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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

December 2006 Society Auction

Closed January 10, 2007

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Formular card, unused, like H&G #1 with printed box for postage composed of small rings, as for H&G #2.  Size and lack of “Administration des Postes” make it type of H&G #1.  No postage affixed, card is in very fine condition.$10.00No Bids
2Formular card, unused, H&G #7, with 3c perf. Liberty head, unused.  Stamp is VF, card has slight toning in a 4mm stripe along top. 3.00No Bids
3Formular card, unused H&G #7, with 3c perf. Liberty head, unused.  Stamp is VF, card is almost pristine.6.00$7.00
4Cover, Port au Prince to New York, 15 Oct. 1912, paid by 1c green and 4c red, Scott #111 and #115, neatly tied.  Cover is sound and nearly VF on front.  Back is sound but with arithmetic notations in pencil. 15.0016.00
5Cover, P au P to New York, 27 Feb. 1920, paid by pair of 1c green and GLOZ overprint on 3c orange yellow, Scott #125 and #180  Stamps are VF.  Cover has minor staining and some wrinkling at corners.  Stamps are nicely tied by PauP date stamps. 10.00No Bids
6Cover, maritime, Jeremie merchant to New York, 3 Feb 1903, paid by pair of 5c blue 1899 coat of arms in UPU colors.  Stamps are tied to each other and to cover by VF strike of “ADIRONDACK” with PAQUEBOT (NY 2d DIV) to left of stamps.  NY backstamp.  A couple of tears, about 1 cm and 1 ½ cm at top, not affecting stamps or markings, and slight staining at upper left affecting the word ’Jeremie”.  Also, cover may have been slightly reduced at top when opened.   Very nice and could be used as an exhibit item.50.0075.00
7Registered cover, Port au Prince to Havre, 24 July 1902, paid by 20c Pres. Sam issue, Scott #64.  Stamp is neatly tied by clear strike of date stamp.  New York registration label and French receiving mark on front.  New York and French date stamps on back.  Vertical fold about 1 ½ cm in at left not affecting stamp or markings.  A sound and clean cover with this stamp properly used. 50.0060.00
8Picture post card Hinche to US, paid by 10c red revenue stamp.  Picture is dark, shows two men standing on bank of large river.  Date stamped May 25, 1925 on back.  Sentence in English on back indicated sender wants to trade the card for stamps for his US collection.  Card is sound and reasonably clean for this.  Unusual item.10.0020.00
9Cover, maritime, pair of 5c first Palm issue to pay postage Haiti to New York.  Stamps are canceled by New York numeral (12) in vertical bars killer.  Clean and fine example of this on cover.30.0035.00
10Cover, PauP to Paris, 5 July 1895 paid by 3c gray first Palm issue and 7c scarlet second Palm issue.  Cover is sound with some slight water staining, stamps are nicely tied by date stamp.30.00No Bids
11Cover, PauP to Paris, 14 February, 1896, overpaid by two 7c dark gray of 1896 tied by PauP date stamps.  Cover has some toning, slight wrinkling, and  a horizontal fold toward bottom not affecting stamps, otherwise sound.  Early use of this stamp.10.0012.00
12Cover, Jacmel to Paris, 22 Nov. 1898, paid by 3c and 7c President Sam issue, and 20c brown of 1895.  All stamps are tied by strikes of Jacmel date stamp.  Faults at edges (small tears etc.) and slight staining.  President Sam stamps used in year of issue.10.0017.00
13Postal card, 3c Sam green printed postage, H&G #3, PauP to England, 21 May 1900.  No message, card is clean and sound except for small faults at corners. 3.00No Bids
14Cover, Haiti to England, Sept 12, 1898, paid by pair of 5c gray green of 1896.  Cover has two small tears at top and some wrinkling that slightly affects stamps.  Date stamp strikes tie stamps and name of town is indistinct .  Slight staining on front.5.00No Bids
15Registered cover, overpaid by copies of all six denominations of 1896 issue, PauP to France, 18 January 1900.  Clean and neat with datestamps tying stamps to each other and to cover.  Cover is nearly free of faults except for vertical fold that passes between two of stamps.   Attractive.   30.0055.00
16#3, Mint, 4 good margins, VF.6.009.00
17#10,  3 good margins, VF2.505.00
18#52, Block of 30 (2).  One is Used CTO, the other is MNH. VF.6.009.00
19#53, Full Sheet of 100 stamps, MNH, VF.15.0019.50
20#67-77, Collection of 25 stamps, mostly used condition. Mixture of genuine and forgeries. Condition VF.5.0010.00
21#85, imperforate Mint; #86 (2), Mint; one copy is with Center Inverted; #87, imperforate/NG; #87, vertical pair with selvage, MNH; #88, imperforate/NG. VF.1.404.00
22#89-95, Collection of 38 stamps, mostly used condition.. Types 1 and 2 included. Some forgeries. VF condition.6.0010.00
23#102-107, Collection of 33 stamps, mostly used condition, Type 1 and 2 included. Some forgeries. VF.5.009.00
24#152, Inverted Surcharge, Mint, VF.1.003.00
25#194, Used, VF1.50No Bids
26#193, Vertical strip of 3 with selvage, MNH, VF.8.0011.00
27#235-236, Perf 14, MNH, VF.1.202.50
28#240-241, Perf 14, small overprint (Poste Paye), MNH, VF.1.903.00
29#242, Perf 14, large overprint (Poste Paye), Mint, VF.20.0064.00
30#245, Block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF2.003.00
31#253, Vertical strip of 4, MNH, VF1.503.00
32#254, Corner block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF.2.504.00
33#255, Corner block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF.2.504.00
34#267, Block of 4, MNH, VF.1.502.50
35#270, Block of 4 with upper selvage, MNH, VF.1.502.50
36#276, Horizontal pair, MNH, VF.1.503.00
37#303, Block of 4 (2 MNH, 2 Mint), VF6.5010.00
38#386, Error, 10c on green instead of 5c, MNH, VF.15.0027.00
39#387, Inverted Surcharge, MNH, VF. 10.0020.00
40#387, Double Surcharge, MNH, VF.15.0026.00
41#442-43, C136-38, Sheets of 25, MNH, CV: $55, VF condition.20.00No Bids
42#466-68, C166-67, Sheets of 12 with commemorative inscription and opening bars of "1804" Jeanty’s military march in the top margin of sheets. See footnote SCOTT catalog. MNH, VF.15.00No Bids
43#503a-04a & C206a-07a, Used on piece with PauP cancel of 20 Feb 1963. CV $2.40 Very nice piece, excellent condition.1.002.50
44#609, Souvenir Sheet (Scarce), MNH, VF.6.5011.50
45 #616P, Q, R,& S. Souvenir Sheets (4), Used CTO. See footnote SCOTT, VF condition.15.00No Bids
46#616P & Q, Used CTO, VF.4.50No Bids
47#647-48, Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF. 1.50No Bids
48#802a, a very scarce sheet, Imperforate. See footnote SCOTT, MNH, VF condition.10.0018.00
49#823a, Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. A very difficult item to find.7.0020.00
50#852a, Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. Not easy to find!8.5012.00
#909-912, MNH, VF.
51#C33-34, 1946 FDR issue. Sheets of 50, MNH, VF.15.00No Bids
52#C374-377, complete sheets of 50, folded once in the middle. The owner – an experienced and knowledgeable collector – has never seen this issue offered, even in blocks, since first issued in 1972!!   MNH, VF.65.0067.00
53#C390A & C390B, MNH, VF.2.008.00
54#CB1-2, MNH. #CB2 has shade of stain on gum only, otherwise VF.9.50No Bids
55Apollo XVII Issue set of 3, MNH with upper right corner selvage. Not listed in SCOTT, but mentioned in footnote after Scott #668. This issue is MINKUS catalog #1380-1382 with a 1980 CV of $10. VF.6.008.00
56Collection of 93 stamps all used with few exceptions. Include regular postage and airmails. Among these: Scott #602-08 / C319-21, 544-47/C263-65, C323, 596-98/C310-13, 447/C142-44, 448-50/C145-47 and others. Fine selection.7.509.50
57Cover, Front only, with horizontal pair of #10 (Liberty Head). Excellent, clear postmarks (PauP 24 June 85). Addressed to London. Double blue circle of  "F. CASTERA & CO, PauP, Haiti" on front. VF condition.  25.00No Bids
58Registered Mail. PauP (11 Jan 94) to Bordeaux. Paid with Scott #13. Backstamped in NY & Bordeaux. NY registration slip. Handwritten in upper left corner: “S.S. OLINDE RODRIGUEZ”. Fine to VF.50.0065.00
59PauP (12 April 97) to Mass. USA, Paid with horizontal pair of #41. Backstamped in NY and Wrentham, Mass. Fine to Very Fine.7.007.00
60Cap Haitien (24 April 1919) to Burlington, VT. Paid with #168. Double purple circle marking “passed by Censor 16-506” on front. VF.2.002.00
61Cap-Haitien (12 September 1927) to Pittsburgh. Paid with Scott #316. Following are clear postmarks on this somewhat unique cover:  Cap-Haitien (12 Sep 27), Trou (12 Sep 27), Quanamistine (21 Oct 27), Cap-Haitien (22 Oct 27), Port Liberte (28 Oct 27).  Fine condition; somewhat worn, probably from all the circulating!! 15.0060.00
62Airmail registered mail, PauP (29 Nov 33) to Copenhagen. Paid with Scott #327,329, 331,333,334 and C9. All with dated postmarks of 29 Nov 33. Receiving postmarks of Miami (30 Nov 33), NY (1 Dec 33) and Copenhagen (blurred). VF.25.0027.00
63First Day Cover (FDC), #484-85/C186-87. VF.2.00No Bids
64FDC, #503-04/C206-07.  VF.2.002.00
65FDC, #503a-04a/C206a-07a. The Claret overprints with frames. VF.2.002.00
66FDC, #521-23/C233-35. Very attractive cacheted cover for NY World’s Fair. VF condition.5.00No Bids
67FDC, #639-639O (Apollo 12 issue). Perforate and Imperforate sets on 4 covers. VF condition.15.0020.00
68FDC, #656-656O (Apollo 13 Overprint on Apollo 12 issue). Perforate and Imperforate sets on 4 covers. VF.15.0020.00
69FDC, #C55-56. VF.1.00No Bids
70FDC, #C61, with 150th Anniversary of Independence cachet. VF.3.00No Bids
71FDC, #C71-74, on a registered George Herzog airmail cover backstamped in NY with added 150th Anniversary boxed cachet in blue color. VF.8.008.00
72Postal Stationery, H&G #7-9, Mint, VF, and Cover with special P.O. blue cachet for Flag Anniversary. PauP 18 May 1953 postmark to Chicago. Paid with #C61-62. This is a First Day of Issue mail. Cover is a #10 size folded to a #6 size for mounting on album page purpose. (Donated Item)NoneNo Bids
73H&G #7, Mint, VF.5.00No Bids
74H&G #7, with added Scott #9, Mint, VF.12.00No Bids
75H&G #11, with added Scott #21. Mint, VF. 7.00No Bids
761968 Jan Boesman Balloon Flight Aerogramme, in Green color w/pictorial First Day cancel of Nov 28, 1968. (Donated Item)None11.00
771955 International Reply Coupon, 50c revalued by hand on 5c. Cancelled at PauP (October 3, 1955). Scarce Item.  VF. 20.0034.00
78#484 (John Glenn 1962 issue), block of 4 with variety “broken frame" surrounding the G.0.50 value on bottom stamp. This error occurs only once in each sheet. Although not too rare, it is almost never seen, as very few collectors are aware of this variety. MNH. VF.  25.0040.00
79#503, Type 1, overprinted in Black with variety "top of capsule touching the line under the word PACIFIQUES". In se-tenant pair with Normal stamp (top of capsule below the line). Variety occurs once in a sheet. MNH, VF.20.00No Bids
80#504, same variety description as in Lot #79 above.20.00No Bids
81#503, Double overprint, Type 1 in Claret (should be Black). Only one sheet of 50 known. MNH, VF.75.00No Bids
82#504, Inverted overprint, Type II in Black (should be in Claret). Only one sheet of 50 known.75.0075.00
End of auction