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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

September 2006 Society Auction

Closed October 10, 2006

Lot Description M/B Realized
Special Selection
1Engraved die sunk map of the "Isle of St. Domingue and the Grande Antilles" illustrating the French and Spanish parts; circa 1780; towns, rivers and mountains shown; shorelines of each country shaded different colors; die sunk area on thick paper 13 11/16” x 9”; map area 12 ½” x 8 5/16”; folded vertically; exhibit quality. $100.00No Bids
2Engraved die sunk map of the “French Part of the Isle of Saint Domingue” of about 1800 showing towns, rivers and mountains; die sunk area on thick paper 14 3/8” x 9 ¼”; map area 13 ½” x 8 ½”; Folded vertically; exhibit quality.100.00No Bids
3Fine folded letter from US to ship captain at Cap Haitien or PaP dated 3/26/1787; manuscript forwarding note by an agent on 4/29/1787; fine CAP handstamp (Jamet 10, rarity 4); 2 escalins charged.125.00$200.00
4VF folded letter of 3/26/51 from PaP to Bordeaux with very interesting content; clear 3/28/51 large double circle mark of Jacmel; also London, Calais and Bordeaux receivers; beautiful red boxed COLONIES & ART 13 accounting mark and 15 decimes due; beautiful letter.100.00No Bids
5VF folded letter from business in Gonaives to the parent office in Havre entrusted to a forwarding agent in PaP whose unevenly marked cachet of 3/22/73 is on the front; Jacmel, London and Calais receivers stamped as well as boxed GB accountancy mark and stamped 12 decimes due; scarce forwarder.65.0085.00
6Scott #38, 39 and 42 pay letter rate on printed envelope to Sweden; stamps tied to cover by indistinct oval; also tied by 2 clear red strikes of straight line MIRAGOANE town mark; NY transit mark of 4/25/98 and Gothenburg receiver of 5/7/98 on back; PAQUEBOT handstamp on front; very rare cancel used a very short time and rarely seen; cover might be unique.225.00290.00
7Higgins & Gage (H&G) 1, 1c postal card, used locally in PaP to Bank of Haiti; indistinct date; message on back. VF.10.00No Bids
8H&G 2, 2c postal card, from PaP to Cayes, 11/19/98; message on back. VF.15.00No Bids
9H&G 4, 1c reply card (HG4 Avec Reponse Payee), used locally in PaP; Indistinct date; message on back15.0016.00
10Scott #97, 2c Nord Alexis, tied to post card from PaP to Sweden by cds of 2/17/06; French Embassy on view side; VF stamp and card.30.0055.00
11Scott #113, 2c Hard Money overprint pays post card rate from Cap Haitien to Antibes, France;card redirected; PaP cds of 7/26/06 ties stamp to card; 2 pre-punched holes that do not penetrate card may be part of perfin; perf missing at top left of stamp; otherwise card VF.40.00No Bids
12US 1c and 2c stamps underfrank this cover of 2/24/19 from Salem Depot, NH to PaP by 2c since the UPU foreign rate was 5c. the shortage resulted in application of opera glass NY due marking of 20 French gold centimes; this was equivalent to 4 Haitian centimes paid by Scott #129 with manuscript cancel; use of regular stamps instead of dues unusual at this time; cover addressed to Sub-chaser 251; stamps are sound, cover has some opening tears on back but front is attractive.70.00No Bids
13Scott #98 and #145 (pair) pay domestic registered rate on this cover of 2/8/12 from Cayes to PaP; corner inscription American Consular Service on front and beautiful red seal of consular agency in Aux Cayes on back; PaP 2/9/12 receiver on back; purple stamped Recommande on front; lower right corner of cover slightly clipped; very rare usage.135.00155.00
14Scott #165 (pair) pay domestic postage on this American Consular Service cover of 1/27/11 from Jacmel to PaP; PaP receiver of 1/28/11 on back; very attractive cover.100.00No Bids
15Zieher post card with embossed images of 1906 issue on face; Scott #162 tied by 3/9/11 cds of PaP pays post card rate to Detroit; stamp and card VF; used Zieher cards are rare.50.0090.00
16Scott #245 (strip of 3) and 304 (pair) pay the triple weight registered postage on this 5/6/20 cover from PaP to NY, according to the new tariff of 1919; Boxed R ties one stamp, NY registry marks on reverse; stamps and cover VF.75.0075.00
17Scott #173 and 316 (pair each) pay the 50c airmail rate on cover of 6/2/27 from PaP to Switzerland with receiver of same date; GL OZ stamps used long after 1914; VF stamps and cover.35.0036.00
18Scott #316 franks National Bank imprinted cover of 11/13/29 to NY; duplex cancel “US SEAPOST CANAL ZONE /SS ANCON”; cover opened on 3 sides.5.005.00
19US 3c Oglethorpe franks cover tied by PaP-P-13 type USMC cancel of 1/30/34 from PaP to California; Stamp and cover VF.8.008.00
20Scott #330 and #337 frank commercial cover with uncommon rate; sent surface mail registered with AR; remains of pink Acknowledgment of Receipt on back; Cap Haitien to NY; registry marks on front and back; unusual.25.00No Bids
21Scott #380 pays 5c printed matter rate on this complete small newspaper from a religious order in Les Cayes to US; stamp tied to paper by 6/3/53 duplex cancel; very few survive.25.00No Bids
22Beautiful advertising cover with complete design on back from NY to PaP, dated 12/20/04; US 2c short pays the 5c UPU foreign rate; the 3c US deficiency is converted to 15 French Gold centimes, the international standard, as shown by the NY opera glass due mark; the deficiency is converted to Haitian centimes and doubled as a penalty; the 6c postage due is paid by 3 copies of Haiti Scott #J1; cover and postage dues VF; US 2c some perf damage; a very scarce cover.175.00185.00
23Attractive cover from NY to PaP, dated 10/14/02 franked with 2c US, shortpaid by 3c; NY opera glass due mark shows 15 French Gold centimes due which converts to 6c Haitian; deficiency paid by VF strip of 3 of Scott #J5, the 1902 provisional; cover Fine condition; rare usage.175.00No Bids
24US 1c postal card (#UX14) short pays the 2c UPU rate by 1c; NY opera glass due mark shows 5 French Gold centimes shortage; the doubled deficiency paid by single copy of #J1 with fingerprint cancel; card and stamp Fine condition.75.00No Bids
25France Scott #99 (25c Sage issue) used on piece from Haiti; double circle cds of Port-au-Prince, French packet Line F; F stamp; clear, almost centered, cancellation.40.0050.00
26Scott #126, 127 and 166 with substantial portions of large purple oval HAPAG cancels including Allemannia and Westerwald. Fine.15.0017.00
27Scott #38 with portion of perfin; used, stamp has light thin.3.00No Bids
28Scott #248, beautiful, well centered VF mint block of 4 with both overprints well struck on all stamps; unusual condition; cat. $84.0060.00No Bids
29Scott #218, og, strip of 3 with left 2 stamps imperforate vertically; scarce. Very Fine.25.00No Bids
30Scott #3, Used, good margins, Fine condition.1.75No Bids
31#8a, Mint, Very Fine.3.755.00
32#8b, Mint, Very Fine.2.755.00
33#21-29, #31-45. Collection of 90 stamps, some Mint, but mostly Used copies. Many with town/date cancellations. Fine to VF group. CV $25 plus.8.0012.00
34#30, Mint, VF.2.003.00
35#52-66. Collection of 75 stamps (including 3 copies of #66). Mostly used. Fine to Very Fine. CV $20 plus.6.5013.00
36#67-81. Forgeries. Collection of 23 stamps. Mint and Used, very fine condition. Several types of forgery included in this lot. See article on these forgeries in Haiti Philately, Vol 17, No 2, June 1991, pp 22-36.10.0030.00
37#83, Center inverted, MNH, VF.2.505.00
38#86, Center inverted, perf 13 ½, Mint, VF.2.505.00
39#87, Center inverted, Mint, VF.2.505.00
40#88, Center inverted, Mint, VF.2.505.00
41#96-101, MNH, VF. 1.75No Bids
42#177-78, #181-85, #187-88, #193,197. All Used copies except #177 and #183-85 are Mint. CV $15.95. VF condition.5.507.00
43#183, Block of 4; two are MNH, VF.5.006.00
44#194, Used, Type I, VF.1.50No Bids
45#245, Corner Block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF.2.253.00
46#249-60, Mint. #258 is missing. CV $4, F-VF.1.502.00
47#253, Vertical strip of 4, MNH, VF.1.50No Bids
48#254, Corner Block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
49#255, Corner Block of 6 with selvage, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
50#265-75, Mint except for #274 used. Missing #268. VF.2.503.00
51#267 & #270. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF.3.00No Bids
52#270, Vertical pair of 2 with selvage and #271, Vertical strip of 3. All are MNH, VF.1.652.50
53#276, Horizontal pair and #279, horizontal strip of 3. MNH, VF.1.655.00
54#276-81, MNH (#280-81), Mint #276, 278-79), Used (#277), VF.1.25No Bids
55#521-23, C233-35, Used, VF.1.00No Bids
56#B1, CB1-2, Mint (very lightly hinged), CV $50, VF.25.00No Bids
#C4A, Mint. Very, very slight hinge mark, VF condition
57#C210-13 (Used) & #C238-41 (MNH), VF.1.00No Bids
58#J7, Used, Inverted Surcharge, VF.3.005.00
59#J8, Used, Inverted Surcharge, VF.5.007.00
Full Sheets/Large Blocks
60#52, Block of 40, MNH with minor tropicalization, otherwise VF.3.5010.00
61#52, Blocks of 30 and 10, Used, CTO.3.5010.00
62#52, Block of 30, MNH, VF.4.2510.00
63#52, Blocks of 20 (2), Used, CTO (Gonaives), VF.4.5016.00
64#53, Full sheet (100) with full ABNC printer’s selvage, MNH. Very minute tropicalization in a couple of places, otherwise VF condition.15.0015.00
65#53, Full sheet (100). Same as above lot.15.0022.00
66#54, Blocks of 20 (2). One block is missing one stamp (lower left corner). MNG, VF.3.0011.00
67#54, Block of 30, MNG, 3 stamps with minor defects, otherwise VF.2.258.00
68#55, Sheet of 50, MNH, VF.7.0010.00
69#55, Sheet of 50. Same as above.7.0010.00
70#58. Block of 70 (one stamp missing upper right corner), with ABNC printer’s selvage, MNG, VF.6.0012.00
71#58, Block of 30, MNH, VF.4.507.50
72#68, Blocks of 15 (2) and 10, MNH, VF.7.0020.00
73#68, Blocks of 25 (2); one block is missing 2 stamps on 2nd row; other block is missing 1 stamp at top right., MNH, VF.7.0020.00
74#70, Blocks of 30 (2). One block missing 1 stamp on top row, Genuine Overprints, MNH, VF. 12.0030.00
75#87, Block of 40, MNH, VF.5.0011.00
76#87, Sheet of 50, MNH, VF.7.0025.00
77#102, Sheet of 50 (small letters type), MNH, VF.15.0050.00
78#102, Sheet of 50 (large letters type), MNH, VF.15.0050.00
79#103, Block of 21, Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.40.0062.00
80#103, Block of 20, Used CTO (Port au Prince), Inverted overprint. VF condition.30.0060.00
81#103, Block of 20 with control number upper right, MNH, VF.6.0010.50
82#104, Blocks of 35 and 10, Used CTO (Port au Prince), VF.8.5010.00
83#104, Blocks of 27 and 8, MNH, VF.8.0012.00
84#255, Block of 29, MNH, VF.6.008.50
End of auction