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Philatelic Society

December 2004 Society Auction

Closed January 10, 2005

Lot Description M/B Realized
Postal Cards
Note: The word “pristine” is used to describe cards that appear to be as fine as though just purchased at the post office. VF is used for cards that have very minor faults. Reply Cards are in two parts, attached. One-half bears words in French that translate "with paid reply" and the other half "paid reply". The term "A-half" is used to refer to the first and "B-half" to the second. All descriptions are based on the Higgins and Gage (H&G) "World Postal Stationery Catalog".
1H&G 1898-1 1c blue on white, unused, pristine.$3.25No Bids
2H&G 1898-2 2c orange on pink, pristine except for pinpoint black spot on front.4.00No Bids
3H&G 1898-2, with 1c green of 1899 added, used PauP, 8 Jan 1903, to Germany, message in German. Card is very sound with some brown staining on front. Fine + 10.00No Bids
4H&G 1898-2 used PauP 1899 to Munich, probably with a stamp removed from the front lower right corner. Card is clean and VF otherwise; no message.3.00No Bids
5H&G 1898-2 used PauP, 22 Dec 1905, to Paris, message in French, probably with a stamp removed at upper left with some damage to the Coat of Arms area, card otherwise sound and VF.2.00No Bids
6H&G formula card #7, no stamp, card unused in pristine condition.7.50No Bids
7H&G 1898-3 3c light green on cream, unused, couple of barely visible smudges. VF.6.75No Bids
8H&G 1898-3 used PauP to Munich, March 13, 1899, no message, barely visible smudge, VF.12.50No Bids
9H&G 1898-4 1c + 1c reply card blue on gray, unused, both halves, pristine.5.00No Bids
10H&G 1898-4 A-half only used to Italy, 1898 Sam 1c blue and 1899 1c green added, stamped "via Jacmel", short greeting on back. Card has no visible Haiti datestamp and probably was mailed on shipboard.15.00No Bids
11H&G 1898-4 B-half used PauP to Italy 2 July 1900, 1c blue 1898 and 1c green 1899 added, stamped 'Per SS Royal Mail via Jacmel' no message, very clean.15.00No Bids
12H&G 1898-6 3c + 3c reply card green on lilac, both halves, unused, pristine.11.25No Bids
13H&G 1898-6 A-half used PauP to Germany, 2 July 1900, cutout of Arab on camel pasted on message side, unusual, VF.15.00No Bids
14H&G 1898-6 unused, both halves, card a deeper lilac shade, pristine.11.25No Bids
15H&G 1898-6 unused, both halves, card a light lilac shade, small scuff on B-half, otherwise VF.11.25No Bids
16H&G 1902-8 2c orange on pink "Gt Pre" unused, small lower right corner crease, VF.3.50No Bids
17H&G 1902-10 1c + 1c reply card blue on gray "Gt Pre", unused, pristine.7.00$10.00
18H&G 1902-11 2c + 2c reply card orange on pale lilac "Gt Pre", unused, couple of small faults, VF.10.0010.00
19H&G 1902-12 3c + 3c light green on lilac "Gt Pre", unused, pristine.12.5012.50
20H&G 1906-13 1c de G blue on light blue, interior service, unused, pristine except for small scuff on back.3.25No Bids
21H&G 1906-13 1c de G, favor PauP cancel, slight smudging on back, VF.3.254.00
22H&G 1906-13 1c de G, used PauP, Feb 22 1912, to Boston, apparently a stamp has been removed with some damage to the printed postage design, message in English, stains at bottom, about Good.2.00No Bids
23H&G 1906-14 2c de P vermillion on lilac, unused, pristine.4.004.00
24H&G 1906-14 2c de P favor cancel Gonaives, pristine.4.00No Bids
25H&G 1906-14 Baraderes to Chicago, typed message in English, some toning at top and chipping at edges, but F+.4.004.00
26H&G 1906-14 used PauP, 21 February 1908, to Chile, message in German, unusual destination, card is VF.15.0015.00
27H&G 1906-15 1c + 1c de G, Interior Service reply card, both halves, unused, pristine.4.75No Bids
28H&G 1906-16 2c + 2c de P, reply card, unused, both halves, pristine.6.507.00
29H&G 1906-16, B-half used Jeremie, 1 August 1915, to Hamburg, forwarded to 10th Army Corps, clean, sound, and attractive, VF.20.0020.00
30H&G 1906 letter card, 5c de P blue on cream, entire card unused with all perforated edges intact, pristine.8.00No Bids
31H&G 1906 letter card, entire card with all perforated edges intact, PauP favor cancel October 1909, VF.8.008.00
32Five aerogramme types; two copies of each, one with and one without PauP favor cancel. HG types #1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (all but the type bearing the small obliteration to change value). All are pristine.10.0010.00
33Scott #74-75, blocks of 4, M, #75 with some gum disturbance, Cat Val $4.20, VF.1.503.00
34#124, M, OG, small paper adhesion otherwise VF, Cat Val $
35#141, block of 4, M, with bottom horizontal pair MNH, CV $11++, VF.5.005.00
36#142, horizontal pair, M, CV $12.00, VF condition.4.255.00
37#144, M, CV $6.00, VF.2.254.00
38#164, MNG, CV $7.00, F-VF.1.001.00
39#198, block of 4, M, one stamp with minor crease; two lower stamps are MNH, VF.3.507.00
#486-88, C188-90, pairs, MNH VF.
#902, Souvenir Sheet of the Grimm's issue, MNH, undercataloged, VF.
#904-07, imperforate sheet of 4, as noted in Scott footnote, MNH.
40#C29-32, block of 4, MNH CV $29.60 VF.7.508.00
#C144a, MNH CV $17.50 VF.
41#C309, Haiti's Gold Foil stamp, MNH VF.20.0023.00
42"#CB18a", Souvenir Sheet, UN World Refugee Year (see footnote Scott Catalog) MNH, CV $17.50 VF. Also #C152a, World Refugee Year Souvenir Sheet, MNH, some gum disturbance, CV $3.007.00No Bids
Errors and Varieties
43#75, Inverted overprint, Forgery, MNG, VF.1.503.00
44#77, Inverted Surcharge, M, VF.4.257.00
45#108, Inverted Surcharge, M, VF.2.003.00
46#180, Double Surcharge, M, VF.5.007.00
47#196, a Forgery and an Error!!! Block of 6, MNH, VF. Bogus h/s (type - high "4" in year "1914"). H/s was to be applied to Scott #147 (lemon color) but was erroneously applied to Scott #146 (orange yellow color). Very interesting, unique item.8.0020.00
48#218, Inverted overprint, MNH, VF.4.00No Bids
49#217, Sideways overprint, M, VF.1.252.50
50#253, Double Surcharge, MNG, VF.4.007.00
51#263, Inverted Surcharge, MNH, VF.5.00No Bids
52#B32, Inverted Surcharge, MNH, VF.8.0011.50
53Folded letter (FL) from CAP (28 April 1788) to St. Malo, France. Front of FL has an almost VF strike of "CAP FRANCAIS J. ST. D.", a shortening for Cap Francais Ile Saint Domingue, and a fine strike of the Bordeaux overseas mail entry marking. A "20" in red on reverse, showing that the postage of 20 sols was paid in advance. The "20" struck by pen marks, indicating this letter not carried by Royal Packet as intended, but as a ship letter (French ship). English translation of French text letter included. An attractive and unusual piece, VF.50.00115.00
54Fragment of folded letter canceled on front by oval negative "GONAIVES PAYE" plus red rectangular entry French mark "COLONIES & ART 13". On back large double circle British Post Office mark "JACMEL, JY25 1847".80.0085.00
55US Steamship letter, PauP to New York. Lanman & Kemp correspondence. Front has a nice strike of "STEAMSHIP 10" in 28 mm circle of NY dated 5 August 1863. Vertical file fold thru steamship marking causing minimum damage, otherwise very clean. Lengthy message in Spanish.20.0022.00
56FL, without text dated PauP April 29, 1874 to Le Havre. On front: French rectangular mark of exchange "GB/1F60C" + French dated entry double circle cancellation "ANGL. AMB. CALAIS 18 Mai 74" + h/s tax 12. On back: double circle cancellation "LE HAVRE 74/1/19 MAI 74 = squared frame transit mark "LIVERPOOL/SHIP/17 MY/1874/ C". 15.0020.00
57Postal Card, PauP to Vienna, 3c President Sam green on cream. PauP datestamps are weak without clear date, but message on back clearly gives date as 8 January 1898. Card is free of faults and VF.15.0018.00
58Cover, canceled by fuzzy "PORT AU PRINCE HAITI/ 20 Juin 922" to Jersey City (USA). On the front a mark "T" in triangle + mark "COLLECT/POSTAGE 10 CENT". On back, a strip of five USA postage due stamps (J23).12.0018.00
59Cover, PauP to Bordeaux. Postmarked 31 Oct 1907. Paid with #131. VF.5.005.00
60Cover, PauP, 27 Oct 1919, to Gare du Nord paid by 3c brown of 1906 revalued by 5c de Gourde surcharge. Interesting local cover paid by stamp which is somewhat difficult to find on cover. Clean, neat and VF.40.0065.00
61Cover, Jacmel to Naples, 28 March 1920, paid by 1c green and 4 c carmine of 1906/08 pictorial issue. Stamps are tied by Jacmel cds strikes and clear Naples arrival mark on reverse.25.00No Bids
62Cover, PauP to St Louis (USA). Postmarked 20 March 1920. Paid with #304. F-VF.1.50No Bids
63Cover, with red chemical retort commemorating Centenary of Birth of Berthelot ties #315 to local cover of 7/12/27, PauP cancel also ties stamp. Light vertical fold not affecting stamp.7.50No Bids
64Cover, with three strikes of red retort, as described in Lot #63, ties three copies of #285 on this local cover postmarked 7/12/27 in PauP. VF.7.50No Bids
65Two covers, PauP postmarks (12 July 27, and 13 August 33). 1927 cover is a Comite Berthelot local cover. The 1933 cover is addressed to Boston. VF.2.00No Bids
66Cover with red Lindbergh cancel of 2/7/28 ties #314 and #320 on this cover from PauP to Santo Domingo. Cover was not carried by Lindbergh. Also #320 on piece with 2/6/28 red Lindbergh mark.4.00No Bids
67Cover (small) PauP (7 Feb 28) to Paris. Paid With #327. VF.1.00No Bids
68USMC cover with 2 strikes of USM CORPS PORT AU PRINCE HAITI Nov 22 1928 to cancel 2- 1/2 cent US stamps to Philadelphia; duplex cancels with slightly converging bars. Clean and unusual.10.0013.00
69Cover, PauP (23 Jan 29) to NYC. Paid with #316 and #314 (2). VF,2.50No Bids
70Cover with bold "NEW YORK, N.Y. PAQUEBOT" duplex cancel of 10/21/30 ties 10 centime #316 to cover to Detroit. VF.7.50No Bids
71Cover, Gonaives (2/11/32) to PauP (2/13/32). Paid with #323. VF.4.00No Bids
72Cover with purple cachet commemorating World Jamboree of Scouts. Postmarked in PauP 5/30/33 and paid with #310 (local mail). Scarce cover. VF.4.004.00
73Cover, PauP (4 Dec 33) to Pennsylvania. Paid with #329. F.1.50No Bids
74USMC cover with USMC mark August 6, 1934 Cap Haitien, Haiti in blue circle and three bars with words LAST DAY SERVICE cancel on 3c US postage stamp. Cover has large red cachet honoring US Frigate Constitution with strike of USS WOODCOCK dated 6 August 34 and 3 bars with CAPE HAITIEN EVACUATION. Cover addressed to Guantanamo, Cuba. VF.10.0017.00
75Two covers, PauP (21 May and 11 July 1942) to USA. July cover is censored. Both are VF.2.00No Bids
76Local cover PauP. VF First Day cancellation of 12/8/42 on Scott #342. Blue rectangle. h/s on face “JOUR DE LA CONSECRATION/8 DECEMBER 1942” VF.4.005.00
77Airmail test envelope from NY to PauP franked by ten 1 cent Presidential stamps tied by 11/1/46 2:30 PM datestamp. Arrival cancel of 11/4/46 of PauP, and red rectangular mark of 11/6/46 of PAA on back. PAA added Haiti #C38 and RA7, which were cancelled in PauP; the cover received a "RETURN TO SENDER" marking and was sent back to the US. VF condition.7.00No Bids
78Cover with printed return address from PauP to Port de Paix; datestamp of 9/6/47 ties #372 and RA7; receiving mark of 9/9/47 of Port de Paix on face. VF.4.00No Bids
79Cover with printed return address from PauP to St Louis du Nord. PauP cds of 9/10/47 ties #371 and RA7. Clear Port de Paix cancel of 9/16/47 on face. VF condition.6.00No Bids
80Cover franked #371 and #372 tied by St Marc cancel of 10/1/47 addressed to Port de Paix; second VF St Marc cancel on face.4.00No Bids
81Cover PauP (27 Dec 52) addressed simply to "PAPI AND MIMIE IKE EISENHOWER / ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES". Paid with #381. VF.2.004.00
82Cover with boxed KNSM Line paquebot "M.S.CHARIS/11 November 1955" Addressed to San Gabriel, CA. Mail went via Paramaribo (postmarked 23 Nov 55) Paid with #381, VF.3.506.00
83Two PauP to NY covers. Excellent condition. (One paid with #511 (2) and RAC8); (one paid with #C223 and RAC8).2.00No Bids
84Selection of 7 covers as follows: PauP to US cities - 4 covers dates from 1938 to 1945; Paid with #328, 338, 372, and C8A. Others are 3 First day covers; #489-90, C191-92, and #B13, #CB22-24 (2 copies).10.00No Bids
First Flights
85First Flight (FF), WI-5, West Indian Aerial Express (WIAE), 13 Dec 27, PauP to Santo Domingo (13 Dec 27). Blue AVION cachet, VF.4.00No Bids
86FF, WI-7 (WIAE), PauP 28 Feb 28 to USA via Santiago de Cuba (28 Feb 28) with arrival at Ironton, OH on 4 March 28. VF.4.00No Bids
87FF, F6-4, PauP (9 Jan 29) to Miami (10 Jan 29), VF.5.00No Bids
88FF, F6-3, PauP (9 Jan 29) to San Juan, PR (10 Jan 29). All proper markings and postmarks very clear. A clean and VF cover. The 2003 retail market price - Brookman Price List - asked $55.00 for this FF cover.12.00No Bids
89US Marine Corps cover. PauP to San Pedro de Macoris, RD; 10 cents US postage tied by very fine strike of USMC PORT AU PRINCE HAITI DEC 2 1931 duplex cancel with 27 mm circle, first flight cachet "FAM 6 MIAMI NUEVITAS SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS", AAMC F6-118. Unusual with US postage and USMC origin. VF condition.30.00No Bids
First Day Covers
90#421-23, C115-18. Sylvio Cator Sports issue. Scarce item. VF.5.00No Bids
91#447 & C142-144, with Lincoln cachet in black. VF.3.50No Bids
92#C190. Slightly oversize registered cover from PauP to WV (USA). VF.2.00No Bids
93#C1 (horizontal pair). Clear cancellation on unaddressed airmail cover. VF.2.00No Bids
94#CB19-21. On registered airmail cover to NY. Nice cancels. VF.3.75No Bids
95#CB30-31. On registered (Art Craft cachet) cover to NY. VF.2.00No Bids
961904 and 1905 5c coins, worn but all design readable.1.25No Bids
971907 20c coin, worn but all design readable.1.25No Bids
981894 2c coin. Liberty Head replaced by "2 CENT". Clear impression.4.004.00
Addendum Covers
991781 Folded Letter (FL) addressed to PauP with very nice, clean, ST MARC marking. The m/s rate mark 1E shows very clearly. VF clean Two page clear text (French).35.0068.00
1001781 FL, from CAP (Cape Francais) to PauP on 6 June 1871. The m/s rate mark "2E" (ESCALIN) shows the amount of postage paid. Very clean markings and in Superb condition.25.0050.00
1011849 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux with very clean black double circle postmark of 9 December 1849, Article 13 of the Anglo-French Convention of 1843 mark on front and British/French postmarks on back. VF.40.0040.00
1021865 FL, Jacmel to Marcella with 26 December 1865 Jacmel postmark, and arrival postmark of Calais dated 15 January 1866. VF.15.0018.00
1031877 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 10 January 1877. The black h/s "T" and blue penciled "220" shows this was a double weight letter and thus could not receive "T1-10" handstamp. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.25.0034.00
1041878 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 24 August 1878, via Jacmel (postmark 25 Aug 78), with black h/s "T 1-10" mark. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.35.0040.00
1051879 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux, 25 September 1879. Black h/s "T" with 16 decimes marking. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.25.0025.00
1061869 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux, 11 May 1869. "10 decimes" h/s. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.10.0010.00
1071893 Cover, PauP (26 August 1893) to Detroit. Received in NY 3 Sep 93. Paid with horizontal pair Scott #29. Postmark cancellation of PauP very light. VF.15.00No Bids
108Cover, airmail service Cap Haitien to PauP, postmarked 27 November 1926. AVION marks on cover and stamps. Paid with vertical pair #314. VF condition.4.00No Bids
1091927 Cover, Cap Haitien (24 February 1927) to PauP (26 February 1927). Paid with #315 (2) and #317 (2). VF.3.00No Bids
1101929. Three airmail covers PauP to Rochester MN. Postmark in January and February 1929 with Rochester receiving postmarks. VF.2.50No Bids
End of auction