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Philatelic Society

June 2004 Society Auction

Closed July 10, 2004

Lot Description M/B Realized
18th and 19th Century Covers
1Letter, 18 February 1790, Port au Prince to Cap, Jamet #13 for PauP and date (similar to Jamet #15) 18*FEVRIER, strikes slightly underinked but quite legible and rather nice, charged 2 escalins,lengthy text in French, apparently regarding commerce, file fold near bottom and couple of small stains, F to VF.$60.00$82.00
2Letter, Cap Francais to Havre, 1792, 32 COL-PAR BORDEAUX, Salles Fig 32, too high on piece for the number 32 to register, charged 11 decimes, neat text in French, apparently commercial. Item is a duplicate of an earlier letter and has a stain on front covering about 2 to 3 cm circular area, otherwise clean, sound and VF.20.0023.00
3Ship letter, Port au Prince to Philadelphia, 18 May 1803, a month before British blockade, Wilmington, Delaware cds (American Stampless Cover Catalog, p29, lower left Wilmn D.) Jun 12, stamped Ship, and ms 10 (cents due) the US zone rate plus 2c ship letter fee. Commercial text in French, paper slightly fragile but still sound. Neat and F to VF.35.0066.00
4Letter, Cap to Havre, (1st?) November 1803, shortly before surrender of French troops to the British, fine strike of COLONIES PAR BORDEAUX, Salles Fig. 68, and ms 10 (decimes due), commercial message in French. Paper is on the way to becoming fragile, but is still sound. Couple of small stains.30.0034.00
5Ship letter, Port au Prince March 31, 1843, to New York, somewhat faint Charleston, SC, date stamp April 6 in red, and stamped SHIP in red, ms charge 27 (cents) the zone rate plus 2 cents ship letter fee. Letter was written the day after the resignation of President Boyer and contains a description of conditions at the time. There is a mention of the 1843 comet visible at night, referencing the Great Comet of 1843, which had a spectacular tail. File fold down the middle which detracts slightly but otherwise a clean and interesting item.45.0080.00
6Letter, Port au Prince to Bordeaux, 23 February 1861, by British packet. Clear GB 1F60 and A JACMEL in circle, date stamps for London, Calais, Paris, and Bordeaux all clear, charged 8 decimes, the single rate at this time. Message in French appears to be commercial. Slight staining on outside but otherwise clean, sound, a good example.15.0018.00
7Ship letter, Cap, 9 April 1863, to New York via Boston, red Boston cds somewhat faint, bold SHIP and 5 in black (3cts plus 2cts ship letter), nice merchants cachet, two file folds that detract somewhat, but clean, sound, and presentable, commercial message in English, Lanman & Kemp correspondence.15.0018.00
8"Steamship" letter, STEAMSHIP 10 in circle, larger letters, on Lanman & Kemp letter, Port au Prince, 7 January 1863, to New York. Text in French, clear merchant's cachet, file folds that detract slightly, on paper that is thin but still sound, clean and presentable.15.0026.00
9"Steamship" letter, as above but smaller letters, from Port au Prince, 6 November 1863, Lanman & Kemp correspondence, merchants cachet, file folds detract slightly, text commercial in English.15.0016.00
10Letter, Port au Prince, 8 January 1864, to Marseilles via New York. New York forwarder A. C. Rossire & Co. nice strike, date stamp New York 3 (cts) and 8 decimes charged in France (3 cts credited to US by treaty). Short commercial text in French. Paper thin but sound and clean, file fold at bottom not affecting markings, French cds for mail from US on front, Marseilles receiving cds on back, almost VF.25.0030.00
11Ship letter, Port au Prince, 28 October 1865, to New York (Lanman & Kemp), cds with NEW-YORK SHIP LETTER 4, indicating 4 cents due (rate delivered at port of arrival), neat with name of ship and merchants cachet on front, commercial text in English, sound and clean and VF.30.0040.00
12"Steamship letter", Lanman & Kemp, Jacmel, 18 August 1873, shows British A JACMEL in circle on reverse and N.Y. STEAMSHIP*10* of US on front (to Nuevo York), unusual combination of postal services. Commercial text in French. File folds that detract slightly but otherwise clean, sound and VF.30.0032.00
13Front, Jacmel, to Landernau (France), March 1873, prepaid by British postage, 7d for the 1/4 oz rate, 3d rose pl. 8 and 4d vermillion pl. 12, canceled by C59 of Jacmel. JACMEL PAID, LONDON PAID, in circles and PD in oval all in red, Calais in black, piece is somewhat faded and soiled, but interesting example of this early rate.25.0039.00
14Ship letter, to Lanman and Kemp (New York), 5 May 1879, dual circle "opera-glass" marking with NEW YORK MAY 18 in one circle, DUE 5 CENTS in other, nice merchant's cachet. Also in upper left in manuscript "pr Steamer via Navassa". Text is commercial in English. File fold not detracting, nice example of the universal rate for unpaid mail from a non-UPU country.15.0032.00
15Cover, Port au Prince to Paris, paid by pair of 5c issue of 1893-95, strikes of PauP cds on front, 18 Nov 95, New York Foreign Transit cds on back, Paris receiving in blue on front. Slight soiling and wrinkling at top, otherwise clean and nice.35.0040.00
16Cover, Port au Prince to New York, paid by pair of 5c 1893-95 issue, strikes of PauP cds, 27 April 1895, stamps have oxidized (or sulfurized) to a near brown, but neat and attractive little item otherwise.25.00No Bids
17Cover, to Munich from Haiti paid by 3c and 7c of 1893-95, tied by Saint-Marc cds, 24 December 1897, New York Foreign Transit and Munich receiving on reverse. Cover is somewhat soiled and chipped at top, which detracts somewhat.20.00No Bids
18Cover, Port au Prince, 8 December 1882, to Boston, postage paid by pair of 5c perf Liberty Heads, plate II first printing, nicely tied. Slightly reduced at left, not affecting stamps or markings, slight staining, but a neat and attractive item.50.00No Bids
19Cover, Port au Prince, 18 September 1885, to New York, postage paid by pair of 5c perf Liberty Heads, plate III, neat, clean and VF.50.0075.00
20Registered cover, Port au Prince, 6 August 1894, to Paris, paid by 20c perf Liberty Head, plate III, bold R in rounded frame, marked "via Royal Mail via Jacmel" and Paris receiving on back. Free of faults except for slight soiling and small 4 to 5 mm tear at top from opening, not affecting stamp or markings, VF.75.0085.00
Town Cancels on Addressed Covers
21Petite Riviere de L'Artibonite. Two superb strikes tie Scott #826A.3.006.00
22Petionville. Fine circular date stamp (cds) of 8/18/83 ties #787 to cover to the United States.3.004.00
23Gonaives. F double circle Bureau Postal cancel of 1/8/83 to PauP ties #659.3.00No Bids
24Gonaives. F double circle Bureau Postal cancel of 1/8/83 on cover with additional boxed Express mark. Two dated handstamps tie #659 and #C490.3.003.00
25Delmas (P.O. in PauP). Superb triple circle date stamp of 1/10/83 ties #659 to local cover.3.00No Bids
26Bel-Air (P.O. in PauP). Superb triple circle date stamp of 1/8/83 ties #659 to local cover.3.003.50
27Pte. Aux Oiseaux. VF-S undated double circle cancel ties #659.3.00No Bids
28Cap-Haitien. Superb double circle dated Bureau Postal mark ties #737 to cover.3.003.50
29Cap-Haitien. VF red 26mm cds of 1/7/83 ties Sc. #659. Additional red cachet of bird with letter within double circle cancel of Adm. Generale Des Postes.3.004.00
30Port de Paix. VF rectangular cancel (50mm x 33mm) w/faint year date ties #659.3.00No Bids
31Gonaives. VF 27.5mm cds of 1/5/81 ties #659.3.00No Bids
32St. Marc. F double oval strike of 1/8/63 ties #737.3.00No Bids
33Cayes. Two F large double circle Service Postal marks with central Express mark on cover dated 1/14/83 franked by #741.3.00No Bids
34Torbeck. Three readable strikes of double circle cancel of Jan 1983 tie Sc. #711 and #728.3.005.00
35Jeremie. Clear strike of double circle cancel ties Sc. #738. Two boxed Express marks and date of 1/5/83 handstamped on cover.3.003.50
Town Cancels on Unaddressed Covers
36Jacmel. Large VF clear triple circle handstamp of 12/29/81 ties #734 with right and bottom selvage.2.00No Bids
37Cayes. Large double circle cancel ties #734 with bottom selvage.2.00No Bids
38Aquin. F single circle handstamp of 12/28/80 completely struck on #734.2.00No Bids
39Miragoane. VF complete strike of single circle cancel of 12/30/80 on #734.2.00No Bids
40St. Marc. VF double circle cancel of 1/21/85 ties #721.3.00No Bids
41Bel-Air (P.O. in PauP). VF double circle cancel of 4/15/82 ties #734 with right and bottom selvage.3.00No Bids
42Croix-des-Bouquets. VF rectangular (50mm x 33mm) handstamp of 12/31/81 ties #734.3.004.00
43Petit-Goave. VF 49mm single circle cancel of 12/28/81 ties #734.2.00No Bids
44Bas-Peu-de-Choses. (PO in PauP) Good rectangular (58mm x 35mm) date stamp of 1/91 ties #845.2.002.50
45Petionville. F rectangular (58mm x 35mm) date 1/29/91 ties #845.2.00No Bids
46Carrefour. VF single circle date stamp ties #658.3.004.00
47Arcahaie. VF large double circle w/o date barely ties #670. A socked-on-the-nose cancel.3.004.00
48Hinche. VF single circle strike of 12/1/80 on #689.3.004.00
49Leogane. VF strike of single circle cancel ties #C65.3.00No Bids
50Limbe. VF strike of cds dated 12/24/80 barely ties #576. Socked-on-the-nose cancel.3.003.00
51St. Louis du Sud. F crude but very clear rubber handstamped cds ties #472. Very unusual.4.005.00
52Fort Liberte. F strike of cds of 1981 ties #649.2.00No Bids
53Cap Haitien. Superb double circle cancel of 1/21/85 ties #659.3.00No Bids
54Petit Goave. F double circle cancel of Postal Administration with coat of arms in center ties #508.3.00No Bids
55Plaisance. Superb triple circle handstamp with "HAITI W.I." in inner bridge ties #698.3.003.00
56Cavaillon, Mirebalais, Jeremie, and PauP (3 different cancels). 7 covers with readable but fair strikes on various stamps.5.007.00
57Scott #13, clear 80% cancel of Dutch oval packetboat of 1/29/89. Very rare usage on Liberty Heads.12.0020.00
58#29, Fine lightly hinged OG, scarce in this condition.2.003.00
59#30, Fine, OG with hinge remnant.3.00No Bids
60#39, Fine, unused part OG, variety perforation 11 around; possibly a privately perforated proof. None other seen by seller; sold as is.5.00No Bids
61#46-51, Fine, OG, several with selvage.3.006.00
62#112, Mint, VF, Catalog value (CV) $1.75, and #169, MNG, VF, CV $8.752.003.00
63#140, block of 4, MNH, VF, CV $7 for hinged copies.1.503.50
64#172-75, #184, #194, Mint, VF (#194 with some disturbed gum), CV $10.602.003.00
65#194, Mint, VF, CV $4.251.25No Bids
66#355-60, #393-97, #401, #462-65, #C24, #C61-62, #C71-74. All Mint, VF.1.003.00
67#358, block of 4, Mint; #359-60 horizontal pairs, MNG; #361, block of 4, MNH, #367, block of 4, Used; #C33-34, blocks of 4, MNH; and, #C44-45, horizontal strips of 3, MNH. All in VF condition.1.252.50
68#444-46, #C139-41, blocks of 4, MNH, VF, CV $8.601.903.00
69#469, #C168-69; #484-85, #C186-87, blocks of 4, MNH, CV $13.123.25No Bids
70#526-28, #C242-45, MNH, VF.1.003.00
71#540-42, #C257-59, MNH, VF.1.002.00
72#548-55, #C266-69, MNH, VF.1.003.50
73#556-61, #C270-76, MNH, VF.1.504.00
74#616P and #616Q, Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.15.0020.00
75"#616R"and "#616S", See footnote in Scott Catalog. These are 2 Gourdes Souvenir Sheets, perforate and imperforate, MNH, VF, Extremely scarce issue.25.0035.00
76#908, Souvenir Sheet, 15 Gourdes, MNH (no gum), VF2.003.00
77#B2-19, MNH & Mint, VF. Mounted on Scott Specialty Album pages. CV $
78#C19-21, Nine S/S (#C19, two perforate and two imperforate) (#C20, two imperforate) (#C21, two perforate and one imperforate). All Mint condition. One Souvenir Sheet has a fold, otherwise VF.7.5010.00
79#C349-50, M hinged copies of the scarce Butterflies issue. Under-cataloged.10.00No Bids
80#CB2, M (very light hinge mark), VF.6.00No Bids
81#CB18a, Souvenir Sheet, UN Refugee Year (See footnote Scott Catalog) MNH, CV $17.50, VF, and #C152a, MNH, gum disturbance, CV $3, VF.7.00No Bids
82#RA1-32, Mint, #RA34-37, used, #RA40-41, Mint, #RAC1-8, Mint, and #RAC9-10, used. All VF. Mounted on Scott Specialty Album Pages.2.002.00
83#J16, M, CV $3.75, VF.1.752.50
84Folded Letter, St Marc to Mirabelaise, 1765, paper sound, full text, Jamet #3 for St Marc rarity 6 (heavy blue ink) 55% (last three letters lightly inked but impressed into paper, 3E rate, neat, paper slightly toned. (See previous December Auction listing of Folded Letters Section for explanation of marks, conditions, etc of these very Scarce postal history items).110.00124.00
85Folded Letter, St Louis (South), 1774, to Cayes, paper sound, full text, Jamet #2 for St Louis rarity 5, 30% (poorly inked but letters impressed into cover). 1E rate, neat and clean.70.0080.00
86Folded Letter, Nantes, 1778, to Cul de Sac, paper sound with a small part of the text cut out on purpose, Jamet #3 for PauP used as arrival mark rarity 5 95%. 1/2 E rate, neat and clean.110.00125.00
871926 airmail cover, PauP (8 May 26) to Cap Haitien (8 May 26). Paid with #318. "AVION" black postal mark, VF.8.00No Bids
881927-1938, two covers, PauP postmarks (12 July 27 and 13 August 38). The 1927 is a 'Comite Berthelot' local cover; the 1938 is addressed to Boston. VF.4.00No Bids
891928, cover, Cap Haitien (29 May 28) to Wisconsin. Paid with #316. VF.3.003.00
901933, cover, PauP (4 Dec 33) to USA. Paid with #329. Fine.3.00No Bids
911942, two censored covers, PauP (2 May and 11 July 42) to USA. VF.3.00No Bids
92FDC, #C33-34, on Number 10 airmail envelope with a black & white cachet "ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL - IF YOU OPEN MY HEART YOU WILL FIND HAITI IN IT - FDR. WE WILL NEVER FORGET HIM". Very nice.3.0010.00
931979, cover, airmail No. 10 envelope with a printed return address of the Private Executive Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Addressed to Miami. Hand-written "EXPRESSE" mail (Special Delivery) with blue double circle mark from the Secretariat both front and back. Postmarked PauP 27 Nov 79. Backstamped Miami 1 Dec 79. Paid with #C455, #C476 and #714. VF.5.008.00
94#75, Inverted overprint, Forgery, MNG, VF.1.50No Bids
95#77, Inverted Overprint, M, VF.4.006.00
96#112, Inverted Overprint, M, VF.4.007.00
97#114, Inverted Overprint, M, VF.3.256.50
98#153, Inverted Surcharge, M, VF.4.006.00
99#218, Inverted Overprint, VF.4.007.00
100Three excellent works for the Specialist: "The Yucatan Affair: The Work of Raoul Ch. De Thuin, Philatelic Counterfeiter" (Hardbound edition), "Their Lives and Works" by Varro Tyler (Softbound edition), and also his "Focus on Forgeries: A Guide to Forgeries of Common Stamps" (Softbound).22.00No Bids
101Leon Montes, "La Timbrologie Haitienne, 1881-1954". Excellent condition.30.0080.00
102Auction Catalogs: Harmers Auction General Sales, Zurich, Dec 1989. Includes the Gold Medal collection of HPS member F. Burton Sellers; and, the Postiljonen Haiti Auction, Sep 2000 - The Bruno Sabattini Collection.10.00No Bids
103Haiti Philately, Volume 2 to the present. Over 100 issues.100.00122.00
104Every American Philatelic Congress Book with an article on some issue of Haiti. All books except #9 are hardbound; two issues are unopened. The numbers are: #9 (1943), #40 (1974), #43 (1977), #50 (1984), #51 (1985), #52 (1986), #54 (1988), #55 (1989), #56 (1990), #57 (1991), #58 (1992), and #59 (1993). Thirteen books in all. These books retail for about $30 each. Great reference at a bargain opening bid.115.00No Bids
105Haiti related catalogs: Michel (1995 ed), Yvert et Tellier (1995 ed), Scott (1988 ed), and Stanley Gibbons (1999 ed).7.0015.00
106Otto Hornung, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Stamp Collecting. NY, 1970, 319 pages (hardbound with original dust jacket). More than 900 black and white illustrations with 150 in full color. VF.5.00No Bids
107U.S. Ships in Haitian Waters. USS KANAWHA, Gonaives, 17 March 1939, with a St Patrick cachet. VF.6.008.00
108U.S. Ships in Haitian Waters. USS SARATOGA, Gonaives, 21 September 1934. VF.4.006.00
109ESSO Map of Haiti. Several folds reinforced with Scotch tape, otherwise VF. This is a scarce item today.5.00No Bids
End of auction