1, 1963. Part of machine cancellation reads, "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage". Very fine.10.0010.00
40Back of registered cover only. PaP to US. Backstamped Port au Prince May 30, 1941, & with US Registry receiving mark, June 9, 1941. Back also sports an undenominated reprint in black of Liberty Head. Apparently a Plate III reprint. Sharp. Link to Auction Lot #40 image15.0055.00
41Mourning cover Jean Rabel to Lille, France, paid by 34 (?), 39 (x2), and 40. Appropriate routing marks, with July 16, 1898 receiving mark. Cover measures 104 x 133 mm, with black bands 5 mm. wide. Neat cover.65.0088.00
42Coubertin issue: Dame Marie to NYC, postmarked PaP March 2, 1949. Paid by B1. Fine.  15.0046.00
43Coubertin issue: PaP to San Antonio, Texas, postmarked March 2, 1940. Paid by B1 (x2). Very fine. 20.0062.00
44De Pinedo Flight postmarked March 28, 1927; paid by 316 (x2), 3l8. Slogan and "Avion" in purple ink. Foxing, otherwise good.12.5016.00
45COHATA first flight, PaP to Mole Saint Nicholas, Postmarked PaP May 31, 1943, with Mole receiving mark, June 2, 1943. Fine.6.0011.00
46COHATA first flight PaP to Port de Paix. Postmarked PaP May 30, 1943, with Port de Paix May 31, 1943. Tape at vertical right to seal envelope. Fine.6.0011.00
47Regime Interieur postmarks. All different types applied in red ink. Applied to domestic mail to indicate that postage paid. All dated 1999, one with Bas Peu de Chose receiving mark. Fine.6.00No Bids
Revenue Documents
48Revenue paper, with hand stamp of Republique d’Haiti (nice strike) with 12 centimes tax. Dated December 11, 1828, Jacmel. Document indicates items to be unloaded from ship Cleopatra. A few stains, but overall quality good15.0042.00
49Electricity bill paid by 50 centimes olive Timbre Mobile stamp. Dated April 18, 1961. Good cond.  3.00No Bids
50Electricity bill paid by 60 centimes tax (olive 50 centimes Timbre Mobile, 20 centimes Health stamp). Dated September 10, 1981. Good condition.3.00No Bids
51Electricity bill, paid by 50 centimes tax consisting of Scott 401 converted to Timbre Mobile. Bottom of stamp missing, otherwise good cond. 3.00No Bids
52Scott #1, Collection of about 125 unused copies plated and sorted into small envelopes. All positions represented except #14, #44 and #45. Condition better than average for a group of this size. Cat value over $800.0050.00204.00
53#6, Horizontal pair, Mint, full margin w/original gum (some disturbance), no defects.   Very Fine condition. Scarce pair.  Cat value $135.00 Link to Auction Lot #53 image70.0091.00
54#6, Used, position #50 w/attached diagonal bisect of position #49. Used to pay the 30 c rate? Full margins and a very sound copy. Link to Auction Lot #54 image18.0026.00
55#484, Block of 4; all copies w/double OP. MNH, VF.45.0050.00
56#484, Horizontal pair w/shifted/split OP, MNH, VF. 45.00No Bids
57#486-88, C188-90, Malaria 1962 set in Mini-sheets of 12, MNH, VF.13.00No Bids
58#503, the 50c value, Type 1, overprint in Black w/variety top of capsule TOUCHING the line under the world ‘pacifiques’. In se-tenent pair w/normal stamp (the top of capsule is BELOW the line). This occurs ONLY once in each sheet. Few collectors know of this variety. MNH, VF.18.0018.00
#504. Same description as above lot #58.
59#503, Double overprint, Type 1 in Claret (should be Black color). Only one sheet of 50 known to exist. MNH, VF. Link to Auction Lot #59 image65.00No Bids
60#503a-04a, C206a-07a. Type 2 overprinted in Black color instead of the Claret/red color.   See footnote Scott. MNH, VF.  Link to Auction Lot #60 image65.0070.00
61#521-23, C233-35. Imperforate. MNH, VF. Only 50 sets known. 55.00102.00
62#B15. Inverted OP, MNH, VF.4.254.25
63#C187. Inverted OP, MNH, VF.13.0015.00
64#C210. Portrait shift to center, MNH, VF.30.00No Bids
65#C220. Portrait shift to center, MNH, VF. 40.00No Bids
66#C221. Inverted OP, MNH, VF.31.0035.00
67#C222. Inverted OP, MNH, VF.31.0037.00
68#C297. Inverted OP, MNH, VF. Only 50 copies known.40.0058.00
69#CB7a-8a. Mint (very light hinge marks), Cat Val $80, VF.25.00No Bids
70MINKUS # 1309-1320 (see Footnote after Scott #668), UPU Centenary overprint on the Space History issue. Complete set of 12 w/Inverted OP, MNH, VF. 100.00No Bids
71REVENUE Timbre Mobile G.3.00 OP on Scott #711. Very scarce as unused stamp. MNH, VF14.00No Bids
72REVENUE Timbre Mobile G.2.00 OP, on Scott #C300, MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
Postal Stationery
73H&G #1. Two copies. One Mint, one Used (Gonaives, 3 April 1901) to Paris. Excellent condition.7.00No Bids
74H&G #2 and #5, Mint, VF. 5.00No Bids
75H&G #3, Mint, VF.3.003.00
76H&G #3, Used (PauP 17/?/?) to Germany.    Text in German, VF. 6.00No Bids
77H&G #4, Mint, VF.3.003.00
78H&G #6, Mint, VF.4.00No Bids
79H&G FORMULA CARD  #7, Mint, VF.4.25No Bids
80H&G FORMULA CARD  #7, Mint with Scott #7 affixed, VF.10.00No Bids
81H&G FORMULA CARD  #7, Mint with Scott #9 affixed, VF.10.50No Bids
82H&G FORMULA CARD  #11, Mint with Scott #21 affixed, VF.6.00No Bids
83H&G FORMULA CARD  #11, Mint with Scott #21 affixed, VF. 6.00No Bids
84H&G #14, two copies; one mint the other used (PauP 20 Feb 1920) to NY. Excellent condition.  7.00No Bids
Saint Domingue – Folded Letters
85FL docketed Bayonne 17 Juin 1777 carried as a ship letter per instructions on back to Plain of Jacob (near Cayes).  Evidently handed over at Le Cap, marking for Cap Jamet #4 rarity 5.  Red B in circle marking of Bordeaux petty post.  Le Cap is about 80% inked.  Letter is in French, sound, and quite clean.  Outside is somewhat stained and toned.  Charge appears to be 6 escalins, which would be double rate.  Almost VF. Link to Auction Lot #85 image50.00260.00
86Cover sheet only, small cap marking, Jamet #6 rarity 1, to Port au Prince, charge 2 E.  Very nice strike of the 'cap' marking and very clean piece. Link to Auction Lot #86 image10.0051.00
87FL docketed Le Cap 23 May 1782 to Tiburon, strike of Cap Jamet #9 rarity 5, amount charged appears uncertain.  Letter is in French, sound and only slightly toned.  The CAP marking is about 95% inked.  Almost VF and somewhat scarce.  Link to Auction Lot #87 image50.0095.00
88FL docketed Cap 27 Juin 1790 to Port au Prince, Cap marking with date Jamet #15 rarity 5.  Charge is clearly marked 2 (escalins).  Cap marking is quite weak, only about 20% inked.  Letter in French is sound and clean.  Outside of item is sound and clean with vertical file fold. 10.0038.00
89Envelope Jeremie to Paris, date unknown, Jeremie marking in red Jamet #7 rarity 6, stamped on front \"COLONIES PAR MARSEILLES, French postage due marked on front appears to be 28 (decimes).  The red Jeremie marking is listed by Jamet for 1802-03.  Item is flawed by soiling and stains but is sound.  The Jeremie marking is about 90% inked.  Scarce. Link to Auction Lot #89 image50.00869.00
90Cover sheet only, Jeremie to Plimouth (England), very clean strike of the Jamet #3 for Jeremie, neat 1/2 (E) charge.   The letter evidently when via Le Cap, because there is a clear 18 AVRIL on the back, as Jamet #18 arrival marking for Le Cap.    The date 17 April 1788 is written inside the cover sheet.  A nice, clean example of two scarce markings, and an unusual destination. Link to Auction Lot #90 image50.00366.00
91FL, Nantes 22 January 1783 to Montrouer near Port au Prince.  Jamet #9 for Port au Prince rarity 1.  Very neat letter in French, written by a scribe.  The Port au Prince marking is about 60% inked and is legible.  Due marking 2E.  File fold but otherwise sound, very clean and attractive. Link to Auction Lot #91 image25.00204.00
92FL, Port Republicain (Port au Prince) locally, 22 October 1793.  The letter is in French and has a small cut out.  Weak handstamp of Jamet #1 for Port Republicain rarity 6.about 25% inked.  Clean and sound, an acceptable example of a scarce marking.  Link to Auction Lot #92 image30.00302.00
93Cover sheet only, St. Louis (South) to Cayes, nice strike of Jamet #8 for St. Louis rarity 5. No due marking, but addressed to a Civil Commissioner and may have gone free of charge.  Clean and sound and a nice example of a scarce marking. Link to Auction Lot #93 image45.00302.00
94FL, St. Marc to Cap, faintly inked strike of Jamet #4 for St. Marc rarity 6, a very clean and sound letter in French dated 27 October 1769.  Neat 1 Es due marking.  A nearly dry strike of a scarce marking. Link to Auction Lot #94 image50.00327.00
95Six pieces, four folded letters and two envelopes with contents, to France except for one Bordeaux to Port au Prince.  All are faulty (stained, or fragile, or with tears, etc.).  None have town markings.  Letters in French can be read, and dates are 1772 to 1778.30.0094.00
96Cover, PauP (22 Jan 1894) to Jersey City, NJ (29 Jan 1894). Paid w/pair of #29. This is a small cover 4 1/4 X 2 ¾. VF condition.10.0012.00
97Cover, small size, local mail, addressed to the Hon A. Battiste, USA Deputy Consul at PauP. Backstamped at PauP on 4 Jan 1902. Paid w/#55. VF. 10.0010.00
98Cover. PauP (2 March 1906) to France (backstamped in Le Havre 18 March 1906). Paid w/#99. Excellent condition. 8.0017.00
99Cover. French Military Censored. Aux Cayes (March 1917) to Paris. Proper censorship markings. Paid w/#134 and #183. Fine-VF.10.0012.00
100Cover. Airmail Cap Haitien (16 Sep 26) to PauP (16 Sep 26). Paid w/#318, VF.8.008.00
101Cover. Advertisement (EXIDE BATTERIES, MOHAWK TIRES ….), PauP (14 Nov 36) to Miami. Paid w/#C1 & #320. Excellent condition.10.00No Bids
102FDC, #484-85, C186-87, in airmail covers addressed to USA, VF.1.75No Bids
103FDC, #521-23, C233-35. Very attractive color cachet cover, VF.4.50No Bids
104FDC, #C55-56. Airmail cover addressed to NYC, NY, VF.1.00No Bids
105FDC, #C61, with 150th Anniversary cachet, VF.2.50No Bids
106#70, #74 & #158. All with Inverted OP in MNH VF condition. 3.2510.00
107#194, Used, VF.1.251.25
108#270 & #285, Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.1.251.25
109#274, Block of 20, MNH, VF.4.0010.00
110#290, Block of 4, 2 MNH & 2 MH, VF.3.003.00
111#291, Block of 4, 2 MNH & 2 MH, VF.  2.502.50
112#295, Block of 4, MNH, VF. 2.502.50
113#303, Block of 6, MNH with upper selvage (hinge remnants in selvage), VF.8.0015.00
End of auction