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December 2005 Society Auction

Closed January 20, 2006

Lot Description M/B Realized
Postal Stationery
Higgins and Gage (H&G) World Postal Stationery Catalog numbers are used in the identification of Postal Stationery lots
1H&G Formula card #2 red on white, unused without stamp affixed, clean and sound, VF. $5.00$6.00
2H&G Formula card #7 red on white, unused with Scott #9, 3c perf Liberty Head, affixed. Card VF, stamp design just touched by perforations at left. Almost VF.12.0012.00
3H&G Formula card #7 red on white, unused with Scott #9, 3c Liberty Head, affixed, card and stamp VF.14.00No Bids
4H&G Postal card #5, 2c + 2c Pres. Sam reply card, 1c 1898 Sam added, used PauP to Germany, 19 Dec. 1898. Two word message in German, reply half attached and addressed but not used. Clean and sound.6.009.00
5H&G Postal card #1, 1c Sam, used locally, Port de Paix, 30 Oct 1901, to Gonaives, message in French, very clean and fine with neat Port de Paix and Gonaives date stamps on front, couple small stains on back. Scarce item.20.0075.00
6H&G Postal card #3, 3c Sam, used Jeremie via Port au Prince to Germany, 21 April 1902, Jeremie cds on front cancels postage, PauP cds on back, receiving stamp from Germany on front. Card is clean and sound and VF.15.0020.00
7H&G Postal card #2, 2c Sam, used Jeremie to France, 14 Sept. 1904, Jeremie cds on front cancels postage, NY (foreign branch) on front, message in French appears to be an offer to supply current Haitien stamps. Card is 1c underpaid but no postage due charged, clean and sound and VF.10.00No Bids
8H&G Postal card #2, 2c Sam, unused, except for very slight blunting at corners; very clean and fine.4.00No Bids
9H&G Formula card #6, short (11 mm) printer's rule type, red on rough grayish, used Port au Prince to England, paid by 3c Salomon affixed with PauP cds. Stamp is not tied, but cds matches another on the card and the date, 23 Feb. 1891. From known British merchant, Tweedy, Peters, & Co. by Royal Mail. Clean, sound and VF, a scarce item not priced used by H&G. Link to Auction Lot #9 image25.0085.00
10Customs service card, issued 1935 (?), postal card #2, 2c orange on pink, with overprint "SERVICE OFFICIEL", used with PauP cds 7 Juin 1932, a couple of small ink spots, and light soiling, sound.3.0065.00
11H&G Postal card #3, 3c Sam, used PauP to England, Port au Prince cds cancels postage, 21 April (?) 1900. Some soiling and very slight blunting at corners, no message.3.00No Bids
12H&G Postal card #2, 2c Sam, with 1c Sam adhesive added, used to England from PauP, 7 May 1900. Front is clean and sound. Back has hinge markings and small remnant of mounting tape. No message. About fine.3.00No Bids
13Letter Card, 5c de P, unused, slightly toned with all margins intact. Fine to VF.5.00No Bids
14Scott #7, Block of 4, MNG, VF, CV: $18.007.0010.00
15#21, Block of 6, MNH, VF1.255.00
16#21-51. Very nice selection of these issues. All stamps are well centered in VF condition. Only #46-51 are Mint; all others are used with clear cancellations. Some showing town/date postmarks. #31 is a nice block of 4. CV: $20.80 5.5018.00
17#22, Block of 4, Mint, Fine-VF.1.253.50
18#23, Block of 4, M, F-VF.1.255.00
19#24, Block of 4, M, F-VF.10.0016.00
20#29, Block of 4, M, F-VF.4.006.00
21#32, 33, 35, 36, and 37. These are lithograph forgeries, Mint, VF.2.508.00
22#96, 98, 100, and 101. Blocks of four, Imperforate, Mint, VF.1.007.00
23#126, 129, 136, 140, 142. Five values, all Imperforate singles. These are Plate Proofs. See Scott Catalog footnote after #144. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #23 image30.0040.00
24#128, 130, 133, 135, 137, & 139. Six stamps with American Bank Note Co. Specimen overprints in 2 different types and punch holes. All are MNH, VF. The estimated market value is $4.00 to $5.00 per stamp (total $24.00 to $30.00).None40.00
25#440-41, C133-35. Set is in complete sheets of 25 stamps. MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
26#616-616O. Complete set of 16 in MNH, VF condition.7.00No Bids
27#616P and 616Q. Souvenir Sheets, Scarce items. MNH, VF. 10.00No Bids
28"#616R". See note in Scott Catalog. The imperforate 2 Gourdes souvenir sheet is in MNH, VF condition. This Souvenir Sheet is very scarce.8.0017.00
29#624H and 624I. Perforate and Imperforate Souvenir Sheets. Also included, the 2 Souvenir Sheets in different colors. See footnote Scott Catalog. All four Souvenir Sheets are in used, VF condition.8.00No Bids
30#866-71. UN 50th Anniversary, blocks of 4, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
31#913. Mini-Sheet of 16 stamps, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
32#CB3-8. MNH, VF.17.0017.00
33#CB18a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF.6.00No Bids
34Souvenir Sheets. Collection of 13 Souvenir Sheets, all MNH, VF.8.00No Bids
35HAITIANA. Senegal, Scott #C78, imperforate (only 750 issued) plus Deluxe Sheet (250 issued). In MNH, VF condition. This stamp is one of a set of 3 issued by Senegal on 21 March 1970, to honor World Negro leaders. #C78 was issued to honor Dr. Price-Mars, who died on 1 March 1969. Dr. Price-Mars, a doctor, ethnographer, diplomat, pedagogue and writer, is regarded as the principal intellectual guide Haitien of the XX century. A five page English biography is included.15.0035.00
36#295-297. Inverted overprints, VF. Mint, except #296 is MNH.6.5015.00
37#444-46, C139-41. Imperforate pairs in MNH, VF condition. Only 50 sets known. Link to Auction Lot #37 image150.00150.00
38#484-85, C186-87 (1962 John Glenn issue). Inverted overprints, MNH, VF. A very rare complete set of 4.120.00No Bids
39#521-23, C233-35. Imperforate set of 6 values in MNH, VF condition. Only 50 sets are known.70.00No Bids
40#538. Double overprint, MNH, VF. Only 50 known. Link to Auction Lot #40 image25.0025.00
41#750. Double overprint, MNH, VF. Not previously recorded.30.00No Bids
42#C297. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF. Only 50 known. Link to Auction Lot #42 image50.00No Bids
43#CB9. Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.20.0020.00
44Minkus # 1309-1320. See footnote after Scott Cat #668. This is a complete set of 12 stamps, UPU Centenary Overprint on the Space History issue, each with an Inverted Overprint, MNH, VF.125.00No Bids
45Palm Tree Issue cover. Registered cover PauP to NY, 16 Oct 1891. Two pairs of 5c of 1891 pay the single registered rate. Stamps are somewhat oxidized; otherwise cover is neat and clean, VF.8.00No Bids
46Palm Tree issue cover. PauP to Hartford, CT, 31 Dec 1891 paid by 3c and 7c of 1891 tied by cds strikes; the 7c is oxidized. Cover has small tear at top left not affecting stamps or markings, otherwise it is a neat and clean cover.12.0015.00
47Palm Tree issue cover. PauP to Bordeaux, 1 June 1896, paid by two 5c of 1893-96. Cover is neat and clean with small pin hole. VF cover.6.006.00
48Palm Tree issue cover. Cap Haitien to Paris, paid with two 5c of 1891. Cover was apparently posted on a ship, there is no Haitian cds, stamps are cancelled by Le Havre cds 28 April 1884, and there is a strike of a straight-line “PAQUEBOT” small letters marking.12.0018.00
49Palm Tree issue cover. PauP to Munich, 14 October 1896, paid by 7c and 3c of 1893-95. Stamps are tied by cds strikes but are only fine used and not neatly placed. Cover slightly stained overall, about Fine condition.4.00No Bids
50Palm Tree issue cover. PauP to Vienna, 15 Feb 1897, paid by 7c 1893-95 and 3c 1896; nice copies well tied by cds strikes. Cover has vertical fold down center not affecting stamps, but a tear along it beginning at top has been reinforced and it bears some staining at top.4.00No Bids
51First Flight cover. West Indian Aerial Express (WIAE) #WI-5. Postmarked 13 Dec 1927, PauP to Santo Domingo. Blue “AVION” cachet, VF condition.4.005.00
52First Flight cover. WIAE # WI-7, PauP (28 Feb 1928) to USA via Santiago de Cuba. Backstamped same date in Cuba and 4 March 28 in Ironton, Ohio. VF cover.4.006.00
53First Flight cover. #F6-4, PauP to Miami, 9 January 1929, VF.4.005.00
U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters
54USS CONTOCOOK. Fine cancellation, 13 June 1932, “GONAIVES/HAITI”. 2-cent Washington franking. VF cover.10.0016.00
55USS DEWEY. Fine “SHAKE DOWN CRUISE” cachet. Cancel 25 Jan 1935, “GONAVE GULF/ HAITI”. ½ cent Harding franking. VF.12.5014.00
56USS PENSACOLA. Fine cancel, 13 May 1934. “GONAIVES/HAITI”. VF.12.5014.00
USS PORTLAND. “GONAIVES/HAITI 10/21/34” with color cachet. VF.
57USS RANGER. Uncommon ship. Fine cancel, 2 Feb 1939. “SHIP TO SHORE/VIA AIRPLANE” cachet. Extraordinary franking strip of three Molly Pitcher stamps (Scott #634). “GONAIVES/HAITI”. Back of cover has a Cuban airmail cancel of 3 Feb 39. VF.15.0022.00
58USS REID. Official USA Navy Dept Penalty Mail. Cancel date a little fuzzy but known from other mail as 10 April 1929. Good cancel of “GONAIVES/HAITI”. Mail from this ship is scarce. VF.10.0010.00
59USS SKIPJACK (submarine). Large fish, ship name cachet. 11 Feb 1939 cancel with 1 and 2 cents of the 1936-37 Navy issue. VF.15.0015.00
60USS STINGRAY (submarine). Large 3-circle cachet celebrating First Birthday. Fine cancel 15 March 1939, “GONAIVES/HAITI”. Unusual franking with vertical pair of the 1-cent green Washington (#405). Very fine cover.15.0018.00
The following are cancels from U.S. Navy vessels known to have visited Haiti. Cancels and cachets relate to other events or locations, which make great additional covers for the same album page with a cover cancelled in a Haitian port.
61USS BLUE. Red 'Shakedown Cruise' cachet, 5 Dec 1937, Havana, Cuba. Franking includes unusual German inflation period stamp. VF. 4.005.00
62USS DOBBIN. Cancelled 27 Feb 1940, Pearl Harbor, Airmail franked with #C21. Unusual. VF. 4.005.00
63USS KANAWHA. Nice violet cachet of ship-sailor. Cancel “Fleet Oiler at Sea”, 28 Jul 35. 3.00No Bids
64USS MANLEY. Black and white cachet. First Day new cancel in use, 18 Dec 1935. VF.4.00No Bids
65USS MONAGHAN. Not yet known to have visited Haiti, but with a colorful cachet celebrating SS SAVANNAH – First steamboat to cross Atlantic. A later SAVANNAH CL42 visited Haiti in 1938. Cover bears cancel of 24 May 1935, Boston Navy Yard. VF.4.00No Bids
66USS WINSLOW. Brown cachet First Day mail service, 26 March 1937, after commissioning in Philadelphia. VF.4.00No Bids
67No Lot.  
681.25 Gourde, Cigarette tax (Law of 3 Sep 1971). Mint without gum, as issued. VF.1.502.00
690.25 Alcohol stamp. Mint without gum, as issued,VF.1.502.00
70Timbre Mobile, 0.15, Churchill (Scott #605) overprinted “G.3.00/Timbre Mobile”, MNH,VF.4.004.00
71Timbre Mobile. G.3.00 overprint on Scott #711, MNH, VF. Very scarce as unused stamp.18.00No Bids
72Timbre Mobile. G.2.00 overprint on G.1.00 (Scott #C300), MNH, VF. Very scarce as unused stamp.14.00No Bids
73Revenue Stamp Paper. 0.50 Centimes Acte de Mariage Avec Contract Blank (unused), VF.3.003.00
74H&G Postal card #1, 1c. Sam, with two 1c green 1899, used from Jacmel to Algeria, 3 July 1901. Postage cancelled and tied by Jacmel cds strikes. Message in French, slight staining from of stamp gum. Card is otherwise clean and sound but for a rather large hinge mark on back, otherwise VF.10.0012.00
75H&G Postal Card #13, 1c de G Nord Alexis plus 1c reply, unused. Overall sound and VF. 3.003.00
76H&G Postal Card #10, 1c + 1c Sam reply card with Gt. Pre. overprint, both halves addressed, both halves attached with postage cancelled Jacmel 4 Feb. 03 (favor cancels). Card is quite clean and sound.6.00No Bids
77H&G Postal Card #8, 2c Sam with Gt. Pre. overprint, unused, several small stains on front, crease at lower left corner, about fine.1.001.00
End of auction