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Philatelic Society

March 2007 Society Auction

Closed April 10, 2007

Lot Description M/B Realized
Saint Domingue – Folded Letters
(Minimum Price reflects Jamet’s rarity factor)
1Aquin [to Cayes] ca. 1789, paid 1 Esc. Jamet #4, rarity 4. Fair strike. Link to Auction Lot #1 image$75.00$152.00
2Arcahaye [to PaP] 1.15.1787, paid by ½ Esc. Jamet #3, rarity 6 (?). Good Strike. Link to Auction Lot #2 image110.00310.00
3Cap [to PaP] 11.7.1792, payment not indicated, Jamet #10, rarity 4, very nice strike. Link to Auction Lot #3 image65.00106.00
4Cap [to PaP], paid by 2 Esc, circa 1780, Jamet 6, rarity 1. Nice strike. Link to Auction Lot #4 image50.0068.00
5Cap [to PaP], paid by 2 Esc, Jamet #8, rarity 4.Very nice strike.85.00133.00
6Cap Français J, etc. [to France] circa 1803 (?), Jamet #13, rarity 4. Fair strike.70.00120.00
7[Les] Cayes [to Cotteaux], paid by 1 Esc, 2.1. 1785, Jamet #6, rarity 4, fair strike. Link to Auction Lot #7 image65.00125.00
8Fond des Negres (in red ink) [to Cayes], paid by ½ Esc, 1793, unlisted in Jamet125.00630.00
9F[ort] Dauphin [to Cap], paid by 1 Esc., 1.2.1778, Jamet #1, rarity 5. Link to Auction Lot #9 image110.00260.00
10FT* Dauphin*18, etc. [to Cap], paid by 1 Esc, circa 1790, Jamet #4, rarity 6. Envelope. Strike is good save for month after “18” which could be “Avril”100.00260.00
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
11USS ARKANSAS. 3.16.1937 Gonaives. Type 3. Killer bars faint, otherwise g.22.50No Bids
12USS ASTORIA. 1.21.1939. Gonaives. Type 3. Very fine.7.5010.00
13USS BALCH. 2.11.39. Gonaives. Type 3. Fine.15.00No Bids
14USS BARRY. 1.17.1932. Gonaives. Type 3. Fine.10.00No Bids
15USS BIDDLE. 1.23.1931. Gonaives. Type 3. Very fine and colorful!10.0012.00
16USS BLUE. 3.14.1939. Gonaives. Type 3. Fine.8.5010.00
17USS BRECKENRIDGE. 1.23.1931. Gonaives. Type 3. Fine.20.0020.00
18USS BRIDGE. ?.18.1927. Gonaives. Fine.12.5015.00
19USS BRIDGE. 8.15.34. “Evacuation Haiti”. Fine.16.0018.00
20USS CONNECTICUT. 11.13.1915. Cap Haitien. Type 3 on picture pcd. Fair strike.22.0025.00
(SDPC= sunken die proof on cardboard)
(DPP=die proof on paper)
(Dimensions vary)
21Salomon issue of 1887. Undenominated SDPC in black, very fine. Exceptionally rare. Link to Auction Lot #21 image150.00392.00
22Scott #52. SDPC, very fine. Link to Auction Lot #22 image75.0076.00
23#53, SDPC, fine. Glue residue on back.50.0050.00
24#61. SDPC but trimmed. Tropical stain at left on cardboard. Good.35.0040.00
25#78, SDPC. Fine condition. Glue residue on back of card.45.0045.00
26#J1, SDPC. Ex. Condition, Very fresh.65.00No Bids
27#82. Color proof in issued color on paper (67 x 105 mm). Fine. Link to Auction Lot #27 image45.0077.00
28#98. Color proof in issued color on paper (67 x 105 mm). Fine. Link to Auction Lot #28 image45.0077.00
29#100. Color proof in issued color on paper (67 x 105 mm). Fine. Link to Auction Lot #29 image45.0077.00
30#326. SDPC. Very fresh and fine.45.00No Bids
31#327. SDPC. Very fresh and fine.45.0052.00
32#330. SDPC. Fresh and fine, save for small crease lower left corner of cardboard.40.00No Bids
33#331. SDPC. Fresh and fine. Glue residue on back45.0052.00
34#342. DPP with glue residue on back. Otherwise fine.35.00No Bids
35#343. SDPC. Very fresh and fine.45.00No Bids
36#345. SDPC. Very fine and fresh.45.0045.00
37#C16. SDPC. Very fine and fresh.45.0045.00
38#C17. SDPC. Very fine and fresh.45.0045.00
39#348. SDPC in red (not purple). Fresh. Small piece of paper missing in left margin.40.00No Bids
40#C13. SDPC. Fresh and fine. Glue residue on back.40.0045.00
41#RA34. Color proof on card in issued color. Card with imprint of Harrison & Sons, London (102 x 128 mm). Very fresh.30.0040.00
42#RA35. Same as Lot 41.30.0040.00
43#RAC9. Same as Lot 4130.0040.00
44#RAC10. Same as Lot 41.30.0040.00
Errors/Varieties (H=hinged)
45Scott #23. Perforated pair, both with missing period after CENT. VF. H. Very rare. Link to Auction Lot #45 image85.00130.00
46#83 (imperf), #84 (used) showing Moustache Variety. Fine.7.5015.00
47#101a. Tête-bêche. VF and rare. Cancelled PaP 23 May 1906. Link to Auction Lot #47 image175.00392.00
48#437. Imperforate horizontal pair. VF.10.0020.00
49#437. Imperforate vertical pair. VF.10.0020.00
50#454. Mint, with inverted surcharge. VF.5.007.00
51#454. Mint block of 4, with inverted surcharge. VF.13.5021.00
52#B32. Mint with inverted overprint. VF. 5.0012.00
53Numbered proof on paper prepared by Skipper and East. 2 cents in red. See HP, IV;1, p. 8. VF. 65.00160.00
54SDPC. Same as above in blue.85.00182.00
55Palm Trees circa 1895. Perforated, in blue and denominated 2, 7, and 20 centimes. VF. Hinged. Very rare! Link to Auction Lot #55 imageLink to Auction Lot #55 imageLink to Auction Lot #55 image45.00156.00
56Same as above, but in brown. Denominated 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 centimes. All perforate save for 1 centime. Imperforate copy has damaged lower left corner. Very rare! Link to Auction Lot #56 image75.00202.00
57Hamilton Bank Note essay in 5 centimes (red). Imperforate. See HP, IV; 3, p. 106.0016.00
Covers with Advertising, Seals and Labels
58Jeremie-US, 1929.Cover with orange label for CAFÉ HAITI on back. Very striking and F.6.506.50
59Cayes-NYC, 1942. Airmail censored cover with label for MEDAILLE D’OR on back. Very clean and F.6.509.00
60PaP-US, 1961. Airmail with label on front commemorating 100th anniversary RHUM BARBANCOURT. F.6.0024.00
61PaP-US, 1942 airmail censored cover with TEXACO handstamp (violet) in French and on front. VF.7.50No Bids
62PaP in city. Beautiful BLUE GUIMET cover with 450th anniv. Discovery Haiti commemorative cancellation. VF. 15.0015.00
63PaP-US, 1942 airmail censored with bottle CHATEAU RENAULT champagne printed on front. VF.7.00No Bids
64Double censored PaP-US, 1943 with imprinted EAU DE BOYNES and RHUM HAITIEN on back. US censor tape (Scotch tape missing). Fair5.007.00
65Haiti censored airmail PaP-US, 1944. V.F.B. HAYTI COFFEE imprinted on back.7.508.00
66PaP-US, airmail 1943, BLEU MONITOR imprinted on front. VF.17.50No Bids
67PaP-US, airmail with LUCKY STRIKE imprinted on front. VF.7.50No Bids
68Airmail double censored PaP-US, with 1943 TB Seal on front. F.15.0015.00
69Domestic CH-PAP 1943, with 1943 TB Seal on back. Some foxing, otherwise F.12.5014.00
70TB Seals: 1 mint (1942), 2 mint, 1 canc. (1943), 2 mint (1944). Hinged. VF.7.0012.50
Special Postal Markings or Usage
71SPECIAL DELIVERY. Airmail PaP-US, 1953, with Sc. E1. Contains letter. 2 of 5 stamps cancelled with black felt pen; nice and rare.7.50No Bids
72SPECIAL DELIVERY. PaP in city. 1954, with Sc, E1 and handstamp LIVRAISON SPECIALE. VF.12.5016.00
73POSTAGE DUE. 1951. Holland-US, with forwarding to Haiti. Postage due paid by J21 and J24. Some minor creases and tiny missing corner upper right of envelope. Otherwise F.50.00No Bids
74POSTAGE DUE. 1956, PaP in city. Postage due paid by J21. Coffee stain that does not affect stamps.25.00No Bids
75AR (Avis de Réception) handstamp on 1954, Gonaives-US. One stamp has lower left corner missing; otherwise, fine. Handstamp hard to find.20.00No Bids
761917 French CONTROLE MILITAIRE tape on mourning cover, CH-France, with forwarding. Various military handstamps. Paid by Sc. 184, 215. Average.15.0017.00
771918 US Tape OPENED BY CENSOR, CH-US, Sc. 168. A few tiny tears and wear. Nice.17.50No Bids
781918 US Tape OPENED BY CENSOR, PaP-Germany. Red handstamp, “Released by British Authorities” creased upper left corner. Part of Sc 201 missing. Otherwise, average.15.00No Bids
791918 US Tape OPENED BY CENSOR, paid by Sc 168. VF15.00No Bids
801918 US Tape Opened by Censor, PaP-Holland. Paid by Sc 214 (x5). Addressed to Belgian soldier probably interned in Holland. Creases in corners.35.00No Bids
811916 Italian CENSURA tape, with black and red Italian censorship handstamps. PaP-Naples. Paid by Sc 168. Average.17.70No Bids
821915 POSTES ET TELEGRAPHES tape and French military handstamp. Jeremie-France, paid by Sc 178. VF small cover.25.00No Bids
831916 French CONTROLE POSTAL MILITAIRE tape, with three military handstamps. Gonaives-Bordeaux, paid by Sc. 136. VF.25.00No Bids
841941 French CONTROLE tape and two military handstamps. PaP-France, routed via neutral Portugal. Paid by Sc. 334. Fine.22.50No Bids
851944 Triple Censored Cayes-Cuba. Haitian and US tapes and Cuban Ministerio de la Defensa, etc. red handstamp. Fair.5.00No Bids
861941 French CONTROLE tape. PaP-Morocco via neutral Portugal. Also French military handstamps. Interesting destination. VF.15.0015.00
871941 US Opened by Examiner tape, with German Wehrmacht (black) censor tape and black handstamps on back. Routed through Vichy France. VF. Link to Auction Lot #87 image25.0054.00
881941 Nazi Germany Wehrmacht censor black in black with red Wehrmacht handstamp. PaP-France. Fine.20.0054.00
891941 Nazi Germany Wehrmacht censor tape on back, with red handstamps. PaP-Nurnberg, Germany. VF.20.0054.00
90COHATA poster stamp 51 x 32 mm (perforated, blue/yellow/white). Good condition.5.00No Bids
91COHATA baggage label (136 x 108 mm) in blue, red. Slightly scuffed, otherwise fine.7.50No Bids
92CrashH cover. 1965. Pap-US. Crash occurred offshore near Miami and has handstamp, “Received in bad condition…” Bottom left shows searing from plane’s fire. Very rare!125.00No Bids
93Silk Flag of Haiti (56 x 70 mm) made by American Tobacco Co. VG condition.15.00No Bids
94Silk Flag of Haiti (75 x 125 mm) with Coat of Arms. Made by Rebo Tobacco Co.15.0018.00
95Felt Flag of Haiti (210 x 145 mm). Circa 1930. Made by American Tobacco Company. VG condition.12.5016.00
96Autograph, Dr. François Duvalier applied to a philatelic page and postmarked July 14, 1964. VF.25.0056.00
97Two DUVALIER PRESENTATION folders containing #428-431, C122-125 and C125 (perforate and imperforate) and psmked October 22, 1958. Outside folders printed PREMIER ANNIVERSAIRE INSTALLATION. VF.13.5030.00
98Nord Alexis Commemorative Overprint on Scott #49 that reads NORD ALEXIS/PRESIDENT/21 DECEMBRE/1902, F, hinged. Rare and stunning! Note: Missing lower right corner Link to Auction Lot #98 image15.00112.00
99Same as above on Scott #52, 53, 54, 55, 59, VF, hinged Link to Auction Lot #99 image65.00530.00
100Same as above on Scott #58, 60, 61, 63, 64, VF, hinged Link to Auction Lot #100 image65.00530.00
101Engraved die sunk map of the “Isle of St. Domingue and the Grande Antilles” illustrating the French and Spanish parts; circa 1780; towns, rivers shown. Shoreline of each country shaded different colors. Die sunk area on thick paper 13 11/16” x 9”; map area 12 ½” x 8 5/16”; folded vertically. Exhibit quality.50.00No Bids
102Engraved die sunk map of the French part of the Isle of St. Domingue; circa 1800, showing towns, rivers and mountains. Die sunk area on thick paper 14 3/8” x 9 ¼”; map area 13 ½” x 8 ½”. Folded vertically. Exhibit quality.50.0050.00
103VF folded letter of 3/26/1851 fr PauP to Bordeaux with very interesting content. Clear 3/28/51 large double circle mark of Jacmel; also London, Calais and Bordeaux receivers. Beautiful red boxed COLONIES & ART 13 accounting mark and 15 decimes due. Beautiful letter.75.00124.00
104US 1c and 2c stamps underfrank this cover of 2/24/19 from Salem Depot, NH to PauP by 2c since the UPU foreign rate was 5c. The shortage resulted in application of opera glass NY due marking of 20 French gold centimes; this was equivalent of 4 Haitian centimes paid by Sc #129 w/manuscript cancel. The use of regular stamps instead of dues unusual at this time. Cover addressed to Sub-chaser 251. Stamps are sound; cover has some opening tears on back, but front is attractive.50.0050.00
105Pair, Scott #165 pay domestic postage on this American Consular Service cover of 1/27/11 fr Jacmel to PauP. Receiver of 1/28/11 on back. Very attractive cover.80.00104.00
106Sc #330 & #337 frank commercial cover with uncommon rate; sent surface mail registered with AR. Cap Haitien to NY; registry marks on front and back. Unusual.15.00No Bids
107Attractive cover fr NY to PauP dated 10/14/02; franked with 2c US, short paid by 3c. NY opera glass due mark shows 15 French Gold centimes due which converts to 6c Haitian; deficiency paid by VF strip of 3 of Sc #J5, the 1902 provisional. Fine condition. Rare usage.125.00212.00
108US 1c postal card (UX 14) short pays the 2c UPU rate by 1c; NY opera glass due mark shows 5 French Gold centimes shortage; the double deficiency paid by single copy of SC #J1 with fingerprint cancel. Fine condition.50.00No Bids
109Liberty Heads. Scott #1-6 in horizontal pairs, Mint, O.G. Very fine condition. Catalog Value $290. A beautiful set!!!125.00180.00
110Scott #1-5, multiple copies (9), all Unused (6 w/o gum). #1 (2 copies), #2 (1 copy), #3 (3 copies), #4 (2 copies), #5 (1 copy). Cat Val $144. All copies in VF condition.15.0020.00
111#1-6, 23 copies Used, as follows: #1 (4 copies), #2 (3 copies), #3 (5 copies), #4 (2 copies), #5 (6 copies), and #6 (3 copies). Cat Val $150.50 All copies in VF condition.50.0075.00
112#7-13, Used copies in VF condition.4.008.00
113Collection of a little over 300 stamps, mint and used, with some minor duplication, between Sc #21 and Sc # 323. VF lot. 10.0021.00
End of auction